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In the beginning of time there were people born able to weld the elements, some called them gods, others demons. But the truth is, they WHERE the elements. Only the reincarnation of them, the last elements have just passed away and the gift has been passed down each of their families to the two first born after the death of the last two of that element. It is unknown how the elements came to be, but it is known that they are drawn to their opposites and that they have been known to either protect earth, or destroy it.

About 18 years later since the death and rebirth of most of the elements. Here we are and even though your parents have always known your destiny they have kept it from you. For only you can find your power and your fellow elements.

Here are the elements:

Darkness:born with the powers

over darkness and shadows.

Can see and breath in the darkness of space.

to travel though shadows and darkness.

to put people in complete darkness where they can not hear see, or feel..

Drawn to the element of light.

Water:born with the powers

over Water, plants, and Ice.

to breath and see under water.

to travel by walking threw water like a looking glass, into or out of any pool of water.

to push visions, thoughts or feelings into anyone who looks in water's eyes.

Drawn to the element of Fire.

Wind:born with the powers

over wind and sound.

to Levitate but cannot fly with out use of wind.

to astro project anywhere in the world by meditating and listening to the noises there

to see sound and use instruments or their voice as weapons, by manipulating the sound as it comes out. This can shatter and break things. A skilled user can take out an army with a good song and instrument.

Drawn to Earth.

Earth:born with the powers

Over earths Minerals such as rock, sand, metal, gold and diamonds.

to travel threw the ground.

to be able to cause its body to become as hard as diamonds so that no harm can come to them.

to shape shift into any creature of earth.

Drawn to wind.

Fire:born with the powers

over Fire and Magma

to use fire or magma to travel.

to breath fire.

to inflict pain all over a persons skin with their mind.

Drawn to water.

Light:born with the powers

over Light and electricity.

to use Light and electricity to travel.

to bend light to become invisible.

to heal themselves or others.

Drawn to Darkness.

On top of these powers these gifted individuals can also change their body to be made completely made of their element how ever it is a very high level thing and even if they know of their power, their true power does not awaken until they all meet.


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Here are the Accepted Elements:


Character name: Kasey Verick

Puppetmaster: Yuii

character Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Element: Darkness

Characters Attitude: Cocky, Temperamental, Stubborn at times, Sarcastic.

Short bio: Born into a rather large family, having 2 brothers and 4 sisters, Kasey definitely had to deal with much drama. He never really got along with his siblings, considering them nuisances all the time. He was the youngest out of three of them, but told the youngest ones not to consider him a role model. It never takes long to get him all hyped up, since he has a very low tolerance for mostly everything. Even though he may seem unapproachable, he has a whole other side of him that is kind, protective, and loving. This is rarely seen unless it gets forced out of him. Yet, he never really allows anyone to see that side of him.

Character name: Darcy Keith

Puppetmaster: LostDreamer

character Age: 19

Gender: Girl

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Element: Darkness

Characters Attitude: Kind, funny but has a violent and gory side.

Short bio: When Darcy was born, her mother had died from being to weak for giving birth. Her father, in anger, had began to hate her and would abuse her. When she was sixteen she ran away from home and lived on her own in the streets. She quit school so she could work a full time job at a cafe where eventually the couple that ran it took her in as her own parents. When she was living on the streets she had discovered she could travel through shadows. She also learned that she likes dark places and the night, though day time is okay as well.


Character name: Lynn Clearwater


character Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Element: Water

Characters Attitude: Calm, sensitive, and sometimes cold.

Short bio:Lynn's family is very wealthy, for that reason he never really saw his parents growing up. His nanny raised him, but she pretty much let Lynn do what every he wanted. Lynn wasn't bad though, most of the time the nanny would find him out on their private lake, either on the row boat or swimming. He had learned from a very early age that he liked water and could lightly control it, but it was hard. Like something was missing...


Character name: Aerron Blancheth

Puppetmaster: criesfromthepast85

character Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexuality: semi-closeted gay

Element: Wind/Sound

Characters Attitude: Prefers to stay in his room away from people, listening to music when he isn't playing any of his own. He loves nature, but especially wind. He is generally calm and gentle, but can very quickly be thrown into a rage in which he won't care who gets in his way, he will try to take them down if they get between him and the target of his anger.

