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So! The movie just came out, so I'm hoping more people know about it. I LOVE and ADORE the books, and the movie wasn't half bad. So, I really want to do a Jace/Clary or OC/OC . As for pictures, we could use the actors from the movie if you'd prefer, but I'd be super happy to pick our own as well, so long as we stick with the description of the characters from the books. In the book, Jace is supposed to be a blonde, drop dead gorgeous guy and Clary is supposed to be a pretty redhead.

SO! Plot, we'll have to work out together. We could go after the first movie and do our own thing, have totally different plots, redo the first book and just go a different way, go to a random point in time, whatever, just let me know. ^^

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oh your right
  NEw Jinx / Lunatic19 / 5y 119d 13h 53m 31s
Totally only just realized, if we added any romance into this, we'd be romancing ourselves.
  HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 119d 14h 1m 39s
Lol well could you start I'm having issues atm
  NEw Jinx / Lunatic19 / 5y 123d 11h 59m 3s
Got the one for my girl, just need to find one of the guy XP
  HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 123d 12h 33m 46s
lol pictures?
  NEw Jinx / Lunatic19 / 5y 123d 13h 8m 53s
Suuuuure. xP That way I could be a badass girl.
  HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 123d 13h 21m 29s
okay now how do you want to do the sibling thing I ws think you be Jace's Daughter and Alec son. and I would be Jace's son and Alec's Daughter?
  NEw Jinx / Lunatic19 / 5y 123d 13h 27m 9s
Sure, I'm sure Jace's children would get into trouble more than once.
  HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 123d 13h 31m 59s
that I am not sure about lol we can start with the Bane siblings saving them in like a downworlder club?
  NEw Jinx / Lunatic19 / 5y 123d 13h 56m 5s
Okay so, how're we wanting to start it?
  HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 123d 13h 57m 34s
Alright :)
  Lunatic19 / 5y 126d 10h 26m 38s
Sure, sounds good to me. ^^
  HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 126d 11h 41m 39s
  NEw Jinx / Lunatic19 / 5y 126d 12h 23m 35s
Sounds decent to me. What age do you think we should have em?
  HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 126d 14h 8m 3s
To save Jace ass from getting his marks removed? And the reason his kids do not know Alec is because the Clave kick him out for marrying Magnus? It's rough but totally do able
  NEw Jinx / Lunatic19 / 5y 128d 14h 54s

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