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King of Rock has a band. The band is well known, famous and well loved for its honest lyrics, music and the Band's personality when they approached the stage.

Queen of Rock has a band. The band is well known, famous and is well loved for its honest lyrics, great guitar riffs and the Band's personality when she and her band are on the main stage.

Two bands, famous - both Lead characters have been dubbed Rock Royalty after being able to fit into the shoes such as the Rock Greats themselves. The knew King and Queen of ROCK do not know each other from a bar of soap however they have crossed paths on occasions at the Music Award Ceremonies.

During time down the line, the two Rock Gods come together and start up a band that is all great amd powerful BUT, being dubbed such a title, will the King and Queen of rock, butt heads? or will they succeed to live the greatest tale of music - of all time?

NO DITCHING. Please post. I know you have a life but not leave it for a week.

I play the female lead, so this does mean I am in need of a male character.

Literacy is a must. 1000 - 1500 words approximately. Understood if you have writers block as we do get those moments from time to time.

Real pictures. I am not picky but please, suitable size..

Sex will be timeskipped. No GM or Abbreviations.

Please. If you are interested in working with me, let me know ... <3

Fucka Lucka Ding Dong..


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Many people who knew Maddie knew of her origins, of her sexuality. She was a quiet person none the less, but that didn’t mean she was going to hide who she was. She couldn’t go walking around pretending to be something that she wasn’t. It was the reason why her mother abandoned her, why some of her supposed friends dropped her, and others looked down on her. However, in this situation, she was not in the spotlight like Daisy was. The beautiful model was the pride and joy of the Queen and King of Rock. The oldest child and the one with the most responsibility to make her parents proud.

Maddie didn’t have a following on social media, didn’t have too many people to worry about upsetting with her sexuality in this racist world. She lived a life that was non-forgiving, but it was still only miniscule compared to the one that Daisy led in the eye of the camera lens 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Growing up from day 1 as a young child, her face was plastered on magazines. Maddie, a bastard child, grew up on the streets of the city, sure to escape the limelight. It was not much of a life to be grateful for, but working in the bar and earning tips, she was making it. She was trying to live life the best she could.

Daisy was looking at her as she was realizing the fact that her parents were all knowing now that their daughter was rooting for the same sex. Maddie felt the pressure and they were just in the same household as the rockstars themselves. Being legendary, Maddie could barely breathe knowing that they were in the same area, let alone the same building. She could escape...she could leave… She could go back into the dark where people didn’t know her face.

But Daisy asked for her help, for her support.... The model was asking for her to stay and simply hold her hand while she told her parents supposed devastating news or what she thought would be to her parents. Maddie knew them in tabloids. In the limelight, in the direct spotlight of the movie cameras and the photography cameras, not in real life, living and breathing human beings. She didn’t know their emotions, she didn’t know how they would act in situations such as these. Maddie was in a new world when it came to Daisy Lawrence.

Feeling the pit in her stomach just lower from the calm and soothing words of the girl that she had made love to that night, she slowed tying her shoes. Gulping, feeling the redness just pour into her cheeks, her face flushed with heat and her body stiff as a board, she nodded silently. She could barely get any words out besides one.

[b Okay.]

Maddie stood up from the bed, moving away from the window where she could escape and run back to her boring life. Instead, she walked with struggled fear next to the model through the enormous hallways of the mansion down to the kitchen. She let Daisy go first and enter the kitchen. She was having a hard time breathing as she leaned against the wall. Her clothes, nothing fancy, looked wrinkled and messy. She was straightening herself as she listened to the conversation. The chair had moved by the sound of the legs sliding roughly agains tthe tile, she took in a deep breath and stayed still. She felt the honest nerve to run outside. But where in the hell would she go? She doesn’t know this fancy part of town. She doesn’t know the wide ranges of land that many of the rich people owned around here. She was a lone ranger out here.

[i Dammit Minnie!]

Maddie caught her breath and her heart was racing in her chest, threatening to leave the building in a matter of seconds before she heard the next thing. Her name. The pounding was in her ears, she could feel the blood pressure just reach the top of her head, pound in her fingers, and throb down to her feet. Everywhere was hypersensitive and everything was so loud that she felt her breath hitch in her throat as she forced herself through the swinging door into the kitchen. Where there...the who legendary Rockstars stood. Close enough to touch, close enough to smell their cologne and fragrances. Close enough to breathe in, and close enough for them to actually talk to her.

She squeezed her hands together and she could only feel Brayden’s disappointment spread over her skin. Her mother had smiled at the nervous girl. Her sister, who she caught by the name of Minnie just beamed. Pressing her lips together, Maddie nodded, barely able to speak. Looking between the three of them before glancing at Daisy, she stepped closer to Daisy, but still far enough that it wasn’t instigating any thoughts.

[u Toast?] Minnie asked the girl.

Maddie didn’t know how to respond. She was still in shock. They were just people… they were just people….they were just people she repeated in her head all over again.

That is when Ana spoke to her asking to join them for breakfast. She moved to the table with Daisy and sat next to her with a shy smile on her face. [b Thank you..] She struggled to say. She was as if a deer standing in car headlights, frozen by fear, frozen by shock, and frozen with unknowing of what was going to come next. Whether she was going to be hit with death or escape it by the skin of her teeth.
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Throughout her life, all Daisy ever saw was cameras. The bright lights of the flash and listening to the calls of her name from strangers. It came to a point where she hated her name as it was all she ever heard.

