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Hey! Thank you for your interest.

You can attach it with the skeleton.

Human society has broken down overall. There's no real governing or overarching force, but some people do still live in towns and even cities which have their own governing bodies... These would be kind of isolated bursts of civilization in a mostly uncivilized world. The world is inspired by Casshern Sins and Blame!, if you know either of those; that's about what the level of civilization is. There is, however, plenty enough scrap and artifacts from the ancient era/scavenged from the robots that there are guns. It's best not to think of it as human technology, though. It's the robots' technology, and their technology is unbelievably advanced.

Nanomachines exist, sure, but they are not a be-all cure-all. Make sure any technology you include on your character is realistic; ie healing nanomachines are fine, but nanomachines that let your character fire off a barrage of missiles are not. Conservation of mass, please.

Power struggles do not exist in robot society. The robots are perfect and should be treated as godlike. Such a thing may, however, be brought to the light as things progress. Always think subtlety. The robots move in mysterious ways.

Human sympathisers are possible, but anyone who approaches the robots is killed on sight.

The robots feel no particular urge to wipe out all humanity. Think of cockroaches, and you understand how they think about humans. Ugly, gross, unnecessary, but ultimately it would be far too much work to wipe them out completely; unthreatening, in a word. Again, a plot like this is possible, but why would the robots be terraforming? The Earth as it is does not pose a threat. There would have to be a good explanation.

In general, this is not a fast-paced adrenaline-fueled kill-the-robots-before-they-kill-us thread, but more a slow episodic journey through a mysterious and dangerous world. There will be fights and life-or-death struggles and gore and what have you, but it is not meant to be an us-vs-them narrative.

[center [pic]]

[center This barren earth is all we have.

This barren earth is what we make it. ]

Wastelands span the horizon. Society has broken down. Whatever happened, happened a long time ago. All you have are the monolithic husks of empty buildings to stand gravemarkers of those who went before. In the distance stands a sparkling city, but you dare not to approach. The sparkling city belongs to the robots.

The robots control everything. They are the ones in control. They murder humans on sight. These are the fundamental rules of your world. They are uncaring, unfeeling gods. Small ones rush about, seemingly brainless, collecting scrap from the same rubbish piles you subsist off of, killing any organic life they stumble across. The larger ones are lumbering lugs, dumb and huge, big enough to carelessly trample people, tents, even villages. Every shape, size, and description, the robots are only unanimous in their desire to destroy.

There are smart ones, you've heard. Gorgeous, perfect machines, more beautiful, more intelligent, more precise than humans, but you've never seen one. Never, because seeing one is a death sentence.

So when a shining ship suddenly descends before you, brand new and fresh like only the robots' things can be, you fear that this is the end of your life.

[center [i And then--]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b <Rules>]
Literate rp. Minimum 2000 chars/post
Not first come, first serve. Let's chat, see if we're compatible.
You play the human character.
MxM preferred, then FxF, then het
Third person past tense only
ES rules apply
No cybering, fade to black only
Illustrated or tasteful anime pics
Include a sample post with your skeleton
Come excited and with ideas!
Feel free to ask questions about the world!

// Name: // Age: // Gender: // Backstory: // Ideas: // Image: //


[right [pic]]
[left [pic]]

[center ☆ ☾ ☆ ☾ ☆ ☾ ☆]

[center The war is over. ]

Midnight has fallen. The blood moon is rising. Red light spills into the town, staining the world with crimson. But tonight, the streets are still.

Two vampire families used to feud over the city of Nightdark, over the right to feed on the men and women who live within. The aristocratic Castimir family, and the modern Vamp group.

The Castimir are old blood and old money. They believe in living quietly, hiding from the sun and humanity, controlling the town, and the world, from the shadows. Hierarchy and age rule the day. Elders are to be feared and respected. Everyone knows the Family, and everyone who knows about the dark part of the world respects or fears them, or both.

Except for the Vamps. They ran the streets, and anyone who said otherwise didn't say so for very long. Once an offshoot of the Castimir, they had cast off all trappings of the old family. The most capable were given the most power. Age and hierarchy were meaningless.

That was, until the Castimir finally grew tired of the Vamps and their antics. Over the space of a single night, they wiped the Vamps out, obliterating them down to the last man. Shops were smashed, homes set alight. Men, women, and children were slaughtered. Nothing and no one survived.

Or so they thought.

A few Vamps survived the night. They cling to the brinks of the shadows and lurk in dark alleyways. The Castimir kill them on sight, but they stay hidden and wait for their chance to fight back. Pushed to the brink, a few of them have found one another and now band together, honing their skills to strike at the heart of the Castimirs.

You are one of these Vamps, or otherwise someone with a grudge against the Castimirs. While you eke away a living in the shadows, your hatred for the Castimirs only grows. Sooner or later, it will reach a breaking point.

[center [pic]]

[center [b Lore]]
Nightdark is a gritty city, full of the worst the world has to offer. Gang wars are not uncommon in the poor parts, while the rich parts pretend such things cannot happen. Whatever your vice is, you can find it in Nightdark's huge red light district. It is also a hub of supernatural activity. Those aware of the supernatural parts of the world come to hire mercenaries or set bounties; the supernatural part is one with the city's seedy underbelly. Curses and lives can be bought and sold just as easily here.

Vampires and other supernaturals are not common knowledge in this world. However, they are not unheard of either, and there are more supernatural-oriented urban legends than in base reality.

Vampires become more powerful with age. When they are created or born, they gain a special ability, and every hundred years, they obtain a new ability, be it the ability to reflect attacks, summon a sword, shapeshift into an animal, inflict hypnosis, use a specific spell/type of magic, or some other vampiric ability. Mindreading and telepathy are not vampiric abilities. Born vampires are extremely rare and are known as purebloods. No Vamps are purebloods.

At the base level, vampires are faster and stronger than humans and have quicker reflexes and heightened senses. They never age, appearance-wise, past the age they were turned at; purebloods' aging slows around 15 until it grinds to a halt typically around the age of 20-30. All vampires need to feed on blood once a day, but can go a week before dealing with serious penalties. A starving vampire will be weaker, unable to use their abilities, and more mentally unstable, as well as look sick or even dead. The venom from a vampire's bite makes the memory shaky for the half-hour or so surrounding it, which keeps vampires from being discovered every time they feed.

Older vampires do not like crossing thresholds without an invitation, religious artifacts, or running water. The older they get, the more vampire quirks they abide by. In return for suffering from fewer quirks, young vampires cannot go in sunlight without setting alight, while older ones (200+) are more resistant to sunlight, but will still burn from prolonged exposure.

