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The story of King Ender Ixis Valamor's kids.

::Vamora Characters::
King Ender Ixis Valamor :Alum:
Queen Alxa Leida Valamor
Peter Valamor
Liliana Valamor
Valentina Valamor Khemaunt
Arron Khemaunt
Thane of Strength Belca Valamor
Mika Valamor :Whitelove:
Thane of Skill Luma Maverick
Lt. Ace Maverick
Thane of Will Magmol
Quartermaster Emma Flats
Weaponmaster Tenzin Baizir
Captain of the Guard David Sellier
Servant Julia (Akiho)

::Vamora Characters::
<>Ender and Alxa's<>
Sandra Valamor :Tiryn13Leucine:
Galt Valamor :Simmal:
Katherine Valamor :Goldenspider666:
Harabel Valamor :Akiho:
<>Peter and Liliana's<>
Annalee Valamor :Lovemepurely:
<>Valentina and Arron's<>
Rowa Khemaunt
Nirbris Khemaunt
<>Belca and Mika's<>
Rowan Valamor
Nicole Valamor
<>Luma and Lt. Maverick's<>
Fayte Maverick

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Chief Al'had Ledia
Cindella Ledia
Teva Omita Valamor

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Emperor Vooros Antal{HE}
Hlerrus Hlallu{DE}

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Princess Crescent Vor
Queen of Fear

::Story so far::

Much time has passed since the last war against the Altmor Empire has ended, time enough for the heroes of valor to sit down and rest, start a family, and live at peace.

King Ender Ixis Valamor has had 4 kids with his wife Alxa. They are growing up quite nicely.
The tides will stir as Galt and Sandra will have their 16th birthday. In the time of peace, an old gypsy will comment that a road to a great disaster is paved with the growth of a chariot riding along the sun, the judgment of their elders will look down on them.

The chariot will be sent on a strange journey while his family is to wait behind. The Altmor Empire may prove to be unkind, but Dark Elves show more hospitality to the humans than one would think.

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She skipped and glomped both her brother and her mother. "Of course! Make the best of this momentous day, yes?" Insanely happy, Sandra decided that she was having insane mood swings. That never did bode well, especially since it was their birthdays.

"Ga~lt? Who do you think will ask for my hand this year?" Last year there were a couple of men that asked her for her hand, but Harabel almost scared them completely off. It was actually very funny to watch. "Do you think any girls will come up to you?" Sandra always loved watching Galt dance with other girls; it made things seem so real that they were turning another year older. Then she would laugh a bit.

But really, she just wanted the cake. And ice cream. No one ever got in the way of her ice cream.
  Young Sandra / Tiryn13Leucine / 6y 247d 55m 56s
he hugged his mother close to him wiping away her tears ''there is no need to cry mother the years may have been quick but were not going away forever i promise i will come back and when i do i will be better and i will be able to protect everyone." he smiled as he looked at his family. he didn't want to leave but what happened had made him realize he was still weak this training would allow him to be strong so he could be the shield for his family, friends, country. he smiled wider "but let's not dwell on that let's have fun and enjoy this day together as a family
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 248d 7h 42m 20s
Mika smiled to her husband as he returned and watched her daughter continue to help with the party. She noticed the future queen shy away from strangers and it worried her. Nicole was shy since birth. She wailed whenever a servant tried to hold or bring her to Mika. She hid behind her father's leg whenever someone new came to the kingdom. Hell, she cried when she first met Ender and her cousins. It was something Mika would just have to work with her.
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 6y 253d 3h 55m 5s
Ender looked about the building, the decorations would be his job to take down eventually, he felt deep down. Alxa and Harabel approached him and the others, "Ender, dearest," she said and hugged him then turned to Galt, "My dear son," and pulled Sandra in with him, "And Sandra, my heavenly daughter," she began to weep a bit, "To think it was only yesterday you were both small as a baby and in my arms."

Ender chimed in, "I think that was quite a while back." he smirked to her and she glared back at him. He walked off knowing he was in trouble.

Harabel was lifted up into her arms, "Well, how do you like your present?" she asked the two, "Harabel, Katherine, and Mika helped us set all this up for you." she smiled to her daughters and her cousin-in-law. "Soon as the clock strikes your birth-hour, the festival will begin." she smiled to them.

Belca returned to his wife, sitting ajar from her but still in her vicinity, she was to shine for now.

Rowan patted Galt's back and headed off elsewhere to prepare for the festivities.

Tis was a good time to live in a golden age for the Valamor Kingdom, the people loved their royals and saw the greatness to come. Several nobles and notable people from the town were arriving to the grand castle, but it would be out in the town where the festival would be held for all. The tournament, would be held in town square, the lower quarter would rise, and sky world would flourish.

The Royal Academy would send their best and brightest young men and women to participate. Diplomats couldn't stand to not be apart of such an occasion, Vamora was quite the ally to have. The Dark Elves would approach with good tidings to their new allies, and their ulterior motive to pass down their power and lineage to the Valamor blood, the ones truly worthy of their power.