Being gay and being famous along with having two incredibly popular parents put a damper on things. It was being gay that instead of coming out and feeling free, she hide and Daisy hid it well. It all came out and unraveled the moment she met Maddie and truth be told, she was relived, even if chances of her sponsors or endorsements , contracts would be pulled and voided.

[b "I knew this would happen. Even though I told Thomas to take care of it all, I knew it would still come to light. I should never of kissed you in a public place. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy I did .. but now look...."] Daisy spoke, turning to Maddie with a hand outstretched pointing at the tv screen on the wall.
[I “Welll….with this, you won’t have to tell your parents, you just get to see their reaction.”]
[b "Oh shit..Mum and Dad..."] she spoke once more, head down - both hands covering her face with a slight growl before breathing in deep - nodding. [b "Okay. Okay, just tell them, right? Rip off the bandaid. .."]

Hands shifting from her face, it was then Daisy started to wander around the room in her naked form - pulling out clothes and lingerie from the drawers, placing the items onto her body one at a time somewhat being frantic.

[i “Maybe I should go, and not make it much more awkward.”]
[b "What?"] Daisy muttered, standing infront of the mirror - gathering her blonde hair up in both hands and gently tying it up in a ponytail - glancing at Maddie in the reflection as the girl who took her fancy, the girl she had a great, pleasurable night with, a girl she could not get enough of, speak such words.
She actually wanted to leave?

[i “Just let me out, and I’ll get out of here before they find me here.”]
[b "I don't want you to go. I mean, sure...this is a battle I need to fight and figure out but I would like it if you were with me."] Daisy turned around and watched Maddie tie up her shoelaces before turning and wandered to the door, opening it up - hearing movement down the hall and downstairs in the kitchen.
The family was up.
The family that were very close.

[b "Please Maddie. I need you..."] Daisy begged, holding out a hand for the girl to reach out too.


[red "Daisy is in the gossip columns ..."] Minnie spoke at the table - flicking through her phone - reading, looking at the pictures of her sister kissing a girl. [red "The pictures aren't that bad. I don't know why people are freaking out..."]
[b "Probably because Daisy has only dated boys and was almost engaged to one. Its a shock to people because they didn't see an inkling of it."] Ana muttered from behind the counter, eating a piece of toast before pouring herself a glass of orange juice.
[red "Well, she isn't that good at keeping it a secret. I knew."] Minnie replied, putting her phone down and began to eat.

Brayden kept quiet.

All three of them were quiet however the moment Daisy wandered into the kitchen, that was when they turned away from their food and stared upon the Model.

[b "Morning Daisy..."] Ana spoke to her daughter who wandered in and stood at the end of the counter, thinking on what to say.

[b "Mom. Dad.... Minnie...."]
[red "If I knew the party was that hoppin' and entertaining I would of come with you..."] Minnie spoke, being somewhat of a smart ass. Daisy turned her head and stared upon her sister with a raised eyebrow.
[u "Minnie..."]
[red "I'm joking Mom..."] she muttered, moving from the table and moved to Daisy and gave her a hug. [b "I'm happy for you. Is she still here?..."]

[blue "Who is still here?..."] Brayden spoke.
[red "The waitress from the café we go too. I saw her this morning in Daisy's bed.."]
[b "Damnit, Minnie!.."]

Silence filled the room.

[b " point in sneaking you out now ...."] Daisy spoke with a sigh, signaling with her right hand for the girl to come into the kitchen. [b "Mom, Dad...Minnie, this is Maddie. Maddie..this is my family..."]

Ana smiled at the girl.
Brayden sat there looking at Maddie, still unsure if he liked his daughter being a lesbian, but it sure beat the hell out of her being with a stupid boy.
Minnie smiled just like her mother.

[red 'Toast?...'] Minnie asked Maddie, waiting for a reply.

[u "Please, join us for breakfast.."]
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Maddie was a girl that was not used to paparazzi, was not used to the push of society, or the urge to please those who are all watching their news feed just to see your next move or your next showing. She was not used to the movement of the world on the level of social media. Her life wasn’t important to the rest of the world. Her imprint wasn’t that important and the moves that she made on a daily base was not worth finding out on social media. Her clothing was looked at or criticized. She was simply Maddie Lyve. The one that was abandoned by her mother because of her sexual orientation.

Now…after a night of getting caught with Daisy Lawrence, the daughter of music legends Brayden and Ana Lawrence, she was all over the news. “ The stranger who finally claimed Daisy’s heart”, “The girl who comes out of nowhere.” Maddie heard the words over the phone as Lexi dived into the details until Maddie was shaking her head telling her friend to stop talking and that she would talk to her later. When she hung up and told Daisy, it wasn’t but a few moments after saying it that Daisy was realizing what was happening. Except at first it was the reaction Maddie expected, however, the moment after that, she was completely turned around and it was a good thing.

Maddie was confused for a moment, but then she lifted a brow. “Welll….with this, you won’t have to tell your parents, you just get to see their reaction.”


Brayden twisted in the sheets, shoving his phone on the counter. Ana tried to make sense of it as she spoke, so calmly, so completely understanding. At first, he wasn’t much of a fan, but then he knew the crowd that him and his band would sometimes attract. There were lesbians there and they were the best people to hang with. He knew exactly how to deal with this type of crowd, but he didn’t expect his daughter to be one of them. He took a deep breath and looked slowly at Ana who laid there, curling closer into his arms.

