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The End Of Naraku - Life Is Livable Again

Naraku is finally dead and the Shikon jewel no longer exists. Life seemed perfect now. Everyone was at ease now that Naraku was gone. The Sacred jewel was gone as well so no one had many worries. Everyone lived happily and comfortably in Kaede's village. Sango and Miroku were happy as parents to three children. InuYasha and Kagome were a happily married couple. Life was good and getting better.

A couple years after Naraku's defeat, everyone got a pleasant surprise from Kagome. She was pregnant. InuYasha was thrilled by the news and could barely contain it. The others were happy and couldn't wait to see the new baby. After a long several months, the new baby arrives. It was a baby boy. InuYasha was as happy as can be knowing he has a son and Kagome is grateful for having a healthy baby. The couple names the child Taisho, after InuYasha's father. The child had ears just like his old man and dark black hair like his mom. It was a dream come true. Little did everyone know that disaster was lurking just under their noses.

Pending Disaster - Lost Dreams

Taisho grew up normally and was a strong, healthy boy. Kagome knew he would grow up to be strong like his father. He looked just like InuYasha, too.

On day, the pair got asked to help slay a large demon that was attacking a village not far from Kaede's village. Sango and Miroku were the ones who asked for the help. InuYasha and Kagome agreed and left that same day, leaving taisho in the care of the other villagers along with Sango's three kids.

The next day, Sango's twin girls and Taisho were playing around when they came across and old well. Taisho, being curious, started climbing around on the well. The two girls thought it was a bad idea but Taisho didn't listen. He got on the edge of the well and looked down. The wood started to creak the more he leaned. Out of the blue, a loud snap sounded and Taisho began to fall in. As he falls pieces of the crumbling well rains down. A large piece hits the back of Taisho's head and knocks him out just before he hits his head again on a large root that was sticking out of the well wall. The twins watched in horror as Taisho suddenly vanishes into thin air.

After everyone returned a couple days later, Sango's twin girls told them what happened, only to leave both InuYasha and Kagome stricken with grief, fear and worry.

Taisho was found the next day by a couple who visited the temple that Kagome used to live at. The child was still unconscious and badly hurt. The couple took him in and waited till the child woke up.

After he woke up several days later, he was asked who he was and where his parents were. He could only remember his name. Everything else he had lost.

Passing Time - Life In The Human World

As Taisho grew, he learned to deal with people ostracizing him for his strange features. He was picked on by everyone from the first day he went into school but now, it doesn't bother him and people learned to deal with it. He was happy with his adoptive family but even now he couldn't remember anything before he woke up in the human realm.

After he was of age, he moved out of his adoptive family's home to a nearby apartment. Taisho had one close friend growing up. Now that they are both out of school and supporting themselves, they are always hanging together and getting into trouble. At least his friend is always getting into trouble.

Just around the corner awaits a change that will have a big impact of Taisho's seemingly normal life.

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[size12 A dream. Another dream. It was similar to the one before. Only flashes of faces and garbled words. It was hard to tell what was what. Nothing made sense. It was as if the mind was trying to do things that it couldn’t. Could lost memories be trying to surface after so many years?]

[size12 Taisho drifted through the dream as if floating in water. The flashes would come and go but there was one that kept appearing. At first it was static but it gradually got clearer each time it appeared. The sound became clearer too. But the only things that could be made out was color and two words. The image was that of a couple and the words spoken were names. ‘Kagome’ one would say and the other would say ‘Inuyasha’ but before any sense could be made, the image was gone and the dream shattered.]

[size12 A couple hours have passed since Taisho had fallen unconscious. Because he was out cold, he had no idea that Siria had moved him back into his bed. The bite marks on his arm had healed, leaving small scars where the punctures were. Taisho had quite a few of them. It was as if he had gotten mauled by a dog or something. He gradually gained more the more his anger became more unstable and easier to trigger. No one, not even himself, had any clue as to why this happened but some said it had something to do with his ears. That he wasn’t human. Siria used to defend him whenever someone mentioned his ears and called him some sort of monster. Specially as a young child. Back then, he hated the fact he had dog ears. But Siria always made it seem alright. That it wasn’t a bad thing. It took a while, but Taisho learned to live with the unusual features he had. But it was hard, and still is, to cope with the constant worry of going insane.]

