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He couldn't stop smiling. It was a charming smile. If things didn't work out between them then he didn't quite know what he would do but he hoped it did. He probably wouldn't be able to live with himself if things didn't work between them. Of course he knew that people had disagreements and things but he wanted things to be perfect with them.

He thought about it for a while, which in reality was only a few minutes. He wanted to give her space and everything but he also wanted to be with her. Not precisely do anything, but just be with her. "I'll go with you if you're cool with it." He gave a small smile her way and got up. He was just happy to be with her. She was probably the closest friend he had and had in a while. Most people didn't want to deal with his father or didn't want to do something bad to make his dad flip out, which was generally unlikely.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 12h 57m 38s
She kissed him back gently and sat there with him, just enjoying the moment. She couldn't believe he actually liked her. She just hoped that things would work out between them. She didn't know what she would do if they didn't. She didn't want to ruin their friendship in any way.

After a while she got up. "Do you want to stay in the guest room or with me?" She didn't mind either way. She just wanted him to be comfortable. She would be fine just knowing that he was in the house with her. He was such a good guy to do this for her. She would never forget everything he had done for her all this time.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 13h 5m 45s
His first was reaction was to hug her but he was shocked. He couldn't believe it. She really liked him? He did hug her and kept her head in his lap. She must have been comfortable there. It was also getting somewhat late so she was probably tired. "I like you too, Ivy. I uh, actually..." He stopped and chuckled a little. "I didn't know how to tell you." He said, looking down to her. He moved a piece of hair out of her face and smiled. "I don't want to forget what you said. I want to think about it all the time." He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Things will be just fine." He sat her up gently so he could actually hold her. He kissed her gently and looked at her.

-It's fine.-
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 13h 15m 57s
She sat down next to him and bit her lip gently. "I like you Jonathon, more than just a friend and I know you don't like me like that but I had to say something and just get it out. Now we can just forget I said anything and things can be okay." She turned on the tv and stared at it. She didn't know what to say right then so she just laid down with her head on his lap. She didn't know what he was thinking about right now and she was afraid to ask.

-Sorry short.-
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 13h 32m 29s
He smiled and nodded. "Of course I'll stay. My dad will be fine and I'm sure he would have found it himself but thank you. You should have said something though. I don't mind staying either way." He got out and opened her door for her, then grabbed her hand. He knew some parts of her house and it wasn't a bad house at all. "I'm happy you asked." He knew that if his friends found out, they would probably think the worst and this, that and the other thing but it wasn't like that. They were friends and somewhat close at that.

"I'm happy you like hanging out with me. Generally I'm getting into a bunch of trouble and what not. I'm surprised the school also let me give a tour to a new person." Even though she wasn't completely new to the school and the town, she was still new enough and it wasn't a bad thing. He went up to the door and waited for to unlock it. He went in and sat on the couch.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 13h 48m 58s
"I like hanging out with you too." She smiled brightly as she watched him. They arrived at her house and she got out of the car. "Will you stay with me? Everyone else went out of town for the weekend and I was hoping maybe you could stay with me tonight." She bit her lip gently as she looked down.

"I didn't want to say anything before. I was just enjoying hanging out with you." She crossed her arms a bit. "I made your dad some food and told him where it is and all that." She waited to see what he would say. She really hoped he would stay.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 13h 54m 34s
He nodded and was in some shock. Did he hear her right? His dad was being entertaining? He shook it off and smiled. "Well I'm glad you like it here." He didn't mind it either, for the most part anyways. When his dad was with his friends or they were over here, they hardly bothered each other. It was when they were alone or his friends and him were in one of their giant mood swings and decided to take everything out on Jonathon. He had gotten used to it though, which was the sad part.