Vampires can be killed. Young ones die the same as humans, but are better at healing; shooting them in the heart once won't work, but two or three times will do them in. Older ones need to be staked and put out in the sunlight until they turn to ashes. The truly ancient vampires need to be killed by a very specific ritual by a member of their own bloodline.

The Castimir matriarch hasn't been seen for decades. Some wonder if she is still alive at all, or if her daughters and sons are the ones who are actually running the show.

[center [b Other Races]]
[b Dhampir] are the rare output of vampires breeding with another race. These half-breeds are rare and generally do not live past 50, though age at half-speed past 12. They tend to be sickly and are unable to have children, but are natural vampire hunters. Their blood is poison to vampires.
[b Werewolves] are generally the servants/guard dogs of vampires, and have a lot of brute force but less finesse. They can turn at any time, more lycanthrope than traditional werewolf, but grow stronger with the moon phases.
[b Mages], or humans with magic, tend to be targeted by vampires as prizes, and need to be strong enough to protect themselves or else end up dead. Magic is not overwhelmingly powerful in this world, however, and takes a lot of stamina to use. Very few mages born in Nightdark successfully evade the vampires for long.
[b Vampire hunters] are usually ordinary humans with some combat abilities, but can be any mix of other races.

[center [b Rules]
ES Standard Apply
No godmodding, cybering, etc.
No Gary Stues/Mary Sues
No edgelords
No drama
Strong grammar/syntax preferred
Posting will happen in rounds, no strict order. Post once per round. A post from me marks the start of a new round.
To apply, please PM me a link to your character's page or post the link in RT chat below.
Posting chat in the roleplay area will lead to an automatic refusal of your character.]

[center [b Skeleton]]
[b Name:]
[b Age:] Vamps are relatively young vampires for the most part. Very few were old, and most of those were killed by the Castimirs. 18-99 years old are acceptable. Older will have to be cleared by me. Everyone must appear to be 18 at the youngest.
[b Gender/Sexuality:] Go wild. If pronouns are non-obvious, please specify.
[b Race:] Vampire, dhampir, human, were? Mostly looking for vampires and humans. If hunter or mage, specify here.
[b Height/Weight:] General idea of their body size/shape.
[b Personality:] At least six traits. 3 positive, 3 negative.
[b Strengths:] What abilities/ability do they have? Vampire abilities go here. On top of that, though, what skills do they have? More than just fighting; do they bake? Arrange flowers? Make models of navy ships?
[b Weaknesses:] What can't they do? What always backfires when they try to do it? If your vampire has a specific vampiric weakness, list it here as well.
[b Grudge:] Why do they hate the Castimir?
[b Survival:] If you're a Vamp, how did you survive the night the Castimir attacked? If you think this section also applies to your character feel free to fill it out.
[b Bio:] Keep it short and sweet. We don't need to know everything; that's what the rp is for. Just enough to get a taste for your character's life.

[center Hello, and welcome to my search thread! I'm looking for one or two active and excited roleplayers who want to create a story with me. ]

[center [pic]]

[center I mostly do science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, and action-adventure. Right now I have a few plots, but I'm also open to any plots that you have. If you want to create a plot with me, that's great too! I'm open to almost anything.]

[center Which brings me to the things I won't do. I won't cyber or write incest. I don't do based plots, only OC. I'm willing to do male x male, female x female, trans, heterosexual, or non-romantic plots. I can play either gender and would prefer if my partner were capable of the same. Romance is not a huge factor for me. I'm not really into it; many of my stories involve no romance at all. However, I am willing to do romance as a side plot to any rp. The only type of romance that I'm willing to do a pure romance plot with is mxm.]

[center [pic]]

[center Literacy and correct grammar are very important to me. Please be able to spell correctly and use proper grammar. Everyone makes mistakes, but please try to limit them. I will refuse potential partners on the grounds of poor literacy/grammar.]

[center I write 2000 to 5000 characters on average. Quality is more important than quantity, but less than 1000 characters and I don't feel like there's anything to react to in your post.]

[center [pic]]

[center If you're still interested after all that, shoot me a PM and we can chat! [b If you have no sample posts on ES, include one or a link to one in your PM.] I will disregard pms if I cannot find a sample post. Feel free to browse my profile to get an idea of my writing. Below are my lists of dos and don'ts.]

[center [b Things I love: ]
MxF & FxM
No romance
Multiple characters
Playing any gender
Mature/dark themes

[b Things I won't do: ]
Mary Sues
Pure romance
"Crazy" characters ]

[left [pic]][right [pic]] [center The sun dips into the ocean, painting the sky in shades of orange and blood red. Lining the forest's edge on the island of Rosea, the Islanders watch, coiled and tense in fear. A child, heedless of his parent's warning, runs for the sand, only to be snatched up before he can set foot upon it. Only the champions stand on the beach; two from each of the island nations. Clutching weapons or magic rods, they stare out to sea, watching, waiting. The ocean laps the shore, the waves barely a hand's width tall, unusually small. As far as the champions can see, the ocean lies flat, still. ]
[center ☀]
[center ☼]
[center ☀]
[center All at once, the water rushes up, something monstrous charging from its depths. The champions raise their weapons and charge into the setting sun--]

[center ☼ ☀ ☼]

Nearly three hundred years have passed since that day. Every year, the nations send their champions to the island of Rosea, but their purpose has been forgotten. The monster has not appeared for three centuries; not even the elders remember it as anything but a fairy tale. The champions are now political figures, singers, artists--no longer the best warriors and magicians, but people who showcase the best their island has to offer. They celebrate with parties and feasts, showcases and reenactments of the fight of the ancient heroes, years ago. Nowadays, the festival has become a political event, with the countries showing off and competing against one another.

Over the years, the countries have split into two factions. One faction, led by the largest island country, Celoa, wants to expand and unite the islands together under one banner. The other faction, led loosely by the country of Barcani, wants to preserve the sovereignty of each island. All eyes turn to the traditional meeting as tensions rise to a heat, fearful that what was meant to be a festival of peace may devolve to war.

A soul is said to cycle back to earth every three hundred years. As the festival draws near, dark powers stir, uncaring of the mortal politics that swirl above and threaten to rend the champions apart...

[center [b World]]

[center [pic]]

This story takes place on an archipelago made up of many distinct island nations. Each island's dwellers worship a different god in the pantheon, and each island receives a blessing from the god they worship. The blessings are meant to help them battle the monster their champions chased off a hundred years ago. These blessings leave a physical marking on the islanders, as well as giving them a unique ability; these two should overlap, if possible. For example, if your islanders worship the goddess of the sea, she may give them the ability to breathe underwater through gills. Breathing underwater is the blessing; the gills are the marking. It may not be possible, however, such as if they worship the god of magic, in which case they might be better at casting magic, and have a distinctive mark on their bodies like a red handprint on their stomach. These are both examples and do not have to be used.

