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Luke and ______ have been friends for as long as they could remember. Their mother's are best friends and ever since they were kids, they've been trying to set them up together since they were practically born. Luke and _____ grew up together as neighbors and they have been inseparable ever since. That was until they reached high school. In high school, ______'s best friend also admitted that she had a crush on Luke and ever since they've been going out together, their friendship had been nothing but war. Luke had also been jealous of ____'s boyfriends, so the two of them simply fight it out and try to one up each other. Sometimes the two find fight and other times they show their affections. Will they finally get together or always fight?


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  Emiko Grace / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 1d 9h 23m 8s
Luke knew that Emiko had an idea of what he wanted. He wanted them to have some intimacy since they nearly were separated by that waitress. He couldnt stand being separated from her any longer, so he wanted to love her.

[b "Well then I know what I want to do"] he smiled innocently, feeling her lips against his ears as he leaned back against the bed, letting her do what she wanted to him as he reached up, his hand slipping beneath her shirt as he touched her bare skin. [b "I love you so much too. Let me show you"] he leaned up to meet her lips, his arms pulling her down onto him as he slowly began lifting her shirt over her head.

Would you like to TS or chatzy?
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 2d 14h 32m 2s
[h3 Emiko]

She tilted her head to the side as she blushed deeply. [#00FFFF "I-I think I know what it is..."] she replied shyly as she looked over at him, moving to nibble on his earlobe. Her body arching towards him as she closed her eyes and relaxed. This moment couldn't be more perfect, she was with the person she loved most in the world, in a hotel room in Italy, there had been a small hiccup but nothing too major and now they could just be together and be happy again.

[#00FFFF "I love you so much"] she breathed, she couldn't wait until they had finished with school and could move out together and really start their lives.

[#00FFFF #00FFFF]
  Emiko Grace / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 3d 8h 28m 12s
Luke simply looked up at her curiously, wondering if she was actually being serious or if she was joking. They were in a hotel room in Italy and he had just given her a present that got her really happy. He wanted to continue making her happy and at the same time, simply love her.

[b "Well part two has something to do with me and you and what I'm doing now"] he smirked, his hand caressing her arm as he kissed her neck, slowly moving his lips up her chin to her cheek. [b "So have you figured it out? Or....should I maybe move forward?"] he asked playfully, just feeling so happy right now. He had the girl he loved beside him, they were safe and sound here, no one could get in their way.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 28d 17h 5m 12s
[h3 Emiko]

She titled her head and looked over at him, shaking her head slowly. [#00FFFF "I have no idea what part two is..."] she replied as she rested her head on his shoulder and moved closer to him, relaxing against him as she smiled.

She couldn't believe all this was real, Emiko had her prince Charming beside her and they were in Italy, she wanted to stay here forever... never go back to America and the bastards who wanted to torment them as much as they could.

[#00FFFF #00FFFF]
  Emiko Grace / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 29d 6h 6m 27s
Luke loved giving her presents and since she did bail him out of prison, he was going to make sure she was happily content tonight because he really owed her for not leaving him there like that.

He watched her open up the box and then he saw her facial reaction, happy she loved it. [b "I did it today when we were shopping. I tried to be secretive"] he smiled and felt her arms and then her lips, causing him to blink in surprise before hugging his arms around her, kissing her lips softly.

[b "I love you too Em"] he leaned in to kiss her cheek and neck softly as he looked down at the bracelet. [b "Now you'll always have a reminder"] he chuckled softly, holding her other hand in his.

[b "Would you like to know what part two is?"] he pressed his lips against her neck once more, his arms holding her waist as he pulled her closer to him. [b "Can you take a guess?"]
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 42d 23h 35m 41s
[h3 Emiko]

She looked at him curiously, opening the box slowly before she gasped, taking the bracelet out she read the engraving and smiled. [#00FFFF "Oh Luke.... I love it... it's beautiful. When did you do this?"] she gushed as she slipped the bracelet one and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply.

[#00FFFF "I love you so much"] she continued as she looked to the bracelet again and smiled more, she really did love it, it was stunning.

[#00FFFF #00FFFF]
  Emiko Grace / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 43d 31m 42s
It was only natural for him to be so kind and loving to her because she was his best friend and the only girl he's truly loved in his life. He didnt want to ever give her up for anyone and he sure didnt want Dustin or her other ex's to think they still had a shot with her.

[b "Hmm, well default has two parts. Part one is this"] he slowly shift off of the bed as he walked over to his luggage. He pulled out the gift he had bought her today from his jacket and then climbed back over to the bed. [b "I wanted to give you something that will remind you of Italy and of me"] he handed her the small box and he smiled sincerely. Inside was a golden bracelet with a golden heart charm. It had an engraving on the heart saying [i Luke loves his Em]. He had it done at the jewelers and he was hoping that she loved it because he really loved her.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 46d 30m 45s
[h3 Emiko]

She giggled softly as she looked up at him and smiled. [#00FFFF "I'd like to hear your default"] she purred, nibbling his earlobe gently. She smiled softly as she looked over at Luke, she was madly in love with him, she couldn't imagine her life being more perfect than it was right now. In Italy with the man of her dreams. Life seemed perfect and here... in their room, they could have their own little piece of heaven.