“It makes sense yes, but it’s not fully surrounded my brain yet. I remember like it was yesterday where that stupid guy was asking for her hand in marriage.” He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “Why didn’t she tell us already?” He asked.

Ana always was in tune with her daughters. Brayden, while they were his daughters, the loves of his life, he didn’t know them on that level as he didn’t want to picture anyone deflowering his children. He couldn’t get that through his head that his daughters were old enough to engage in any type of that activity. He shut his eyes tightly and shook his head.


Maddie let her eyes carry of the model as she was reaching for her clothing, getting dressed as she was getting ready to face her parents. She pressed her lips together, feeling awkward for being in the room when she was to see her parents for the first time after they found out the news of their daughter being gay over live social media and television.

“Maybe I should go, and not make it much more awkward.” She said, her fight or flight instincts kicking in.

Maddie…from a young age was a runner. From her parents, from her friends, from her school, from everything she ever knew. She was immune to the street life. She was not the first to go down alley ways in the early morning. She ran her fingers through her hair and wiped her eyes the best she could without smearing too much more of her makeup.

“Just let me out, and I’ll get out of here before they find me here.”

She said, tying her shoelaces of her converse. She was feeling her heart race a mile a minute and she knew she had to get out of there and not be shooed away like a pest when she was within the arms of a girl and people would find out, pushing them out of everything she knew. People hated her for giving them opportunities to be who they truly were and society would crush them because of it. She strained herself, she felt as if she couldn’t breathe with the thought of being put behind bars because she had taken a very rebellious step to finding place within a model’s arms…
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It was truly a night ...Daisy would not forget anytime soon.
It was in sleep that she dreamt of the night occurrence. Flashes of bodies entwined, her own head tilted back - eyes closed - lips parted to where she moaned out in pleasure as Maddie kissed her lower half with her mouth and that sweet tongue.
Roles were reversed and the Model made Maddie feel the greatest pleasure one could ever feel within in the heart and the body.

Bodies rolled around the large bed - clothes were strewn onto the floor and moans filled the room all night long.
Having a bedroom on the other side of the house was often a great thing as none of the family were near, as they had their rooms on the other side of the house.
Daisy could of been as loud as she wanted, but out of respect, they both kept it down low but loud enough to let the partner know to keep going ..and not to stop.

As the two fell asleep in each other arms, the world outside was as busy as ever.
Minnie woke up early knowing the news. It was reading it on her phone that the Little Sister of Daisy wandered the halls and went to see her sister. However it was opening the bedroom door, her eyes stared upon her big sister and the same girl in the pictures, in bed together - peaceful asleep.
Minnie smiled - nodding as she had always known about Daisy and loved her even more for it. It was stepping back and shutting the door that she left the two to sleep and went back - went downstairs and got her breakfast.
Rumor mills started.
The gossip magazines had their story and Daisy was none the wiser. It was in the morning at the crack of dawn that she opened her eyes slowly, her ears ringing from a cell phone that buzzed but being half asleep, Daisy raised herself up - hair covering her face and stared at the light on the bedside table.
Maddie's phone was ringing over and over.
[b "Mmmm....babe... your phone. Make it stop.."] she muttered softly in a whine like fashion only to fall back onto the mattress - head on the pillow, feeling movement of her partner.

The voices were blurred.
Daisy closed her eyes and went back to sleep, only to find the phone call to be over and Maddie spoke words towards her.
[i “Daisy, whatever you did wasn’t good enough. We are all over the news.”]
[b "Mmmhmm, that's nice..."] Daisy spoke softly and remained silent for a single moment before coming to realize what Maddie said. [b "Wait. What?!"]

Leaning up, Daisy turned her head and stared upon the beautiful woman who laid in her bed.
Turning back, Daisy moved from the bed - naked grabbing the tv remote and turned it on, and searched the channels.
Daisy finally stopped on TMZ and all she saw was lights flashing, her and Maddie holding hands - getting into the car. Picture were all over the segment with the two kissing, getting comfortable - getting to know each other.

[b "Oh..fuck....fuck....are you seeing this?!...."] Daisy spoke loud, turning - hand pointed towards the TV as her eyes glanced at Maddie who remained in bed.
[b "You know what? ..This is good.. because I get to finally tell my parents..and Minnie. No more hiding.."]

Nodding, she looked down and wandered around the room - slowly getting dressed.
[b "Hopefully they are up..."]


[+blue “Babe, look at this.”]
[b "Hmm?..."] Ana muttered softly as she turned around from the tap and opened her eyes - leaning up off the bed and put on her glasses - looking at the phone that belonged to her Husband.

Her eyes glanced over the photos and a single eyebrow was raised.

[b “Lawrence Daughter on her way out?” .... That's the best they could come up with?...] she spoke, scrolling through the phone, seeing Daisy, her own daughter kissing a girl, getting quite friendly. Passing the phone back to her husband, Ana took off her glasses and stared at Brayden.
[b "You and I both knew. I mean, Daisy cannot hold a boyfriend. She is always around girls ...staying over their homes, hugging them. Getting close. I mean, even Ive noticed she looks at girls rather than men. This is not ....a problem for me. As long as she is happy and healthy, I don't care if she is gay..."] Ana slowly removed herself from the bed and put on her robe at the end of the mattress.
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Maddie rolled over, feeling the sheets soft underneath her hands, her body, and her face. The bed was soft and warm and laying next to Daisy, she felt her soft legs tangled with hers for a moment when she pulled away. There was vibrations near her face and it wasn’t long until she was rolling over, hearing Daisy’s words saying that the phone was ringing off the hook and it wouldn’t stop ringing. Maddie rolled her eyes and pulled the sheets up to cover her chest and she grabbed the phone, picking up the phone call.