These blessings should assist them in combating a powerful monster. It might be in a small way , but it should help somehow, as they were gifted with the purpose of helping them to overcome the monster.

Your character should be famous in the nation they come from, and may be famous over the whole archipelago. Most should be rich, successful, or both. No starving orphans, please. Some may have been invited to the feasts during previous years. They can be nobility or royalty, but cannot be crown royalty or reigning royalty. The third princess in succession is a playable character; the Queen is not.

There is magic in this world. Any magic comes from the god or goddess your character worships, and should be based around their domain. Almost all islanders have some amount of magic, though not all are skilled in it or have chosen to develop their magic. Think of it like playing a musical instrument. Nearly everyone is capable, but not everyone has bothered to learn how.

[center [b Countries]]

[center [pic]]

Rosea: An idyllic island, Rosea is neutral ground and belongs to no country. It is a holy land and is considered to be the home of the gods. Aside from a small town that exists to maintain the shrines to the gods and host the festival, Rosea is uninhabited. Only the town's few residents live there permanently, but the other islanders often travel to Rosea and its shrines on pilgrimage.

[b Celoa:] Militaristic, Celoa is not only the largest island, but the most warlike. Its civilians are required to enlist in the military, and its navy is the best armed of all the countries' navies. The island is one of the most developed islands, and its natural resources have been largely depleted. [+red [b Worship Maaro.]]

[b Barcani:] A small but lush island, Barcani is rich in natural resources. It is a popular tourist destination, and is renowned for its ivory beaches. A relatively undeveloped country, it nonetheless is a center for trade, and has the largest fleet, though its ships are mostly for trading and fishing. [+blue [b Worship Acua.]]

[b Shikin:] Relatively barren, this volcanic island is known for the resourcefulness of its inhabitants in making do with very little and inventing to take the place of raw resources. A rich island despite its lack of resources, its black, volcanic beaches help bring in tourists. [b Worship Ibin.]

[b Ouana:] The smallest of the island nations, this island prospers from its pearl-diving and fishing. Ouana is windswept, and has very little in the way of vegetation, but is made up of strong bedrock. Reefs prevent easy entry, but any good Ouanan knows the secret way through. Said to possess the most skilled sailors. [+purple [b Worship Aeter.]]

[b Gruhan:] Hottest of the islands, the interior of Gruhan is made up of tangled jungle. Diverse wildlife can make life difficult, with fearsome predators lurking in the depths of the jungle and poisons and medicines galore growing in its forests. [+green [b Worship Hokon.]]

[b Kuesia:] The social center of the islands, Kuesia is home to the largest city in the archipelago. It produces most of the clothes and luxury goods for the islands, and is considered a trendy place to live. [+brown [b Worship Tura. ]]

[center [b Gods]]

[center [b [+blue Acua, Goddess of Sea] • [+red Maaro, Goddess of War]

[+brown Tura, God of Land] • [+purple Aeter, Goddess of Wind]

Ibin, God of Volcanoes • [+green Hokon, God of Harvest and Jungle]]]

[b [center Rules]]
-Standard ES rules
-Literacy: Be at least able to post 1500 characters/post. Correct grammar and syntax strongly requested.
-No Mary Sues or edgelords
-No cybering. Romance is allowed, but don't make the group about only your two characters. However, splitting off and writing 1x1s is encouraged!
-No godmodding

[b [center Plot]]
-The basic idea of the story is that a bunch of rich and famous people, who are not at all fighters, find themselves suddenly foisted into the middle of an adventure and have to scramble to make do as champions.
-I have several episodes planned, but am flexible. If you have an idea or want to take the story in a new direction, do so. You do not need my approval to add plot to the story. Caveat: if you think the idea might derail the whole rp, please ask me first.

[b [center Characters]]
-Please create a character who can connect to other characters. We want to make a story together, not write six lonely narratives.
-Your character should know the other characters, at least by name and reputation, if not more. Remember, you're all famous. You've probably shmoozed at the big events around the islands before.
-No OP powers/abilities. Magic exists, but is not all-powerful. I've left magic vague on purpose. Do with it as you please, but I reserve the right to decide whether an ability is OP or not.
-Create a vivid nation around your character. Feel free to expand and explore the possibilities of the world. Your god and country are up to you. Ask before you deviate extremely from the skeleton description, but aside from that you're free to do as you wish. Note: the gods DO NOT interact with the mortals at all. They were last seen hundreds of years ago. Even their blessings were handed down by proxy.
-Each island has one representative. If you want to double, consider becoming a member of your or another character's entourage or a villager. There are as many entourage slots as there are people who want to use them.
-If overwhelming interest is shown, I will consider opening up additional islands and gods.
-Character deaths must be explicitly allowed by myself and the other player, or take place when a player is leaving the RP. I do not expect us to be killing one another, so please do not create a character that would do so.
-Images should be anime/illustrated and tasteful. I'm going to be a little picky about pictures, especially if they're overused. If it's on the first row of Google results, it's probably overused. If you need help, feel free to ask.

[b [center Submissions]]
-Send me your skeleton via PM. I'd appreciate it if you used the title "islands"
-There is no reserving characters. Please send a completed skeleton. If your desired country fills up, PM me and I'll see if I can't alter one of the other countries to help accommodate your character. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE. Some countries are more inflexible than others and I WILL NOT change Barcani or Celoa.
-Submissions are not first come, first serve. I will notify you upon receipt and notify you upon acceptance. It should take no longer than a week to make the decision, though extenuating circumstances may lengthen the process. If I do not notify you of receipt of PM within three days, PM me again. The system sometimes loses PMs.

[b [center Posting]]
-Post in a timely manner. Each player will have two weeks to post, after which they will be reminded. At three weeks, the character will be kicked. If you want to leave at any time, please let me know.
-Posting order will be determined at a later date. Please follow it.

[center Main (RP) Thread • Characters • Chat]

[center [b OOC]]

[center Events]

The champions arrive and are treated to a lavish ball while they get to know each other. Tensions are high between the two factions. Meanwhile, the day of festival approaches.

[i Three days to the festival]

[center Main (RP) Thread • Characters • Chat]

[center [b Characters]]

Barcani's alliance:

Celoa's alliance:


[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Sexuality:]
[i Height/Weight:]
[b Country:]
[b Alliance:]
[b Blessing:]
[b Fame:]
[b Loves:]
[b Hates:]
[b Personality:]
[b Gossip:]
[b Entourage:]
[b Description:]
[b Bio:]

Send a link via PM. I'll add the links on this page as people are accepted.

Character and relationship discussions should go here, if possible, to keep them organized.

