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Xerxes: *Seemingly shivers, the air around him suddenly growing hotter due to rising body temp to stay warm*
  Xerxes / Dragoncita / 5y 308d 13h 49m 14s
Red: Yeah~
  Red / EternalSnow / 5y 308d 13h 55m 14s
Eliam: *Still singing right along*

Xerxes: *Simply nods*
  Xerxes / Dragoncita / 5y 308d 14h 1m 26s
Echo: Oh god...AHHHH!

Red: Yeah I guess you could say that
  Red / EternalSnow / 5y 308d 14h 4m 8s
Xerxes: Mhm, well, that sucks

Eliam: *Singing right along with her*
  Xerxes / Dragoncita / 5y 308d 14h 12m 27s
Red: Yeah -she said with a small smile and then looked up- Yeah but all of that happened when I was a little girl ... Now I have to deal with a hormne crazed teenaged wolf. _ _

Mean while

Echo: -her voice rang out as she helf on to him-
  Red / EternalSnow / 5y 308d 14h 15m 15s
Xerxes: Ah, and so that was the tale of 'Red'
I've heard many of stories through my long years, but that one I will admit is one I haven't heard before
  Xerxes / Dragoncita / 5y 308d 14h 18m 1s
Red: Oh *she begain to tell him the story and once she was finished she sighed lightly* and there you have it
  Red / EternalSnow / 5y 308d 14h 20m 27s
Xerxes: *Shakes head*
Not familiar with that name 'Red' myself
Even if I am over 200 years old...or is it 500 years...I lost count -w-"
  Xerxes / Dragoncita / 5y 308d 14h 22m 14s
Red: now that's new most people know mw as red riding hood though
  Red / EternalSnow / 5y 308d 14h 24m 33s
Xerxes: *nods, then gives a slight bow*
Xerxes, Hellhound Lord who simply wanders
  Xerxes / Dragoncita / 5y 308d 14h 25m 39s
Red: your welcome.. the mane is red
  Red / EternalSnow / 5y 308d 14h 27m 27s
Xerxes: Um...thanks
  Xerxes / Dragoncita / 5y 308d 14h 41m 4s
Red: -she sighed as she looked over to the other male- nice jacket

Me yu don't need to know is all
  Not so little anymore / EternalSnow / 5y 308d 14h 47m 11s
Me: Nuthing <w>

Xerxes: ....alrighty then O.o
  Xerxes / Dragoncita / 5y 308d 14h 53m 18s

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