[size12 Taisho finally began to wake up. His whole body ached from the tension his muscles were under. It wasn’t majorly painful, just that dull ache one would sometimes get after a good workout. As he continued to slip back into reality, he realized he was back on his bed. His memory was fuzzy. He wasn’t sure what had happened but he had a pretty good idea. He opened his eyes, lifted his arm up and saw the new pink scars.] [i ‘Not again.’] [size12 He thought to himself, still slightly out of it. As he woke up more and more, the dream he had came back to him as a fuzzy memory. But it was the garbled names that were the clearest in his mind. Deep in the back of his head there was a feeling. A feeling that the two names were familiar. That the the people that belonged to those names were people he knew. But there was no recollection of who they were or what relationship they had with him. It was a part of his mind he had lost when he was a child and he learned to simply push it aside. But now, his lost memories occasionally peaked his interest.]

[size12 Now awake, Taisho got a sudden feeling of guilt in his chest. He sat up slowly and looked around, only to see his adoptive sister fast asleep on the floor leaning against the side of the bed. The wave of guilt made him feel like a bad person. Just knowing that Siria knows what he often had to do to control himself was painful in its own right. The troubled boy couldn’t bare to think about what might happen if he ended up truly losing his mind.]

[size12 With a sigh, Taisho slowly and quietly slipped from the bed. He stretched his stiff back out a bit before he searched for his phone. Once he found it, he stepped out into the living room and called up his boss. As it turned out, he wasn’t needed for a couple days and it gave him a sense of relief. He set his phone on the coffee table and went back into his room to grab a shirt out of his closet. When he pulled the top off the hanger, he spotted a beat up looking box. He pulled it out and carefully opened it. There was so much dust that his sensitive nose couldn’t handle it and he sneezed. Rather loudly and with enough force for him to blow the rest of the dust off, which caused him to sneeze a couple more times. He was barely able to get out of the room when the sneezing hit. He didn’t want to wake Siria up. Once the sneeze fit was over with, he had to laugh. His long hair had gone absolutely everywhere. Taisho went back into his room and sat in the chair by his desk and began to examine what was in the box. Inside was the bright red robes he was found in all those years ago. Seeing it brought a smile to his face. But that smile was short lived. He pulled out a necklace of some kind. The beads were made of wood, some in the shape of canine teeth and an ivory white. The rest were a marbled brown and round. Taisho put the robes back into the box but kept a hold of the beads. After setting the box on the floor, he sat back in the chair and slipped into his own mind. There was something about the beads that made him think. He tried to remember where they came from but the thoughts all came to dead ends. Taisho simply stared at the beads in a daze as thought after thought passes through his mind. But nothing came to mind.]
  Taisho / -Serenity- / 3y 307d 23h 26m 42s
There wasn’t even so much as a snicker from Taisho and she felt a flush of anger. She didn’t know how long he had ignored her for, but it stung deep inside of her chest. She turned with every intention to say something to him, most likely a scolding word or two that she quickly forgot as she watched his body tip sideways.

Seria rushed forward, hoping to catch him but was too slow as he crashed to the floor. It was a hard enough fall that she heard the glasses inside the cupboards rattle. There was no doubt that the family living under Taisho heard the noise, the evidence was in the sudden screaming of a baby that had been woken up from its nap. Kind of odd that the door almost completely falling off its hinges hadn’t done the same thing.

While the baby screamed its head off and the parents cussed loudly in surprise, Siria took the final set of steps to where Taisho had fallen. Without hesitation, she was on her knees at his side, lifting his arm to confirm the sickening bite marks that would soon match the faint traces of past bites that he had self-inflicted. It was the same on the other side as well. The double half moon shapes holding testament to this, and while no one knew why exactly he did such a thing, Siria had noticed a pattern.
A pattern of anger with each wound he inflicted upon himself.

At that moment, while staring at the newest set of marks, she felt guilt run through her whole body. Guilt over the fact that she had told him why he had been sent away last night. Just pure guilt in all of its glory.

Siria kept her grip on Taisho’s arm while standing back up. She reached down to grab his other arm near the wrist and gave a sharp, jerking tug on both towards the bedroom they had both left not so very long ago. The ramen that had been made was now forgotten under the strain of trying to move Taisho’s body on her own.

[i Dear god you mutt! What have you been eating!?] She thought to herself while taking a slow step backward. [i There is no way in hell you got this heavy on just ramen and canned fruit.]

Another step back. Another inch his body moved. Each step was slow in coming, but they were steadily taken. Muscles strain under the force needed to carry on and there were some points where she thought her shoulders would come free of their sockets before she could make it to his bed.

