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Echo: I was goint to do that my self but thanks.

Me: ok...uhhh red what are you!?

Red: -hits luca with a frying pan

Echo: XD
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 150d 3h 20m 27s
Dragon Girl: *Walks past Luca, purposely flicking tail, slapping him across the face*

Eliam: *Snickers, watching*

Me: -w-"
  Dragon Girls / Dragoncita / 5y 150d 3h 26m 13s
Echo&Me: -giggles-

Echo: naw but we should get some sleep ^^

Luca: well then come to papa....

Echo: Hell no and you aren't even my dad because you would have been dead if you where my father we don't have the best relation ship on the account of me teying to kill him in his sleep when I was little. But only because he hung me up side down for a month with no food.
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 150d 3h 31m 20s
Me: Meh, so tired T^T

Eliam: Get some sleep then

Me: Its still daytime idiot -w-"
  Eliam: Without Armor / Dragoncita / 5y 150d 10h 47m 27s
Echo: -she smiled as she kissed him back-
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 151d 9h 49m 51s
Eliam: *Chuckles, kissing her cheek*
  Eliam: Without Armor / Dragoncita / 5y 151d 10h 16m 14s
Echo: -she giggled and looked at him- But your my perv
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 151d 10h 17m 46s
Eliam: *Smirking*
Am I now?
  Eliam: Without Armor / Dragoncita / 5y 151d 10h 37m 55s
Echo: -she looked at him and blushed a little more- Eh?! .. you are a perv some tiles you know that~
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 152d 3h 17m 41s
Eliam: *Grins*
Who says I won't try?
Though I do believe leaving out the killing part
  Eliam: Without Armor / Dragoncita / 5y 152d 4h 52s
Echo: _whisoers: my youve gotten a little bit gentlyer than when we first me if i tried this back then you would habe killed me~ -she said giggling softly.-
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 153d 24m 39s
Eliam: *Kisses her back, smiling softly*
  Eliam: Without Armor / Dragoncita / 5y 153d 28m 23s
Echo: -she kissed him lightly as she looked in to his eye blushing.-
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 153d 34m 3s
Eliam: *Chuckles, caressing her cheek*
  Eliam: Without Armor / Dragoncita / 5y 153d 36m 50s
Echo: -She had smiled looking at him sweetly as she blushed a little bit-
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 153d 45m 11s

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