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Echo: Go get your selves laid then

Me: way to put shit bluntly Echo

Echo: what wrong choice of words

Sahara: You where out of it after you hit a wall.

Me: big time
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 6y 149d 2h 34m 19s
Fuego: *Seemingly comes to his senses. Blinks, looking around, then notices the girl. Squawks, bursting into flames, then reappearing on a perch*
What the hell just happened? I can't remember anything

Drakon: Should we tell him sir?

Robin: Nah, leave him to wonder, it's more amusing anyways

Eliam: *Chuckles*

  Fuego: Phoenix Form / Dragoncita / 6y 149d 2h 49m 54s
Sahara: -smiles to him -

Echo:I ca hear you guys

Me:-burst out laughing-
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 6y 149d 3h 5m 25s
Fuego: *Rubs his head in her hand*

Eliam: *Smiling, gently running his fingers through her hair*

Me: I know right

Everyone: Finally, silence
  Fuego: Phoenix Form / Dragoncita / 6y 149d 3h 31m 25s
Sahara: Aww~

Echo: -she kissed him as she placed her head in his chest)

  Sahara / EternalSnow / 6y 149d 5h 26m 57s
Fuego: Peep xwx

Eliam: *chuckling*
You aren't that bad either

Me: ...so it would seem

Everyone: Thank the gods -w-
  Fuego: Phoenix Form / Dragoncita / 6y 149d 6h 50m 49s
Sahara: -she parred his head and giggled a little bit she relazed that he was a little loopy and sat there with him- Really I'm not a bird

Echo: You truely are amazing -she said as she placed her head in his chest

Me: hey the noise stopped.
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 6y 149d 22h 26m 50s
Fuego: *Cocks his head so it looks upside down*
Really Owo
Pwetty bird

Drakon: Um...is that supposed to happen sir?

Robin: I told you, you used too much so now he's loopy -w-

Eliam: *Also settles down, hugging Echo gently*
  Fuego: Phoenix Form / Dragoncita / 6y 149d 22h 31m 23s
Sahara: she took a cloth whyping something off of his face - I'm not a bird~

Echo: her voice had quieted down- inside the room -she had kissed elaim laying beside him smiling gently-
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 6y 149d 22h 50m 45s
Fuego: Pretty birdie OWO

Robin: *Shakes head*

Drakon: Um...maybe I should've used a little more sir

Robin: That would've knocked him out

Drakon: ....oh

Me: So it would seem
  Fuego: Phoenix Form / Dragoncita / 6y 149d 22h 59m 26s
Sahara : she had wend over and helped the large bird up knowing that it was the red haired male she simply giggled- are you ok

Me: here we go again.
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 6y 149d 23h 13m 19s
Fuego: OWO

Robin: *Glances over, then sighs*
Drakon, would you please?

Drakon: *nods*
Yes sir
*Walks over to Fuego. Looks at him for a moment, then back to Robin*

Robin: Well, what're you waiting for? Just make sure he inhales it, should be easy seeing as he's distracted

Drakon: *Blinks, then reaches into a small pouch, the little dragon perched on his shoulder. Has a handful of sparkling dust, then throws it in Fuego's face*

Fuego: *Stands there for a moment, then takes off in true form, squawking, then ends up running into a wall*

Drakon: ...oops

Robin: Used a little too much -w-

Drakon: Sorry
  Drakon / Dragoncita / 6y 149d 23h 20m 54s
Me: well this is better

Sahara: -she finished dancing and smiled to Robin- umm why is he looking at me -she pointed to the phoenix -
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 6y 149d 23h 26m 1s
Eliam: *Still making noise*

Robin: *Smiles, looking around*
Where is that boy...Drakon?

Drakon: *Stumbles in, a small dragon flapping around his head, chirruping*
I...I'm here sir

Robin: Ah, about time you showed up

Drakon: *Panting if he had just run*
Got...got lost

Me: *Watches the girl dancing*
  Drakon / Dragoncita / 6y 149d 23h 32m 3s
Echo: -her voice could still be heard-

Sahara: " that sounds nice" she said smiling

Me: don't you dare

Haku: to late watching the girl dance
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 6y 149d 23h 36m 0s

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