Siria eventually made it down the hall, and with a final burst of energy and strength, she managed to get her adopted brother onto his bed. Below her, the baby that had been screaming before was now silent. Maybe even asleep after the comforting it had received from its parents. It was a heartwarming thought that spread just a bit of light into the situation at hand.

She slid to the floor, now exhausted from moving something so heavy. Her eyelids drooped while her head threatened to roll backward to rest against the bed. From somewhere in the back recesses of her mind came the thought that she needed to make phone calls, but when she tried to move her hands into her pockets to retrieve her phone, she found it impossible to move anymore. Her mind, too foggy to think it could be serious, just lifted a chuckle from deep inside of her, and with a final roll of her head, she followed right behind Taisho.
  Siria Reve / Falling_Leaf / 4y 31d 19h 53m 35s
[size12 Taisho remained clamped tight on his arm, his fangs sinking deeper into his flesh. Usually the pain would knock this out and bring him back to reality but this time it wasn’t exactly helping. It was a tug-of-war with a thread and the opposing side was just a touch bit stronger than him. It was as Taisho feared. He was starting to fight a losing battle with himself.]

[size12 Taisho was not completely aware of what’s going on around him. The only thought he had in his head was [i 'Calm down'] and the feeling of desperation and panic that coursed through his body with a chaser of madness. That madness seemed to be a part of who Taisho was and it wasn’t human. However, Taisho was unaware of what he was. No. He had forgotten everything about who and what he was all those years ago. Whatever this was, it was so close to gaining control. It was frightening and seemed to bother him and yet he never shows just how much he is really bugged by it.]

[size12 Moments ticked by slowly, making those mere moments feel like hours. Taisho had managed to get enough control to realize Siria was talking. Her voice seemed so far away but he heard her. His ears twitched as he attempts to hear what she was speaking. Despite his incredible hearing, her voice sounded so small and distant. He tried to concentrate past himself to listen to her and what he heard almost brought him back into reality and out of his own head. He was laughing in his head at what Siria had said. As funny as it would be to see his friend uncomfortable in a flowery dress, it was not worth the beating he would get.]

[size12 As Siria spoke, his grip on his arm loosened. He was starting to truly snap out of it. The feeling of panic lessened and the madness became transparent. When he finally came back to himself, he slowly released his arm and opened his eyes, blood slowly seeping over his arm. There was no pain. his body began to tremble and his vision turned spotty. Something wasn’t right. His vision began to swim more and more until nausea began to set in. His body began to weaken like he has relaxed from a very long work day. He had a sudden feeling of tiredness throughout his mind and body as his head swam and his stomach turned. He knew what was coming next and he couldn’t stop it.]

[size12 This feeling of weakness got stronger and stronger. He tried to fight it but it was a losing battle. He had gone deathly pale. It wasn’t long till his consciousness soon slipped and he fell into darkness. His body began to slump and was soon falling over. Without warning, he fell off the countertop and hit the floor with a heavy thud, landing on his side. He didn’t so much as twitch upon impact with the floor. He was dead to the world.]

[size12 He felt nothing. He heard nothing. He couldn’t do anything. It was as if he had slipped into a coma. This was an event that has happened a few times before when his emotions reached too high and he nearly loses his sanity. It was always troublesome to him. But it was more troublesome for everyone around him. Specially for Siria and his adoptive family. The first time it happened, he was unconscious for a little over two days. The first thing he woke up to was Siria’s face whose eyes were bloodshot, cheeks tear stained and the look of sleeplessness across her face. His adoptive family was just as bad. Everyone had a worried look to them. And Taisho had no recollection of what had happened. It was as if the event never happened.There is no telling if the same event will happen again.]
  Taisho / -Serenity- / 4y 248d 23h 37m 17s
The noodles were getting close to being done. It offered a perfect distraction to whatever was going on with Taisho, because Siria set about doing her own little thing to make the ramen better. She started with make quick work over a thing of celery that she had managed to find in the bottom of the fridge. She dropped the pieces into the boiling water before searching for spices above the stove.

Taisho’s fit went completely unnoticed by Siria, and so did his solution to making it stop. If she had noticed she would’ve realized how troubled he had actually been by the child’s abusive father. In a way it was a good thing that she didn’t notice him though. She never got to see the changes that took place in his facial features. The times before, when she had calmed him down, she didn’t focus on what he looked like. So it had gone unnoticed by her.

