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He nodded getting up and ruffling though till he pulled out a nice one and placed it on the bed next to her. "Uh...would you like me to leave for a sec or turn around or? can put it on yourself right?" he asked his voice wavering the entire time with his deep blush. Though looking at her he chuckled and motioned between their cheek, "Hey blush buddies~" he laughed lightly.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 294d 1h 23m 33s
Rin was blushing bright red as he laid her on the bed. "In the cupboard right in front of you." She said. She couldn't move properly as her wound had not properly healed. She looking up at him and couldn't help but blush slightly. Was she falling ro him?
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 294d 4h 11m 33s
Jeffs face heated up and he nodded holding her with one arm while opening up the rooms door. Heading to the bed he carefully laid her down trying not to cause her pain from her back, "Where would be your shirts? Having a fresh one might help clean it up. Those things tend to leave a black residue behind after attacks, not sure what it is but I've always played it safe..." He sat next to her cautiously but smiled down at Rin happily.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 299d 3h 39m 6s
Rin couldn't help but smile as he seemed to get slightly nervous. She thought it was cute, which made a small hint of blush cross her face. She stuttered in a shy voice. "I-I think we should both stay in the same room. I-I just think it might be safer and I don't want you sleeping down here just in case them things come back." Rin stuttered looking away, her face bright red.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 300d 28m 14s
"Your parents room is a lot brighter and I know how to handle them. Why don't we swap? I'll sleep on that couch and you sleep with the lights on...Or if you feel unsafe I could stay in the room with you make sure nothing happens," he offers his cheeks heating up as soon as it was out. "I-I don't mean to imply anything if it sounds like I am! I'm really sorry if I give off that impression I just want to be sure your safe and alright and...and I should shut up now."
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 303d 16h 48m 39s
Rin winced a little as he continued on the wound on her back. She smiled a little and her face went a slight pink when he picked her up. "I will just sleep down here like before. My window is broken so the room would be too cold and your using my parents room." She said with a little stutter.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 305d 1h 11m 21s
"We call them shadows...No ones quite sure why we can see them an others can't," he said sealing up the glue and slowly pulling her shirt back down over her back. "We can't understand or communicate with them so we're unsure why it is that they target those that can see them," he gently scooped her up so that she was cradled in his arms, "where's your room? You should probably get a new shirt on..."
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 308d 8h 44m 4s
"What were they..why could i see them...Why did they attack me?" She asked. She could hear her own voice wavering. She was so afraid that she would get attacked again. How did them things even get in her house?!
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 308d 12h 37m 17s
Jeff nodded looking through the cupboards before he took it and went over to her once more. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked shyly as he went to work on her back, "I understand if you'd rather can be scary the first time you see them...let alone one of that caliber."
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 314d 2h 19m 8s
Rn nodded. "Yeha it is in the cuboard." She said quietly. The blood had stopped running and her thughts had returned to the glowling red eyes she had saw. Them eyes seemed so full of hatred.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 322d 11h 33m 50s
"Unless...Do you...Uh, super glue. Yeah you got super glue here?" he asked setting the glass down and looking at her back. "They aren't as deep as I thought, some quick drying adhesive will easily take care of this. AND it won't leave as noticeable of a trail when your healed." He told her calmly and patted over her shoulder careful of her wounds, "I'm sorry about you getting hurt, I didn't know you'd be able to see them...If you can't see them, they can't touch or hurt you...Didn't know you were at risk."
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 324d 12h 52m 31s

  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 342d 4h 11m 52s
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When he said about needing to sew her wound her first thought was NEEDLES! She didn't like sharp thing especially not needles or injections. She whimpered slightly but knew it was the only way that the wound on her back would started to heal.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 355d 6h 18m 56s
"Shadows...Well that's what we call them," he said as he slowly shifted her shirt up in order to get to the wound. He frowned seeing how deep it was, "I sewing supplies?" His voice was quiet, unsure. Afraid that she could be terrified of needs he moved to the sink getting a glass of water and a rag, looking at her with them in his hands.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 358d 4h 43m 35s

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