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Rin smiled. "No problem." She said with a soft smile on her face. He offered her the hug again. She didn't know why but she snuggled up close to him and smile, her face went a soft pink again.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 276d 1h 43m 33s
He mumbled a bit as she squirmed out of his hold only to have his eyes flicker open at the feeling of the towel. He let out a soft sigh that turned more into a purr at the end, the coldness felt nice as he smiled sleepily up at her. "thankth," he slurred out with a slight lisp at the end as he opened his arms back up, offering her her place once more.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 280d 5h 4m 28s
Rin blushed faintly as he pulled her in to a hug. She snuggled up to him feeling the warmth of his body. Then she realised he seemed to be a little too warm. She didn’t want to leave the warmth of his hug, but she managed to squirm away and got a cold towel, and placed it on his head.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 280d 11h 38m 29s
He shifted lightly mumbling out, "not cute..." before his arms reached out and slowly pulled her close to him as he hugged her in his sleep. His hands rested on her back close to her wounds but far enough away to keep from harming her while he nuzzles her gently, "goth darn awethome," he slurs out holding her close to his chest, his body seeming warmer then it should.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 282d 4h 58m 48s
Rin laid in the bed, not falling asleep at first. Her face was still bright red as she turned on her side to face him. She couldn't help but blush and giggle slightly at his sleepy face. "Cute." She whispered.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 282d 6h 4m 37s
He nodded with a small yawn as he curled up next to her, his face near hers. "Well goodnight for now Rin. I'll see you in the morning," he said quietly his voice now a bit more sluggish as he quickly drifted off. Then again he was a light sleeper and if she needed him it would be a quick reaction to get her the help she'd need.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 287d 54m 35s
Rin nodded. She smiled. "Thank you." The young girl said in a soft voice, as she slowly put on the white shirt, eing careful to not re open the wound. "That's fine." Rin said as she laid back. She was still really confused on what she could want for him.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 287d 5h 3m 22s
He smiled handing her the new shirt and turned around again waiting for her to put it on so that they could sleep. "You don't mind sleeping with the lights on right?...Not the best way to wake up if one of them sneaks in here," he said quietly then laughed softly, "But we could take them if they did manage to get in any how!"
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 291d 4h 26m 18s
Rin smiled almost in a childish way. "O-ok." She stuttered with a little of a giggle. Rin was happy that she wasn't alone anymore. Wth her mother passed on and her father working abroad she was always alone. She started to grow scared of being alone.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 291d 8h 7m 28s
He felt the shaking of her head and turned just in time to have her hug him. He blushed deeply and gently hugged her back giving her a soft kiss to the top of the head, "Hey hey its alright I won't go any where alright?" He smiled softly not being used to being this close to others. "Why don't you finish changing your shirt and we'll go ahead and rest for the night, sound good to you?"
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 293d 1h 5m 10s
Rin shook her head frantically. She was scared if she slept alone then them thing would attck her again. She hugged him tightly, still with and unbuttoned shirt, not wanting to be alone. MAbye that was what she wanted from him. But what could he want from her?
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 293d 1h 21m 2s
"both had something that the other one could provide...Maybe its the little bits I know about shadows?...Though, I think that's unlikely if this was your first time seeing one." He sighed only to yawn soon after, shaking his head he laughed lightly, "Maybe its best we find that out later? After all you need some sleep or those wounds won't heal...You want to sleep alone tonight? I understand that it can be scary to sleep alone after your first experience, and with what happened to you its understandable if your scared of them."
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 293d 2h 2m 57s
Rin had takenoff her shirt. She had put on the other one but stopped when he asked her about the chain. "My mother told me long ago...before she passed away.. That I had a gift. I could create a contract with someone if we both had something that the other one could provide. I don't know how tht relates to us though." She said quietly.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 293d 2h 10m 2s
He smiled softly and sat down as she started un-buttoning her shirt, turning to face away from her with a frown from her wincing. "I'm real sorry about what happened..." he said softly looking down at the chain that had them connected with each other. "Say, what do you think is up with this thing though?" he asked her on an off hand note still curious about why it was there, even more curious about why after Rin had touched him, he'd healed.
  jeff S_S / adella911 / 6y 293d 2h 20m 0s
Rin couldn't help but giggle at blush buddies. "I guess so." She said wit a little laugh. Rin nodded and turned around slowly started to unbutton her shirt. She winced every time she moved her arms though.
  Chika / rinkokoro / 6y 293d 2h 30m 3s

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