Short bio: Aerron had always lived an only slightly less than normal life; no father that he could remember, a mother whose addiction to drugs made him go in and out of foster care between her bouts of relapse and rehab, and a near addiction himself to music. He was always called names at school, but he never cared. So long as he could go outside on most days, especially windy ones, and play his instruments -a violin, a flute, and a guitar-, he was completely fine. He never had many friends, and his motto is "People will come and people will go. Things always change with the breeze." When he turned 18, his mother -who at the time was going through rehab and therefore was granted some custody with him- told him that he had special powers. Of course, Aerron smiled kindly and went along with it, although he did not believe a word of it. He still does not believe it, simply dismissing it as his mother sneaking a hit of whatever she was on at the time before talking to him.

Character name: Linette Cage

Puppetmaster: WonderGril

character Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Element: Wind/Sound

Characters Attitude: Always a happy girl with a bright smile and enthusiastic about many things that interest her. Very aloof and is one to retreat to her fantasy world. She has a hyperactive mind and though she seems like an airhead, she is quite intelligent.

Short bio: Linette grew up around the theatre and every since she was little, she began to learn of the art of ballet. Her mother is a ballet instructor at the theatre and her father commit suicide when Linette was only ten. Though the girl seems to be the most innocent of people, she is very dark. Her father had committed suicide right in front of her and when the world gets to tough, she retreats into her world of fantasy. She has spoken many times of how she felt like she was flying when she danced.


Character name: Tyler

Puppetmaster: Blood-Moon

character Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Male

Element: Earth

Characters Attitude: Quiet, reserved, creative, wondrous, angry, hurt, guarded

Short bio: Since birth, Tyler had always felt a tie to the elements. However, in particular he felt a calming, reassuring feeling from the ground just beneath his feet. He lived only with his mother though she was hardly ever there. If asked about her, he would know little to nothing. Whether she was working, partying, prostituting, just being neglectful, or simply not caring. He would just shrug. He got the food and money he needed most of the time with the occasional note. Most of his time was spent outdoors discovering and learning about nature and all it has to offer and hold.


Character name: Shawn Anderson

Puppetmaster: BloodyTiger

character Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Element: Fire

Characters Attitude: Silent, shy, cocky, sarcastic

Short bio: When he was 5 his mother was killed by his father and his father went to jail. Being raised in an orphanage. He finally leaves when he is sixteen, but he wasn’t adopted, he ran away and never came out of hiding until he was 18. He finds out something weird that he had these strange powers. He is now 19 still hasn’t told anyone about his powers of darkness and he knows it is time to tell someone.

Character name: Terrence Blind

Puppetmaster: Color_Insanity

character Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Element: Fire

Characters Attitude: heartless, Short-Tempered, strong headed

Short bio: As a child Terrence was always told he couldn't do something, however he always had to try it even once just to see if he could. He would always work and work to get his parents approval or attention, so as a child he would always be getting into trouble or picking fights. Eventually learning from both his parents that he was a mistake Terrence had lost all his emotional bonds to people. With that he had an under average life of rarely being noticed unless it was him in trouble.


Character name: Zeno Lauderson

Puppetmaster: kyanydkwc

character Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Element: Light

Characters Attitude: Contemplative, Analytical, Sarcastic, Humourless

Short bio: Zeno was raised in a scholarly family, with his mother an astronomer who discovered the "Zenith Horizon", a constellation of stars that formed a linear pattern and his namesake, and his father who was an archdiocese in the catholic church. Finding logic in everything from his mother and suffering from his father's absense and later his leave of the family to live a celibate life, he eventually sought to lock himself away in his studies. Now, reinventing himself with a new image, he has taken to travelling.

Character name: Isabelli "Ellie" Scott


character Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Element: Light

Characters Attitude: Quiet, Reserved, Curious, Playful

Short bio: Ellie lives a normal life, being a senior in a regular public high school. She wants to go to college for photography, but she isn't sure if her family could afford a university, so she is a bit upset she may have to settle with a community college. She's quiet, but opens up a bit when she gets close to people. Ellie loves to laugh, and tends to get embarrassed easily, her face turning red quickly.

