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Soul Eater II /Achieving Death Scythe

Everyone from Maka and Soul's graduating class at the DWMA are grown up. After defeating the Keeshen and locking it away once and for all, Maka and Soul were promoted. They have been chosen to lead a new ADVANCED class for weapons and meisters who are either talented or talentless. The class is made with strong and weak because both are needed in a successful team. This team will be responsible for protecting the earth from new Keeshen eggs and witches. This class will also have the next race to see who can earn the level of "Death Scythe" first.

Students accepted in this class:

Name: Kazu Kunai

PuppetMaster: Wiccanpeace

Weapon or Meister: Chain/knife Weapon

Weapon Form: Kazu takes the form of a chained kunai. It is a long metal chain with a Kunai at the end..

Gender: Male

Age: 17


History: Kazu comes from a long line of Kunai weapons, normally a weapon in Kazu's family was born with one blue sapphire on their body which served as a point of power for the Kunai family to draw from. But no one in his family had gotten weapon abilities for 10 centuries, which put his family to shame. Then Kazu was born. He was born shorter and weaker then his older brother and sister or most people for that matter, but his soul was is of the most powerful souls anyone has ever seen in his village. The weirdest part though, is that his small soul is only half the size of a normal one. He was born with a blue sapphire in the center of each of his finger nails, each representing a a lost century of his family's power all stored in him. It is unknown how Kazu was born with 10 centuries of the Kunai power. But he has come to DWMA to get back his families honor and find a meister capable of welding him. Death Academy has also accepted him to test the limits of his power.

Partner:Hyena Johannes

Name: Hyena Johannes

PuppetMaster: Asume

Weapon or Meister: Fist Weapon

Form: Knuckle dusters

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Sexuality: Pansexual

History: For the longest time - He was a infamous street thug , well known for his Hyena Fu Fighting style and mastery of his own weapon. He went around beating any tough guy that got in his path , at first his lust for power was a simple thrill , but soon it became an obsession - He was bordering on becoming a Kishin egg when a meister and weapon combo stepped in , for the first time in his life. He was pummeled. After coming to his senses , he pledged his strength and loyalty to the DWMA in order to find strength - his own way.

Partner: Kazu Kunai


Name: Cole Thorton

PuppetMaster: riflemeister308

Weapon or Meister: Gun weapon

Weapon Form: Browning BAR

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Sexuality: Straight

History: Cole is well versed in military tactics, weapons, and discipline. He was sent to military school before he went to attend the DWMA.

Partner: Erica Wryian

Name: Erica Wryian

PuppetMaster: adella911

Weapon or Meister: Scythe Weapon

Weapon Form: Purple and Black War Scythe

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sexuality: Straight

History: Because of her skill in fighting her friends pushed her towards joining the academy. No one knows where she came from before she met her street friends or why she was out there in the first place but everyone of them says that they'd rather not.

Partner: Cole Thorton


Name: Nami Sariko

PuppetMaster: Elly_Rose

Weapon or Meister: Sai Meister

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sexuality: straight

History: Nami is one with a dark past that no one really knows, besides a death of a friend dear to her about two years back, someone who has always been by her side no matter what, whenever her idiot parents forgot her But no one knows the truth of why.

Partner: Arashi Nakamura

Name: Arashi Nakamura

PuppetMaster: HalcyonWandering

Weapon or Meister: Sai Weapons(2)

Weapon Form: Sai

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Sexuality: Straight

History: Arashi led a hard life for the majority of it. He was an orphan from birth and moved from home to home with little success. As a result, he appears rather cold to the outside world. In actuality, the young man is incredibly loyal and surprisingly kind.

Partner: Nami Sariko


Name: Sachi Chitose

PuppetMaster: Youichi

Weapon or Meister: Scythe Weapon

Weapon Form: Black Scythe

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Sexuality: Bisexual

History: Sachi was raised in a small village, one very distant from the Academy. Her father would work her to the bone day after day. Train, eat, sleep, repeat. This was her life style. When her father passed away she became much quieter, and lazier. Even so, she went to the Academy, for those were his wishes.

