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She shrugged as she laid down and rested her head in her lap. "What is there to do in the middle of nowhere?" She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow curiously. "I'm willing to do anything." She could last through this weekend, she was sure of it. She just had to remind herself of that every now and then.

She couldn't even get cell service around here so she had to find other things to do. She eventually climbed out of the tent and looked around a bit, wondering what to do.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 4y 264d 16h 37m 25s
He started to tighten his grip around her and held her close to him, closer than what they just were. "I promise you, none of the animals out here are going to hurt us and I promise that I will keep you safe. We're okay out here." He knew that she was having a hard time coping to the idea of camping, being outside in the wild like this and being in the space of larger and more dominant wild animals. He was going to try though. He would try to get her to have a good time and if she turned out not liking it, then he would just take her out again the following weekend, most likely to the beach or somewhere else if they thought of something. He wanted to enjoy it, he really did. He felt bad thought because she wasn't used to this and she didn't per say like it either.

He looked down at her after a while and let his arms go loosely around her. "What do you want to do first, if anything? Or we could just chill and do nothing if you wanted. It's up to you and I want you to have fun and enjoy this also." He didn't just say that to say it. He really wanted her to have a good time.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 4y 265d 4h 55m 7s
She felt his arms around her and relaxed slightly but not completely. She was still nervous but she did trust him. She nodded her head at his question and offered a weak smile. "Of course I trust you. I just don't trust the wild animals that live around here."

She wasn't too sure where he was referring to when he said 'go out' but she hoped that it would be somewhere where she could get her mind off everything and just enjoy the trip. She was sure she would eventually start to enjoy it after she realized that nothing was going to attack them in the middle of the night.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 4y 265d 5h 29m 9s
"Ivy, I wouldn't take you somewhere that is unsafe, especially when I know it is unsafe." He smiled over to her and looked hopeful, a slight glimmer in his eyes. He was finally out and camping again, and not to mention with the most beautiful girlfriend he could ever hope for. He finished getting everything set up and he walked into the tent and hugged her to him. "Do you trust me?" He wouldn't put her in danger. He knew that she wasn't real excited for camping, especially like how he was. He knew she had never been much of a camper. They choose to go camping and he wanted her happy while they did it. "If you want to go out somewhere or something, then let me know. This isn't just for me. We wanted to get away and spend time together and I want to do that with you, Ivy."
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 4y 265d 18h 45m 41s
It was Friday evening and they had set up the tent. She bit her lip gently as she looked around. They had opted for camping instead of the beach since she realized how much he wanted to do this. She wasn't too sure about how it was going to go but she hoped for the best.

"Jonathon...are you sure that we will be safe out here?" She wasn't particularly enjoying being out in the middle of nowhere with no way to call for help if they needed it. All the creaks in the bushes and trees didn't help either.

She climbed in the tent and sat down, not wanting to leave that spot. At least here she wasn't exposed to the creatures of the woods. She wasn't sure why anyone liked camping. Hopefully she would warm up to it within the next couple of days.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 4y 266d 3h 39m 30s
"You like the beach, don't you? Maybe we could go up there. We can leave Friday and come back Sunday, or Monday if you wanted." He liked the idea of getting out of town but he hadn't gone out of town in for a while. Yes, they went out of town a few times and he had left town to go to the beach of to go to his mom's while she was out of the town but besides that, he had most of what he needed and wanted right there in the town. He was excited to leave town. He thought it would be good if they got out of the town. "What about camping? We could go swimming and camping. If you wanted to, that it." He had gone camping a few times while younger. He missed it to be truthful. It was like an adventure for him when he was little and he really enjoyed being outside, even though that didn't really fit his personality or who he was.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 4y 266d 8h 17m 42s
"I was thinking maybe we can go out of town, get away from everyone and everything and just enjoy some time alone." She rested her forehead against his and closed her eyes. "I really do love you and just want to escape our lives for a couple days." She hoped he would say yes. She didn't know what more there was to do around town than they had already done.

She didn't know if he had plans with his friends or not but she doubted he would turn her down to go smoke with them. She waited for his answer as she stood there.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 4y 269d 16h 36m 27s
He held her hands to his chest and looked down at her. Something interesting? "Of course we can do something interesting. What were you thinking of?" He kissed her forehead and tried to think of different interestig things that she would like. "I know I'm not the most interesting person on the planet but if you have something you want to do, then dont hesitate to tell me." He couldn't stop looking at her. "You're so beautiful. I hope you know that and I won't stop telling you."