<<>sorry for the delay<>>
  King Ender Ixis Valamor / Alum / 6y 253d 4h 5m 9s
Sandra looked up and sighed, seeing that there were a few things hanging out of the windows and doors. Even the guards were 'decorated' as it would seem. "Mother likes to go overboard, doesn't she?" The blonde asked, smiling in jest to the men around her. 'Since when have I been surrounded by this many males?' She shook it off and decided to not worry about it.

She skipped up to Galt and decided to 'hang' off of his arm, giving him a huge smile as she said, "what do you think Mother did this year, Galt? And I know that our younger sisters helped immensely with the decorations," she then turned to send a particularly evil smile to her father. "Right, father?"

'That's right, Sandra,' she thought to herself. 'Put away the tears and be happy. Besides, Galt would worry and that is not good for our birthday!'
  Young Sandra / Tiryn13Leucine / 6y 268d 14h 6m 52s
"I-I'm back, Momma~!" Chimed Harabel as she raced down the steps, catching up to her mother. She was now dressed in her party wear, this consisting of a long sleeveless white dress with a large silver cross down the front, accompanied by two long white gloves that went all the way up both her arms. taking place of sleeves, and had ruffles on the wrists. On her feet were white flats since she would for sure be roaming around a lot. She always did on Sandra and Galt's birthday, since Sandra loved to roam and play. Earlier, whilst choosing the outfit, her maid, Julia, had tried to convince her to wear something that wasn't white so it wouldn't get stained, but Harabel's only response was, "Where is the fun in that?"

"So, is it almost time? Is it? Is it?" She asked as she bounced on her heels, tiny hands clinging to her mother's clothes. Until Sandra arrived, she wouldn't leave the Queen's side. Not for too long, that is.
  Aki~ / Akiho / 6y 268d 14h 12m 21s
he went with his sister training behind her. he hoped she was ok she was ok. he wanted to talk to her about it but now wasn’t the time for such things. he went with them to the castle. he tried to appear as though nothing had happened not wanting to throw his mother over a cliff with emotions of concern for him. he stayed calm and did his best to try and put to off today was supposed to be a good day for the both of them.
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 321d 7h 14m 43s
Sandra sighed yet again. 'I've been getting emotional so much....' She thought, looking around to her brother, then her father, and finally to Rowan. The blonde noticed that she had gotten a little more emotional and was thinking that maybe she was annoying others with her emotionalness... Was that even a word? Probably not. Sandra shrugged; she would look it up later in a book. She followed behind her father and Belca, wiping away the last of her tears. She decided to perk up and be happy. It wouldn't do well to see the eldest female to be pathetic and cry all the time, now would it? Sandra smiled and skipped lightly, looking forward to the party to come.
  Young Sandra / Tiryn13Leucine / 6y 321d 8h 45m 28s
<<>Sorry for the wait<>><<>I've only been getting on for little bits at a time T-T<>><<>Gonna push the story a little bit more.<>>

Ender saw Belca and how Rowan and Galt took down the thugs. He smiled and his thane came down from his perch, "Cousin, your wife nearly has things prepared." he said to the king.

"It has kinda gotten late hasn't it?" the sun was rising in the sky and the lateness came upon them. He got up as Mr. Ping was arriving with the bowls.

"Oh my, I guess I'll just put this on your tab then?" he said to the king.

"Mr. Ping, we need to go, I'm sorry it took things so long, but the children have their birthday today," he smiled and then beckoned to the kids, "Lets go, Belca has come to get us."

Rowan stood and returned to his father, "Figured you'd be watching." Belca nodded silently and then patted the boy's shoulder as a sign of pride. "Thanks."

Harabel left and Alxa took Katherine and Mika to check on the caterers. The party was getting to be set up and she smiled to the bunch. A man arrived to them, "The party is set except for guests," he gave a wide smile, "We will begin soon and the invitations have been sent out a few weeks ago."

Alxa was admiring the work, "Good, now for us to get dressed and set up."

Soon enough as the others returned the party would begin.
  King Ender Ixis Valamor / Alum / 6y 325d 16h 30m 12s
he put an arm around her and held her close. "i'm sorry Sandra." he siad again trying to calm her down. he walked back over to his father "sorry about that father." he siad setting his historical sister down "i came unprepared and this happened because of it." he sighed looking over to see if Rowan was handling the other.
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 348d 8h 29m 30s
She pouted, not liking the jest. "But mom always made sure to get the chocolate! Always!" It was true; Sandra remembered gorging on the chocolate, year after year.

Sandra opened her mouth to make another comment before she was suddenly snatched out of her seat, a hand covering her mouth. Her eyes widened in fear as they locked into Galt, who looked ready to kill. It wasn't often that she was caught off guard, and this was one of the worst times to get caught off guard.

"Don't you dare..." Galt hissed, hatred stemming out through his eyes. In a fair fight, this man would've lost instantly, Sandra noted. She hated it when a hostage was used, or, in this case, a meat shield. Sandra quickly ducked to get out of the way of the sword.

Galt would never miss his target, but it was instinct for Sandra to dodge. And in doing so, she ended up on the ground. She sat there, shaking, not able to say anything. The princess was slightly aware of her brother helping her up, holding her hand, saying sorry for his mistake.

