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She was sighing as she had looked at them annoyed as she waved her hand like a fan " god your breath reaks " she said as she had let out a soft sigh " I mean honestly Azalas you don't have to stand between us I don't mind taking care of trash."
  Nova / EternalSnow / 148d 6h 37m 1s
The man didn't seem bad to her. Put of place and struggling in a way to take care of things? But the ribbon did have her spooked as she saw it and she was shivering with her paws over her eyes. Sky couldn't hear what was said but she could only guess it was NO good. And before she knew it, the bigger panther had scooped her up by the scruff and she was taken upstairs and rested on a bed by the two girls she had seen earlier. The panther shifting into a human, though younger than the boy she had seen before. Being younger actually helped as did when he became the cub and touch her nose with his, purring. [b [i 'Not hurts...more like surprised....and I think I get how you feel...he trying to help...but also uncomfortable in it...I'm Sky by the way..."]] She was letting Kat hear her as she purred softly as well.
  Orphan~ / SheDevil / 150d 9h 3m 41s
Delou nodded. "Big things are happening child. Massive things. For everybody here. I want you to know that we have a part in these.massive happenings but do not worry...You'll see us once.more when the time is right." He turned to face her. "But whether you choose to fight or stand against us is up to you." He said to Amy.
  Proctor Delou / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 150d 14h 51m 25s
"Last I seem him, he was with Nova on a date",she says as she shrugged some then wiped sweat from her hair as she stood up, standing a whopping 6'4"
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 150d 14h 56m 14s
His eyes bolted open as he jolted from the feeling of lying on the cold ground. He rose up slowly, standing up strait before his eyes met with the usual sight before him. Everyone he had killed for the past several years standing by in front of him, weapons ready and prepared to fulfill their purpose in being there. Jeremiah stood watching for a moment before feeling a pressure on his back followed around arms wrapping around him.

The feeling was warm and very familiar, he couldn’t help but smile as his cheeks warmed up. Then his eyes widened. He remembered every fight, every kill in detail, every trail, every ounce of pain they had felt, the struggles they had faced, the promises they had made. his hand rose calmly up and clasped one of the hands that had wrapped behind him. [+maroon “Amelia, I’m sorry. I can’t believe I let some sorry curse effect me like that. I’ll never forget ya again my love... never.”]

He turned to face a girl around his same age, her long dark-brown hair covering her shoulders and her hazel eyes housed red pupils within. She wore what seemed like a short black dress although it was frayed and tattered all over, revealing traces of her light cream skin between the seams. Her smile was warm, almost like a dream in his eyes and it made him wonder how he could have gone so long without it. Her cheeks soon puffed up though as she frowned. [b [i “You big jerk. How could you leave me alone all this time? Honestly, I don’t know how you even made it without me.”] ]

Jeremiah chuckled before taking her hand and standing up, the thousands of spirits around them now watching with confusion... well, all but one. [+maroon “I know sweetheart, please don’t hate me for it. I know I ain’t the kindest of men but I do try to keep my lady happy. I’ll make it up to you so just tell me how?”] She smiled before pointing her finger towards the angel who stood out in the crowd of others. [b [i “Before you wake up... make her suffer... for keeping us apart. Now that we’re together again you'll never have to face them alone... but I want you to make her suffer with your own hands. Remember all that you’ve learned, you’re leagues ahead of where you were a few moments ago because you remember all that you are and all that you’ve done to get here. Make her feel it in full, just as I do.”]

