The Hunt

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We all know what the Circle is truly for. See, when something is not available to all members of all races, the reaction to it is one of two things: The first, people look at it with awe and wonder, and hold whoever have access to these powers on a higher tier than others; The second? Well, the second is immense fear and unnecessary hate. Often times, people react both ways. Of course, we all know, that after fear gives way, there comes another two actions; to either fight, or flee. They chose to fight. But things were much more civilized now. Fighting consisted of political battles. Eventually, the non magic users won, and instated this Mage Circle, to "help mages develop their powers." But really, it's just a prison. Mages aren't allowed to go anywhere without prior permission. They are confined to the tower, forced to undergo training under the close watch of the Templars, who were ready to slaughter all Mages in the tower at just the slightest notion or mishap, and further their control by limiting the forms of magic they can practice and limit the amount of power they can even obtain. This no way to live.

In these conditions, it's only natural for some Mages to crave their freedom and escape, and even more natural for some to not go to the circle at all, in order to practice what they want and get as powerful as they want. These Mages are known as Apostates. Apostates have the worst reputation of all Mages, due to the influence of the Chantry. The Templars have been charged with the job of hunting down Apostates and either capturing them, or killing them, depending on "how far into the dark arts" they've delved. But, not all Apostates practice forbidden magics. Not all apostates even have dangerous forms of magics. Why are they hunted down the way they are? No one knows for sure.

In some cases, when an Apostate is powerful enough, or elusive enough, the Chantry goes as far as to hire an assassin. This was one such case. A runaway Tevinter Mage has been labeled as an Apostate. Because she hails from Thedas, the Chantry believes she has powers that are too dangerous for the Chantry to waste their Templars on, and so they pay an Antivian assassin to find and kill her. What the Chantry has yet to figure out, though, is that he has no intention of killing her. He's on a hunt now. A hunt for that exotic Thedas booty. Will he get it? Will he be thwarted? Find out next time on Dragon! Age! Z!

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