Partner: James Brooker

Name: James Brooker

PuppetMaster: Hubris

Weapon or Meister: Scythe Meister

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Sexuality: bisexual

History: James came to the academy as an excuse not to do anything else with his life, although fairly proficient he has yet to find and partner and seems to have little interest in actually finding one. He only came here due to his father attending before him and rather spectacularly failing to become even a half-decent meister so out of ambition to outdo his father he attended with little to no plans of what he would actually do if he succeeded.

Partner: Sachi Chitose


Name: Sen Kotoba

PuppetMaster: Reiver

Weapon or Meister: Ninja Kit Weapon

Weapon Form: Windmill Shuriken, Smoke Bomb, Ninjato, and mini ninja claws

note: can only take on one form at a time.

Gender: male

Age: 18

Sexuality: straight

History: Sen along with his partner Meister where selected by the clan elders of two separate ninja clans. Picked by the celestial patterns of their birthdays, the two were "destined for greatness". Sen was put through the most rigorous of training regiments to be a demon hunter. A great slayer of evil, and purger of this world.

Partner: Fuyu Sekai

Name: Fuyu Sekai

PuppetMaster: Symphonikka

Weapon or Meister: Meister

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Sexuality: straight

History: History: Fuyu along with his partner Meister where selected by the clan elders of two separate ninja clans. Picked by the celestial patterns of their birthdays, the two were "destined for greatness". Fuyu being the first female warrior of her clan, she had different trials and tribulations unique to her. However she always had sen to lean on.

Partner: Sen Kotoba


Weapon/Meister Skelly

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Cole smiled and nodded. "Yea it was pretty cool. It was also a lot of hard work to graduate." He said as he followed her the their seats. He sat down and looked to her. "I have a feeling we will be a great team." He said with a friendly smile as he sat there. "Your right. This room is a bit big for the class size." He added as they waited for the teacher.
  Cole Thorton / riflemeister308 / 5y 232d 5h 27m 30s
He chuckled brightly, "I didn't mean any offence it's just that agriculture is literally what scythes were designed for." He said lightly, clearly not phased in the slightest by the fact that his new partner seemed to be annoyed with him already that wasn't new in the slightest. Besides it was hardly as if that had been massively offensive, she was just too sensitive clearly, it likely wouldn't be long before she'd storm off to try and find a different partner or something like that anyway.

He raised an eyebrow at the comment, "Well that was just cruel, I'm sure I'll cry myself to sleep over it tonight." He said with a roll of his eyes. So she'd been driven to snide remarks quite so quickly how delightful. He wondered how long until she tried to attack him or her wavelength rejected him for good, maybe they'd actually get through the first lecture although he didn't have much faith in that. Giving nothing more than a nod as she walked off he started to walk to class after her although at rather a slower pace, there was hardly any rush as of yet.

Judging there was probably time James took a slight detour, buying coffee before actually going to the class, with any luck it wouldn't have started yet and if it had it wasn't exactly the end of the world. Looking around the class for a moment he noticed two other students who he didn't think he'd met before along with several of the other students who had been gathered around and meeting their partners. He grinned to himself as he noticed Sachi had an unoccupied seat next to her and also seemed to be asleep. He was sure that she'd deeply value getting to spend more time next to her partner, or try and stab him in the face.
  James Brooker / Hubris / 5y 233d 22h 51m 50s
Adella nodded listening to him and couldn't help admiring him. "That sounds really cool! I bet it was a lot of fun, huh?" She smiled as they reached the class room, "I'm a scythe, well war scythe anyways." She let out a sigh seeing as both back corners were occupied. "Hmm~" She looked around and decided on a pair of seats close by the windows in the middle of everything. "It seems like a big class room for only 10 people," she mumbled to herself heading towards her spotted seats, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jacket. She smirked as she walked past Hyena and Kazu, she gave Hyena a poke in the back as she did before quickly darting over to the seats with a bright grin. "Tagged!" she happily sitting down and taking off her backpack. She'd packed everything she thought she might need; notebooks, pencils, a actual book, even a sketch book for just in case. She pulled out a note book and pencil before looking to see if Cole had followed her up to the seats.
  Erica / adella911 / 5y 235d 3h 16m 44s
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I am not