"I don't want you to go home but you're probably right. Your dad would have a flying fit and I don't want him mad at you." He smiled and got up, extending his hand to grab hers to help her up. "I think we all could do something sometime. We'd have to arrange it and I think it'd be fun." He took her hand and led her back through the house. "Bye, Dad. I'll be back." His dad gave a quiet grunt and said some form of goodbye to him and Ivy before returning his attention to the television. He opened the car door for Ivy then got in himself. Making his way to her house was easy and on the way he had the radio on quietly. "I really like hanging out with you." He said as they pulled up to her house.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 14h 8m 13s
She smiled and sat next to him. "You're welcome. I like being here. Your dad isn't really that bad. He's actually quite entertaining." She had spent a couple minutes just talking to him and it was quite fun. She moved close to him and rested her head against his shoulder.

"I should probably get home." She wanted to be with him but figured it was best for her to get going. "I was thinking maybe we could all do something sometime." She knew how important it was to get her mom out and doing normal activities every once in a while.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 14h 40m 55s
He hugged her back and nodded. It wasn't much, like he had said but his room wasn't bad. It was a bit on the small side but he had still managed to fit a bed, desk, bureau, side table and he had a closet. He didn't really need the bureau but it was nice for extra drawers and so he could separate his clothes. He didn't want her to feel like she had to do anything fro him, so after a few minutes of sitting in his room by himself, he got up and walked passes his dad to the kitchen. He folded his arms on the counter and looked at her. For some reason, she seemed to fit in his house well, unlike some of the other people that come through. "Do you want help with anything?" He asked, before heading out into the living room to see his dad. If he didn't check up on him then he could wreck havoc without anyone knowing and now was as good of a time as any.

Making his way back to his room once he was done talking with his father, he sat on his bed and waited. While waiting, he put on some music from his radio and closed his eyes, leaning against the wall. Hearing footsteps, he opened his eyes and saw Ivy come back in. "It's nice to see you again." He spoke with a small laugh following. He started eating and smiled. "Thank you. This is really good."
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 14h 57m 12s
She smiled as she looked around his room. "I like this. It is more like when I was with my mom." She was happy with him. She put her arms around herself gently. She walked over to him and hugged him gently. "I like being with you." She kissed him gently. She had a feeling that he was probably stressed by all of this. "You relax and I'll make us something to eat." She was always good at making herself at home.

She headed out into the kitchen and began making some sandwiches. She headed out into the living room where his father was. "It is very nice to meet you sir. Is there anything I can get you?" She picked up a couple of empty bottles of his. She was used to cleaning up after her mother. It didn't bother her anymore. She didn't want to share that with Jonathon yet though.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 15h 17m 5s
He took a few minutes to answer. "I mean, sure you can meet him but if he's in a mood I don't want him to hurt you. It doesn't bother me. I just don't want him like being an ass or anything while you're over." He really didn't and if she got hurt then he would feel absolutely terrible. His father was a weird drunk. Sometimes he was a happy drunk and things went fairly well, other times he was the worst person you could ever meet in your life and all hell seemed to break loose. "I just want you to know ahead of time. I don't want you hurt and I don't want him to freak out." Not that he would freak out but there was always a possibility with his father.

Pulling into the parking lot of his apartment building, he shut the car off and sat there for a few minutes in silence. "I appreciate the offer.. a lot. Thank you." He didn't want to intrude or anything but if he needed to take it then he would. He had spent a few nights here and there when needed at a few of his friends houses before but this was a little bit different. "I think getting away fro a few days would be great." He looked at her and gave a small smile before getting out and opening her door for her. He took her hand and walked to his apartment, praying that his father would either be out or in a good drunken mood. Opening the door, he found his father watching some football game on the television, a pack of beer opened on the coffee table in front of him. "Hey, Dad. Have you eaten yet?"

