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When Ivy's mom marries a less than ideal man she gets sent off to live with a father she hardly knows. His rich and elegant lifestyle is far different than what she had been used to living in. Her new school is also certainly different with a bunch of other kids who had grown up privileged. She has always been a good kid but with this move she gets caught up with the wrong group and encounters a side of herself that she had never gotten to know.

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"Anything for you." He smiled softly and soon enough, fell into a sound sleep. The following morning, he awoke and smiled down at his beautiful girl. He often thought about how lucky he was to have such an amazing woman that put up with him in all aspects. Getting up slowly and quietly as to not wake Ivy, he left the tent and started a small fire in order to make them breakfast.

  Laurie Ann / grace / 1y 70d 7h 7m 3s
She was hesitant to go to sleep. She was starting to calm down about being out in nature but she was still afraid that once she closed her eyes the wildlife would come out of their hiding places and begin their hunt for human flesh.
As she curled up next to him in her sleeping bag she could feel herself shudder at the thought. She didn't want to die out here but even if she did she tried to tell herself that it wouldn't be so bad as long as he was around.
"Jonathon...Thank you for bringing me out here. I'm glad we decided to do this." She really was happy that they were spending some quality time together no matter where it was.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 1y 71d 22h 9m 14s
Keeping Ivy close, he held her gently and kissed up her neck to her cheek, laughing to himself. "You're so beautiful, Ivy. I'm so lucky to have you and I wouldn't want anyone else out here with me enjoying this." He meant it. He was honored to be with her and it just felt so surreal to him. His love for nature was almost nothing compared to the love he had for her.

As the night carried on along with conversation, he finally yawned and kissed Ivy's cheek yet again. "I think you're really getting the hang of this outside stuff, hun, and you seem a little tired. I think we should get off to bed." He smiled softly and walked with her to the tent and laid down with her close.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 1y 82d 23h 45m 51s
She kissed his cheek then rested her head on his shoulder as she sat there and stared at the fire. "I might consider exploring with you tomorrow in the daylight. For now though, I'm happy right where I am." She would try just about anything if it would make him happy but she wouldn't always be thrilled with what they were doing.
It was obvious she wasn't the camping type but she was trying. She wanted him to have fun and if they meant that she had to suck up her distaste for nature then she would try. This was their chance to get away and she hoped that she wouldn't mess it up with her fear of the wilderness. "I love you so much." She really did and she hoped that he knew that.
The fire was warm and she was beginning to settle down and become more comfortable. Her body was no longer stiff from fear and she felt as though being out here might actually turn out alright. Nothing had tried to kill them yet and that was a good sign.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 2y 298d 21h 8m 15s
"Of course we can just stay here. It's not all about me. I want you to be happy as well and try to enjoy this trip as much as I do. I know it definitely won't be as much but I really do hope you enjoy it as least a little bit." With that being said, he let go of her just to change and went right back to her. He was happy she had at least considered going camping with him. In reality, he didn't expect for her to actually say yes, not because she wouldn't try new things, but for the fact that she wasn't much of the... camping type.

After getting a fire started and the sun was finally setting, he sat with his lovely lady, all changed and dry, and watched the embers. "You know, you didn't have to agree with this but I'm really glad that you did. I want to try to make this as fun and memorable for you. Plus, we don't have to go exploring. I want you to be comfortable with what we do." He smiled softly as he spoke meaningfully.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 2y 316d 23h 53m 57s
She looked at him when he apologized the second time and moved close to him, hugging him gently. It felt odd being out in the middle of nature but she did like being with him. She wished she could enjoy this more though.
"Do you think that at least for tonight we could just stay near the tent? I don't feel like wandering around." Glancing toward the tent, she thought about how happy he had been when she had agreed to go camping with him. "Tomorrow we can explore wherever you want." She wanted him to enjoy this and she was sure that she could learn to enjoy the outdoors.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 2y 317d 18m 49s
He laughed at first while he was being splashed but when she left the water, he couldn't help but go after her. He swam until he could stand and walked out not far behind her. He didn't reach for his towel but instead walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Hun, I'm sorry." He kissed her cheek softly and squeezed her gently. "I didn't realize how mad you'd get. I was just trying to help you get use to this stuff. I promise I'm not going to let anything happen to you while we're out here."