“Taisho, where is the onion powder.” Siria was on her tippy toes with her stuffed inside the cupboard. When she emerged, her hand was gripping a spice jar. “Never mind, I found it behind the olive oil. I think we should go shopping for food today. Both of us are running out of food to eat, and ramen isn’t the best thing to live on.” She sprinkled what little bit of the powder there was into the water before using the fork to stir the noodles and spices together. The water was almost completely gone, and it made it easy to blend everything together.

Siria looked over to where Taisho was, but she couldn’t tell if he was paying attention. She didn’t see that his mouth was clamped around his arm. If she had she would’ve went and smacked him upside the head in an attempt to make him stop. So she devised an idea to check on his state. The thought disgusted her, but it was a good one for what she wanted.

“I was thinking about the stuff our aunt was saying. Maybe I should start getting in touch with my feminine side. As she spoke she separated the noodles into two bowls, one for Taisho and one for her. “I think we should go buy some clothes and stuff as well. I don’t have anything to wear. At least nothing that is suitable for her standards.” It was a joke, an attempt to see if he was all there. She didn’t need clothes, and there was no way she would make the suggestion of shopping for some either, especially for something that her aunt would deem appropriate. All he had to do was laugh or agree and she would know if he was or wasn’t listening. Maybe go paint my nails or something as well.”
  Siria Reve / Falling_Leaf / 5y 192d 6h 57m 41s
Taisho had gone deep into thought, his body stiff from his own thoughts and the feeling of something stirring. He came out of it when he felt Siria hug him. His anger began to die off as well as his inhuman thoughts. He never understood why Siria affected him this way but he never questioned it either. He always felt that something wasn’t right about him. He never did express that part to anyone. Siria’s familiar warmth and scent helped push back the strange feelings and made him relax. That was, until the landlady showed up and made Siria let go. He let out an understanding sigh, him knowing she didn’t want to be spotted like that.

He wandered over to the door, or what was left of it anyway. He spoke with the woman for a few minutes, nodding here and there. The lady smiled and waved over one of the workers to hang up a temporary door, which all it really was was just a piece of black plastic. Once it was up and the guys were gone he let out a sigh but it came out sounding more like the growl of a dog than a sigh. He wandered back over to the kitchen and sat on top of the counter again, his back to Siria. He hunched over, elbows on his knees and head hung low to hide his face with his hair. His anger was still dangerously high, making his whole body appear stiff and unmoving. He was clearly trying to fight off his anger as he began to tremble with the effort. He shut his eyes and tried to fight it off, whatever it was there was to fight off.

He focused his thoughts as best he could. The twitching of his back muscles showed just how much effort it took to focus. ‘Come on, Taisho. Don’t let it get you. Chase it away, whatever it is.’ He thought to himself in an attempt to drive away this stirring thing. ‘Why does it get stronger each time my blood comes to a boil with anger? Why me? Damn it!’ With that thought, one of his joints popped with the strain of him trying to control himself. His control over this thing has gotten worse. He lifted his head up enough to show part of his face and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

His face had twisted into something like a snarl. His canines, usually small and easy to hide, had grown to twice their size. The change in his teeth happened each time his anger was getting the best of him. Usually, all it took to stop this was either Siria or pain. If it wasn’t one it was the other. Siria can usually stop him but lately, the effectiveness was weakening and he had to resort to pain. With that, he usually dug his claws or his teeth into his arm or another part of his body. He knew Siria hated to see him do it but it was the only thing he could do to chase this thing back completely.

His body twitched as he began to move again. His movements were stiff, almost as if his body turned into a rusted metal machine. He sat up a little bit more and moved his head enough to look back at Siria. He apologized with his eyes and turned away again. Without a second thought, he quickly bit into his left arm, the only arm that Siria couldn't see from the angles they were in. His whole body twitched from the sudden pain and eventually relaxed. He sat there and waited, his flesh still clamped between his teeth and blood dripping from the wounds. He stayed very still and he began to settle down and his anger leaving his body with a big, heavy sigh.
  Taisho / -Serenity- / 5y 197d 4h 46m 25s
He was right, and Siria knew it, but that didn’t make it any easier on her. It simply pointed out just how useless she was in this situation, because waiting for evidence may or may not take too much time, and in the end it could mean the death of a child. What she really wanted to do was break in their door, drag the man out into the street for all to see, and give him the same punishment that he gave his own child. It was certainly a pleasing thought, but one that went against all of her morals, but so did the things he was so obviously doing.