I am not

I am

Soft slips of her hair swayed along with the soft breeze, carrying the clouds across a bright sky. Eyes like the color of mint green mist slipped from soft eyelids, drowning away from the relaxing scenery. She watched as the students pitter-pattered their way into the school as she emerged from the shadow of a roof. She was always nearby, known to be never too far from her other half. Her eyes steered away from the crowd and to a blank spot which was shortly filled by the presence of her partner.

"How'd you sleep?" He asked, their eyes locking before she closed her green pair away.
"I didn't." She answered as she pulled her neck to the left, cracking and popping various joints gently. Her voice was deep, uncaring. Matter-of-factly. Like Sen, she carried a very empty expression, hiding so deeply inward that there were no shadows to show how or what she felt.
"Ready for class?"
"Give me a time where I was not ever ready." She said as she took to the stairs.
"I'm pretty sure it will be a cake walk."
"Never underestimate your surroundings." She warned as they closed in, entering the fine halls of their new confinement.

Fuyu watched her partner list down the names on the door. Her eyes stayed still. unfocused and hazed. From where she stood she could see her surroundings, the souls and their respective homes as well as the ones behind the walls. She made a mental map of the academy, guessing which rooms were which by the quantities and qualities of each soul that inhibited their divisions. Her mint green pair slipped beneath her eyelids, catching the darkness behind them. In front of her remained Sen, a clear visual of her equal, walking into the darkness in which she followed. As soon as her foot had entered the room, a bright light escaped from beneath her foot and echoed, spreading color and features around, creating walls, chairs, tables and people. Bright and vivid, Fuyu followed Sen to their seats, her eyes looking at each individual and wondering at the designs of their souls. " There's so many people here..." She thought to herself as she sat down. She turned to Sen and stared at him for a moment, noticing how bored he was already. She chuckled to herself before crossing her ankles together. Her shoulders back, posture straight.

Fuyu opened her eyes, keeping them on Sen's shoulder. The room was displayed exactly as how she pictured it in her mind, with the exception of a few details missed such as the crack in one of the room's upper corners and one of the girls wearing a different colored hairclip. She was getting better, but knew she needed to master it before any missions are given to her and Sen.

Behind half moon eyes, slid her frosty greens. She turned her head away from Sen and toward the black board, pinned and disinterested. She knew that the two of them were meant to come into the academy to further their training, but she also knew that they were permitted in for a reason beneath it all. Sen and Fuyu came from a hidden village pertaining two clans which both dated further back beyond the existence of Shibusen. Her village, along with many others back in the day, lived amongst the secrecy of the Star Clan. It was only a few years before Sen and Fuyu were born that the Star clan had reigned terror over the other few hidden villages, turning rogue in their ways for power that they had started to diminish. As their two clans of their kind, Demon hunters, the Sekai and Kotoba family were sent out to eliminate the Star clan and their shenanigans not only to restore balance to the few hidden villages scattered through out the world, but to also contain and control the Demons that ran rampant. Each Clan gave an heir to this duty, a weapon and a meister for each generation. These two would then act as envoys, training and hunting together under the stealth of a whisper until they become strong enough to act as proper guardians in their village, wherein such, they would grow to be respected leaders of their clans.

But there was a flaw in this generation.

There was a girl.

And her name was Fuyu, of the Snow.

Through all of time, both clans birthed Male Heirs. It was a tradition that never strayed that their eldest and holder of Meister or Weapon be a male. But when Fuyu was born, a droplet of concern had rippled into a wave of disdain and agony.