It didn't matter. He was a pillar in another emotional storm that Sandra was going through. She attacked him in a hug, crying soundlessly into his shoulder.
  Young Sandra / Tiryn13Leucine / 6y 348d 17h 26m 15s
Another giggle escaped the child as the ornament was placed in her hair.

"Thank you~" She said. Looking to the decorations, she saw extra supplies and made herself a small bow out of some of the different supplies, then got up and put it into Nicole's hair.

"A pwetty bow for a lovawy pwincess~" Harabel hugged Nicole and nuzzled her shoulder happily.

"Princess? Princess Harabel, where are you?" A voice echoed from up the stairs. Harabel looked up and saw her maid, Julia, coming down the steps. Julia was only five years older than Harabel, making her younger than some of the other royal children, yet older than Harabel. The 11 year old girl had a hard time keeping up with the younger one, and didn't quite like her job. Of course, with how her family is, she's stuck this way.

"Over here~" Harabel chimed and met up with Julia at the bottom of the steps.

"Oh, Princess Harabel..." Julia said and patted her light colored head lightly. "You haven't even brushed out your hair yet today, have you?" A sigh escaped her as Harabel grinned guilty.

"Come on, we'll get back to this later." She took Harabel's hand after bowing to the Queen.

"I'll hurry her back. My apologies, Queen Valamor." The two ran back up the steps. Harabel waved to Katherine almost sadly, wishing she could stay, even though she did need to clean up some. Julia simply shook her head at Harabel's carelessness, even though she's only six years old and has a lack in responsibilities. Even so, Julia knew the children's fate soon to come. She was informed all too well.

  Tooth Fairy / Akiho / 6y 348d 19h 22m 23s
he saw his cousin and smiled taking a blade. he held it ready having his center of gravity low. he smiled a little and looked at the men who looked at him and laughed "and what do you think you can do small fry?" he asked smiling. he looked at his clothes and shrugged cutting away the fabric to show his light armor under it the royal crest emblazoned on it quite large. the men's face dropped. he looked at his cousin "can you get the one on the right" he siad looking at the other who had called him a small fry. he jumped up and slashed the man on the face. he fell back looking at him in fear as blood dripped down the thin cut. he tried to pick up a near by crate timber to use as a club. Galt used the sword and cut it in half. the man stood up and ran over trying to get away. Galt was faster and the man took up the nearest person to use as a human shield. it was his sister.. he looked at the man his eyes falling dark. "don't you dare." Galt no long played with him or thought to let him live he was using another his sister no less as protection he was going to hurt another to save his own ass. One of Galts pet peeves. he jumped up and stabbed the man in the heart. he looked at him and spat in his face as the man fell. he looked at his sister "you ok?" he asked calmly holding out his hand. he left the blade and helped her up "sorry about that." he siad looking at her.
  Galt (kid/ young teen) / simmal / 6y 348d 21h 11m 54s
Ender noticed over the menu that Galt was getting into trouble. He peered over, the boy may be an excellent swordsman, but now his skills are tested when he doesn't have one to combat with... or he'd get one resourcefully.

Sandra pulled his attention away, "Now, I don't know exactly as to what we are having at the party." he commented, "Your mother is in charge of bossing the help around and setting the party up, she's been getting things prepared for at least two years now, I think she may have overlooked the chocolate." he joked slightly to her as he put the menu down and Mr. Ping came around with the bowl of noodles.


Rowan approached Galt as he held two swords handy, "Well, cousin." he noticed the thugs that loomed over them in size. "Think we can take them?" he gave a smile to Galt, and then a determined face. The men didn't seemed phased, Rowan had a much smaller frame compared to Galt, regardless he was faster than most.


Belca walked along a much more beaten path, one Ender would most definitely take. He searched, himself hidden from the people as he assumed the position of one of the local free-runners that climbed and leaped from the walls and roofs of Vamora. Many of them were in gangs and often were color affiliated. They were nothing more than thieves that roamed the streets, knowing the armored police wouldn't be able to scale walls as easily as they were. He took a deep breath and then walked atop a wall casually, balance was essential for warriors as well as thieves, so this was easy with his light armor.

He soon spotted Ender and the others. He stood on the building looming Galt and Rowan as they faced a couple of thugs. He was ready at a moment's notice to bring death from above.


Alxa saw Katherine as she walked down the stairway that lead into the family ballroom. "Good morning little one, would you like to join us in decorating for your older brother and sister's birthday party?" she asked Katherine as Nicole and Harabel were steadily working on the paper mashie flowers.
  King Ender Ixis Valamor / Alum / 6y 348d 21h 54m 23s
Mika smiled as she watched her husband and her daughter. They almost looked alike besides Nicole's eyes.The queen sat down and began to make the flowers before Nicole joined them. The young princess made one quickly and threaded it into the tiny princesses's hair "There, a pretty flower for a pretty princess." She said rather pleased with the work. Mika smiled to them "It suits you well"
  [M] Cello / WhiteLove / 6y 350d 16h 42m 2s

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