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welcome to coolsville
population: 2


xxxxxxxxxxFood List:
xxxxxxxxxxKuriboh Cookies
xxxxxxxxxxPeanut butter popcorn
xxxxxxxxxxPeanut butter cookies
xxxxxxxxxxMac & Cheese & Tuna
Extra stuff idk:xxxxxxxxxx
Oct. 12th Fishing Tourneyxxxxxxxxxx
Oct. 14th Explorer's Dayxxxxxxxxxx
then Halloween ofcxxxxxxxxxx

今週のTurnip Prices
S: -- --
L: -- 100

have a happy Juudai


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Roleplay Responses

HE IS SO CUTE!! That is such a good gif aaaa
I need to watch more of the anime too. I watched a little and it was really fun seeing everything animated.
Joker deserves good things...
  .m2. / Judai / 96d 22h 23m 32s
[center let's appreciate how cute he looks here

[pic http://66.media.tumblr.com/3b3f98ae29d7954773613ead36b8a07b/tumblr_pou5ygFYrs1w0hrkno1_540.gif]]
  Serene / 96d 23h 50m 50s
I always fail at linking things so we will see if this works
I resized them (finally) and I did some little edit options, but also I am not very good at edits so PLEASE feel free to use the blank one or edit it yourself. You always make me such cute edits and I don't know how you do it. ;__;
Or whatever you want so you like it!! If you still want to use them
[https://imgur.com/t3KDDIS 1]
[https://imgur.com/oojnxbD 2]
[https://imgur.com/jMlPfzk 3 ]

Two 10-page papers is too many papers....
What's your status now? How are you doing? :(

Gee!! How dare he use something he helps pay for!! Which is more than your brother is doing right now lol.
If your bro doesn't help pay, guess he can't use the internet!! Those are the rules.
I can't wait for you TO be rid of him!! You're almost out!!
Do it. Every week or month he's late? Charge him interest at a solid rate. Hold him to it. I don't know what he's gonna do without you.

Home situation is okay! Nothing too big has happened recently, which is nice.
Things with Nick are better than usual actually. He's been really sweet and has helped me with a lot of things. I also spent some time with his friends a couple weeks ago and they've all been really chill? And respecting my pronouns and everything. It's kind of bizarre! But it feels good.
  じゅうだい☆ / Judai / 1y 117d 7h 1m 40s
The end of the week is here! You can do it!
Those 3 days are gonna feel so wonderful!
You’ve worked really hard and you deserve this break.
  .yusuke. / Juudai / 1y 271d 7h 8m 40s
I love you too

I'm hanging in there

I've got three days off next week and ohmygosh I need them so bad
7 days straight and I just wanna cry
well not really because I've hit the level of stressed where I can't really feel anything anymore lol
  . . ⚘ . . / Moonfall / 1y 272d 1h 21m 57s
Man, the rest of my post below didn’t send?
Or maybe I imagined that I wrote more
I definitely wrote more....

Oh well
I’m sorry this isn’t your week.
But I really hope tomorrow is better for you, yeah?
Stand strong!
I know you can do this!
  .yusuke. / Juudai / 1y 272d 21h 44m 46s
Me too.
It’s been helping a lot.
I’m excited to see how your campsite turns out!

Also I love you
  .yusuke. / Juudai / 1y 273d 22h 13m 15s
playing the ac mobile game and it's cute
and relaxing
I'm kind of addicted, haha

I'm worried about you, but
I know you're not gonna go dying on me.
I know that you'll get out of this rut you're in and feel a bit happier.
I don't ... Think happiness is a constant thing, and I think you just gotta take the happy moments along with all of the unhappy moments.
I don't think anyone is ever 100% happy.

And I'll be honest with you, there are days where I would rather not be living.
But there's so many things I enjoy about living that I push through all of the shitty days.
And believe me, there's been a lot lately.
It's ok to feel the way you're feeling right now. Just remember, life has it's ups and downs.
I'm also going to point out that you've made it this far. So clearly you're a tough cookie.

I'm not going to try and cheer you up, I just want you to know that you're not alone. And .. I believe things do get better, at some point. But I also know that not everyone believes that.
  . . ⚘ . . / Moonfall / 1y 275d 1h 8m 3s
It went well! I actually spent most of the time reworking some of my town. :D So that was fun! Lots of villagers wanted candy though, so I occasionally got some of my clothes replaced with pumpkins and patches. :p

Oh nice!!
The masks are really cool.
I like the furniture too. It's a good balance between cute spook and like, darker spook!
Is there a specific piece you're missing that you want?
  .yusuke. / Juudai / 1y 282d 22h 3m 3s
oh ! how did the halloween event go ?
I got all of the masks ;o didn't get all of the furniture though , but that's ok
one of my extra characters has all of it so I might from that character
  ᵐᶦᵏᵃˢᵃ / Hanahaki / 1y 282d 23h 23m 14s
We should have a party :^) they can suck it
Basically they dhacen't scheduled me for any projects in 2 1/2 weeks
Except last week they told me to come in for something and then FORGOT so they gave my task to someone else
I got a little bit last week, but not much
It's frustrating? How they expect me to be available all the time "just in case"
Like, no. I need to have a way to make a living that's guaranteed
Thank you<3333
I'm definitely worked so hard for them @@ so this is ridiculous
  .yusuke. / Juudai / 1y 316d 2h 38m 9s
Is your job dicking you over? D:
because I'll eat them. for dinner. we can have a party too :D
/I'm kidding
seriously though u-u
if they're dicking you over , I'll at least beat 'em up.
You've worked so hard for them and you deserve better.
  Hanahaki / 1y 316d 9h 15m 20s
Nooo D: don't die!
You're working really hard and that's incredibly impressive. ^^ I'm also proud of you! Seriously. That's awesome!
That's almost two whole months, dude.
Woow, it's week 6 already? You're killing it!
I'm glad!! What's your favorite picture you've taken so far? :)
Ahh, when is fall break? :D I hope time passes and you're there before you know it!
Everything else is pretty good!
I helped my crush's boyfriend pick out gifts for her when he visits in a couple weeks. I'm also helping him plan date stuff.
It's kind of a weird feeling, but it's for the best!
  .yusuke. / Juudai / 1y 332d 40m 11s
ah gosh I love the few days I have off
I only get two this week though ;o gonna be dead by the end of it all.
classes are going well ! haven't missed one single day yet, so I'm super super proud of that.
we're on week 6 ! and I haven't missed a day :D
I always skip during the first week ;-; just so proud of me for not missing a single day yet.
photography is going well ! I'm enjoying it a lot c:
fall break is soon ! I'm so ready , haha
how is everything else going ?
  [ラビット] / Chrysalis / 1y 332d 2h 43m 42s
I'm pretty good!
I have the day off today, so I'm just kinda relaxing.
Maybe I'll do something productive.
Man, I hope you can have a rest day soon.
How are your classes going? :) Are you enjoying photography?
  .yusuke. / Juudai / 1y 332d 8h 22m 51s

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