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She sat on his lap and shrugged. "Its not like he will even notice I am gone." She smiled as she watched him. She enjoyed everything about the fair, especially being with him. She looked at him and kissed him deeply. "I wish I didn't have to go home." She leaned her forehead against his and closed her eyes. She really didn't want to leave him.

She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed a bit. "I can be myself around you." She enjoyed that. She felt like she had to be fake around everyone else in this place. She bit her lip gently as she thought about how school had been. In the classes that she wasn't with him, people made fun of her or simply ignored her.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 16h 50m 31s
"Hey, don't mention it. I've had fun to. I'm glad you've made friends. I know how hard it is the first few months." He smiled down to her and all of a sudden hugged her. He felt as though it was the right thing to do, show some comfort or something like that, try to anyways. His head was on top of hers and they were still in the same spot for the ride, waiting. "I'm glad you've had such fun." The line for the ride moved quickly and sooner then it felt they were on the ride. It seemed like it should have lasted longer but once they were off, he grabbed her and pulled her close. "I haven't been on one of those since I was little and I've been here a lot." He laughed and looked down to her.

"Now what?" He asked, moving in and out of the crowd of people. Her hand was in his and he was actually enjoying himself. It was different being here without the rest of his friends, but he liked it. "What time do you have to be home? I don't want to bring you home real late and have your dad be pissed or whatever. I don't want you in trouble." He spoke in a calm tone, like usual and occasionally glanced at her. He sat down at an open pic-nic table and pulled her down onto his lap.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 18h 2m 35s
She smiled over at him. "Thanks." When they got to the fair she got out of the car and glanced around a bit. She walked over to him and took his hand, squeezing it gently." I haven't been to a fair in years." She was excited to be there. It would be a fun thing to do and would keep her mind off of school and everything else.

As they walked around they talked a bit. Eventually they ended up in line for a ride and she rested her hands against his chest as she looked into his eyes. "Today has been really fun and I've enjoyed hanging out with you. Thank you for being there for me this whole time." She was so glad that she had found a friends like him.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 19h 4m 12s
He stayed behind with the rest of the group. A few others left but today was a good day to just relax and skip, for him anyways. No one would be calling his father or giving him a good talking to. It was no use and people knew it. Nothing changed, not this father, not him and certainly not his ways. Getting up from the group once the bell rang he did a few handshakes and walked off. Going through the short hallway, he exited through one of the front side doors and headed towards his car, seeing Ivy. "Hey Miss, long time no see." He said with a small smile as he got into the car. He unlocked the car and started it, turning the radio on.

He didn't exactly know where they would go but he would have to find something out of town. He didn't mind doing it but sometimes there were really fun things to do, like small fairs or something. Other times there was nothing. He hoped it was one of those times. Making their way out of the town and through the back roads, he ended up in the next town within 20 minutes. Since the radio was on, he hadn't spoken since he got into the car and greeted her. Now, he figured, would be a good time. "You, uh, look nice today." He spoke quietly. He drove on around the town until he had found something of interest. A fair. Just what he wanted to see.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 108d 3m 35s
"Getting out of town sounds like fun!" She wanted to take a break from this town. "You can surprise me as to where out of town you want to go. I should probably be getting back to class anyway. I somehow have to manage to pass math." She got up and grabbed her stuff, heading back inside. She stuck a few mints in her mouth to hide the smell of the smoke and headed to class, making some lame excuse that she had to call her dad.

After school she grabbed the books she needed and put the other ones away and headed outside, waiting for Jonathon by his car. Her father had been angry when he found out at she wasn't really doing any sort of work and had threatened to take away some of her stuff. It didn't bother her but she figured she better act like she cared.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 108d 9h 33m 30s
He smiled and some of his friends started making faces. Giving them a nice hand gesture of sorts, he pulled his attention back to her. She was beautiful, he had to admit. That was something that he couldn't deny. Could they be more than friends, possibly? He consistently thought this but didn't know how it would happen. Of course he would make the first move but she wouldn't like him. Yes, they hung out with the same group of people but that didn't mean she liked him. Putting our his cigarette, he faced her and contemplated their choices.

"I don't really know." He spoke honestly. He didn't want to go home right after school but he didn't want to just wander around aimlessly for a few hours or so before going home. "I was thinking we could just hang out somewhere or something, maybe see if anything good is playing. We could maybe go out of town a little bit and see if anything's going on." He was generally the type to steer away from things like what he listed but he actually wanted to do them. Sometimes he thought that it would ruin his reputation but he didn't really care.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 108d 10h 3m 30s
She smiled and nodded a bit. "Yeah that would be great. And you can pull me away any time you want." She winked before heading back over to the rest of the group. She was pleased to have him here with her. She had found somewhere that she somewhat fit in and it felt great to have friends.

She sat down in her spot again and glanced over at him. She really liked him after everything. She was hoping that maybe they could become more than friends but she wasn't sure if that would happen or not. She put out her cigarette after a while and glanced around a bit.

She moved over to him and kissed his cheek gently. "So where are you going to take me after school is over?" She raised an eyebrow curiously.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 108d 11h 31m 41s
He was sitting on a skateboard in the somewhat small circle he had fashioned. Although the newest member was actually one of his close friends, none of them seemed to mind. As long as they were away from class and could smoke, nothing else really mattered. That was, unless they got caught. Most of their parents would do something about, ground them or whatever. His parents, well, his dad, would just shake it off or tell the school staff member that called to F off and forget about it. And that was a fairly short image of his caring and loving father.