His dad looked up to him and gave him a look that seemed to be as though he were confused. "Yeah I fucking ate. You weren't here so I made something myself. Well, I didn't make it. Jimmy was over and got hungry so we ordered a pizza. Now.. who is this?" He asked, pointing a finger to Ivy. "This is Ivy. She's a friend." His dad looked at the two of them then back to the television. Jonathon grabbed Ivy's hand and led her to his room.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 15h 36m 54s
She took his hand and squeezed it gently. "You're always welcome at my house. You can come stay with me whenever you want." She kissed his cheek gently. She wanted him to know that she was there for him no matter what. She was glad that he trusted her enough to tell her about his family.

"Does that mean I'm not allowed to meet your father though?" She thought she could handle it. She really wanted to see what his life was like. "Then maybe after I meet him, you and I could get out of town for a few days and just enjoy being away from home." She ran her fingers through his hair gently.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 15h 58m 15s
He knew it was time but he didn't want it to be. His family. Such a weird word if you sat and thought about it, like how he was now. "Well..." He started, not really knowing where to start or how much to tell or what to and what not to tell. It took another minute before he said anything. "I live with my dad. He's an ass. He has been drinking his life away and doesn't give a donkey's butt about anything or anyone besides himself. He is always throwing a fit and complaining about something and if he's not doing that at "home", then he's out at the bar or over his drinking buddies' houses to do it." He stopped for a moment to take in another gust of air to fill his lungs and to start the car.

Pulling out of the lot, he continued. "My house isn't anything like yours either. It's more in the outer city, suburb area of town and it's nothing much. I mean, sure it's a roof over my head and everything but it's nothing fancy or anything. It's an apartment actually, for my father, myself and any friends of either of us. Although I don't usually hang out with my friends at my house." He paused again as he stopped at a light and then proceeded on. "My father doesn't give two shits about me. His blows through girlfriend after girlfriend and the cycle continues. Once he loses one, he drinks even more then meets another one." He stopped, this time for a while before continuing on with speaking. He wasn't sure what was going through her head and he didn't really want to know. She would probably feel disgusted or something. "Well, anyway, that's enough of my dad. My mom is out of state. I see her every once in a while and although she's better than my dad, it's still pretty hectic." There were so many words that he wanted to use and say but he wouldn't because it wasn't the proper language. "My parents ended up divorcing when I was littler and it just went downhill. My mom works and everything but she is a witch. She is always thinking about herself and her new husband, boyfriend, whatever he is. And yeah. My mom just sort of goes with things and that's it. She constantly causes fights and stuff. She did drugs for a while and all I know she probably still does. Those are my parents for you." He ended speaking and sighed. It felt good to tell her about his parents and his home but at the same time it didn't.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 16h 23m 36s
She smiled a bit when he kissed her. She nodded a bit when he asked if she was okay. "I'm perfect." She got up and took his hand, leading him off to a couple other rides before deciding that it was probably time to get back. She got back into his car and leaned her head against the window.

"How come I haven't gotten to see your place yet?" She was curious about that. She had been somewhat afraid to ask before now. "I mean you've been over to my house and have even had the unpleasant opportunity of meeting my family. I want to know more about you." She didn't know anything about his family.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 107d 16h 40m 9s
"Don't say that. I'm sure he'll miss you." He didn't know the whole situation and it could turn out that he never does but that wasn't the point. It was her dad and he was pretty sure that there was at least one difference between his dad and her dad. He could probably start making a mental list but wouldn't because it would take to long. After the kiss, he was speechless for a couple of minutes. Of course he had been kissed like that a few times before but this was different. His feelings were going in about a hundred different ways but he liked it. "I know what you mean but you have to at some point." He wanted to invite her over his house but he didn't know how his father would be acting or if he had any of his friends over. He didn't even know if his father was home or not.

He was still smiling from the kiss and his arms were loosely around her waist. "And I like that you're yourself. Some people just aren't and after a while it gets annoying as hell. I'm glad you're who you are." He felt like he was starting to become a therapist or something but in some weird way, it didn't bother him. "You will never have to be fake with me." He was practically promising it. He leaned forward and kissed her gently, pulling back with a smile on his face. "Are you okay?"
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 107d 16h 55m 23s

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