“Hello” She said nonchalantly.

“Took you long enough to answer me.” Lexi was on the other side of the line.

“Bitch, I was sleeping. What do you want?” She said groggily, laying down in the pillow.

Her friend stumbled over her words. “Already you’re treating your friends like crap okay. Cool. I was just wanting to tell you that you’re all over the news. You’re screwed.” And she hung up.

The line went dead and Maddie growled into the pillow as she shoved the phone away from her face and let it drop on the floor. She didn’t care. Closing her eyes again, she didn’t seem to let the words sink in that they were all over the news. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. Maybe she’ll be recognized as more than just the dirt that people walked all over. And maybe she’ll get more shit from her mom. That was going to be fun.

She mumbled underneath the pillow. “Daisy, whatever you did wasn’t good enough. We are all over the news.” She said and curled into a ball with her back to the girl. She was tired, her head hurt, and she was about ready to pass out again.

Brayden sighed heavily as he turned over, looking at his wife. A smile on his face, he held her close. His own eyes were groggy as he ran his fingers over her bare back feeling her skin underneath his fingertips. He kissed the top of her head sleepily before feeling his phone buzzing as well. He glanced over and picked it up.

His phone was filled with pictures of Daisy and another girl, their lips locked together. In a club for a few, and then they were racing out of the club with their hand in hand getting into a car that he recognized. His own driver. He pressed his lips together and gently tapped his wife on the back. “Babe, look at this.”

He let her take the phone and look through the photos when she came to. He ran his fingers through his hair as he reached for the remote. Turning on the news channel, specifically the one that was centered around celebrities and he watched as his daughter’s face popped up.

“Lawrence Daughter on her way out?”

He sighed heavily, moving the pillow that was on the other side of him as he pressed it to his face for a second. What the fuck.
  Maddie Lyve / AWritersLove_ / 2y 81d 18h 18m 7s
It was truly a night to remember.

Daisy was always used to getting what she wanted and honestly, it wasn't a challenge anymore but when she met Maddie, there was a sense of a challenge, a world that needed to be hidden as no one knew about Daisy being a woman ..attracted to other women and not men.

It was killing her on the inside - all she wanted to do was scream out how she felt and who she was, but it was one step at a time.

Bending legs at the knees, a smile spread upon Daisy's face as she watched and felt Maddie climb in-between before the two kissed passionately in a way that created fireworks throughout the Model's body. Hands were touching - moans were filling the room as Maddie took control and pleasured Daisy in a way that left her hungry for more.
However roles were reversed moments after Daisy climaxed from Maddie's sweet lips and the tongue that drove her wild.

Throughout the course of the night, positions were created - screams of pleasure were let go, sweet flavors were savored that left both girls exhausted coming close to 3am.
It was laying naked beside one another that Daisy smiled - closing her eyes as she felt an arm snake around her waist tight and was pulled in.
Together they slept and Daisy had never slept so good in her life.

[b ""] she spoke softly as the sun rose from behind the hills - it too waking up from slumber that caused movement beside as Maddie woke up due to the ringing of a phone on the bedside table.

It was before the phone rang that the bedroom door had opened and eyes of Daisy's little sister peered into the room - seeing her older sister in bed with another girl.
It was not surprising.
Minnie knew Daisy better than anyone. So it was with a smile that she closed the door back softly and wandered of - leaving the two girls alone to sleep together.

Turning over - Daisy rested head back onto the pillow and fluttered her eyes open - seeing Maddie's face crushed under a soft cushion which gave way for a soft chuckle.

[b "If that's your friend ...she hasn't stopped calling. She must be worried about you.."] Daisy spoke softly - keeping her eyes on the most beautiful girl she had ever seen - naked under a single sheet.
[b "You better call whoever it was back..the ringing wont stop...."]
  MeisjeKelly / 2y 86d 18h 11m 56s
Maddie was a girl that knew what she wanted, and then she was a girl that didn’t know what she wanted and she had to have time to think about things, but as she laid on the bed with the girl that she wanted in her armsk she was confident in her choices. She was not holding back anymore, her words, her hopes were all on the line. She was putting her heart out there, in the wide open rage for Daisy to come and take it, and it was only a matter of time before it was in her clutches as their lips met once more.

Grasping her neck, crawling on top of the woman, she curled into her body, her free hand reaching and lacing with Daisy’s fingers, squeezing it softly as their lips were together, fighting for dominance in their mouths. She felt her body raising in temperature and all she could do was follow what she wanted to do instinctively. It was all in her muscles, all in her subconscious now. It was nothing subtle or logical about it. Emotion controlled her fingers, her sounds, her heart, and her senses. Each touch was like fire, and all she wanted was more.

She was a junkie, addicted to the rush, addicted to the touch and taste of the model…a Lawrence daughter.

Moving downward, everything that filled the room echoed back at them. New tastes were explored, new positions were mastered and their bodies were pleasured throughout the night…

At the end of the night, the two were completely worn out and full exhaustion. Maddie wrapped her arms around Daisy, curling into her side at the end of the night. Closing her eyes after a kiss, she was passed out to the world until she was hearing a phone buzzing the next morning.

