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I finally figured out what my composite shall be, I have so many moon pictures, I'll just work them into a larger picture!
  TwistedArtist / 6y 283d 21h 57m 53s
So apparently I'm lazy. Literally. I told dad gas went up and he said he would go fill up my tank for me. Mom told me to go fill up her car. HER CAR. I told her no and said why don't you do it yourself and she's 'cause I'm a lazy bastard like you' I said don't you fucking call me lazy and shes "why you didn't bake the brownies I needed for work, you didn't finish my laundry and you wont go fill up my car. You. Are. Lazy.' and walked away. I told her I came home so that I would have time to make her brownies and shes "bull fucking shit you did you are just saying that to cover your own ass like always" And now she wont talk to me. Woo. I've been home less than twenty minutes and haven't even had time to use the bathroom.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 289d 12h 10m 59s
I wish we still talked :/
  TwistedArtist / 6y 293d 15h 52m 7s
And after all that.. I don't even want to talk to the only person I want to be around. Sigh. I'm just going to go sit and be lonely and sad for the next three days and cry and sleep.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 294d 14h 57m 3s
I hope everyone fucks off and dies.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 295d 56m 38s
  TwistedArtist / 6y 295d 23h 18m 36s
Anxiety isn’t cute. Don’t act like you have it because if you want it, here. Have mine. Because it’s not fucking cute and I don’t want it.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 297d 1h 20s
All i would like is for my parents to stop insulting me. Is that to much to ask?
  TwistedArtist / 6y 301d 15h 45m 57s
Well today went fuckig shitty really damn quick. Got clawed up by my cat. The dog pulled my homemade pumpkin pie off the counter and it splatered on the floor, my mom is throwing a fit and is apparently mad tbat I didn't key word DIDN'T invite the boyfriend to our 'family' Thanksgiving and that his family didn't invite me. What the fuck. Shea mad the he gets to go to an actual family event unlike us. Mom and dad won't stop fucking argueing
I can't even talk to Ryan for hours now. My cat clawed the crap out of my wrist cause he got scared when the dog tried to bite his tail.

I. Need. A. Reset. Button. Like now. K? K.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 301d 19h 50m 2s
I really need to find a new interest, something that fascinates me, that I can study about and look up on the internet in my free time… hm.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 311d 19h 24m 1s
You're fucking pathetic -.- because someone tries to be nice to you they are automatically 'stalking' you? What the hell.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 312d 18h 49m 54s
Ugh, I want to know what you're doing to yourself.. I miss you and who you used to be, and I know that makes you mad but I don't care.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 317d 17h 43m 37s
I'm honestly upset that I lost all those memories.. why couldn't you have earned me? Those posts and rants and such were SO important to me.. :/
  TwistedArtist / 6y 319d 23h 38m 6s
Why is it everything bad is always my fault? Every time something upsets me it ends up biting me in the ass and gettign that much worse. How does shit like this even happen to me? I swear I'm the only one in this damned school who has such terrible luck.

Now he's pissed off at me and isn't even trying to talk to me, and I don't know how to fix it.

My grades dropping, again.

Because I'm in junior english I didn't get any senior information.

My moms still pissed that 'I don't do enough'.

My dad is still pissed I don't have senior pictures done

I'm utterly sad and I have no idea how to fix any of it.

I just want to start over and not be such a useless person.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 331d 23h 13m 21s
I feel like this year is just getting worse and worse. Its progressively becoming more and more like last year. I’m losing friends, my grades are eh, my parents and I are fighting more than ever, I’m gaining weight no matter what I do, I’m constantly battling splitting headaches, I can barely sleep. I just don’t know what to do.
I feel this wide range of emotions each day and very rarely are any of them good. I feel anger and jealousy and hate and sadness and just generally like I’m not even close to being good enough for anything.
I feel utterly and completely disgusting because I’ve gained almost 40 pounds in the last year, even though I’m on diabetic meds now and have been dieting and exercising and eating better. Nothing helps. I just keep gaining. I don’t get it.
The love of my life is having a hard time keeping up with everything cause he spends so much time focusing on me, and it looks like I’m going to have to break up with him if I want him to spend more time with his friends or doing school work..

There’s just so much going wrong right now, and I don’t know what to do.
  TwistedArtist / 6y 337d 20h 16m 35s

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