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Rin had accidentally bumped in to someone who was leaving the bar. She fell back and the jewels that were in her hand sprawled across the floor. "Sorry." She mumbled not looking up.
  Lil neko / rinkokoro / 6y 353d 2h 53m 13s
Magmol didn't have much magic beyond summoning and so he left the bar without paying. He slipped out while the bartender wasn't looking and as he stepped outside into the cold of the village he stopped to look around.
  Bugaboo / Alum / 6y 354d 23h 16m 21s
Rin walked through a cold city. She didn't know where she was anymore or how long she had been travelling for. She lived alone travelling from town to town selling jewels. She was a gem made. Gem magic was a very beautiful and defences magic. But not very strong.
  Lil neko / rinkokoro / 7y 1d 2h 2m 52s
<<>Ok, I had inspiration<>>

Magmol was an aspiring wizard who had no natural talent himself. Such was the luck of the draw for a man from a poor family. He sat at the tavern of the icy town of Hrathgor in an adjacent kingdom known as Frophengor, it was in the far north where an academy was the center of attention for all the mages of the world. He gave a grieving sigh as he sat there with the mead in hand but resting on the counter. The clerk gave him an angry look.
  Melchizedek Magmol / Alum / 7y 4d 15h 3m 52s
Okay ~
  Lil neko / rinkokoro / 7y 5d 3h 55m 14s
<<>Then we'll see who posts first :P<>>
  Melchizedek Magmol / Alum / 7y 5d 3h 57m 35s
I really don't mind
  Lil neko / rinkokoro / 7y 5d 4h 3m 12s
<<>I'm thinking, either one of us can post the first one, it don't matter to me.<>>
  Melchizedek Magmol / Alum / 7y 5d 4h 9m 16s
Well it's up to you what character you use and tell me if you want to post first or if you want me to
  Lil neko / rinkokoro / 7y 5d 4h 11m 55s
<<>I'm thinkin' I might have a post before you, but I'm not that great at this mage guy, he's a contrast to my personality<>>
  Melchizedek Magmol / Alum / 7y 5d 4h 14m 39s
Ill try and post something soon an see if that helps
  Lil neko / rinkokoro / 7y 5d 4h 17m 17s
<<>I'm sorry my imagination ain't all what its suppose to be... somethin' interesting needs to spark it.<>>
  Melchizedek Magmol / Alum / 7y 5d 4h 18m 5s
Sorry to hear that
  Lil neko / rinkokoro / 7y 5d 4h 19m 21s
<<>I'm just at a a loss, I mean with school and parents and all :/<>><<>It ain't fun<>>
  Melchizedek Magmol / Alum / 7y 5d 4h 20m 30s
okay ill try and come up with a starter post when I get home.
  Lil neko / rinkokoro / 7y 5d 6h 6m 59s

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