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  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 139d 8h 12m 5s
No...just a few people on ES....
  Fuego / Dragoncita / 5y 139d 8h 24m 32s
Yeah I thought it would have been funny

Ouch .. was it the cow again
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 139d 9h 31m 49s

Yea...and I currently am growing more agitated...
  Fuego / Dragoncita / 5y 139d 9h 36m 53s
Figures ...

Lol look at the rp
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 139d 9h 39m 1s
Sorry, last few days went to hell for me...
  Fuego / Dragoncita / 5y 139d 9h 43m 25s
  Echo / EternalSnow / 5y 139d 10h 40m 45s
I'll be alright Draco
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 5y 143d 22h 44m 41s
I've been so fracking busy -w-"
....it sucks
  Fuego / Dragoncita / 5y 143d 23h 50m 47s
ow I'm board do you want to do the rp for a bit
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 5y 145d 22h 43m 12s
Sahara;never mind ...-sits down thinking-
  Sahara / EternalSnow / 5y 146d 56m 34s
Fuego: ...I dun get it
  Fuego / Dragoncita / 5y 146d 1h 1m 37s
Karan: she raised her eyebrow and smirked a little - alright then .
  Karan / EternalSnow / 5y 146d 1h 52m 55s
Inuart: *Shrugs*
I'm sorry, but I do not know much of the situation, so I could really care less
  Inuart / Dragoncita / 5y 146d 2h 7m 40s
Karan: uh hu... But I'm not really worried about it anymore what's in the past is just in the past now
  Karan / EternalSnow / 5y 146d 2h 10m 13s

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