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"Its nice to meet you Rin," he said following her as she walked only to pause every now and then to examine where the chain passed through actually objects. He took to getting the basic floor plan of the house as he followed her, a bit more like a lost puppy than an actual boy. The moment she sat down though he took the plastic bag from her and wandered into a few different rooms before he found what he hoped was the kitchen.

He deposited the bag into the garbage and set about to looking inside cupboards and drawers until he found what he was looking for. He returned with three glasses and a tattered rag. Without really warning her he took one of her hands in his and carefully set to cleaning them and making sure that they didn't have any glass shards in them. "I'm uh sorry if this makes you uncomfortable...I just wanna make sure that you're alright," he said quietly still staring at the hand he was working on.
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"I-Im rin. " She stuttered. "Y-you not imagining it" She mumbled quietly. She then looked up at him. "I guess you'll be staying for tonight. You cant use this room because it will be too cold. You can use my parents room which is next door." She mumbled not. She bowed then walked down stairs the chain seemed to be a least a mile long and it went through all objects but her and jeff.Rin quietly curled up on the sofa still trying to get over her past. Having someone else in the house let a lone a boy brought a lot of memories to her mind which made it hard for rin to to cry.
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"Yeah that, that sounds nice," he said giving her a small smile and standing up. He paused though taking a deep breath. "Alright so don't think I'm crazy but you see the chain to right? I'm not just imagining it?" He wiggled the arm with the chain and looked at her with concern. He put a hand on the back of his neck as he looked down at the ground realizing that he might have just proven himself certifiably insane in this girls eyes.

He shook his head and quickly, "I'm Jeff. Uh whats your name?"
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 7y 21d 2h 22m 55s
"Y-you don't need to." She mumbled and stood. She looked at the chain and was wondering if she was just imagining it. "Uh...I'm would you like a drink?..." She mumbled looking down at the ground as she picked up the plastic bag full of glass. She winced slightly as a trail of blood Ran down her cheek. It felt cold. She stayed quiet and fidgeted a little as she waited for the boys answer. It seemed like he wasn't going to hurt her so Rin managed to calm down a little.
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He flinched away when her cheek was cut but shrugged helping her put the glass in the bag. "I was, uh running from something. Normally it doesn't get this bad..." he said his voice trailing off as he gauged her reaction. Though when he met her eyes that held fear in them he turned his head to the ground quickly.

"Its nothing though. I'll uh, find a way to pay or fix the window. I'm really sorry about that, I didn't mean to go and wreck your house." His voice was quiet but quick and full of anxiety. He hated and feared when people were afraid of him, it happened to him so much in his life that it shouldn't have been to big a deal, but for him it still was. Honestly it felt as though with every fearful look it took a bit more of his heart out with a painful rip.
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"I-im okay. I-I can clean it." She mumbled her voice still as shaky as ever. A small shard that had been dangling from the window was blown by the wind and fell. It cut rin across the cheek as it fell but rin didn't seem bothers as she put the glass shards in a small plastic bag.

She kept her eyes o the ground not being able to look up. Soon most of the glass shards were picked up but rins hand was covered in scratches as well as the cut on her cheek. "Why was you so badly injured when I found you.?" She asked her voice more worried but still sounded as if she was scared. She looked up at the golden eyed man, her pale grey eyes showing nothing but worry and fear.
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Jeff watched her with concern as she seemed to be having an internal dilemma. Though the moment she got up to picking up the glass he moved starting to help, "I can clean this up, its my fault after all." His hands didn't cut as easily, they were used to much worse treatment if the light colored scars on them indicated anything it would be that.

The first time he smelled the blood from her hands getting cut he grabbed her hands as soft as he could to push them away. "Really I got this. Why don't you go clean up your hands?" he suggested with a quiet and meek voice. He hated the smell of blood, well rather he hated that he actually liked its smell. He gave her a small and reassuring smile before going back to putting the glass into a pile so that it was easier to throw away.

He was curious about the chain and though he'd heard phrases of people being tethered to each other, he'd always thought that the things were metaphorical. Maybe it was something only the two could see or...wait could she see the chain he wondered starting to think that maybe he'd gone crazy. He would have brought it up save that he'd already suggested she clean her hands, though if he was being true to himself it was because he didn't exactly like talk to people.
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When Rin was little her parents use to tell her stories sof how the two of them were litterlay chained together. Rin could never see the chain though she just thought they were nothing but stories, but now she saw what they meant.

Catiously and alomst scaredly she looked up at the male, with golden eyes. "I-im okay. " She mumbled in a small and shaky voice. Her head was pounding a little but that was to be expected after getting pushed baasck in to a wall.