  Jonathon Williams / grace / 4y 270d 18h 42m 9s
"I'll just make some pasta. It's simple and everyone loves pasta." She giggled a bit and kissed his cheek gently. "I love you so much." She began to start on the pasta. She was happy here with him. "Jonathon, can you and I do something interesting this weekend?" She let the noodles boil and she turned to him. "I know we've been doin lots of stuff but I want to think of something that we can do on weekends together, especially since I'll be doing my classes online." She rested her hands against his chest gently.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 86d 15h 23m 29s
He smiled and looked at her. "He is pretty cool. You just have to get used to him and then he's fine. He's been doing good for a while but it gets hard sometimes." He was proud of his father, no doubt. There were just down times every once in a while and that's what made it hard most of the time. "You can cook for us. I'll let you do it this time." He was happy he had her. She did things for him voluntarily and actually liked his dad. He didn't doubt if there was judgment but she accepted him and his father. It was amazing. She was amazing. "I think he'll like whatever you decide to make."
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 96d 3h 48m 45s
"I love you too." She looked into his eyes happily. "I know I don't have to but I want to be able to do something for you. Plus cooking is actually kinda fun." She kissed his cheek gently. "I really do enjoy being able to help both of you. Your father seems to be a pretty cool man." She certainly liked him better than her own father.

"Don't think too much about it. I enjoy this, really I do." She could tell he was thinking too much about this. "What do you think he would like to eat?"
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 96d 3h 57m 56s
"Fine, then you can cook for us. I love you too but that doesn't mean you have to cook for us. I certainly don't mind doing it. I appreciate it, though." He smiled and kissed her back. How he managed to get a girl like Ivy, he would never know. She was amazing and he didn't know everything but he knew she had been through a rough time. He didn't love her less though. "I didn't say you didn't like helping out, I'm just saying you don't have to do it. And I know how it is with him out there." He gave a slight head nod towards his door and smiled down to her.

He had the best girlfriend he could imagine. She understood him, loved him, helped him out with his dad and didn't complain about his dad. Some people he had gone out with didn't like his father for whatever reason and left it at that. Other people just didn't like the type of person that Jonathon was. "I love you so much."
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 96d 5h 5m 51s
She laughed a bit at his words. "I want to cook for you guys. I'm more than happy to do it. I love you and I will do anything to make you happy." She kissed him then laid down and pulled him down as well. "Look, I used to take care of my mom so I'm good at this. I enjoy helping out." She hugged him happily.

She remembered the endless days of her mom just laying in bed, refusing to eat anything. It even got to the point where she had to go to the hospital. She wondered how her mother was doing now. She hoped this new husband of hers was treating her well and taking care of her.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 96d 5h 21m 33s
He smiled and squeezed her hand gently before she got up. He watched her leave and then turned to face his father again. "I'm glad that you're home and not drunk. Who dropped you off, or did you walk?" His father, Frank, took a minute to answer. "Jimmy drove me home. He was sober. So don't worry." Jonathon nodded and watched him. "Good. If you want you can watch TV out here or whatever. We'll do dinner in a bit, or when you're hungry. Have you eaten anything today?" Again, his father took a minute before he answered. "Yeah. Some pizza." He nodded. "Alright. We'll have something besides pizza for dinner." And with that, he got up and went into his room.

"Ya know, you don't have to cook later. I mean, you can if you want to but you don't have to." He smiled and sat besides her. It wasn't anything fancy but it was what he considered home. It wasn't a terrible place but it certainly wasn't what some places were like.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 5y 97d 7h 4m 36s
Ivy watched the two carefully. "It's nice to see you too." She glanced back at Jonathon. "Yeah that would be great. I can make us all something to eat later if you two are hungry." She got up, happy to see his father wasn't drunk.

"I'll be in your room." She kissed his cheek gently then headed off to his room. She sat down on his bed and glanced around. She figured going to the community college would be good. They would be saving money and they could even get their own place if they really wanted too. That way he would still be close to his dad but wouldn't have to live with him and she wouldn't have to live with her family.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 5y 97d 8h 58m 27s

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