The sound of something groaning shoved her darkest intentions to the back burner of her mind. Of course Taisho wasn’t one who just wanted to sit around when something like that was going on. It was one of the reasons they had always gotten along so well. Their sense of right and wrong were so similar that their mother and father had always teased about the possibility of them being twins. At first it had been an exciting thought, mostly because at that young age Siria had seriously thought he was her flesh and blood brother, but as the years went by she understood that it was just a joke due to how they acted. Of course they had their sibling rivalries, but they had always made up afterwards. Sometimes Taisho would apologize first, his ears instantly winning Siria over, and sometimes Siria would put aside her pride and ask for his forgiveness.

Siria moved away from the stove and wrapped her arms around Taisho. It was something she hadn’t done in a while. Mostly because of the awkward rumors that had kicked up around their freshmen year in high school, but here, in the comfort of… well, of his home, she figured it would be alright to let it slide just that once. No one could really judge them when they couldn’t be seen, right?

Then comes the spoiling moment of the landlady knocking on the frame of a broken door. It caused Siria to instantly flinch away and move back to the stove before she was seen hugging her ‘brother.’ A slight flush of red moved up her cheeks as she turned her head to pretend that she was looking at something far more interesting. “Might be best if no one finds out I hugged you. Never know, it might make them think I actually have a weakness or something. Idiots would come barging in here in hopes of rousing me to fight, and instead they will find something unexpected.” Siria poked at the noodles with a fork to see if they were done or not.
  Siria Reve / Falling_Leaf / 5y 211d 19h 11m 27s
Taisho chuckled at Siria's reply about the door. He had a feeling that when he moved in that the door would eventually come down. "Well, she knows I'll get it fixed. It's one of the things I started doing so she doesn't have to worry about it too much." He said as he hopped up onto one of the counters, sitting cross legged. He watched as Siria searched the kitchen for food before finally finding the ramen. "I don't really go to the store all that much. I usually eat out or order take outs. I'll eat more if I had a long tiring work day. Never did understand why that is though." He said as he watched his friend. His ears twitched when he heard her voice again. "That would probably be a good idea. It's good to take a day off from time to time. I'm sure some of those kids get a bit rowdy at times. As for me, my back will thank me later." He said as he rubbed his lower back.

He twitched a little when Siria spoke again. Her tone changed as she spoke of the child. He listened carefully as she spoke. The laughter was draining out of her body and worry, or maybe fear and anger, was slowly replacing it. The fear she spoke of about the kid was too close to his own fears. He leaned forward and rested a elbow on each knee. He looked down, letting his hair cascade around him like a curtain. He kept an ear point towards Siria as she continued to speak. In his head he saw the image of that wound covered child. The fear and pain in the poor things eyes. 'No one should have to live in fear of their own parents.' He thought to himself.

He looked to the side and through his hair when Siria said she hit the man. Her reasoning for doing so was understandable as well. He sat up straight and pushed his hair back to see Siria clearly as she paused for a moment. Her eyes have gone cold. His ears twitched again as she continued speaking. He was worried and didn't bother hiding it. When she stopped to put the noodles into the water, it gave him a moment to think. He turned his head to stare at the floor. As his mind ticked, his dreams from last night started coming back. 'What does that dream have to do with anything now?' He thought. He snapped out of it when he heard Siria's shaky voice.

"That is just the worst case scenario. All we can do right now is watch from a distance and keep an eye on the kid. I'm just as ticked as you are on this. I wouldn't be surprised if the mother is being abused in some way, too." He says as he hops off the counter and moves closer to Siria. "I have to agree with you on getting that kid out, though. Better yet, get the father out. The only way that could happen is if we somehow get proof that he is beating the child. Maybe even talk to the little one and see what he says. It's not enough but it's a start. If he has someone he can trust with this, then it can be easier to get him out of danger." He lets out a sigh to calm his anger down. He had a death grip on the countertop and it was groaning from the strength of the grip. He slowly unclenched his fist and pieces of tile fell off the edge. He yanked his claws out from the wood under the tile and flexed his hand, his joints popping. He looked to Siria with the question of 'what now?' in his eyes.
  Taisho / -Serenity- / 5y 223d 4h 22m 49s
“I didn’t rip it off its hinges! I sort of just.. beat the door down for not letting me in. The landlady didn’t mind at least.” She suddenly remembered the comment about using his bedroom window to get in and a bit of red tinted her cheeks. She left that part out so the she didn’t have to embarrass herself. Instead she focused on digging around in his fridge and cupboards. “Don’t you ever buy food? What the heck do you eat when you’re hungry?”

