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'Shit' Was the first word that placed itself in my mind before my head smacked against the floor and I was seeing double. My name had graced his lips and I looked up, my eyes becoming focused I could now see a reflection of myself. Even the sad far off look was in his eyes, why.... why? Why did he exist?! Questions like this had no answer, so why even ask them. Hesitantly I speak up, "N-Nya?" I asked like he had done. There were so many questions I wanted to ask but as I opened my mouth none had flown out except one, "Why?" I tried to move my mouth to form more of the question but nothing ever came out.

Before I could even stop it tears had started to fall down my face and I lifted my hand up to his face... Nya's face. "Why?" The question came again, and I started to shake. My other hand had started to ball into a fist, and I brought it up to wipe away any tears that came. I couldn't calm down, not when this person that I've only met in my dreams was right before me. My dreams would no longer haunt me, would no longer cause me any pain and for some reason I don't feel satisfied. Why didn't I feel anything but sadness when it should be relief?! Picking up my fist I slammed it on the floor once more. "Why? Why? Why? Why can't I stop crying?" I asked angrily as more and more tears smacked against my collarbones and rolled down til I could no longer feel them.

All the years of people calling me a freak, a monster because I saw things that they could not. I could imagine in my dreams a world almost exactly like our own only different. Things were so different, and I had been criticized for that all my life. Why were the tears running down my face salty, when they should be happy ones because I'll no longer be punished for my beliefs. Am I the one that holds myself back from greatness? I want to move on and forget all of this, but I can't I'm chained to this person. My plans had never been well thought out and it always blows up in my face. This time it didn't, but there was no way for me to return. The time it would take me to find the right code would be as long as I used to find the code to get here.

I looked back into those eyes that were in front of me and I could see speckles of happiness... Did my eyes even have those? Did I even experience happiness after that first dream? Will I when I leave this place and return only to be called a freak.... I closed my eyes and laid back covering up my face with my hands, I didn't want to be seen in this stage, but I knew nothing would hide the sounds that left my mouth as I continued to cry.

  Ghostie / 7y 58d 17h 37m 42s
I see a boy in my dreams, a boy I do know, yet I don't. He's in every dream, almost as if he plans to be in them. It's not as if I don't enjoy seeing him, it's more or less the opposite. Yet I still don't find comfort in his appearance. It's almost as if my mind is mirroring me but adding extra details. He's everywhere, not as in he's every person, but everywhere. He's me. It's surprising to see yourself, almost as if it were real, except he was different in a way. His clothes were different and he wore a different expression than me. Almost as if he were my inner emotions. His face always has this sad look to it, and his stare is stone cold. I'm a bit afraid to look him in the eyes, because what if he reacts differently? Though, for the times he's been in my dreams, he's never did anything violent. But he looked violent to me.

I can't explain why, but I call to him. I know his name.. or at least I think I do. Everytime I see him my hand throbs with pain, seeing as I can feel it in my sleep it's probably just muscle pains. But, still, when I look down at my palm a name is tattooed onto it. "Ayn," I'd noticed right away that is was similar to mine in a way, mirrored like I said. I'm Nya and he's Ayn, but I don't think he knows my name. I've never told it to him, but maybe he does know seeing he was a figment of my imagination. Or maybe I'm not real, what if I'm part of him.. This is all too confusing, I don't understand why my mind is doing this. It's not that I'm bothered, it's just there, and Ayn is there. Every day I meet Ayn but he never utters a word. He's probably just fake like I said.

Laying there silently and motionlessly, his nose twitched at the sound of his door locks unlocking. Being a light sleeper he awoke, but resisted the want to move his body and attack the person coming in. Who was coming into his apartment at this time? He had no loved ones with keys, so he was surely getting robbed. Attempting to keep his body and appearance in sleep mode, he calmed his nerves by thinking of kitties crawling all over his body. Listening closely he could hear the footsteps of the man or woman, making their way across the room to him. But suddenly the sounds of footsteps stopped, but the feeling of a cool overhang begun. Panicking Nya wasn't sure what to do, was this person going to hurt him? Taking drastic measures he took a deep breath and yelled "I'm done waiting!" Raising his body up quickly he stood on the bed, not thinking straight he thought of the quickest way to get the guy down on the floor. 'Get him down first, then look at who it is and ask questions,' he told himself repeatedly before take a leap towards the standing man. His breath was instantly taken away at the site of his face, his body that pumped with adrenaline now shook in a nervous reaction. "Ayn?"
  Okumura / 7y 62d 13h 47m 47s
It's always the darkest before the dawn, but when is it the brightest? We never hear such simple words as the brightest always comes after the darkest and the darkest comes before the brightness. Why is that?

I always sat here and wondered and could never figure that out. When dawn comes it's always just a glimmer of shine and then as the day goes on it gets brighter, but there are some days that it's eternal darkness. Can we live in eternal sadness and never eternal bliss?

All these questions plague my mind when the sun sets signalling all the playing is done and it's time to just calm down. So sometimes darkness brings that too? Generally it makes no sense and it probably never will, be it as it may when the suns sets the moon is reflecting the light of the sun to shine down on us as a glimmer.

Do we even have true sadness, or is it just a myth made up for all people to believe? The same goes for happiness, it doesn't naturally exist, emotions were made up to give people something to express to someone that we are upset and that we need someone, or we don't need someone.

At night we lay with our lovers, our loved ones, and our thoughts, sometimes we will even lay with death by our sides. Most of the time, none wake up to the darkest before the dawn or stay up for it even. We lay peacefully with the person of our dreams or just a one night stand, and we make it through.

Sleep is always something that could drive out even the harshest pain, and sometimes it'll make someone relive it. Everything in life is truly a contradiction and it's mesmerizing to find what all it has in store for us, the good, the bad, the so-so. All of it is beautiful, but we have to live our days til the day we die to see all of them.

I find myself some days wishing I was dead, but there is something I need to see and so I force myself to sit up and make my way to the lab that I solely work in all day and all night. My name is Ayn and I am searching for the one in my dreams named Nya.

People say that there is no way that this person is alive but I have a visual, a name, and a person that acknowledges him in my dreams. Always calling out to me asking if I am Nya. I need to meet this person, I need to see the person that must act, look, and talk exactly like I do.

The machine that my hands had danced on many of times was in front of me and there was only one more button to be pressed before I would get to see Nya. I had tried this a number of times before and I was almost positive this time it would work. As I pressed the last button a noise sounded out and I found myself just standing there.

Sighing as I saw yet another failure I left the lab and went home, only to find a dark haired male in my bed, in my house, and in my life. Who the hell was he? I asked myself, I went to nudge him and I stopped myself... my key had worked on the door, but as I had entered there had been a different name on it, Nya. The person of my dreams, in a house exactly like mine. This wasn't what I was expecting. Not even in my wildest dreams.

  No_Face / 7y 63d 22h 28m 29s

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