She nuzzled his neck gently as she closed her eyes. [#00FFFF "I love you more"] she whispered against his neck, leaving little butterfly kisses up and down it as she smiled some more.

[#00FFFF #00FFFF]
  Emiko Grace / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 46d 39m 16s
After the ice cream, Luke was extremely happy because he had Emiko all to himself for the day. Sure there were some bad events, but overall he got to ride the gondola and he was able to eat authentic gelato with her.

When they arrived at the hotel, he walked over to the bed, seeing her arms out as he climbed right into her warmth, his arms holding her close as he leaned in to kiss her lips tenderly. [b "I love you too. If it werent for you, I would have still been in that jail cell"] he said gratefully as he reached up to brush her hair from her eyes, gazing down at her as he kissed her cheek and then he moved slowly down her neck.

[b "So is there a way that I can thank the most beautiful girl in my life? Because if not....I have a default?"] he asked, wondering what she wanted from him.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 49d 22h 18m 10s
[h3 Emiko]

Finishing the ice cream, she turned to him with a grin, kissing his cheek before she nibbled his ear she smiled. [#00FFFF "Let's go home"] she purred in his ear, taking his hand and leading the way back to the hotel.

When they got there, Emiko walked over to the bed, flopping down as she looked up at him, holding her arms out for him to come and join her. [#00FFFF "I love you Luke... I'm so happy to spend the time here... in Italy with you"] she breathed happily, kissing him deeply as she grinned, happy she could spend time with him without treat... well... without much threat.

[#00FFFF #00FFFF]
  Emiko Grace / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 50d 3h 23m 4s
When they reached the gelato stand, Luke held onto her hand, looking through the different flavors. THey were in Italy so he wanted to try a flavor he never tried before.

After getting a cup, he smiled up at her and thought about what else they could do. [b "Well we had a pretty rough day at first. Maybe we can go home and relax, just you, me, and who knows, maybe Ill let you do whatever you want to me"] he winked a little and then he kissed her lips, taking a spoonful of gelato and licking it. [b "Mmm, it's amazing. Im glad we're able to experience all this. Im so glad IM here with you right now"] he gripped her hand tighter and then he led her down the path, following the edges of the river as they looked at more buildings and shops.

Luke couldnt wait until they got home. He wanted to give her the present he bought her earlier. He hoped she liked it because Luke owed her a lot for helping him get out of prison.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 52d 10h 35m 21s
[h3 Emikko]

She smiled as she followed him towards the the gelato stand, running a hand through her hair she rested her head on his shoulder, playing with his fingers as she held his hand.

[#00FFFF "What should we do when we get back to the hotel?"] she asked him curiously, although it was starting to get late, she was still wide awake. Stopping when they got there she ordered what she wanted and smiled as it was handed over to her before waiting for Luke to get what he wanted, kissing his cheek she licked it and grinned.

[#00FFFF "Mm... it's delicious"] she cooed excitedly.

[#00FFFF #00FFFF]
  Emiko Grace / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 52d 10h 56m 4s
It was definitely one of the most romantic nights he's ever spent with her and Luke was just really happy right now. Not only did Emiko save him from being stuck in Italian prison all day, but she loved him with all he had as well. He felt so lucky to have her and tonight, he just wanted her to enjoy the peaceful ride with him.

Luke smiled as he felt her lips against his cheek, his arms holding her close to him as he leaned in to nuzzle his nose against hers. THe boat ride soon came to a close and they were parked back at the docks. Luke stood up and then he held Emiko's hand, helping her onto the dock as he handed the man his pay.

He then held onto Emiko's hand as he looked around the area, spotting a gelato shop nearby. [b "Hey, come on. Let's go get you some of that gelato"] he grinned, wanting to make her happy because she did spend two thousand dollars on him on a whim.
  Luke Emerson / ellocalypse / 4y 56d 7h 14m 13s
[h3 Emiko]

[#00FFFF "I love you too Luke"] she whispered as she rested her head on his shoulder and smiled, she loved Luke with everything in her. [#00FFFF "Don't worry about it... of course I'd let you out"] she replied gently, it had never crossed her mind that it would be a bad idea to pay for him to get free, she just wanted the man she loved free and able to spend the rest of their holiday together instead of having to worry about Luke being in prison.

[#00FFFF "I love you so much Luke... I'm so glad they let you out with just a fee"] she cooed as she curled up against him, she loved being in his arms, she smiled a little more as she kissed his cheek gently.

[#00FFFF #00FFFF]
  Emiko Grace / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 57d 7h 51m 50s

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