Maddie stirred, her naked body soaked in sweat from their movements during the nights and the way that Daisy was a heater throughout the entire night. Opening her eyes, she saw the light and there she felt the effects of alcohol on her vision as it hurt to open her eyes, and her mind was started to blur and blend together quickly. All she felt was pain. Pressing her lips together, she slid her tongue over her bottom lip and she rolled over, picking up the pillow and shoving it slowly into her face and there she laid there, unsure if Daisy had moved or not or was even in the bed with her.

She stretched though and buried her face into the pillow deeper, closing her eyes again. She wasn’t going to look at her phone at this point of time.
  Maddie Lyve / AWritersLove_ / 2y 86d 19h 3m 42s
It was sitting on the large bed that Daisy kept her eyes upon Maddie who wandered around the room with a phone against her ear - speaking to someone who was at the club, knowing all that happened.
One couldn't help but smile the moment Maddie hung up and spoke of camera's getting damaged along with cards and film being taken.


[b "I told you, not to worry on such things. Things get handles on their own..."] Daisy muttered in reply - still smiling as Maddie motioned way over to the bed and sat down beside the Rockstars daughter.
Out of no where - a conversation of kissing a girl before was brought up and Daisy went silent for a moment.

Not many people knew she was a lesbian ...hell, only two of her best friends did and now ...perhaps Maddie if things went a certain way.

[b "Well, if you must know ..Cara and I ...had a little something a while back. She was my first and I suppose it was that ...that made me realize I wanted women. That I was a lesbian ...So yes ...Have you?..."] Daisy spoke softly, biting her lower lip as she waited for the Waitresses response and it was a good one.

[i “I have. But she pales in comparison to you. Every sense of the word.”]

Daisy looked down and smiled - pushing strands of hair behind her ear as like in for the first time in her life she actually sincerely blushed.
Before she knew it, Maddie shifted and twisted her body and slowly moved in closer to Daisy - Daisy slowly backed up and fell down onto the mattress as the female lowered herself above her.

[i “I hope I can be better to you than she was.”]
[b "I have no doubt, you can be ..."] Daisy spoke softly, spreading legs apart letting Maddie fit in in-between them nicely and comfortably.
Leaning up off the bed somewhat - Daisy fluttered her eyes closed and gently rests her lips upon her lovers own and the two kissed deeply.
This was the moment Daisy came undone.
Totally enamored with Maddie as she took control of the Model with a single hand on the back of the neck.

Daisy came undone.

However the moment Maddie pulled back and broke the kiss - Daisy's eyes fluttered open and stared upon the Waitress and smiled before licking lips.
[i “You’re so beautiful…Your small dimple…the way you purse your lips, and even the way that you arch your brow when you’re confused.”] Maddie spoke.

Daisy bit her lower lip and smiled.

[b "Shut up ...and kiss me again..."] she whispered - placing a hand on the back of Maddie's head and pulled her back in and kissed passionately - hands caressing bodies - over chest, feeling breasts and in-between legs to where both got hot and removed the items of clothing,

During the course of the night, the two became intimate and fucked one another with raw emotion - moans filling the bedroom as Maddie at times, took control and pleasured Daisy in a way she had never experienced.
  MeisjeKelly / 2y 88d 17h 53m 11s
It was convenient that the cameras had been smashed…She wondered if Daisy was so used to this that she already had people on it to smash the cameras after they left? Maddie dismissed it as she spread her fingers over the fabric of sheets she had went to sit back on after getting off the phone with her best friend. Her mind was racing in that moment. She never thought in a million years that she would be sitting on Daisy Lawrence’s bed, and had kissed her little less than an hour ago…maddie was a girl that wasn’t one for the fancy stuff. She had grown up barely scraping by and without even a touch of glamour. She remembered dark and cold nights in the middle of the park to the point of almost freezing to death.

Her eyes traced the carpet until she was able to look up at Daisy, seeing the sparkle in her eyes, seeing the model shaped face smile at her as she was questioning her. Had the young waitress been with another woman…? Yes. Her mind faded into the past, through the dark and cold nights it was when she was at home with her family. Her father wasn’t around, and her mother was struggling to keep up in his absence. Maddie blinked and it shifted forward to the first time that she realized who she was and what her orientation actually was. Red filled her cheeks for a soft moment as she remembered the blonde who looked back at her. There was experience in her eyes, and she was sitting there unsure as what to say to another woman who she felt unordinary urges toward. She had whispered to her, [i If you want to kiss me, kiss me…I don’t want you to hold back.] She had said, she had urged herself forward. Within a few moments their lips were together and their bodies entangled.

She breathed heavily and blinked once again to push away her thoughts, and the moment her eyes laid on Daisy, the blonde she had first kissed paled in comparison. Not only in attitude, but in looks and personality.

[b “I have.”] She had said, noticing the movement of the model, letting her legs show even more. She pressed her lips together and smile innocently, but there was nothing innocent in her thoughts. Redness still touched her cheeks as she leaned back heavily on a single palm, her other hand reaching to touch her leg. The softness under her hand drove her crazy, but her movements were slow and intentional. She was not going to jump, but wanted to savor the moment.

[b “But she pales in comparison to you. Every sense of the word.”] She said, her eyes starting at her ankles and moved up slowly until she reached her eyes. In the process, she undressed her in her mind, and yet her smile grew wider as she moved. [b “I hope I can be better to you than she was.”] She whispered as she slowly moved forward, placing herself on top of the model. Her lips slowly reached for hers as her hand cupped around her neck, pulling her forward.

