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Let's just say that we are never alone. No matter how many times we separate ourselves from society, we are never truly alone.
They're called Handlers, which are otherworldly beings that take care of and guide their charge. Each Handler is given a human child of the same gender at birth. The Handler is then sent from Heaven's gates to protect their given child and assist them in making the right decisions.
But that is not all. The Handlers are angels, yes, but because of that they are plagued by demons. These particular demons are called Theives. They live only to defeat Handlers and steal their children away from them. After that had been accomplished, they would manipulate the stolen children into doing acts of evil.
Mostly it is just little things, such as lying or stealing a piece of bubblegum, but sometimes, especially with the extremely powerful ones, the Thieves are out to completely destroy the child's life with sinful acts.
The Handlers do whatever it takes to get their charges back when this happens.
The children are always unaware of the ongoing battle, sometimes occuring right behind them.
Rora has lost her ten year old charge. A powerful Thief came with his evil intent and though she fought with all her might, he overcame her and broke all ties she had with the girl.
Now the Thief is using the girl to murder people, to kill them without batting an eye.
Rora is dismayed and determined to put and end to this nightmare. At the same time, she realizes that there must be consequences for her lost charge's actions, for in the end, it was the little girl's decision to murder those people.
The Thief who took Rora's charge has also been taking other charges from different Handlers as well. He is possibly the most powerful Thief to ever challenge the Handlers.

I want this roleplay to be relatively small in number. No more than five people may join. Sorry if you missed a spot. Also, I want two of the spots of be Thieves

Rora: ForevrEnchanted
Droiden Lio: AshKetchumLuv
When joining, there is no skeleton to fill out. I expect to learn more about your characters as the story goes, not right at the beginning.
Excessive Cussing
One Liners
Text Language
Ignorance of Grammar
Straying too far from the Plot
Real Pictures
Mild Cussing
7-8 sentences at LEAST
Literacy is a MUST
~When I say 'child' of a Handler, the charge could be of any age, even adulthood. They are just always going to be children to the Handlers.
~No matter what, the charge will never see a Handler or a Thief. That's why no one will roleplay as them since they are just elements of the plot, not true characters.
~Handlers and Thieves can have powers, but mostly it comes down to weapons. Swords and such.
~Any questions, just ask!

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Like I said, take your time. [: I'm here, and queer, and cheer... y? xD I was trying to be clever. Have fun. [:
  Droiden Lio / ashketchumluv / 9y 157d 6h 34m 17s
{{Well, I'm fine and dandy now :D PLay practice right now, so I'll get a post in as soon as I have at least ten minutes before another scene
Thanks for being so patient with me!!}}
  Rora / forevrenchanted / 9y 157d 23h 4m 8s
Hey hey, take your time. [: I'm not going anywhere; I have no where TO go. So get better on your own time, and I'll be here whenever. Actually, if you wish for me to continue, or add my last post, I could. To make things easier for you once you're better.
  Droiden Lio / ashketchumluv / 9y 160d 20h 2m 29s
{{Apparently I got sick, hence the reason I was unable to get online last night... *sigh* So I unfortunately won't be on all that much until I get better...>.> I'll try to get the long awaited post in as soon as I finish the homework :P heeyyy, that means you're in the same time zone as me!}}
  Rora / forevrenchanted / 9y 161d 4h 7m 17s
Ahaha, okay. [: Well, I'll be around whenever you're ready to start. I won't reply until after school [it's 11:12 right now] so.. see you then. [:
  Droiden Lio / ashketchumluv / 9y 161d 4h 21m 57s
{{EEP! You're here!!! Haha, I'll literally be back in like, two hours and then I'll reply. I don't see why we'd have to start it all over, that's ridiculous haha}}
  Rora / forevrenchanted / 9y 161d 18h 52m 22s
Hey. [: Here I am. So... uh... what's going on? xD Are you going to reply, or are we going to start over? O-o Again? xD
  Droiden Lio / ashketchumluv / 9y 161d 18h 58m 25s
{{Alrighty, here it is :D}}
  Rora / forevrenchanted / 9y 162d 17h 45m 46s

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