He got up abruptly though and took Ivy's hand and started walking from the group. No one would care and no one surely seemed to notice, then again, they wouldn't. People were always coming and going from the group, even if they were 'regulars'. "I'm sorry for pulling you away from the group and all but do you want to hang out later, after school? Like go to an arcade or something, maybe just chill somewhere?" He had been really down the past couple of days and hadn't told much about his family to Ivy. He couldn't. He also couldn't let her see him down and what not. He was the tough one. He scratched the back of his neck and looked around, occasionally bringing his cigarette to his mouth.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 108d 11h 42m 58s
She smiled a bit and walked over, trying to pick out a movie. She pulled out the new Thor and put it in. "I don't know how my dad does it but somehow there are always advance copies of everything." She shrugged and went back over to him. She sat next to him again.

"I'm having fun just being with you." She really was. She watched as the movie began but wasn't really interested in it. "Well I'm always free if you don't want to hang out with your family." She smiled a bit as she watched him.


It was about a month later and she was still trying to settle into this new school but she couldn't quite find her place yet. She was out behind the school with a cigarette and some of her newfound friends. Most of her friends were his friends as well. She was a different person in this new world but she liked not always being the good girl.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 109d 16h 50m 38s
"Well, I'm glad I did too. I'm generally the type of person that would just flip out and go off. Like... a troublemaker. After a while of being called one it just sort of starts to fit you, like any other nick name." He said, sitting down next to her on the couch. He wrapped an arm around her gently, taking her into his side, giving a kind of hug to show comfort. "I know how it is to have a crazy family." He said quietly. "We can do anything you like. Today, I just want you to have fun. I know what it's like to be a new person in town and what not. I think you should just have fun."

He was going to invite her over to his house but then decide against it. She would hate it. His dad probably had his friends over or something and didn't pick up after himself or the others. If not, then he probably went out drinking or over to one of his drinking buddies' houses. Once he was home he would probably have to clean the house, like he normally did and then start dinner and make his dad something if he hadn't already eaten. He wanted to show her where he lived and everything, just not his dad. He also didn't want his dad to freak out and go on in a drunken rage. It was such a normal thing for him that he didn't mind but he didn't know how she would react. He also wasn't sure how she would take one of his lady friends, or as he called them girlfriends. "I like movies. We can watch one of those if you want to."
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 109d 18h 13m 34s
She rolled her eyes a bit. "Sure I will. With an evil step sister and a baby brother. I will go completely unnoticed which is fine for me cause soon I'll be able to get out of here and start my life away from my crazy family." She smiled at him as she led him into the living room where all the games and movies were. "What would you like to do?"

She hadn't had much time to explore everything but she knew there were a lot of things to do around here. She plopped down on the couch and pulled her knees up to her chest. She wished she could hang out with him all the time, that she didn't have to deal with anyone else. "I'm really glad that I made a friend today."
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 109d 19h 51m 32s
For the first time in a while, he was actually enjoying himself and it didn't involve drugs or alcohol. Not that he drank or did drugs a lot but it was still a good comparison for him and he could relate to it with ease. Also for the first time in a while, he cheeks turned a slight shade of pink. "I don't have a problem with that. I'd love to show you around some more. Maybe go to a few more arcades. There are some cool shops like I mentioned earlier so we could go there to." He smiled as he looked to her, then looked down to his shoes at the end of his out stretched legs.

"I don't have to go home. My dad wont care so I can stay. If that's okay with you though. I don't want to intrude or anything and I don't want your dad to be surprised when he gets home." He chuckled a little at the end of his sentence but then looked to her and gave a smile. "I'm good, I'll eat later when I go home. Thanks though." He walked with her into the house. It wasn't a bad looking place, certainly better looking compared to his place but that was also for other reasons. "It's nice here. And I think you'll have fun here."
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 109d 20h 9m 59s
"I liked being out of school. Granted, it was the first time I've done it but it was a blast." She giggled a bit as she watched him. She squeezed his hand gently when he took hers. She wondered how the rest of the year would turn out now that she had an awesome friend like him.

When he asked what she liked to do for fun. "I don't know really. I've never really had much free time until now. It means you'll just have to show me what I've been missing out on." She laughed a bit and kissed his cheek gently.

After a while of siting there she stood up and pulled him up as well. "Do you have to go home or would you like to come in? I can make us something to eat and all of that. If you want, of course."
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 109d 22h 45m 9s
"Thanks, you're pretty cool yourself and you don't mind being out of school?" He was simply curious. He didn't want to get her in trouble and he knew his dad wouldn't care. If he talked to his mother than she wouldn't care either. "I've actually had fun today. You aren't like other girls from here. I mean, you are new here but you aren't like the others. You're actually fun." He meant it. The other girls were stuck up or just annoying, some of them were pretty cool, some quiet and it just went on.

He took her hand and looked to the ground. He waited a while before he spoke. "What do you like to do for fun?" Today was a good day or that's how he looked at it. He got to hang out with a new person and she didn't seem to care about skipping or anything.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 110d 54m 37s
She took his hand and squeezed it lightly. "I would really like that and I would love to get to know you better." She let him lead her out of the arcade. She was happy being with him. She was having more fun than she had had in a while.

As they walked around for the remainder of the day she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She rested her head against his shoulder and smiled as they sat in her backyard. School still wasn't over yet but it was nice to just relax for a while. "I'm really glad to have a friend like you." She closed her eyes. She wondered if she would be able to make any other friends at school.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 110d 11h 25m 20s

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