[center Main (RP) Thread • Characters • Chat]

[center [pic]]

[center Welcome to hell. ]

It's a bleak world out there, or so you've been told. You've never been beyond the outer walls of the city, much less left the slum you were born in. The shining heart of the city rises high above, ringed by a wall higher than the one to the outside. Your whole life, you've been told one thing: your purpose is to support the city in any way.

Children aspire to be factoryworkers, making the food and clothing and machines the people in the shining city need to survive. They operate dangerous machines for hours every day, but what's the danger? If they lose a limb, it'll be replaced by cybernetic parts. Those less lucky who are injured beyond repair might instead work to support the people who supply the city, making do with scraps and leftovers to feed and clothe the workers. Gangs squabble over territory like rabid dogs, fighting for the right to provide the downtrodden with the drugs they want, tweaked out on their own supply and wreaking havoc with cybernetic bodies. Police are non-existent. Every man must fend for himself, eke out their own living out of the little they have.

This is not right.

Deep in the Boneyard, the huge landfill in the center of the slums, the scavengers have found a terrible weapon. Unfortunately, the city's security force has discovered the mistake, and will do anything to retrieve it, sending a rare contingent of Enforcers to the slums to get the weapon back. However, if we can claim it back from the gangs, hide it from the security force and use it on the city's high walls, we stand a chance--the first chance in centuries--of being able to fight back against the wrongness of this world. We will be heard! We will not be ignored! It is time to overthrow our tyrants!

[b [center Rules]]

-Literacy: Be at least able to post 2000 characters/post. Correct grammar and syntax strongly requested.
-No Mary Sues
-No cybering. Romance is allowed, but don't make the group about only your two characters.
-Please create a character who can connect to other characters. Lonely edgelords make for boring groups.
-No OP powers/abilities.
-Post in a timely manner. Each player will have two weeks to post, after which they will be reminded. At three weeks, the character will be kicked. If you want to leave at any time, please let the moderator know.
-Posting order will be determined at a later date. Please follow it.
[b [center Rules]]

-Literacy: Be at least able to post 2000 characters/post. Correct grammar and syntax strongly requested.
-No Mary Sues
-No cybering. Romance is allowed, but don't make the group about only your two characters.
-Please create a character who can connect to other characters. Lonely edgelords make for boring groups.
-No OP powers/abilities.
-Post in a timely manner. Each player will have two weeks to post, after which they will be reminded. At three weeks, the character will be kicked. If you want to leave at any time, please let the moderator know.
-Posting order will be determined at a later date. Please follow it.

The barrier is breaking. The world will soon crumble.

Maybe they aren't the last two in the world, but they're the last two of their bloodline, and they hate each other. One's very conservative and careful about their feeding, and the other is a lush and hardly pays any attention to who or what they feed on, aside from that they feed. Their bloodline has a very specific ritual that they have to accomplish in order to turn anyone which requires all members of the bloodline to be present, as well as the blood of a witch; the bloodline dwindled because these two members refused to be in the same room together, let alone stay long enough to complete the ritual.

It's the time of ascendance, when one of the vampire bloodlines takes the upper hand, and though their bloodline was ascendant last time around, with only two members, they won't be this time. So in order to maintain their power, they need to make more members. They have to work together despite their hatred of each other to find and capture the witch, only to find that she's protected by a vampire hunter...and we take it from there. Maybe we try to recruit the hunter, or try and convince the witch to come willingly, even though she'll have to die to complete the ritual. And the whole time the other vampire families are breathing down their necks and sending assassins and whatnot.

Ditched again, yay! <3 Has now become random storage and tidbits. Please do stop by and enjoy :3 Ask before you take, but let me know & I'll probably be amazed you even came here and read this XP

[s check]Hey. How are you doing? I'm bored, and since you've clicked on this, looks like you are too.

So let's get straight to the point.

I'm only interested in OC RPs, I don't do bases. I'll do mature levels of violence, drugs, etc, but I'm not interested in mature levels of sex and/or cybering. I'll do yaoi (boyxboy) or straight pairings but yuri (girlxgirl) bores me, and I won't do incest or anything nasty like that. Romance isn't a big thing for me, though; if it's a part of the rp, it's usually a side plot, if that. If you want a fluffy lovey-dovey rp, then I'm not the partner you're looking for.

I'll do groups or 1x1s. Right now I'm in the mood for 1x1s mostly. I like science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, and I've got a few plots in mind--but I'd be happy to listen to your plots or make something up with you. In fact, please have ideas and twists for the rp! I want someone who can keep me on my toes, someone who doesn't make me feel like I'm writing on my own. I like pretty much everything that falls under the above genres, so if you want to do something within them, PM me and we can discuss further. As I mentioned, I'm not super into romance, but I'm not opposed to having it as part of/a subplot in the story. I can play both genders equally, but I don't want a partner that refuses to play one of the genders. You're going to have to write the other gender eventually, even if only as an NPC.

I'm only looking for one rp right now, so there's a chance I might reject you. Please be mature about it.

Other rules~

1. I'm looking for someone who's literally literate as well as "literate" as per ES's definition. Be able to differentiate between they're, there, and their, as well as your/you're. Also, know when to use apostrophes such as its vs it's. If you can't do that much, then you're not the one I'm looking for. This is probably my most important rule, and I will reject people on the basis of their literacy and grammar.

2. I don't cyber. I've said it once already, but let's just be absolutely clear.

3. I write 1000 characters and up, typically averaging around 2000-5000 characters. Be able to keep up! :)

4. No marysues or garystues. I'm not super-worried about godmodding but I'll respect your opinion on that subject.

5. OCs only. This means even throwaway characters, organizations, businesses, etc. It throws me out of the narrative if real life is brought into it.

6. I'll post within a day or two of you posting. I don't expect you to do the same. I understand most people have lives. I would appreciate at least one post a week; fewer than one post every two weeks and I'll probably lose the thread of the story, so keep that in mind.

PM me with a little info on what you're into if you're interested! Also, if you don't have any posts on ES, include a sample post or a link to one. Feel free to browse my rps to get an idea of my writing ability.
Ludwig/Lagvkk [center [pic]]

NOTICE: I've got a million things to do right now. If I'm in an rp with you I might not respond this week. Thanks for understanding.

[h3 Of Dragons and Men]
The kingdom of Bruvel. Idyllically located on the continent's coast, this country has long dominated the neighboring countries with its history of dragon husbandry. The oldest dragon lines come from Bruvel; the first tamed dragons were ridden on the fair plains of its northern lands, and Bruvel's proud citizens won't let you forget it. Dragons are almost ubiquitous in Bruvel. They're used for transportation, heavy lifting, and sending messages, besides the mighty war-dragons whose wings flap as loud as thunder and whose bulk blocks out the sky.