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The open air was grand. Rather stale, but with a fresher quality than loosely cleaned and recycled air filtered through dusty vents. That, and it was far different from the European air he was used to. There, it was crisp and light, and smelled faintly of sea salt and wet pavement. Here, the air was heavier and stagnant, with strong scents of petrol, oil, and the occasional draft of cooked meat. And yet, it wasn't all that bad. After all, the pressure felt strangely lighter on his shoulders now that he was here, away from it all and with all that he needed to get by.

It would have been a brief walk back to Zeno's apartment, but instead he decided to do a bit of wandering, seldom saying anything lest he catch unwanted attention and be dragged into a conversation about useless backgrounds. He wasn't interested in discussing where he was from or what brought him here all the way from wherever he came from. Life was for moving forward, not always looking back. And yet, as hunger set in, he knew he would have to make some sort of conversation to order a meal. And so he chose something relatively uncomplicated. Chinese.

The servers were relatively pleasant, the sharpness of their accents rather refreshing to hear as opposed to the trained phrases of "Wow, I love your accent. Where are you from?" and "Oh, I've always wanted to go there!" It seemed so much as if people were lacking variety nowadays.

By the time he got back to his apartment, the takeaway food had cooled to a lukewarm temperature. He stumbled through the darkness until he reached the coffee table and set the food down, before it came to mind to turn on the lights. With a snap of his fingers, the ceiling fan came to life, the lights flashing on and the fan idly spinning, churning the murky air in the apartment. As he looked around, Zeno was surprised he hadn't fallen on his rear trying to get to the living room. He still had a lot to unpack if he was going to get anything to any level of clean.
  Zeno Lauderson / kyanydkwc / 6y 29d 9h 59m 46s
Aerron Blancheth sat at the small desk in his room, hands over his ears and eyes shut tight. He could hear his mother, though, crying and wailing downstairs as the officers explained that despite her recent going into rehab for her current addiction to legalized marijuana, they would have to take the bleached-blonde boy away once again.

"He's eighteen now! In college even!" She cried, her voice audible even through the walls, door, and covering hands. "You can't take him away again, he makes his own decisions now!" But her cries were in vain as the police explained the contract she had signed, allowing them to take Aerron away to a safer environment until he turned 22. It was signed by both Aerron and his mother, making it impossible for them to get out of it.

Footsteps coming up the stairs. His mother crying in the background. A gentle knock on his door. The for once sober woman pleading for them to stop. It was too much for the boy; too much, too often, too soon.

"... Come in." The boy's voice rang out in the air, slicing through all the other sounds. The door opening. Two voices. Still a crying from downstairs. "Alright, son." One of the men in uniform said to his back, "you have to come with us now. So why don't you be a good boy and come along quie-" but he was cut off.

"Do you know," said the boy, standing up but keeping his band tee-shirt clad back to the intruders, "What happens if you throw dirt into the wind?" One of the confused men opened their mouth to speak, but was interrupted again. "Don't answer. It comes back and falls to the ground for you to pick up and toss again. But the dirt doesn't always fall at your feet. Sometimes it gets into your eyes and hurts you. Do you know what I mean?"

A sigh came from behind him, accompanied by "Listen, son. We know you love your mother and want to stay with her. But stalling isn't going to do you any good. So just come quietly, alright?" Aerron turned to them, a smile on his face that only he knew was fake. "I'm sorry, you're right. I'm just being silly, so lead the way officer!" He hoisted the previously packed backpack onto his shoulders, grabbing his three instrument cases and the teddy bear his mother had given him the first time he'd had to leave at age 10.

"Alright, let's go." The second officer said. Through the door. Down the hall. Past the crying woman. Through the front door. Into the black and white car. It was all a routine for Aerron by now, one that he hated more each time. But he went quietly nonetheless, and remained silent in the back seat. But the wind began to pick up as the ride continued, Aerron in the back seat looking as docile as ever. But one hand was in his pocket, holding a hunting knife as the anger built up more and more. The wind is going to bite back this time... He thought as they got to the rarely-used highway. And it's going to do a lot more than put some dirt in your eyes...
  Aerron Blancheth / criesfromthepast85 / 6y 30d 28m 45s
I can't breathe.