Her mind was racing and her fingers were tingling, her skin was hot against hers, and the longer their lips were together, the more she felt undone. Things were flashing behind her lids, she wanted to continue this firework show, hoping it could go on all night long. Her hair was falling down from her slight side ponytail that she had and she didn’t care. Her fingers were traveling into the model’s hair and reaching for her as if she couldn’t live without her touch, without her kiss.

Never had she felt such a need for a woman. Never had she felt so much pressure in her womanhood to satisfy and pleasure the one that she couldn’t help but reach for.

The waitress, the one that was in a small pub on the strip, where the Lawrence’s’ having been on a normal occasions was only a matter of time before the two would have met. She was grateful it was now more so than later…

Between kisses, Maddie tried to breathe and fell breathless over and over again as she had slowed, looking at the woman in her eyes. [b “You’re so beautiful…Your small dimple…the way you purse your lips, and even the way that you arch your brow when you’re confused.”] She whispered, her fingers running through her hair, slowly and meaningfully.
  Maddie Lyve / AWritersLove_ / 2y 126d 1h 25m 56s
The house was truly something out of a fairy-tale.

It was a house that she and Minnie grew up in but time after time, with them growing up - of course things changed and now, Daisy had a while wing to herself.
Minnie had one herself, but was a little smaller but Minnie was never one to complain. Daisy and her sister were close, they ere best friends and Daisy always thought she could tell her sister anything but this secret, of her loving women and ...being a lesbian, she just couldn't and it killed her on the inside.

Walking through the foyer, Daisy locked up securely and wandered passed Maddie who was taking her time - wandering through - looking at the walls seeing paintings and awards - glass cabinets full to the brim of awards along with pictures of the family as well as the late, Drake and Lana Lawrence.

Daisy's grandparents.

Standing on the first step of the staircase, Daisy turned and watched Maddie - the way she moved and admired her focus. This girl respected what she saw that hung on the walls and behind glass and that made Daisy smile before reaching out and grabbing her new friend's hand and begun to talk to the stairs and into a bedroom that was as big as a up city penthouse.
Letting Maddie's hand go - Daisy closed the door and watched as the girl ran across the room and begun to make herself home on the bed - making the rockstars daughter smile wide as she took steps forwards towards the bed she slept on.
[i “I’m sorry. I had to.”]
Daisy kept the smile on her laugh and laughed - nodding her head. [b "Its alright. If you didn't jump on the bed, I would of thought you were weird...but that's normal..."] she spoke, giving off a laugh as she watched Maddie shift up and off from the bed and wandered over to where the owner of the bedroom stood.

[i Have you ever kissed a girl before?”]
[b "Before you? ...Yes...."] Daisy spoke, raising her eyebrow as Maddie moved in closer - reaching out and kissed the top of Daisy's hand that made the girl bite her lower lip.
[i “Have you done anything with a girl before?”]
[b "Well, if you must know ..Cara and I ...had a little something a while back. She was my first and I suppose it was that ...that made me realise I wanted women. That I was a lesbian ...So yes ...Have you?..."] Daisy replied but before she could get an answer, the phone that belong to Maddie rang and Daisy nodded as she signalled it was okay to pick up the phone.

Stepping back from the conversation, it was walking to the dresser that she took off her jacket along with her earrings - listening to what was being said as it wasn't hidden in secrecy.

[i “If they had evidence of us, it’s all gone. My friend just called to tell me the paparazzi’s cameras were smashed after we left."]
[b "Funny on how things just out like that. Isnt it?..."] she spoke, smiling - removing her earring and placing it down onto the dresser followed by the other and wandered back - passed Maddie and sat down on the edge of the bed - hands pushing herself back to the middle of the large King mattress.

[b "So ... have you been with a girl before?..."]
It was asking that question that Daisy could not help herself and let one hand slide up her dress along her silky - long legs - giving Maddie a little peek of what was hidden underneath but played it off as she was just trying to make herself a little more comfortable.
  MeisjeKelly / 2y 181d 7h 23s
Maddie followed behind the rockstar’s daughter into the grand architecture they called home. Marble floors, diamond chandeliers…real plants…The smell of rich leather and musk cologne hung over Maddie as she walked through the foyer and up the stairs to the east wing…Pictures of their family hung on the walls. Awards and trophies sat on glass shelves as they passed. Even in the dark, they sparkled. Everything around her was way too expensive for the waitress. She felt like she was walking on prized gold and she couldn’t touch anything in fear of breaking it.

The rich drapes that hung over the windows and the thick rugs beneath her feet as they walked through the corridors made Maddie feel as if she was royalty. Yet, she was far from loyal…She could barely pay her bills and keep herself fed through the week and they lived on the sheer wealth of hard work and dedication…

Reaching Daisy’s room, she saw the grand bed and silky sheets. She didn’t even pay attention to anything else as she practically ran to the bed, jumping onto the softness that daisy called a bed. Sinking into the sheets and mattress, Maddie spread herself and giggled. [b “I’m sorry. I had to.”] She said, sitting up and looking guiltily at the model. She was sure that she looked like a young child with her jumping act. She felt red in her cheeks as she kicked off her shoes and crossed her legs on the sheets.

Her fingers spread over the sheets as her eyes glanced at Daisy, seeing the curves of her frame and feeling the same intoxicated feeling rush over her. Pressing her lips together, she pulled her leg up and wrapped her arm loosely over her knee. [b “Have you ever kissed a a girl before?”] She asked, remembering how great it was to feel the pouted lips of the young model.