However, over the years the other countries have begun to develop their own dragon lines and stables, threatening Bruvel's domination of the dragon market. Particularly Sarance, the country to Bruvel's south, has begun to rival Bruvel in terms of dragonstrength. It is well known that Sarance's queen has her eye on Bruvel's fair lands, and troops have been seen moving in the hills near Bruvel and Sarance's border. Though war has not yet broken out, it looks to be near.

Bruvel has sent a group of messengers to the west to ensure that their ally, the kingdom of Gabront, still stands with them and will take their side in the event of war. However, the lone safe way to Gabront puts any dragon rider or horse-riding messenger firmly into Sarance's territory. It is no longer viable to travel over Sarance; aside from the possibility of getting shot down, it would reveal sensitive material about Bruvel's war preparations. Instead, the messengers must travel through the Wastes.


[h2[center[b The Wastes]]]
The Wastes are the vast, swampy wastelands where wild dragons and other creatures roam. It is dangerous to take a dragon over the Wastes, as wild dragons often kill domesticated dragons on sight; as such, dragon riders cannot fly over them to reach the kingdom of Gabront. If a dragon is taken, it must travel on foot and secretly, perhaps even painted to look more like a wild dragon. It would be foolhardy to send a lone messenger through the Wastes; they would not make it out alive.

[h2[center[b Classes]]]
[b Fighter]--Swordsman, sniper, archer, knight; more or less self-explanatory. They fight with their weapons or their own two hands. No single fighter can take on a dragon and win.
[b Mage]--Magic is elemental. Mages choose an element and perfect it through years of study. All humans have the equal ability to learn magic, but most do not bother; it takes years to learn a single spell, decades to master an element. Magic is hard on humans, and mages feel its toll in headaches, cramps, and all manner of discomfort after casting. Magic can take years off someone's life; the most powerful of mages do not live long lives.
[b Messenger]--These quick-footed rogues rely on their wits and their speed to get them out of fights. They spend the first years of their employment training rigorously with daggers and similar small weapons to fend off bandits; many also learn lock picking and other survival skills as they travel around the country and find themselves often in unfamiliar and unfriendly environments. Speed is their strength. Higher-ranked messengers often come from lesser noble families or are the later children of higher nobility.
[b Dragon Rider]--A dragon rider bonds with a dragon and shares a weak telepathic link with it; dragon and rider know where each other are at all times, and basic commands can be communicated via the link. Domestic dragons have had the intelligence bred out of them; they are about as intelligent as dogs and cannot speak. Dragon riders are usually chosen young from noble families and raised away from society, as even domestic dragons require a lot of effort and space to tame. Domestic dragons, particularly those used by messengers, are usually smaller and almost without exception less vicious and powerful than their wild counterparts; while a larger domestic dragon might stand a chance against a wild dragon, most would perish in a one-on-one battle.
[b Demi-dragon]--A demi-dragon is a human that was cursed with an ancestral dragon rune and has begun to take on a dragon's appearance and power. While these are by far the most powerful dragon hunters, they are shunned from human society and often have to wear a veil to even so much as walk through a market. Only a few are so desperate so as to take on the curse of becoming a demi-dragon.

[b You can get a little creative about your class; talk to me about it.]

[h2[center[b The Guide]]]
The Wastes are difficult to navigate. Even seasoned adventurers consider them dangerous--dangerous, that is, without a guide. This group of messengers has hired the best guide in the region, a man known only by the name "Clawfoot." He will guide you through the Wastes, and, if you get lucky, you just might survive.

[h2 [center[b Notes on the World]]]
This story is not set in medieval times but is instead set in this world's analogue to the late 1890's/early 1900's. The Industrial Revolution is underway; while cars exist, they are few and far between. Guns exist, but swords remain practical for monster-fighting. Dragons remain the sole method of aerial travel. In this world, women are considered equal with men for the most part; they can be soldiers or even dragon riders, inherit property and titles, own land, and rule countries. While only people in the most rural of Bruvel's communities would be shocked to see a dragon, in other countries, Gabront and Sarance included, dragons are rare and are treated with awe and fear. Magic is used rarely and in extraordinary situations. Mages are typically researchers or fighters, or else peddle their spells to the gentry. A few quacks make a living as performers. Wild dragons are a plague on Bruvel's outer lands, especially where it borders on the Wastes, and regularly steal cattle or even humans for a quick meal. Few humans live near the edge of the Wastes. Wild dragons are typically larger than domestic dragons by a factor of two, though a few exceptionally large war beasts rival them in size. There is only one species in the kingdoms, and that species is human.

[b [center To get Accepted:]]
Send me a PM with your skelly, picture, and a sample post. I do not require that the sample post be in character. Easy enough, right?

[b [center TL;DR]]
We're a group of messengers traveling across a dangerous, monster-infested wasteland to deliver a message that might prevent a war. Also dragons. "Notes" provides valuable background information.

[h3 [center Rules]]
Literacy is a must. Not just how long you can write your post, but how well. If you don't know the difference between you're and your or don't know how to format dialogue, don't bother responding. 1000 chars +.


I vastly prefer illustrated/anime pics. Find something classy and original if it's at all possible. If you need help, contact me. I have a library of several hundred pictures you can look through.

No cyber. No godmodding. Follow ES rules. Violence, gore, drinking, etc--all acceptable. Romance is fine but don't get so caught up in each other that you forget the plot. If you must have sex, do it somewhere else or timeskip.

Let two people post after every time you post. If the rp slows, I will be flexible with this rule. If you commit to this rp, be able and willing to post at least once a week.

DO NOT make your character ridiculously overpowered. That's boring for everyone. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. Also, don't make your character insane. While a little mental instability can be fun and add to the rp, I've found that characters who are pants-on-head neck-biting insane just drag the plot down.

My word goes. I have a specific way I run rps, and I do not want you to question it or tell me how I ought to run my rps. Honestly, I don't care about most things when it comes to formatting and the such; if you're pming me about them, you're wasting your time.

DO NOT fight amongst each other. If, for example, someone's stepped on your toes and godmodded, or you don't like the quality of someone's post, talk to me about it and I'll sort it out. I am your moderator and everyone's friend, and my tolerance for most things is pretty high. Tell me about it. Let me take care of it. Having said that, I offer no one special treatment. If you only said "Hi" and no one recognized you in their posts, that's on you, not me. Participate or drop.

Be dynamic. Add to the plot. I'll be DMing as well as playing Clawfoot, but I enjoy it when other people come up with twists and subplots of their own. If you have any ideas, don't be afraid to pm me! If we get stuck, don't be afraid to move the plot along!

Phew! That's a lot. I hope none of it becomes important! Anyways, here's the part you care about.