To Linette, it felt like she was wedged in the middle of an ocean of people as she tried to grasp oxygen. Nothing came. And though the place she was in didn't have many people, the heat from writhing bodies of her fellow ballet rats radiated over her, sweat weighed down the air. Practice was almost over and she was ready for an escape.

They had rehearsed The Nutcracker many times because the other girls were not always in sync or on count while they practice Waltz of the Snowflakes. It was an obvious bother to her mother and she was surprised the woman didn't rip her hair out of her head. She was to do the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy along with a few of the group dances like the Waltz of the Snowflakes. She was excited and glad. Though she felt slightly disappointed. She wished to be Clara.

It would never happen.

As Linette danced around, she knew she needed to escape. She was losing it. The stage lights were clouding her sense of direction. She felt as though she was going to pass out.

The blonde forced down a deep breath and tried to talk herself down. I'm fine. It wasn't like she was in a dangerous place now. It was even familiar. She lived here. Was born here. Grew up here. She was on the theater stage, on en pointe, in her little home. It was cold.

Nothing was helping her. The sound of the classical music made by such a brilliant man by the name of Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky would usually sooth her. Today, It only made it worst.

She did four pirouettes before spinning into a back attitude. She panted, many would think she was only tired. She had been dancing since six in the morning. She felt like the walls were closing in on her and confining her like a coffin would.

Like my father's coffin.

Was he in peace now? Had he gone to heaven or hell? He did commit a horrible sin. Killing himself. And he did it in front of Linette's blue eyes.

That did it.

Her legs had began to wobble as she began to hyperventilate. She closed her eyes and forced herself to stay on her toes. She nearly cried but her mother's voice rang out giving her a chance to finally run off of the Opera house's stage. She retreated outside and she almost embraced the cool air that suddenly hugged her.

Doors slammed behind her, as she leaned against the wood of the Opera house's entrance. She drank in a few gulps of the fresh air as she calmed herself.

She was back. She was okay. She took another deep breath, this one calm and centering, and looked out towards the streets of happy and cheerful people.

Must be nice. Not forced to block out the images of blood. Not feeling like she never belong anywhere. The gently breeze of the wind made her close her eyes in secret delight.

Linette sighed and let her hand drift to the golden locket, she almost always wore. The locket held her name and three petals and three drooping sepals.

The petals represent faith, valor, and wisdom, her father said on her tenth birthday before he killed him. You already have all those things in spades, little girl... but when things get tough and you forget, this necklace can remind you. He had poked her forehead, Or let your imagination take you.

"So much for this, huh?"

"Linette? Are you okay?"

She smiled and turned to see her mother. The woman had held a look of concern as Linette told the older woman she was fine. Her mother never believed it, knowing from the crease between her eyes.

"You were thinking about him?"

Linette never had to answer. Her eyes fell to the blonde's hand, still fingering the locket, and her mother knew.

"Have you been sleeping well, my girl?"

Linette nodded, "Of course mama." That was a lie though. Both females knew it only worsened like this when she lacked sleep. The bags showed it too.

"It's time for break. You've been dancing for four hours straight. And please Linette... eat something." The woman handed her a bag of food, most of it holding fruits.