It had been shamed the moment she had come out to her family. She hadn’t seen them since…and she hoped that the young model wouldn’t be disgraced if the news actually did spread the news of their affair in the club…

Yet, Daisy said they wouldn’t Maddie was still worried.

She stood from the bed and walked toward the model, coming to hold her hand standing in her personal space. She lifted her knuckles to her lips and kissed the model’s perfect skin. [b “have you done anything with a girl before?”] She asked softly.

Her eyes stared deeply into the rockstars and for a moment, she hesitated moving any closer to her. She searched for a green light, for the motion for Maddie to show her what real love could feel like…

It was in that moment that her phone rang. Glancing at the caller id, she saw Lexi’s name and number pop up along with her picture. She motioned to take it real quick as she pressed the green light, hearing immediate sound as she put the receiver to her ear. [b “Hello?”]

[+green “Maddie, where are you?”] lexi asked.

[b “I’m with Daisy…at her place, why?”] She asked.

[+green “Making sure you’re safe. Guys rushed after the paparazzi and smashed their cameras.”]

Maddie felt a wave of relief. [b “Well that’s good. I’ll talk to you later.”] She hung up and looked at Daisy. [b “If they had evidence of us, it’s all gone. My friend just called to tell me the paparazzi’s cameras were smashed after we left.”]
  Maddie Lyve / AWritersLove_ / 2y 181d 22h 42m 47s
Out of all the places to attend for that evening, Daisy ended up in a place that held a sardine crowd to which one person just happened to be the girl from the restaurant; the same girl who served her and the same girl that Daisy could not get out of her head.
Out of all the places on the strip - here she was, Maddie - the girl with the intoxicating eyes and the most kissable lips Daisy had ever seen and lucky her - she got to kiss them.

She kissed them good and hard.

A kiss that caught Maddie off guard for a second but showed her interest by kissing the rockstar's daughter back, just as passionate as she received.
It was too good to be true.
Daisy's heart beated a million miles an hour and when they broke apart - breaking the kiss, the two looked at one another, giving off smiles. That was until they were both caught red handed showing affection to one another that Daisy screamed for her bodyguard - hiding her face and dragging Maddie away from the venue to the car that waited out the front.

[b "Get in ...."] she spoke to Maddie, putting her in the car first before following suit - slamming the door closed behind her - hating the bright lights of the camera's flickering on and off. [b "My house, Matthew..."] Daisy muttered, leaning back on the seat - sighing happily now that the car was on its way back to the house.

[r “What was that?..."]
[b "That was ...something that you will never get used too. That's going to be in magazines everywhere. Let's hope they didn't get a good view..."] Daisy spoke softly - looking out the window before seeing the large house on Hollywood Hills. La Presa Drive. Daisy laughed the moment Maddie's eyes caught the sight of the house and it made her smile.

[b "Nice huh?..."] she spoke softly as the car came to a stop and she let herself out - moving around to the other side and watched as Maddie stepped out - feeling her hand get cupped with the girl's own.
Daisy laced her fingers with Maddie's own and listened intently to the words that spilled her lips.

[+red “I didn’t mean to get you in trouble…”]
[b "You didn't. It will be okay..."] Daisy replied as the two wandered to the large front door and it opened up, letting the two inside.

Minnie and her parents were in bed. It was quite late so sleeping was the best bet on what they would be doing, however - Brayden and Ana were busy in their room. It was nice. The two of them still fucking one another at the age they were.

[b "Come on.."] Daisy spoke to Maddie, closing the door and locking it securely - pulling the girl along through the foyer and up the stairs that split in the middle and towards the east wing that belonged to Daisy. Only Daisy. Away from her sister and her parents which was perfect. If at noises were made, no one would hear.

Opening the door to her room, Daisy let Maddie go on in first and while she walked, Daisy bit her lower lip as she stared at that fine ass and smiled before stepping in - closing the door behind her.

[b Well, that was some night, huh ? ... Don't worry about the magazines. They know better not to print things like that. The Lawrence name is very strong."] she muttered, keeping her eyes on Maddie.
  MeisjeKelly / 2y 183d 7h 18m 33s
Maddie had never been so close to someone. She never had the chance growing up. With her mother trying to throw stuff at her, pushing her into relationships and hoping to the Holy One that she was normal, Maddie could barely catch a breath. It wasn’t until she finally stood up to her mother in the middle of her senior year of high school, it was the moment that everything changed. She was pushed off the face of the planet. Phone taken away, no place to live, her mother kicked her out and her father was not in the picture to stand up for her. She was at a loss and couldn’t do anything but keep taking it day by day.

Left over food from the trash was the only thing she knew over the days after high school graduation…City park with a few friends was her home…She was used to sleeping on her back pack and fighting to save money to get a place of her own. If Roxy hadn’t given her a chance and let her stay in the upstairs part of the bar, she would still be that girl…The girl who had nothing to her name, nothing to her pocket, and definitely nothing to offer Daisy…the girl who had everything.

Pressing her lips together, she was crossing her fingers with the Daisy Lawrence herself in the middle of the VIP section of the hottest club in town…And there were paparazzi everywhere.

Maddie’s eyes went wide and she stood behind Daisy as she followed her quickly through the crowd and out the back door where there was a car waiting. In her pocket, she could feel her phone going crazy with vibrations. Lexy was going to be so upset with her leaving like that, but she would understand when Maddie finally found someone worth being around.