[h3 [center Skelly]]
[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Class:]
[b Weapon:]
[b Personality:]
[b Description:]
[b Bio:]
[b Picture URL:]

If Dragon Rider, please add:
[b Dragon's Name:]
[b Dragon's Age:]
[b Dragon's Size:]
[b Short Description:]

[h3[center Accepted Characters]]

Name: Clawfoot
Age: 23?
Gender: Male
Class: Demi-dragon
Weapon: Lance
Personality: Gruff. A social recluse by his curse, he is often a little out-of-touch with others and has a difficult time relating to people.
Description: His feet are clawed like those of a dragon's. While he wears heavy, padded shoes in town to make them appear more normal, in the Wastes he usually travels barefoot.
Bio: No one's really sure where he came from. He seems to live in the Wastes, or at least closer to their edge than most people travel. There's no doubt that he knows the Wastes better than anyone else; he's led expedition after expedition into them, and while few of the bold adventurers return, he always has. Whether a sheep or child wanders into the Wastes, or you're desperate to quest off to kill a dragon, he's the man you want. He doesn't like to talk about his past, and frankly, no one's asking. As a demi-dragon, he's treated with hatred and fear by most of the merchants he interacts with.

[h3 /end]

[i This world is crumbling. With a touch, you can unmake it.]
[i Keep hold of your soul, little one, lest the ghosts wrench it away.]
[i Close your eyes and do not fear the night]
[i Shadows fly away before the light]
[i Remove the fear that clings to your heart]

Name: Eitomir Galactan
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Abilities: Has reached the smallest plane. One of the strongest magicians in the kingdom. Specialty: Portals.
Affliction: Eitomir has paranoia and anxiety issues and is prone to nervous breakdowns which sometimes involve violence. These ebb and wane with his magic, growing stronger the more powerful his magic grows. He sometimes hallucinates a three-eyed cat named Leech who embodies his fears.
Personality: Eitomir is very loyal, but isn't blind. Even through his loyalty, he came to realize that the Queen was twisting reality itself through her magic, pulling the world to its breaking point. He feels guilty about betraying her but also feels it is necessary for the sake of the world.
Bio: Eitomir first entered the public eye as the Captain of the Queen's Grand Magicians, after toiling for years to reach such a peak. Neither of his parents could use magic at all, so his abilities were something of a surprise to everyone. When he was able to form the focal disc of a triangle, the smallest plane, he was recognized as the Captain. For a few years, he traveled the country under the Queen's orders, suppressing what needed to be suppressed, educating those who had some ability, and attending formal events and gatherings. But the longer he spent close to the Queen, the more obvious her twisted and distorted mind became to him, until he came to fear meeting with the Queen for the sake of his physical well-being; magic flowed like air through the Queen's lungs, and with a single breath she might change a man into a mouse. It was a close brush with the Queen's magic that gave him his signature white hair. Eventually, he came to understand that the thing they were suppressing only existed in the Queen's mind, that their fights were meaningless, that the Queen herself was the one who was distorting the world. But the Queen was the most powerful magician in the world. Who could he turn to for help fighting her? The answer came to him at last: someone not in this world.

But if you're interested in playing with me despite that, I've got an idea for a dark Alice-in-Wonderland type plot; one character gets pulled into the other's world. In this world, magic gets stronger the madder [read: crazier] you are, and is visualized using geometric shapes. The fewer points your shape has, the stronger you are; therefore, the strongest magician uses a single point, while the weakest magicians use circles. Characters are vaguely based on AiW--color schemes, attitudes, personality traits are kept, while gender, names, and the such might not be. For example, we could have a character named Jenny and never say she was the Doormouse, but have her be sleepy all the time.

An evil queen has taken over this world. She is the strongest magician in the world, and is so strong that she warps the world around her to match the horrors she sees in her mind. She's a schizophrenic, so this means it gets pretty freaky; stuff like the Jabberwocky can be explained as a materialized hallucination. . The rest of the world lives in fear of her and her regime, except for one magician who thinks it's past time to end it. He pulls "Alice" into this world because he senses that she has great power within her . And we go from there.

I want to play the White Rabbit character. You would play Alice. I know I used female pronouns for Alice but I don't mind if you want to play her as a him. All details are negotiable, and it's only VERY vaguely AiW based. More like inspired than based, really. I picture us playing multiple characters as the RP goes on, for example, if we run into the Mad Hatter, one of us would take his role on, and then drop him if we leave him behind .

Well, let me know if you're interested. I understand completely if you aren't, but let me know that, too. :) I'd rather hear a no from you than be left hanging.

[left [pic]] [right [pic]]
[center A long time ago, civilization came to a sudden, sharp halt. War tore the world apart, leaving only a ruined wasteland. For a long time humanity languished in poverty and famine, too busy trying to feed themselves to continue living the high life.]

[center While humanity was starving, the androids they had created long before the war took over. They needed neither clean water nor food, so the androids built a huge, shining city where no humans were allowed and took in their fellow androids, 'rehabilitating' them and rebuilding the broken ones. Jealous, humans tried to tear their city down, only to find themselves vastly overpowered. The androids, surprised by how weak their once-masters were now, turned the tables on them and began to enslave humanity. Any humans who fought back were destroyed; the androids looked to be unstoppable, and they expanded their territory further and further. ]

[center Finally, a human rose up and stopped their advance: a woman known as Natelle. She led the first Revolutionary Army to succeed against the androids where all others had failed, striking their supply lines and destroying their power stations. Humans rejoiced in their first victory, and people flocked to her side, finally able to see a light at the end of the long darkness the androids had put them through. She defeated the androids time and time again and at last drove their seemingly unstoppable advance back.]

[center That was a few hundred years ago. Since then, the world has been split into two: the Country of Man, home of humanity, and the Motherland, home of the androids. Skirmishes along the border are near-constant, but for the most part they've been locked in a stalemate. ]

[center This is where we begin.]

[center A raiding party over the border of the Motherland has just returned with a few interesting prizes: android parts of every description, a strangely peaceable old android, and a young cyborg-a human taken in by the androids and perverted to be neither human nor android. They intend to sell these in the Country of Man's largest city, Natellesborg. ]

[center The cyborg is my character. What your character is and how she or he meets mine is up to you. They might be a buyer, a rescuer, even one of his captors or a fellow captive of some kind. [i Note that I do not intend to take a master-and-slave route with this; you can still be a buyer, but be aware that I neither intend nor want to write a fetish. ]The only thing I ask is that your character be human. ]

[h3[center Notes]]
Cyborgs are exceedingly rare. Humans and androids hate each other; humans find the idea of being merged with machinery disgusting, and androids think of flesh as weak. Cyborgs are mostly created when androids get bored and decide to screw around with their captive humans. A few humans might have mechanical replacement arms or legs, but keep in mind that this is postapocalyptic. There aren't too many of those around. And no, you cannot just pick up any robot arm and attach it to the human body. It will not work without the correct interface.

