Love At First Sight. *Greg & Lianne.*

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This story is about a pure blood Vampire Lianne Mcintyre and a pure blood ware wolf Greg ArmStrong.

Now its against laws of wolf and vampires to ever fall in love but this couple never cared, so we shall start at the begging and let it unfold on the journey and love on these two love birds.

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Lianne understood where greg came from, she understood all to well she did the same thing to try and get her ex boyfriend Jason to leave her alone but it made things worse.

Lianne lived a world of fear everyday of being alone cause she lived in jonhstone and her stupid ex jason was now liven in the same bit as her.
Lianne looked to Greg as an amazing boyfriend and decided it was time to stop bein a shell of scardness and just be her around him, it would take time for her to come out of that stage of being moody, or snappy but all she realyl wanted to do was hold Greg forever in her arms and never let go.
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Greg could't take the fighting anymore and was thinking of braking up with her,but then a guy who was sitting across form them said to him that she wasn't worth it and i should go on and find a better girl.Greg started to think,No one could be a better girl than her he thought of all the memorises they had and she could him off drug's she didn't leave him when he was cutting himself.So we grab his back walked out the library and texted lianne to see where she was, a second later he got a text back saying up the stair. so Greg went up and went throught the doors and saw Lianne sitting beside the elevator Greg walked over and sat beside her, he put his arm round her and said he is sorry for what he done her was just trying to make his ex leave him alone and cuddle Lianne and said he love's her.
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Lianne new that they were engaged and she smirked every so often, knowing that she had a surprise for greg for when the day came for there 1 year togither, she just walked about in the college with a smiled but that soon was wiped away from her face.

Cause she found out greg was speaking to his ex gf and started to fight with him in the libary, she walked away angry and in tears walking up to the 3rd floor, she kept checking her phone and looking behind her to see if he was chasen her but there was no sign of him, that's when she thought it was all over.
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Greg was on the train going home for Lianne's house and on the train was a baby crying,at first Greg was like should have got on an other carriage but sat down and just closed his eyes imaging that it was there kid and both of them together where trying to stop him crying,Greg opened his eyes and in his mind he said i really do want to have a kid with Lianne.Greg was trying so hard to look for a really engaged ment ring for her.But the one he saw before went up in price, so greg has to started saving up for the ring he wants to get her so much.
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Lianne smiled knowing she was in love with Greg, what made her more hapy was the dream she had of them and their daughter.
She always smiled around him,even after fights, she would still smile and be ok with him.
She wanted a kid with him so badly but sadly had the implant in her arm for 3 whole years.
This was bothering her and wanted to get it removed from her arm, so she could start a family.
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One day Greg and lianne where kidding on about getting married, but inside Gregs mind he said i want to spend the rest on my life with her, Greg asked for the ring he gave Lianne on there first month together and said to her, will u marry me,Lianne said yes.
They both looked at eachother with there eyes sparkling and a smile on there face's, they lay on Lianne's bed and just held each other so tight, they never wanted to be without each other,The engagement was a secrete no one new about it,till Greg's ex started again and he told her that he was engaged.Greg wanted to have a baby girl with Lianne but didn't tell her, but one day he told her that he wanted a baby girl and she said i had a dream about us on a beach with a little girl with your hair and a mix colour in her eyes.Greg smiled and everyday he got down he just thought of that to keep him going.
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Lianne felt something she had never felt before with any of her boyfriend, she felt deep love for Greg, she never wanted to let him go ever.
Even with his exs trying to stop into there lifes, lianne would just smirk and said like fuck is she letting them get him.
She would put her life on the line to keep this boy safe.

When jordan and delcan did not leave them alone, she took Greg and her best mate sherry who was to angry to be in colelge on a bus ride with her.
She smiled snugglnig into greg, sherry watching with a smile knowing her friend was happy.

With greg, Lianne felt like she could ANYTHING at all in her life, with him by her side forever.
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Greg had to make a choice either His friends Jordan and declan or Lianne, but he made his choice straight away but didn't say untill, it went on to far long and Greg said Lianne
Your my baby girl,Greg and lianne agreed just to stick together and thats what they did against them, Greg and lianne choose a song and it was Army of two.

Nothing could split them up,suddenly Greg got a message for an ex gf saying he want's him back and will do anything for that to happen.Greg told Lianne about it and she said as long as your with me no one will take you away from me.Greg smiled and hugged her.
one day they where supposed to be in college but they didn't go and just went a bus ride, And on the bus a special thing happend.
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Lianne smiled at Greg all the time, she was very happy for the first time in over 6-7 years at most, she told him her dark secret of being raped at 15, he took it weell and just held her so tight to him.

When she got the ring off him, she smiled and made a vow to always wear it, she always thought of it as an engament ring cause no one of her boyfriends would give her stuff with an exepting of Simon, though she has no money at that time to get him stuff.
But with greg, Lianne planned that if they were togither for a year and a bi, that she would convince her mother to let him move in just on trail of course.
Just to see if it would work and if it did, she would make it so he would never leave her side.
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Everytime Greg walked into the class room and saw Lianne a smile always appear in his face,Greg was still mates with Jordan and thought he was fine with it but then he started insulting her and Greg was losing her temper but kept cool.Greg was feeling this thing he never felt before, he couldn't stop looking into Lianne's eye there was something about them that kept him to stare at her.One night Greg went to his friends house and took E
and nearly died that night.The next day he was at college he cuddle Lianne so tight. Lianne got Greg to stop talking drugs and Greg realise that he stopped for her, He must be in love.Lianne couldn't stop talking about Vampire Knight, so for there first month together he got her a necklace with a ring on it from Vampire knight.
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Lianne blushed briightly when she looked at Greg, she smiled as Jordan told her about him a litlte and saw how they were all having a joke, mind you a few days down the line and lianne left jordan because he turned out to be a prick to her.
She was very sad that she was yet alone for the wrong reasons but her heart was clinging onto a new boy called Greg ArmStrong, one of jordans mates.
She smiled knowing that her goal was now to be with this boy, she knew about his drugs and sure they got togither but split apart cause of the drugs but a few days down the line there were still togither, that smile of her never faded even when they did fight.
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Greg Armstrong was far from a normal studant, but everyone thought he was just like them.He did not want to go to the college but his perants told him just to try it for them,
Greg was not human,but was one of the most known person of his race,he was a full breed wearwolf,he was known by his species because he could turn himself to look like a human even on full moon.Greg's life was drugs,drink and college.He looked happy to everyone but inside he was dying.Greg didn't go in to college the first week cause he was not sure if he should go,he waited for the next college day and went in,he walked through the college into his class, and when he went through the class room door's, there she was!!!!!
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Lianne Mcintyre was a normal stududent at a normal human college, most students thought she was just like them.
But she was very diffrent indeed from the humans, she was a pure breed vampire princess.
Her mother Lynn McIntyre had always took care of her since she was born and taught her everything she knows.
Lianne has been through hell and back but now she is at a college she was a bit happy not 100% happy but just happy.

Lianne was going out with a boy called Jordan Mollins at the time in college, he found out he liked her but she just felt pity for the boy, he always asked her for stuff and tryed to feel her up in college.
But she what she did not know is her true love, was about to walk through the college doors.
  Lianne ArmStrong. / Kurostar / 6y 323d 3h 34m 12s

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