Falling practically in the cab with Daisy beside her, Maddie pulled her phone out to look at the messages quickly before setting it down. “What was that…” She asked, looking at Daisy. Never in her life was she able to sit in a cab with someone famous…But someone who looked at her as more than a waitress…She was worried though, seeing the stress that was painted all over Daisy’s face. She wanted to know how she could fix it.

Looking out the window and seeing the house they pulled up to, Maddie’s face couldn’t help but fall as her eyes dared to look upon the architecture of the brilliantly designed house. This was Daisy’s house…and never had maddie seen something more than a trailer or a small town home in the middle of the ghetto…It was like being a princess…

She couldn’t say anything as she looked at Daisy, reaching for her hand. “I didn’t mean to get you in trouble…” She said softly. Yet, as she stared at the house, she knew by the cars in the driveway that the rest of the beautiful Lawrence family was inside…

What was Daisy going to say to her parents…to her sister?

What pictures were going to be spread over the news that night and following morning?
  Maddie Lyve / AWritersLove_ / 2y 202d 23h 51m 58s
There were people in Daisy's circle that knew exactly what she was. They did not speak to a soul about it and swore they would take it to their grave to which Daisy believed and was happy and trusted her friends completely.
Being well known was one thing and there were at times that Daisy led being in the spotlight, however deep down - she knew that if she was straight, this would be a hell of a lot easier but with being gay was like she was walking on egg shells.

Who knew when the day was going to come when she was exposed.
Little did Daisy know it was a lot quicker than she would of thought.

Kissing Maddie was a breath of fresh air.
Sure there were her friends around, but they did not care, they knew about Daisy an simply smiled at the two on the couch - showing each other affection but kissing hard and passionate, not giving two fucks.

With a hand placed on the back of Maddie's neck, Daisy's fingertips gently caressed and twirled her hair, tilting her head to the side - eyes closed and kissed the pretty waitress upon the mouth.
Maddie's tongue tasted of honey and alcohol.

Pulling away, Daisy opened her eyes and bit her lower lip while smiling - somewhat blushing from what had happened and it happened so quickly.

[i “Do you wanna find somewhere to go?”] Maddie spoke as she held Daisy's hand, to which Daisy grabbed tighter and nodded her head in agreement. It was within that moment that the two stood up from the couch - hand in hand but before they cold take another step - a camera flashed and as shoved in Daisy's face.

[b "Lover chick? ...What the fuck?! ....How did you get in here!!"] Daisy screamed, putting her hand up infront of the lens. [b "Johnny!..."] she called out to her guard who quickly came in and defended the rockstars daughter.

[b "Come on..."] Daisy spoke as she held onto Maddie's hand, tighter and ran down the stairs, through the club outside to where a car waited. Inside, Daisy tilted her head back and sighed.

[b "My house Matthew..."] she muttered, turning her head and looked at Maddie.
  MeisjeKelly / 2y 238d 5h 58m 46s
Maddie was not a girl that many knew. She kept to herself, she hid in the back corners of class when she was actually able to go to class. She didn’t even much look up when asked. She was the one who silently paid attention to the environment around her. Her eyes were now looking at the environment around her. The beating lights, the pulsing lights, and the strong bass from the speakers surrounding them. Bodies were pressed together on the dance floor. People making out and enjoying the music that pulsed through their veins. The lights glowed just softly, leaving the atmosphere intimate as they sat in the upper deck, a VIP section, away from the rest of the crowd.

They were hidden from the peasants view… They were kept away from the rest of the world. Very few actually stood around them, but none of the attention was on them. Those that stood around them were those that were used to being around the famous celebrity. Friends, and some fake. Maddie could tell that some were using Daisy for her fame…and her ability to get them into gigs. She could tell by the way that they had glanced back at her, some whispering. Maddie felt curious about the woman more than anything, but all she could do was look at her without seeming desperate.

The woman was a model, one that many girls were trying so hard to look like…They wanted to gain all the attention when they walked into the room. They wanted the bright looking skin, the glow of an angel…the touch of a feather and the presence that when gone it would feel cold. They wanted people to miss them when they left, when they were gone more than just a few minutes. Instead, most girls didn’t have that luxury…and that was what Maddie felt.

Her eyes traced over to the woman yet again and she asked how rockstar’s daughters partied and it was just a few seconds within a small space when the model closed the space between them and embraced the back of her neck. She was taken aback that she barely had time to breathe with the soft glossed lips touching her own. The moment they touched the world went black. She was all touch, all instincts now. She reached forward and held a hand to the woman’s face. She could barely breathe but she didn’t care in that moment. All she could feel was that she was at home with her.

She found her place.

She couldn’t stop, but she had to break the kiss to gain a breath and as she did she looked at her, her heart racing in her ears. She wasn’t sure what to do. She wanted this woman more than anything and never had she had this feeling before. It was completely different from anything that she had felt from anyone else. Her eyes widened slightly as she gave a soft smile, letting her hands fall to touch her own where she gripped hers. [b “Do you wanna find somewhere to go?”] She asked, her eyes blinking slowly, hoping that the woman would.

Then there was a flash…

[+red “DAISY LAWRENCE?! WHO IS THIS LOVER CHICK?”] They screamed…paparazzi were everywhere.
  Maddie Lyve / AWritersLove_ / 2y 238d 17h 19m 56s

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