Androids have varying levels of intelligence. Some are about as intelligent as your average vacuum cleaner; others are beyond-human intelligent. Those of human intelligence and beyond have the capacity to understand and feel emotions. Artificial intelligence in this story is based off of the proposition that mimicking a human brain through software essentially creates a working 'human' brain. Having said that, androids obviously do not have the chemical and physical reaction to emotions that we have. They might know they are having an emotion, but will not "feel" it. Which is the long way to say, write them like slightly less emotional humans. Most intelligent androids do not leave the Motherland; androids encountered in the Country of Man will typically be of vacuum cleaner intelligence, and no more dangerous or subversive than your garden-variety vacuum cleaner. I hate these gimmicks, but put "yo" as the title of your PM if you read this.

I know that's a lot, but I'm actually pretty flexible. If you want to discuss any details of the plot or want to change part of the setting, let me know; I'm totally open to that kind of thing. I imagine this being a fairly open-ended plot, but if you want to take it in a certain direction, don't be afraid to speak up! I love people who add to the plot. Now then, on to the

[h3 [center Rules]]
Literacy is a must. Not just how long you can write your post, but how well. If you don't know the difference between you're and your or don't know how to format dialogue, don't bother responding. I'm only looking for one person for this RP, so I'll be really picky.

I vastly prefer illustrated/anime pics. Find something classy and original if it's at all possible.

I don't cyber. I want to make that crystal clear. I am willing to do romance, but I don't see it as being a focal point of the story. This is more of an action/adventure.

I expect 1000 chars and up. I might get up to 5k characters if I'm excited or have something to describe, but I'll typically be around 1-2k characters.

Don't make me write this on my own. Contribute to the plot. Accomplish things.

Don't be touchy. I'm a pretty blunt person. If you're the type to get easily offended or who's overly sensitive, I'll probably set you off on accident. Do us both a favor and don't apply. If you think you can handle that, though, come right in!

To apply for this RP, send me your skelly, picture, and a sample post. Sample post does not have to be in-character, but I don't mind if it is.
If you're having trouble finding a picture, tell me and I'll help you out. I keep an extensive library of pics for that very reason.

[h3 [center Skelly]]
[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Occupation:]
[b Personality:]
[b Bio:]

[h3 [center The Characters]]
[i [b The Cyborg]]
[b Name:] Sen
[b Age:] 16
[b Gender:] Male
[b Occupation:] About to be sold into slavery
[b Personality:] Naive, trusting but at the same time suspicious, quick to become defensive. Used to having to fight for his life and everything else.
[b Bio:] Sen grew up in the shining city at the heart of the Motherland. For a long time, he believed that he was an android; only recently has it been broken to him that he's actually a cyborg. He's always hated humans, those awful, filthy creatures that destroy his friends, rip them apart before his eyes, and it's something of a blow to find out he's partially one of them. Although he was thrown out of the city when he discovered he was a cyborg, he would give anything to get back. If he can only tell Mother, the creator of all androids, that he's not really a human, that he's still loyal, surely she would take him back.

[i [b Your Character Here]]
Surprise me! Be inventive! I'm waiting eagerly!

I expect to close this thread by the end of the week. An extraordinary submission might get me to close it sooner.

Richmore City has a problem. A mafia problem. There's a prime bit of turf between Chinatown and the Western Block that both the Asian and European mafias want to get their hands on. It's populated predominately by Asians, so the Asian mafia feels they have every right to claim this land. To the European mafia, that land has belonged to them since they first arrived in Richmore City with the first immigrants. They aren't about to let the filthy Asians usurp what belongs to them.

[center [pic]]

The thing is, these aren't your usual mafias.

Most citizens don't know. They go about their daily lives unaware of the mafias' existance for the most part. Were they aware of the [i creatures] that made up the mafias, they wouldn't be able to sleep soundly at night.

You see, these mafias are populated by the things that live in nightmares. All those creatures you thought were only mythological take their place on one side or the other, European or Asian, ready to duke it out over any scrap of land or supposed slight. And now they're on the brink of all-out war. Will we stop the war? Egg it on? Destroy the city, or save it? It's up to you. But first,

[center [b Pick. Your. Side.]]

[b [size20 Rules]]
This roleplay is LITERATE. And that means more than how many characters you post. Proper grammar and spelling are REQUIRED. I WILL be picky about who I let in, and I WILL disallow you on the basis of grammar or literacy.

FOLLOW ES RULES. NO GODMODDING. NO MARY SUES. NO SEX. Violence is allowed and welcomed. Flirting/seduction is great, but this RP isn't really oriented towards romance. If you *must* have sex , fade to black & timeskip.

Human and Supernatural characters are allowed. However, human characters MUST be neutral to the mafia war, at least to start out. They can be cops, hunters, whatever. But they cannot belong to a mafia. The mafias are racist like that. Supernatural characters must be in a mafia. Exceptions are allowed, but as usual, you’ll have to dazzle me.

Be creative about your supernatural character. I will not allow vampires, werewolves, nekos, or kitsune UNLESS you convince me that you can write well enough to not go super-stereotypical with them. Really, you've got a better bet just using a lesser-known mythological creature. Plenty of 'em out there.

The mafia bosses are controlled by me. They are mostly NPCs, but I will use them from time to time to guide the RP. Think of them as the DM's monsters, if you will. Assassination attempts and coups are more than welcome, if you want to go in that direction, but please talk to me about it first so we can plan out what happens beforehand. Also be aware that attempting to make your character the mafia boss means I get a say in what they are allowed to do or say.

If you have an issue with another rper, DO NOT TALK TO THEM. AT ALL. Tell me about it. I DO NOT do drama. If you attempt drama, EVERYONE INVOLVED WILL be BANNED. I lost a great RP to drama last year and I DO NOT want to repeat that experience.

[b[size20 Skeleton]]
Age: (actual) {be realistic to your species but don't go overboard.}
Apparent Age:
Sample Post:

[h3[center Asian Mafia]]

Name: Kyusuke Kitsu
Age: ??
Apparent age: 12
Gender: Female
Species: ??
Role: Boss
Personality: Mercurial, polite, backhanded
Bio: Kitsu might look like a little girl, but she's been the boss for as long as anyone can remember. Of course, you can't call her Kitsu. It's Kyusuke-sama, or you'll lose your head. She's big on honor and tradition, but at the same time sees herself as a fashionable, modern woman. Seppuku is so out of fashion, but beheadings are classic. She's had her eyes on expanding her turf since she came to Richmore. Word is she used to belong to some big family in Japan that kicked her out, but it happened so long ago it's rumor at this point. Kitsu spends her days shopping surrounded by her devoted servants and lovers when she isn't ordering hits or keeping the populace in line. Kitsu hates humans and would like to clean them entirely out of her turf.