[+maroon “...gladly...”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 150d 15h 5m 57s
Delou shook his head. "That's what you wanted to believe. Listen, after this conversation you won't remember anything about it. I'm sorry but it's for the best. I wish your brother was here to he could see me too...Where is he anyway?" He asked Amy.
  Proctor Delou / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 150d 15h 58m 29s
She looked at the man with wide eyes "that's impossible, my parents died in a car wreck",she says then immediately thought to call Azalas but her cell phone was back at the orphanage
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 150d 18h 25m 4s
The hostess's smile vanished as Azalas stood up for the child, but she handed the girl over nonetheless her thin arm now bruising from being held so tight. [#ffbf36 "My apologies sir I will leave her with you then."] the hostess sneered before turning on her heel and clomping away. The girl flinched away from Azalas when he stood to face the man who had been chasing her and smiled lightly at Nova when the woman offered her food and she nodded quickly ducking under the table and sitting on the bench beside the woman a chill running up her spine as she watched the woman's mate attempt to get her client to back off, and she clung to the woman's arm when her client was kicked out and the woman's mate came back. The girl stayed quiet listening to the two talk then when the food came the girl unclung herself from the woman and began digging into the food using her hands and feasting as though she was a toddler now just learning how to eat solids and not a ten year old girl.
Once she was done the girl once again clung to Nova as though her life depended on it and the two started leading her out to a car, but the girl flinched when she saw her client hadn't yet given up his fight. Listening to the two men talk the girl frowned when she heard Azalas assume the man was her father no the man was not her father her own father had sold her away when she was 3 to live a life of pain and misery being treated as nothing more than the Local Pedos Anonymous 'pillow' all because her mother had died saving her from a man trying to kidnap her.
Azalas's warning caused the man to back off but he glared over at the girl. [b [#FF0000 "You can't hide forever [i sweetheart] I'll make sure your handler hears about this."]] he hissed before scurrying off back to the town's red-light district to find another girl to abuse. Once the man was gone the girl sighed and shakily let go of Nova then curtsied lightly the paper thin dress she was in barely puffing out enough. [#d865d6 "Th-thank you for y-your help and th-the meal I owe you my life."] she stuttered wrapping her arms around her bare shoulders as a cool breeze blew past and her form then shifted to that of a girl with short matted brown hair and brown eyes, her true form as some would call it, as it was the form she tended to default too, and she looked around her down the ally's wondering which way she should go having been too engorged with her food to hear the part about taking her back to the orphanage.
  ~{Spawn}~ / V1rg081tch / 151d 1h 58m 11s
"Do you not Remember me Amy?" He asked her sadly. "It's me...Delou, your father." He told her gently.
  Proctor Delou / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 151d 2h 22m 22s
[h3 [center Caim]]
Caim slowly circled downwards once again. Back legs followed by front met the ground underneath him. The dragon had finally had the scent of the other dragon down, following it further off, and out of what he called his own territory. He paused, head turning back and forth, forked tongue flicking out to test the air.
[#b22222 [b ~Hm, seems the other dragon has left...good...I would...~]].
The young draconic shapeshifter never finished his thought at the sudden sound of wings followed by a screech. He felt claws try to dig into his tough scales, swinging his head around. Jaws met the joint of a wing, jerking hard. The shape was sent tumbling off of him, rolling over to reveal another dragon.
Caim released a snarl, puffing his form. His wings flared outwards, instantly giving him the illusion of being much bigger than he truly was. The other dragon snarled back, baring its own fangs, which were stained by old blood.
[#b22222 [b "You need to leave...NOW."]]
His voice was seemingly deeper, commanding. Icy frost billowed from his nostrils, a deep growl coming from deep in his chest.
[h3 [center ???]]
The little reptilian creature moved further away from the mess of the contents of the box that once held it. Bits of eggshell and the amniotic fluid were the only things left, followed by a slimy trail.
Hungry, it was hungry, they needed food, but there were so many others that were much larger and scarier than them. It barely made a sound as it slipped in and out under chairs and other sneaky places it could get into without being noticed.
A small head peaked out around a cupboard corner, but was promptly brought back by an angry meep by the second head. The left looked towards the right, giving an unhappy chirrup, but eventually, the right head must've made a decision, which in turn made the strange creature make a mad dash across the kitchen floor.
Ah, there was the scent. Course, it wasn't the most tasty of scents, but food was food when you had just hatched and were starving. The reptilian creature snuck around, then with the power of two heads, they pushed the garbage bin over with a loud thud, spilling the contents out for them to root through.
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 151d 2h 37m 42s
She jumped and almost fell into the snow as she looked at the man behind her as she shook the snow from her hair, tilting her head slightly, not remembering who he was.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 151d 2h 46m 38s
Azalas nodded.

They finished their meal and all left to get in his car but the guy was standing there drunk as a skunk. He smirked and pointed at the three. "You there! You think you guys can take her away from me? Especially you snow white." He looked at Nova. He stepped toward her but Azalas got in front of her.

"Just go home man, I don't want any trouble, my girlfriend and I are just trying to get home...Also we don't think your daughter is safe with you for right now so go on home and get some rest." Azalas said. He was ready to clock this guy.

The man stepped up to his face, the booze emanating from his breath. "You think you're tough? You think you're her knight in shining armor? You're nobody. That girl you love so much will leave you like that." He snapped his fingers and spit at Azalas' shoes. "All women do in the end."

Azalas chuckled and looked down and bit his lower lip. "Actually, I'm doing half and half. Protecting her from you, but most importantly protecting you from her. Let's just say when she smells fear and blood from assholes like you...She'll fuck you up. What you did to me back there? I oughta screw you up but I'm not because I just want to get home. We all had a tiring week, I just wanted to go on one date with my girlfriend and here you are fucking it up. Now get out of her face, my face, and your daughters face before I have Nova rip yours off." Azalas said. He was clearly pissed off.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 151d 4h 40m 12s
I think she should come with us for now and then notify the police . " Nova said as she had smiled happily then looked to the girl beside her ' ,besides if they guys comes and starts making a mess of things I get to have a bit of fun.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 151d 4h 56m 31s
Azalas nodded. He sat down and winced a bit. "Asshole." He mentioned the crazy guy. He moved close to Nova and their food finally came after a while.

He took a bite from his food and smiled a bit. "Hey...Nova, should we take her back to the orphanage?...Or notify the police about her crazy father?" He asked her.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 151d 5h 20m 5s
Nova had looked at the little girl as she gently patted her head tilting her head "everything will be ok now" she said as she looked at the girl. "Do you want to eat with us" she said as she had looked at the little girl and asked the waitress to get her the same things she was going to eat "I will pay for her meal" Nova said as she let out a little sigh as she looked at Azalas "Are you alright"
  Nova / EternalSnow / 151d 5h 23m 33s

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