She opened the final door and found a bunch of ramen stacked together. “Nevermind, I figured it out.” She pulled out two packages and found something to heat water in. “Well if we are taking the day off I need to send out a message to everyone so that they don’t show up at the dojo and waste gas.” She propped a hip against the counter and watched the water wishing it would hurry up because she was cold.

“Taisho, about last night when I told you to go on ahead while I talked to the kid’s father,” she didn’t know if it was a good idea to tell him what was going on. He was her best friend, but that didn’t mean she had to tell him about the things that went on with her students. “I have a feeling that he has been hurting his own child. I don’t have proof, but he didn’t exactly deny it either, and I actually… I hit him last night. I’ve always told my students to not do something like that, and yet I didn’t even follow my own rules. He just made me so angry, and the thought that he was hurting a little kid just made me snap.” She looked up at him, all of the laughter had died from her eyes. “I’d do it again if I had to, I’m not going to deny that much, but I need a better way of dealing with this. I think it would be best if that mother takes her child and gets out of there, but I don’t know how to go about doing just that. If you had seen the bruises I’ve seen on him I think you would agree that he needs to leave.”

Siria turned to the water that was now boiling and added the noodle to the water. It offered a small distraction, but it also made her think of something even worse than the black eye the kid had on his face. “Oh god… Don’t tell me I just made that kid’s life even worse.”
  Siria Reve / Falling_Leaf / 5y 223d 8h 49m 52s
Taisho had just turned around when he heard Siria's voice. Just as he turned to face her, he got smacked in the face with water. His ears drooped and he gave a rather confused look as he watched Siria burst into a fit of laughter.

His ears twitched and droplets of water fling off. He kinda sat there confused out of his mind as his best friend tried to talk past her laughter. One ear drooped off to the side at the wet dog comment. He waited till she calmed her laughter to try and say something.

Before he could say anything, Siria started to talk again, a shadow of her laughter still in her voice. He watched as she flopped to his bed. He listened as she rattled on about work and possibly taking the day off. Even though she was talking a bit fast, he caught every word. Hooray for super-hearing! He wasn't able to get a word in at all. He smiled at the playful punch she gave him and almost wanted to grin.

He watched her get back to her feet with shoes on her feet. He was starting to crawl off the bed when he heard her mention the door. He looked up, missed the floor and fell face first to the carpet with a heavy thud. One leg was under to bed while the other was still on the top of the bed. "Ouch......" He mumbles as he sits on the floor. "Man, you sure can talk so early in the morning, Siria." He says as he peels his wet kimono off and shakes himself dry like a dog. He the gets up and grabs a pair of jeans and slips them on as he wanders out to inspect the door. "God damn, woman. Ripped the thing right off the hinges. Man, this is going to be hell to fix. That's life as a handyman I guess." He mumbles as he walks to the top of the door and lifts it up off the floor one handed and effortless. "About that day off you mentioned, I so could use a break. I worked to my limit at my last job site and nearly threw my back out." He says as he pulls the door free from the last hinge and leans it against the wall.

As he inspected the frame he turned to see several faces poking out of their doorways. Some of them didn't look too happy though. "Sorry about this." he says nervously and watched as faced disappeared back into their homes. He sighs and goes back into his own home. Just minus the door.
  Taisho / -Serenity- / 5y 229d 11h 31m 13s
The cup was behind her back. A mischievous grin marked her face. “Good morning sleepy head.” Her hand snaked out from behind her back. The water left the cup in a wave. Her aim was spot on, and the water splashed into Taisho’s face.

Her laughter filled the room. She had been fighting it from the moment he had woken up, but now she let it loose. “Y-you look l-l-like a wet do-dog” She gasped out between fits of laughter. Her sides started to hurt and she gripped them with her arms and hands.

After a few minutes she managed to stop laughing, and the smile on her face disappeared. Siria flopped down on Taisho’s bed. “If you don’t hurry we are going to be even later than we already are. Unless you want to take the day off? I can call the parents and tell them that something came up.” She kicked her shoes off and folded her legs underneath her. “We haven’t done anything together in a while. Well, unless you count me getting into fights and you swooping in like some kind of hero.”

Playfully she punched his arm. “Just kidding!” Siria jumped to her feet. “Let’s go already!” In a second she had her shoes on and she was out his bedroom door. Moments later she stuck her head back in. “Oh yeah! You, uh, might want to fix your door sometime. It kind of found the ground this morning.” She was gone again just as fast as she had come.