Username: kaitoXi
Name: Lech Mstivoj
Age: unknown
Apparent Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Kudlak
Role: Hitman/Cleaner
Personality: Cunning, short-tempered, aggressive
Bio: Lech originates from Europe, but he's defected. He operates on the Asian side due to a conflict of interest with the European side. He hates humans. Absolutely hates them. As such, his role as a cleaner is ideal for him; the more humans he kills, the better. His past before he joined the mafia is unknown to all but Kitsu.

[h3[center European Mafia]]

Name: Jack Springer
Age: Claims 500. Realistic bets are around 200.
Apparent age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: ??
Role: Boss
Personality: Upbeat, airheaded, chatty
Bio: Jack hails from London. It's hard to tell what of his past is true and what is simply legend he made up himself. He's a chronic liar and loves to laugh, and will absolutely execute you with a smile. Where Kitsu is followed around by an entourage, the European Mafia often looses track of Jack for weeks at a time, only for him to come bouncing back in on Monday. Even so, there's no doubt Jack is the unquestioned leader of the mafia. Jack likes to play with humans and doesn't mind if they're in his turf.

Username: kaitoXi
Name: Sveta Kresimir
Age: 159
Apparent Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Kresnik
Role: Bodyguard/Hitman
Personality: Quiet, efficient, careful
Bio: Sveta is a protector of humans and a hunter of her own kind by nature. There are many creatures who feel uneasy around her, particularly the undead, and not without reason. When she's not protecting Jack and other higher-ups in the mafia, she's often sent out on hits against the Asian side, and often against traitors on the European side as well. Sveta is more willing to kill creatures than humans and will actively protect humans. She lives in a church, and anyone who enters her church and disrupts her peace is considered fair game.

Welcome to Ordinaryville. There's no place more normal in all the United States...or so it seems.

Unknown to most, the multiverse is splintering. A dark power lurks behind the scenes, slowly destroying all other universes, forcing them together, merging worlds that should never have known about each others' existence. Out of our sight is a war--perhaps the greatest war of all. People from hundreds of different worlds are struggling against the darkness, trying to stop the destruction of the multiverse--but so far, they've been having little success. World after world has fallen, splintered into a million pieces.

However, there is still hope. Earth is the last world standing, the last bastion of wholeness among a weakened and splintering multiverse. All the other worlds have placed their hope in Earth, sending their strongest fighters to stand against the darkness. But even Earth doesn't have long left. Already, small bits and pieces of other worlds are leaking into ours--people appearing out of thin air, objects that ignore the laws of physics. And at the center of it all is Ordinaryville.

Ordinaryville is the nexus of the splintering on Earth, and the place where most of the strange things have been appearing. Its inhabitants don't appear to notice the strange things going on around them...except for a few children. Recently, these children have developed unusual and inexplicable powers that allow them to stand against the darkness. Will they rally the champions of the other worlds and stand against the darkness, or will the world fall to pieces?


Your girl or boy should have just recently developed his/her powers or else has had to keep them secret. The setting is supposed to be modern-day Earth/America, so let's not deviate too much from that--at least for backgrounds and bios. We'll probably end up playing with the setting as the RP progresses. If you want to play a male or a non-magical girl character, that's fine. Magical boys must transform as well; nonmagical characters only have one form. If you wish to play a magical girl or boy, please include both "normal" and "transformed" pictures in the skelly under picture link.


Follow ES rules, please.
BE LITERATE. This means in post length as well as basic grammar and spelling. If you don't know when to use your vs you're or they're vs there vs their, then this is NOT the RP for you.
No godmodding, no Mary Sues/Gary Stues, no text speak, no nonsense.
No Cybering. Romance is okay, but not instant.
Cussing, violence, blood and gore are all fine--but please remember, these characters are kids for the most part. Cussing every other word is off the table.
Playing more than one character is fine and even suggested.
Anime/illustrated pictures please, no ecchi/sexual ones though.


Picture Link (s):

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses

The ground was frozen solid. Ice crackled beneath her feet as she walked, and her breath misted in the air. It hadn't snowed, not yet. It was only the start of Autumn. Snow didn't set in until October, at least. It meant another few weeks of dry ground to sleep on, if she was lucky.

Around her rose the husks of once-proud buildings. On the left was an untouched shop facade; as untouched as it looked, behind it was nothing but a bombed-out void. On the right listed a shattered pile of sticks that nonetheless hid an ample and still-intact basement--she knew. She'd been living in this town for nearly a month now, and she knew it inside and out. Beyond the shop's facade, up ahead on the left, stood the old church. Its walls were stone and resilient but its stained-glass window was shattered and breezy. Beautiful, though. One day, the sun had come out for a whole hour, and she'd wandered into the church. The way it had reflected off the shards of glass, reflecting a rainbow on the church's walls--it was almost like the builders had planned for the window to be broken.

But beauty wasn't what she needed. So she slept in the basement of the bar, in what had once been a wine cellar. Wasn't much wine left now, though. Hadn't been when she'd gotten here. She would have drunk it if it had, but no, life wasn't that kind to her. No, the barrels were already staved in, the bottles shattered, wine soaked into the dirt. It smelled strongly of vinegar, but at least it was warm and mostly draft-free.

She would have to move on soon. A drifter like her--it wasn't safe to stay in one place for too long. And besides, the grocery store was almost empty, all the still-edible food eaten or in her bag. If she didn't leave soon, she'd starve before she got to anywhere else.

Lark looked at the sky. It was dark, as usual, the world cast in a perpetual pre-dawn gloom--as though the sun could just rise and break through the clouds. But that rarely happened. The clouds remained thick and impenetrable, the sun hidden coyly behind them.

Somewhere up there, beyond the clouds--there was a city. Salvation--that's what her grandfather had called it. Perfect, beautiful. Where the sun shone all day and no one ever got hungry, because they had too much food. Where everyone was fat and happy and healthy, and no one ever died of sickness or injury, because such things belonged to the past.

It was probably just a fairy tale. Even Lark knew that. But it was a dream that she could cling to, something to aim for. Something to live for, when life was bleak and short.

Lark snorted at that one, her breath clouding in front of her like a steam engine's first fire. And she looked back down at the grey earth, hands stuck in her pockets as she walked down the town's main road. Today would be her last time she slept in this town. Tomorrow it was back on the road for her--another day on the path of a more-or-less fruitless quest.
  Lark Dream / kaitoXi / 6y 124d 15h 8m 50s

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