Jon moved away for a minute and just watched her. Bending down, he found his water from earlier and started to drink from it. He felt guiltier now than ever before. Going back to her, he started to apologize again. "Ivy, I'm sorry."
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 2y 321d 8h 51m 6s
Ivy was attempting to enjoy this and being in the water was helping. It was almost like being at the beach. She heard Jon go back to the tent and she looked around at the woods around them, wondering what lurked within the trees. She was enjoying the moment when she felt something touch her leg and she screamed, trying to get away from whatever it was.
When Jon surfaced she splashed him with the water angrily. It was bad enough that she had to be out here in the middle of nowhere with wild animals somewhere within the woods, she didn't need him scaring her too. "That wasn't funny." She made her way back to dry land and went to the tent to get her towel, wrapping it around herself. She wished she could get cell service around here so she could just sit around and play games.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 2y 321d 21h 59m 59s
He watched her closely, smiling, assessing her as she went farther into the water. He figured she was finally getting it. She wasn't use to this at all, so the fact that she was doing this, with him, was astounding. Heading towards the tent, Jon changed into his swim trunks and headed back towards the water. Watching Ivy was hypnotizing. He couldn't take his eyes off her until he decided it would be fun to try to scare her.

Jon, being Jon, dove as silently as he could into the water. He couldn't help but smile to himself as his diabolical plan was unfolding. Swimming up to her leg, he touched her calf softly and nearly exploded with laughter, although his conscious was starting to tell him how bad of a plan this really was. He started to fear the anger Ivy would have towards him for his prank but slowly eased the thoughts to the back of his brain.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 2y 322d 11h 28m 40s
She smiled and then stared at the water, assessing it. "I think it might have creatures in it that might try to eat me but hey, I'm expanding my horizons." She climbed into the tent and changed into her bathing suit. When she came back out she spun around. "How do I look?" She moved close to him and left a small kiss on his cheek before turning and walking toward the water. She took a deep breath and made her way in, silently praying that there were no creatures that would try to eat her. She was being neurotic but she didn't care. She was trying to have fun and that's what mattered.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 2y 322d 22h 22m 44s
"Ivy..." He moved her head gently so he could look into her beautiful eyes. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere without you. Whether we're camping, in an office, I don't care. I'm happy wherever I am with you, and therefore, I am happy here. You're not being a bore at all. I just have to get you used to things." He pecked her softly and started to giggle. "How do you think that water looks?"
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 2y 323d 8h 26m 26s
She looked at lake and smiled brightly. She loved the water and was glad that there was somewhere to swim even in the middle of nowhere. "I'm sorry if I'm being a bore on this trip. I really want you to have a good time thought." She turned to him and rested her hands against his chest as she looked into his eyes. "That's all I ever want, is for you to be happy and I want to make that happen in any way I can." She leaned her forehead against his and closed her eyes, feeling bad for not caring for camping.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 4y 293d 21h 55m 38s
"I love you too and same here. I don't want this to end and I don't want us to end." He kissed her lightly and got changed and waited for her to do the same. Once they were both changed, he led her down a small path and they ended up at a lake. He didn't really want to think about what would happen after high school and everything. He also didn't want to lose Ivy. She had saved him in more than one way and he was grateful for it. She also made home life easier and he truly loved her, like nothing and no one else.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 4y 305d 11h 19m 18s
"I want to go swimming. I think that will be fun for both of us." She turned to him and rested her hands against his chest. "I love you so much and I don't want this to end." She wondered what would happen when school was over and they were expected to go their separate ways.

She had no ideas what his plans were and was too afraid to as. She didn't want to find out that he planned to go off somewhere far away. She had no idea what to do after high school.
  Ivy Spiers / iPride / 4y 326d 4h 29m 50s
"Well, there's lots of things to do. You can go for a hike, listening to music and sit around a fire although you can do that later on also, you could go swimming, you could just chill and hang around, you could take a nap, you could go built a fort." He smiled at her. He wanted her happy but it seemed somewhat hard for him because he knew she didn't like this and wasn't used to it. He ran his hand through her hair and smiled to her. He wanted this weekend to be fun and memorable and enjoyable, for the both of them.

He had followed her out of the tent and watched her with a smile. She was so beautiful, in every way. Wonderful in every way as well and he really loved her. She brought him out of bad habits and no one else was ever able to, not for as long as she had anyways.
  Jonathon Williams / grace / 4y 326d 23h 57m 27s

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