"Yes mother." She turned and walked back inside to get changed out of her leotard and later she was outside and working her way through the streets of town.
  Linette Cage / WonderGirl / 6y 30d 8h 39m 23s
Tyler sat outside, a book in his hand and the wind in his hair. He let his eyes follow ever line of text, taking in the words like water and feeling the light breeze play with his hair. It tickled the back of his neck ever so lightly and he almost smiled. Instead, he closed his eyes, cutting off the story briefly and inhaled, taking in the earthy smell of the garden outside. He could smell the wood of the bench he was sitting on the the freshly turned earth. He liked to garden when he was alone like this. He would pull out weeds and tend to the plants like children, giving them all separate and equal attention. He loved each of them specially. He felt a different pull to every one of them and it made him happy. He opened his eyes again and looked at them. Vegetable plants. He had small pepper and tomato shoots. He loved tomatoes.
He stood up slowly and closed the book, quickly sliding in his leaf pressed bookmark. You could call it an obsession but Tyler really only felt comfortable where he was surrounded not by people but by wilderness. His bare feet in the grass and his feeling of just bliss made the small shoots of grass grow just a little bit more up to meet him. He walked gently over the small field at the back of his house and walked into the backdoor, shutting it gently behind him. The house rang with silence, the kind that would make a pin drop as loud as a car accident. Tyler walked over to the counter for his note. It was about time his mother just up and left him one there. They came ever so often. He almost never saw her. She had been gone for almost a week now.
Tyler, I am not going to be here for the next couple days, three at the most, there is fifty dollars under this note for groceries. Please go into town and pick some up. You know what we need. Much trust and love, Mommy
She always signed them Mommy. He looked down and picked up the green money and put it into his front pant pocket. Whatever she wanted. Then he would come back and cook something. He was getting kind of hungry. He grabbed his hoodie on his way out and locked the door as he left.
Town wasn't that far and it would only take a half hour at most.
  Tyler / Blood-Moon / 6y 30d 8h 58m 6s
Thud thud thud, that is the sound heard at a door of a home in Silgo, Ireland. The police had been called yet again at the sound of screaming, crashing, and a few gunshots this time. The police always seemed to know what was going on The father was trying to get his only child to behave, and the child wasn't doing what he wanted to. father swung open the door to see two police officers in his face. "Can I help you?" the father said in his most hateful voice ever. "Sir we got called here today over hearing some gunshots and some fighting. If we may can we come in?" "No you may not come in. If you don't mind my son and I have some things to deal with. Go away." the police just looked at the father and nodded. "Sir I must insist that we come inside." "I also said no". Before the Man could say anything else he ran away from the door screaming "Terrence get back here. I'll kick your ass if I see you here again."

Terrence, the son, the rebel teen who had an average life, he was one of those kids who didn't get noticed unless he was in trouble. Today however he caused himself to get into to much trouble to stay there. He had to go somewhere, he had to get away from his mother and father. He had the money he could go visit his friend in America, that one person he had been writing to for some time now as a pen pal. No, no that wasn't really an option he had to talk to his pen pal about it first if he was to go. looking at the sky Terrence went into a trance.

in this trance Terrence lost control, not of himself, but his powers. He had burnt the ground to cinders, anything he touched turned to ash, and the one thing he didn't want to happen did anyways. His entire body caught fire. Closing his eyes Terrence regained control of his powers. They had become harder and harder to control as new powers were starting to show up. "I'm going that is all there is to it." Picking up his phone Alic called his pen pal in America and was on his way.

Terrence had landed in America in eight hours later to a face he never thought he would see in person.

  (T)errence (B)lind / Color_insanity / 6y 34d 11h 58m 5s
Lynn layed on the dock over the water of his familys private late. He lightly tapped that water here and there freezing the water in small circles and watching them float around like lilly pads. He was happy he'd turned 18 just a few weeks ago before he graduated. Lynn had been plans and this summer he would began to put them into action. While playing at the lake was nice, what he really wanted was to open a green house for his biggest passion was nature. When he found he could manipulate water and plants this passion only grew.

Lynn flipped over on the dock and sparked a joint, as he took the first two puffs he could feel the high setting in, but his eyes did not turn red, in stead they flashed sliver like a mirror. As they did this he could see the details and living things in the sky, focusing on a bird he tried to push the thought to land into it. His pupils grew large nearly taking up the entire silver part of his eye, until the bird nose dived into the ground killing its self. "Fuck" Lynn complained to himself, "I didn't wanna kill it" he wined, he'd been experimenting with his new ability for the last week, but pushing thoughts into someones head the right way was dangerous and he'd been messing it up all week.

Still looking up in the sky he could see a burst of fire from the inactive volcano on the island he lives on. At first it seemed normal but in hind sight something was abnormal about that flash of fire. Almost like some kind of sign.







  Lynn Clearwater / WiccansWrath / 6y 35d 11h 48m 31s

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