Being a traditional village, women were banned from any aspects of politics or war. They were women. Meant to stay at home and carry children, take care of the home and love their men. A woman. Never to display strength through force or brutality, to them, was a graceful underling that kept poise and complete at all times. They were gentle. Kind. Each to their own but yet all the same. The men. Were men. They did the labour, hauling in rice, plowing feilds, hunting both for game or for demons. They did the hard work as it was embedded into tradition and law. For they were stronger. Force with such brutality that it was bestial.

But this. A female first born. A female heir.

A female Meister.

It was unheard of.

It was unbelievable.

It was unfathomable.

It was disgraceful.

Being the first female born, Fuyu was labelled as a black sheep. The first thing to have broken tradition. To have broken the very fabrics of sanctity, She was condemned to torture. Though however much they despised the girl, spat or mistreated her, they needed to acknowledge that there will be no other heir that will hold the blood of a Meister. Reluctantly, they took this in. Taking her in with hateful eyes, training her and raising her unequally to Sen but making sure they hid it from the boy she was destined to work alongside of. Overtime, Fuyu had learned to still herself. Learned to keep the tears deep within, to carry the scars and keep them away from the light and even moreso away from her partner. She was nothing but a tool. One stripped of dignity, pride and emotions. She was raised, firmly branded as nothing. And over time.....

Believed she was a failure.

Her eyes closed again as her lips parted softly. A slow deep breath slipped through as slits of green peeped behind long lashes.

"How much longer..?" She sighed softly. Her eyes never leaving the blackboard.

  Fuyu Sekai / Symphonikka / 5y 230d 19h 20m 30s
It was just one insult after another with this guy. Farm Equipment? The only visible irritation on Sachi's face was the cringing of her eyebrows. And visible it was. She tensed up to prevent herself from hitting James. "I'm sorry you feel that way.. about Scythes. But I assure you once you begin wielding one your moronic views of comparing one to farming equipment will subtly fade.." Of course she was trying to keep calm, but the bite in her tone was now getting somewhat permanent. She raised her good hand and pinched the bridge of her nose, shutting her eyes as he continued speaking.

"Nothing particularly that I can think of, what sort of thing would you consider an unpleasant surprise?" she sighed "Well I'm afraid a good chunk of your personality was one.." Sachi lowered her hands as she watched students beginning to enter the school. "I'll go ahead then.." She mumbled, with a small bow to James she started to head inside the school at a quick pace.

Sachi always had to be first to the class, in her opinion. This way she could find the best seat in the class which would provide her the best comfort when she dosed off during classes. She never found classes to be all that important, She was a weapon and she was strong. What else did she need to know? As she got to the classroom she smiled slightly, all that talk with her partner was very taxing and she would enjoy a little rest. She noticed another boy already in there, which somewhat startled her, but she quickly got over it and began examining the desks with her once again neutral expression of boredom. She scanned the area, noticing that the white haired boy had her first choice of seating, she decided to take the opposite side up top. With a two step start Sachi hopped up onto the first desk, making her way up to the top desk in that manor. Once she made it to her desk, she lamely dropped down onto the chair and lowered her head onto the desk with her arms laying on either side of her head. Sticking her headphones into her ears, she fell asleep almost instantly with the sound of Kokia's chouwa oto chiming in her ears.
  S a c h i / Youichi / 5y 236d 9h 11m 56s
The speedy aqua kid was nearly to class when he heard someone call for him.

"Hey Aqua lad! Thank the titties I found you - So , uh - Who's ya partner?" Yelled Hyena

"He followed me like a lost dog" Kazu giggled under his breath as the male continued to walk closer to him until he was very, very close to Kazu. "You know...I'm not sure who your partner is..I only looked at the name of mine, but outside it looked like we were the only ones without it might be you." Kazu laughed as he rolled his eyes. He thought this man to be Hyena, and wondered how he got paired with such a beast. Yeah there was no mistaking it, he was very dog like, but Kazu hadn't met him before and wasn't completely sure if this guy was really him. "Anyway his names Hyena.." said Kazu before walking into the class and taking the seat in the exact center of the room.

  Kazu Kunai / WiccanPeace / 5y 237d 1h 30m 55s

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