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Echo: -pokes Elaim's side and looks off-

Yuki: -she looks at them and giggles lightly-
  Yuki / EternalSnow / 5y 289d 9h 11m 22s
Bell: Hello
  Bell / EternalSnow / 5y 293d 21h 52m 43s
Oh erll such is life
  Bell <3 / EternalSnow / 5y 294d 22h 37m 14s
It would seem that way X3
  Zelit / Dragoncita / 5y 294d 22h 54m 28s
  Bell <3 / EternalSnow / 5y 294d 22h 55m 45s
  Demian / Dragoncita / 5y 294d 22h 56m 33s
a big ball of crazy
  Ninamori / EternalSnow / 5y 294d 22h 57m 39s
Mm, life's been a rollercoaster to put it simply
  Demian / Dragoncita / 5y 294d 22h 59m 2s
^^ how u been
  Ninamori / EternalSnow / 5y 294d 23h 14s
  Demian / Dragoncita / 5y 294d 23h 4m 11s
  Ninamori / EternalSnow / 5y 294d 23h 5m 54s
Red: don't make me fet the water bucket

Me: morning

Echo: -she was in the bed sleeping next to eliam-
  Red / EternalSnow / 5y 301d 12h 42m 51s
Eliam: *Dragged along, though not caring*

Me: Mkay

Inferno: Pffft, we take it off

Dragon Girl: Pervert -w-
  Lord Inferno: Human Form / Dragoncita / 5y 301d 22h 1m 43s
Echo: -she takes Eliam's arm and dragged him off- well I'm headed home~

Me: well imma go on to sleep

Red well that was fun~

Luca: Oh how about I. Rip that damn skirt off you and hit you with it...though I thim just going to leave it at ripped what do you think kn inferno
  Red / EternalSnow / 5y 301d 22h 4m 26s
Dragon Girl: Love being a distraction ;3

Me: -w-"

Eliam: *Chuckling*
  Dragon Girls / Dragoncita / 5y 301d 22h 47m 5s

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