  Falling_Leaf / 5y 257d 6h 17m 3s
Taisho was always a heavy sleeper. He could sleep through anything. Back when he was in school, he slept in class a lot. He would sometimes fall out of his desk and hit the hard tile floor and just kept snoozing away. It takes a lot to wake him up. Most fire alarms he would just snooze right through and had to be carried out like a rag doll.

He could sleep anywhere too. One time in elementary school, he was caught sleeping hanging half over a railing on the playground. Everyone thought he was dead until his hears started twitching after a couple butterflies landed on them. After so long of that, he woke up and started scratching at his ears like a dog.

Since that day everyone knew how to wake him up. If all else failed, go for the ears. As Siria tickled his neck and face, all he would do was twitch a little and scratched where he was tickled. Tickling him did work if the person doing it was patient enough.

A few minutes go by as the constant tickling of the feather on his face and neck gets a little bit more annoying. He started to wake up and with that he felt something tickling along his ears. They began to twitch away. Taisho can withstand it for only so long before it gets on his nerves.

The tickling just got more and more irritating then suddenly the blankets fly off the end of the bed with a hard kick and Taisho sits up on the bed like a dog and starts scratching his ear. With his foot. "Itchy. Itchy. Itchy." He grumbles as he switches feet to scratch the other ear. He goes back and fourth until both ears are itch free. He flops to his butt on the bed and, at the same time, turns to look at Siria. "Well, good morning to you to, Siria." He mumbles before a yawn takes over.
  Taisho / ShadowSerenity / 5y 291d 2h 36m 21s
She couldn’t believe him! Here she had broken his door down and he was still sound asleep as if nothing had happened! How someone could sleep so deeply was a mystery to her, but he needed to get ready to go. They were both late as it was all thanks to her and sleeping right through her own alarm clock. She stared down at him in an attempt to figure out how to get him up. So many options danced through her mind, but she rejected each one as they came. After she had searched through all of her options she settled on one of the most basic ones.

Heading into his bathroom she searched for some kind of cup. There wasn’t any. She went to the kitchen and dug around in his cupboard until she had found his biggest glass in there. A snicker left her mouth as she filled it to the brim with freezing cold water. On a second thought she also dug around in his fridge in search of one of those whip cream cans. She would tickle him first and if he didn’t wake up to the feather and slap, then and only then would she resort to the glass of water, and if that still didn’t work… well… she would call his boss and give them some kind of excuse as to why he wasn’t coming in that morning.

Oh well, she shrugged when she didn’t find the can, but she could still tickle him at least, it just wouldn’t be quite as funny as it would have been with the whip cream. Shutting the fridge Siria picked up the glass of water and went back towards Taisho’s bedroom. On the way she moved one of the couches and picked up a large feather, putting the couch back where it belonged, she continued back to his room.

So lazy, she shook her head before beginning with the feather. Lightly she ran it over his exposed toes until he drew them under the covers. Again she sighed and shook her head. You’re only making this worse for yourself Taisho. A grin played at the corners of her lips. For someone that had been in a great hurry only moments before, she was certainly taking her sweet time now. Next she went after his face and neck.
  Siria Reve / Falling_Leaf / 5y 291d 3h 28m 16s
The sun was out and bright as can be. Taisho lay sprawled out under his covers, still snoring away. His feet, his ears with part of his hair, and one hand was sticking out of the covers. He would snort and wiggle every so often before going back to snoring.

Usually by this time he would be up thanks to Siria being his wake up call every morning. But it seems she was running a tad bit late. He would sleep all day if he was left alone.

As the morning got brighter, Taisho began to dram again. It was the faces again but this time, there was voices. It was garbled speech. Nothing that was spoken made any sense. The noise and the images just didn't make any sense. Taisho began to wiggle under the covers again as these strange faces and voices passed through his mind just as fast as they did the first time.

Two of the voices started to become clearer. The priestess with the arrows and the white haired man with the dog ears. They spoke each others names. The priestess spoke 'InuYasha' and the dog eared man said 'Kagome'. But suddenly the dream was cut off by an ear piercing banging noise.

Taisho started to come out of his deep sleep as he hears banging. He was too tired to tell if it was his neighbors or his door. That question was answered when his door snapped off the hinges. He groaned , rolled over and buried himself under the covers completely. He wiggled a little and tried to go back to sleep.