She then looked away from the male thinking back to her parents. If they were chained to eachotjher then why did her father beat her mother and how come they were no longer chained togetther after her mother had died? So many questions ran through Rins mind.

The young girl could feel her small hands shaking. She was afriad of something happening. Not saying anything else she stood and started to pick up the peices of glass that was scattered on the floor, occasionly cutting her hand, causing drips of blood to stain the floor.
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The moment he heard the soft pattering of feet on the floor he made an attempt to get up so he could hide but he quickly gave that up. The quick steps turning slow and the flipping on of the light made him open his eyes slightly. He saw a blonde girl approach him and he flinched when she reached for him only to stare wide eyed as she was thrown back with a bright spark that burned his eyes. He slammed his eyes closed again expecting something bad to happen to him, much like had happen to her.

When he felt his wounds quickly healing over and his strength returning he slowly sat up. Running a hand through his hair before he shielded his eyes and looking over to her. "I. Are you? Just, ugh, are you okay?" he asked her fumbling for words. His golden eyes looked her over for any wounds but seeing the chain he followed it over to the hand he was using to hold himself up. He leaned forward moving the his hand with the chain around a bit then looked back at her confused.
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Rin went outside in to her garden. The garden was the biggest part of the house and was full of many types of beautiful smelling and looking flowers. Though it was slowly becoming dark, Rin sat in the garden with a hand full of roses. She started to cut and weave them in to a headband. As she did this she seemed almost different in a way. She seemed fragile and calm, like she had no care in the world.

She smiled brightly when she finished the head band made out of light pink, light blue and white roses. It looked almost professional. Well Rin did have a lot of practice at making things out of flower . Her mum had taught her no Rin used it as a way to hold on to whatever memories she had of her mother.

Rin looked a lot like her mother. They both had soft blue eyes and golden blonde hair. Her mother was a gentle and smart woman, who was always smiling despite what her husband was doing to her. Because of this Rin looked up to her mother. When her mother and father had passed away she vowed to get over her fear but it was easier said then done.


Rin heard a loud crash from inside of the house. Immediately Rin ran inside as fast as her little legs could take her, leaving the headband to be blown off her head and fall on the floor.

The young girl rushed around the ground floor of the house trying to find where the crash had come from. Soon she had gone up to her room and flicked on the light. The blonde haired girl gasped at the sight.

Her window had been smashed. Glass was all over the floor and in the middle of the room was a boy! He seemed to have been heavily injured. Slowly and cautious Rin walked up to him, gently touching his shoulder to see if he was conscious. As she did this, a large spark seemed to pushy her back against the wall.

Rin winced in pain as she hit the wall quit. Her eyes widened when what looked like a glowing circle formed under the boy. In a matter of minutes the boys wound seemed to be healed and if that itself was not weird enough, then a chain! Formed from the hands of the two. Rin was speechless and utterly confused!!
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Jeff ran through the back ally ways covered in scratches and bleeding, though the wounds were normal for him they weren't usually this bad. The again usually he didn't have to run from THEM. He didn't know what they were but he knew of only two others who could see them and they agreed to call them "Shadows." After all that's where they would come from and it didn't really create suspicion when talking in the streets. He grew up with them and having them there was a daily part of his life, or nightly really. He couldn't stand the day or rather his eyes couldn't. He was a run away, he couldn't stand having his parents looking at him like a freak anymore.

A lashing sound and he was flung into a buildings wall in the alley way, a new line of dark almost black red started to bleed through his skin. One street, two street, three street, four and a light. He didn't care how bad it looked but he had to go towards that light, THEY couldn't stand light it would kill them. He was only a few steps from the house as another lash sent him flying into the house and through what he thought was a window. All he really knew was that there was light, he was safe, and the side he was laying on had glass embedded in its skin. He laid on the ground trying his best to catch his breath, his golden eyes closed against the bright light in the room.
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Rin fae
Rin was a normal girl. When she was younger her mother was abused by her father a lot. After a couple of years when rin was 10 her father had killed her mother. In his own regret he killed himself after trying to kill rin. Rin had managed to stop her farther killing her but he still killed himself. This left Rin fighting to live on what little money she had. Also this made Rin have a bad phobia of boys. She thought all of them was like her father and try and hurt her so Rin dropped out of school and worked making and selling luck charms.

She was given the money for her parents life insurance for food and the mortgage of the house had already been paid off so rins life wasn't as bad as most people would expect it to be . As long as looked on the right side of things she was okay. But she still rarely went out as she still could not be around boys. To make money she sold the luck charms to a near by shrine which sold them to raise money to keep the shrine in shape, so Rin had not left the house in years unless getting so food. Rin was only fourteen though so it was hard and lonesome for her.
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