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Hello, my name is Red I'm not new, but I've been away for quite some time...

At one point, I wanted to pursue a career in writing, but unfortunately, I realized quickly that I didn't like writing novels as much as I liked just having the characters themselves.

Anyways, I won't bore anyone with my life story, so here's a few pointers about me and my style of RPing:
1. I do not mind mature things such as gore etc. I do ask that our RPs do follow the sites rules.
2. I have several characters close to my heart. I will not change their past, their personality, their sexuality, their gender, or anything about them for you.
3. On that subject, I DO have what I call "Character sleeves". These are lesser characters that can be changed at will for those of you who do not mind that they don't have as much love and dedication as my main characters. Typically a sleeve will be a quickly developed character for use in a roleplay that isn't centered around the characters themselves, but the plot.
4. I can do MxM, MxF, and FxF romances, either depending on the character's sexuality, or depending on what the plot dictates.
5. I don't always want a romantic center on a roleplay. Some characters aren't looking for romance anyways.
6. I will do pretty much any setting, plot, or time period. Supernatural, sci-fi, modern, fantasy, historical, etc.
7. I only do certian fandom RPs. Some anime , some fandom stuff , some other stuff.
8. I refuse to roleplay out of character cannon characters. Slight character traits that are not mentioned in cannon but are a logical trait for that character are fine.
9. I also don't do disney/childrens stories. I just can't bring myself to RP timon and pumba.
10. I treat a RP universe as an actual universe. If there are rules of this universe , then I will follow them. I expect you to as well.
11. I try to use literary devices and have a flow to my posts. I try to be creative and not use overused words like "said" or "And then". If you want to do that, cool, but PLEASE do not go overboard and use words like "orbs" for eyes, "pistons" for legs, or "banner" for tail!
12. If you want to RP with me, and either I say I don't think it will work out, I say I'm not interested in that plot/character/setting/etc, or I have to let the RP go for whatever reason.. DON'T BE AN ASSHAT ABOUT IT. I'm always trying to be as nice as I can. I don't want to be called names or given hostility again just because I don't have time for your RP or I'm not interested in your plot. If you can't handle being civil, don't bother contacting me.

Hopefully that wasn't too long!

If you'd like to RP with me, just let me know. I can come up with plots and ideas if need be, and I do have a few already thought up, if you're interested.

And as for reply speed, well, I type fast, and I'm online often, but I multitask a lot, so I might not reply right away. I tend to also wait until I can actually give you a proper reply and not something dull and rushed.


Fantasy- A world where some animals can take human shape and hide in the human world as one of them. Either a story about a human and a shapeshifter animal, or two shapeshifters.
a. A raven tries his best to live a normal human life as a college professor/schoolteacher, but what happens when a girl roughly his age starts getting curious. Will he have to leave his life, or has he found love?

b. Daily life in the animal kingdom. The queen's advisor, a ram, has taken a young shapeshifter in as an apprentice.

Supernatural- A group of supernatural beings have started a town in the middle of nowhere. It is a safe haven where they can be who they truly are. But what happens when humans start to move in?

Supernatural- Welcome to Circus Demise! The only thing of its kind in the underworld! Freshly dead? Lived here your whole life? It doesn't matter. You're here now and either you want to audition and join the ranks, or buy a ticket and experience the best damned carnival in all the underworld!

Supernatural- Vampires, Werewolves, and other supernatural creatures are being rounded up and put into camps. Some are being tested on, some are put to work, all suffer. Will they be able to free themselves and get past the human technology?

Pokemon- Team Rocket is making a comeback. They have started using genetic manipulation again, and this time they have created some new "pokemon" to fight for them. All trainers have been told to engage in battle with any of these mutants as often as possible, since they are not stable on a molecular level, and with enough exertion, they will cease to function

Pokemon- Post apocalyptic style pokemon. Nuclear warfare throughout the world, and 30 years later, we have what is known as the world of pokemon. Animals have mutated and evolved into these new creatures, and now they are starting to be tamed once again.

Kalos's population has boomed, and the trading industry has grown exponentially, but unfortunately, with all the new pokemon and trainers coming to this reigon, trouble is bound to start. Soon legendaries from other reigon are spotted, and the resulting proximity has caused all sorts of strange happenings. Volcanos and lakes sprouting up overnight, time and space warps, Various storms and natural disasters. It is up to the new generation of trainers to placate these legendary pokemon and convince them to go home.

Modern Fantasy/Anthro world-
Daily life in a world of only anthros. There are various types of anthros, either "furry" type anthros, with fur/scales/etc, or those with a human body and animal head.

Fantasy- Your Character needs to take out a loan. , and winds up at "Klingspol and sons" to take out a loan, but it is eventually revealed that there is a whole new magical aspect to the world.

Fantasy/Supernatural- In a world where anthromorphic creatures are the norm, and it's pefectly normal for humanoid animals, and animalistic humans to be walking around, and humans are the minority, what's a person to do when they are new in town, looking for a job, maybe a place to stay, but keep getting turned down?

Sherlock- Set before the Reichenbach feels. While chasing down a bad guy, Sherlock manages to get himself a broken arm. Now he can't do cases for a while, and John has to find some way to entertain his flatmate.

Sherlock- Mycroft has an important mission for Sherlock and John, and so he ships them off to america to investigate a british gang that had recently moved its headquarters to Los Angeles, California.

Once Upon a Time- Slice of life with Gold and Belle.

Once Upon a Time- GoldLace this time. This one would be based on the negative spiral of Gold, and how he reverts back to his evil self.

Once Upon a Time- This one's actually a plot! Belle is living with Rumplestiltskin as a maid, but what happens when Rumplestiltskin decides that Belle is going to help him get what he wants, and forces her to attend a ball, and help him kill a man and frame another?

Avengers/Thor Series- , I'd like to do a RP as Loki in which he is living in stark tower as punishment . Eventually as Loki starts to realize he is safe and has friends here, the real him starts showing.

Black Butler- Grell and Will have to go undercover, posing as a married couple, in order to figure out where all the souls are going in different parts of Britan.

Hannibal- Hannibal has twisted and manipulated Will Graham so much, that he can't separate dreams and hallucinations from reality. Will is convinced that he killed someone, and the only safe haven is in the arms of his psychiatrist.

Hannibal/Silent Hill crossover- Bodies are showing up in odd places with strange causes of death. Will has no idea who is behind these murders, and even Hannibal is confused. Will recklessly charges to investigate, and Hannibal follows after, and they soon find themselves trapped in Silent Hill!

MLP: FiM- Queen Chrysalis is at it again. This time she is attacking ponyville and trying to take over Princess Twilight's castle, as it represents friendship, another form of love.

MLP: FiM- A new teahouse is constructed in ponyville, and the owner, Pastel Dream, is looking to hire some ponies.

Ad Lib plot:

So there are these (Number) (Species) who get . The cause of this is:

Now they must .

In order to resolve the conflict, they need the help of

The reward for the conflict resolution is (Fame/Fortune/Logevity/other)

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