He was just about to black out when he heard laughing. He didn't really care what was going on so he wiggled around one more time before yawning and falling back to sleep. He started up with his snoring again as sleep took control of his mind and body once again.
  Taisho / ShadowSerenity / 5y 294d 2h 40m 59s
Siria dang near ripped the door off of its hinges when she left her apartment. She was still trying to slide one shoe on and zip up her jacket at the same time. Ending up with a faceplant right outside her own apartment door. Two hands helped her up and she mumbled a quick thank you to some stranger that lived next door. “Listen, I was wondering if on Saturday you would like to go to the movies?”

His words were timid, and to Siria, who was fighting to get ready, they were almost impossible to hear. She didn’t catch what he said at all, and as she slammed her door shut and jammed the key into the deadbolt she agreed without even knowing what it was she had agreed to. She missed his fistpump as she took off at a run down the hall, the stairs, and down a second hall to Taisho’s own door.

Pounding loudly she not only rattled the door on its hinges, but she also rattled the windows. A few doors away someone stuck their head out of their own door and shook their heads. Their voice was muffled as a second voice asked them what was up. “It’s just that Reve girl trying to wake up the neighbor again. I’m surprised it takes that much noise honestly, I swear any louder and she could wake the dead.” The neighbor’s voice grew fainter as he shut his door behind him. “Have to admit though, she is consistent with her timing so there is no chance of anyone else being late for their own jobs.” He ended a chuckle that turned into a hacking cough.

“TAISHO!!!! GET UP!!!! YOU HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!!!” Her voice echoed down the halls. It was followed by a cracking noise. Her intense beat down on the flimsy wood every single day was finally showing. It couldn’t hold up any longer and the wood gave out around the hinges. Siria, who wasn’t expecting the wood to give out from under her, fell forward with the door. Luckily it held right at the deadbolt, but that only made Siria’s fall turn into a roll as the door came to a stop and tipped over.

Neighbors heard the cracking of the wood, the thud of her falling, and the shout of surprise. Every last one of them came out of their respective apartments and gazed upon the young woman that had fallen over and tried to fight back the laughter that all of them felt. Finally one older woman couldn’t help herself. “If you wanted into his bed with him so badly, why didn’t you just open the window to his room instead? It doesn’t lock after all.”

Her and everyone else busted into a gut wrenching laugh. Siria’s face burned bright red at the wisecrack, after all, the old woman was her landlord. Someone, still laughing at Siria’s expense, helped her up just like earlier. “Guess I’ll have to remember that next time.” Her words only furthered the laughter. So before they could cause her even more embarrassment, Siria stepped over the crumbled door and into the apartment.
  Siria Reve / Falling_Leaf / 5y 294d 5h 32m 6s
Taisho was sprawled out on the couch. His limbs were every which way. One leg somehow made it over the back of the couch. While in a deep sleep on the couch, he snored. Loudly. He tried to roll over but with his leg stuck over the back of the couch, his upper body ended up sliding off the couch. Even though he hit the floor with a thud, he stayed fast asleep. He went to try and roll over again but ended up whacking his head on the table, waking him up. "Ouch. Again? I really should stop sleeping on the couch." He mumbled as he dragged himself to his room and into his bed. Once settled in and covered up, he was out like someone pulled the plug. He began snoring again.

Time seemed to have ticked by slowly for Taisho. As the night dragged on, Taisho started to become restless in his sleep. He wiggled and squirmed under the covers as he dreamed. His dreams were always like a movie. Scenes of him and Siria playing as children and causing trouble for everyone for the sheer fun of it. As his dreams slowed, so did his movements. He stopped moving altogether as his dreams took a strange turn.

First the well appeared, then a bright light and then faces. Nothing but faces. One face was a smiling woman with arrows poking over her shoulder. Another was a male dressed as a monk. There was another woman with a strange weapon. A tiny boy with a fluffy fox tail and a male with white as snow hair and ears just like Taisho's? It was just a jumbled mix of faces that came and went in a split second. Taisho squirmed as these images passed through. His face twisted up with a mix of emotions. As they passed and his mind stopped, his body stilled.

The rest of the night went dreamless. Taisho snored away as the cold tried to get to him through the thick covers he was under. The heater broke while Taisho fell asleep the first time. Time continued to tick by as night began to turn into daylight. Taisho was completely under the covers by this time, balled up and toasty warm. With him under the covers the sunlight couldn't get to him. His snoring was still loud as the sun rose higher and higher into the morning sky. The alarm clock would have been set if it wasn't busted to pieces. Let a sleeping dog lie as the saying goes.
  Taisho / ShadowSerenity / 5y 297d 4h 50m 53s

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