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"What were they? Rin asked obviously shaking by a the blood ran down her back on the the floor. The wound in her back was almost like giant wolf teeth marks that went deep in to be back.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 359d 54m 22s
Jeff looked at her and frowned as he smelled the blood seeping through her shirt. "Come on we need to clean that," he said sweeping her up into his arms. "By the looks of it this is the first time you've seen one," he asked her as he walked into the kitchen. "There pretty easy to deal with," he said, setting her down on a chair.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 361d 2h 7m 23s
Rin was so afraid she didn't know what to do. She quickly jumped up and flicked the light switch but ust as she done she felt something scratch against her back. She fell forward and as the light filled the room blood could be soon seeping through her top.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 361d 3h 6m 4s
As soon as the thing appeared he dropped down, his knee's skidding on the ground. Jeff was hovering over Rin waiting for the shocks of pain from it attacking to start, while he used his body to shield her. "Rin, Rin look at me. Where is the light switch?" he kept his voice as calm as he could even though he was practically paralyzed with fear. The thing that really scared him though was that he feared for her, not himself.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 7y 4h 31m 48s
Rin was crying so much, she was so afraid. She was shaking harshly. For once in her life she was truly afraid as she cland on to jeff, not knowing what was happeneing. That thing came out of no where.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 7y 6h 29m 29s
He saw her bright clothes and picked her up turning, hearing a crashing sound as the shadow struck out at the couch. It was a lot quicker now that he was fighting to get away from the monster as he burst through the door only to see the shadow begining to creep its way into the hallway. He held Rin close to his chest to protect her as he run back towards his room knowing there was light there.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 7y 1d 16h 33m 54s
Rin froze in fear seeing the amber eyes. She was so scared it felt like her whole body just froze and was shaking. She couldn't scream or yell for help. Tears were streaming down her pale and fear filled face. What was the thing in front of her?
  Chika / rinkokoro / 7y 2d 3h 2m 44s
In dead sleep something pinged in Jeff's head forcing him to jump and flail awake, trying to hit anything. The moment he saw that nothing was in the room he put a hand waiting to get his wits about him. Jumping up he stumbled towards the door as he finally pin pointed what had woke him up. This one felt different to him though, his body was already telling him to run the other way. Away from the door with a black barrier around its frame, away from the silent hum of forced quiet, away from the glowing ember eyes that looked down at Rin.

He rushed into the room despite his instincts telling him to do anything else. This one was large and angry, the worst kind. His movements were slower than usually as he fought for his legs to keep running through the thick darkness. He wouldn't be surprised if Rin was only able to see the eyes in front of her, as his eyes being used to the dark were having trouble seeing in this.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 7y 6d 7h 23m 34s
Rin sat there in silence as to her the night slowly seemed to drag on. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary but like people say you can never judge a book by its cover. After about two hours of Jeff being asleep, rin had fallen asleep, but had left the television on. The something seemed to make the TV go static.

Hearing this rin slowly woke up. She gripped her head feeling dizzy. The room was quickly turning cold and was almost pitch black. Rin was starting to get scared as she did not know what was happening. She tried to scream but no sound came out.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 7y 6d 12h 38s
He watched her leave the room before he headed back towards the room she'd shown him before hand. Though as he passed the previous room with the broken window he closed its door to be safe. He fell back onto the bed in the room and closed his eyes against the light. Being used to sleeping during the day he was more at home with the bright light against his eyes. Though his eyes were closed he had a ear trained on what was going on out side the door. He smiled as he heard the television turn on.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 7y 9d 1h 34m 31s
She couldnt help but smile alittle and excepted the help up. "I hope you sleep well. " She said quietly then walked in to the kitchen. She got something to eat, some crackers and cheese and sat down on the sofa. She turned on the telle and just watched it like it was a normal night. She had no idea that what thaty the things that had attacked him were about top attack her.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 7y 9d 4h 26m 13s
He looked back at her with a smile as he heard her stomach growl. "I fine for now. Though it sounds like your pretty hungry." Seeing her blush his smiled softened, "Besides I should probably be getting to bed and stop bugging you," he laughed standing up with a stretch as a few loud pops came from his back. He shook his shoulders and body much like a dog would before offering her a hand to help her up.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 7y 13d 7h 4m 12s
Rin really hated the long silence that seemed to haunt the two. It made the tension so thick that it could be cut by a knife. She looked down at the ground, fidgeting from time to time, and waiting for something that could break the ice. “Are you hungry?” She asked him, still looking down at the ground. Her face went red with embarrassment as the loud grumbling of her stomach was heard.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 7y 13d 11h 12m 8s
Jeff finished one hand and moved onto the next remaining silent. When he was done he gave her a small smile and wiped the blood off her cheek before quickly vacating the room with one glass and the dirty rag. He went back into the kitchen and cleaned the rag with water before setting it on the counter to dry. He lingered in the kitchen wondering if he should leave or stay, but remembering the shadow he easily made up his mind. He went back and sat on the floor in front of the couch with his back pressed against it. He had a glass full of water and was looking away from her feeling the effects of the odd silence.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 7y 19d 2h 2m 1s
Rin winced hard as he started to clean her hands. She looked away not like the sight of blood much. She didn't like being so close to a boy. She felt like at any moment he could hurt her. Rin was too naïve and fragile to no what she thought was stupid. Her emotions was just too unstable to let anyone near. It could destroy her in a instance.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 7y 19d 2h 13m 29s

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