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He nodded and held her hand in his aa he intertwined his fingers with hers ans restes his head on her shoulder.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 42d 11h 11m 34s
She was laying on her back, her breathing heavy and raspy, shivering slightly as she mumbled something.

She turned on her side and went into a bad coughing fit, blood leaking from her lips then groaned as she laid back on her back, her eyes red and glassy, having remains of the powder from the Giftpollen on her clothes and in her hair.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 42d 11h 10m 10s
"I've been well" she said as she looked at him soon sitting down beside azalas "I rather did enjoy traveling a bit though something told me it was best to come back home" she said as she looked at him "there are some places i couldn't help but think maybe I should bring everyone here one day"
  Nova / EternalSnow / 42d 12h 34m 29s
They found a bench luckily untouched by the snow and dry. He sat down on it with her. "So...How have you been besides the whole ambush last night?" He asked her
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 42d 12h 37m 42s
Nova looked to Azalas as she took his hand a bit more as her smile softened leaning her head against him softly as she looked at him softly as her cheeks had soft blush on them. she could't help but be a bit embarrassed as sell as she continued their walk
  Nova / EternalSnow / 42d 13h 1m 48s
A girl wandered through the forest wearing a dress with no sleeves her hands shook as she placed them on trees, she had no idea where or who she was and the fact that she was blind didn't help, suddenly hearing the sound of a crying baby drew her out of the forest and into the snow as she followed the sound then kneeled down once the sound was at it's loudest and felt around lightly until she was touching the baby. Carefully she scooped the babe into her arms and lightly felt it's face and tiny body it was a girl between newborn-3months. The girl stood up and turned her head to the sound of voices, they sounded muffled so there must be a building near her and she slowly got up, and walked with a hand in front of her until she felt a house then she moved along it till she found a door and she knocked lightly beginning to shiver in the summer dress she was in and she made sure to hold the baby tight so she wouldn't be effected by the snow any more than she was.

[#00ff14 "I'm sorry my love I'm sorry you were born to me I promise I will come for you, but right now I can't keep you and your father... please my love wait for me be human don't let them see who you really are I will come for you I promise... Be a good girl... I love you..."] a man said before wrapping his young daughter in some form of magic and wishing her to a place where she would be safe, but upon landing the newborn burst into tears she was laying on something cold and coldness was also falling on her. It was only a few moments later that the baby was scooped into anothers arms and her crying ceased almost immediately and her eyes looked up at the other who's eyes were pure white and the way she felt around the infant told her the girl was blind, but she cooed at the touch and used her tiny hand to cling to the girl's gown a bit startled when she smelt milk on the girl and her mouth watered, but before she could cry and ask for food they were moving and she was being held close to the girl's chest so no sound could really escape, and the movement of the girl's walking lulled the newborn to sleep as she was very tired from just being born and having to use her powers to turn off her powers so soon.
  Blind Sammy / V1rg081tch / 42d 22h 42m 29s
Jeremiah scratches his head a little after hearing what Caim has to say. For a dragon to admit that a presence was overwhelming wasn’t something to take lightly, but for now he’d at least share what he knew. It would be selfish to have him come all the way here for nothing. [+maroon “Some... bein, showed up while I was inside. He didn’t give a name but a warning. Said he planned to kill everyone here, lot a talk of his power. Sounded like a typical demon from description and yet his ability was on a whole other scale. It was like time had stopped when he appeared, never felt nothin like it...”]

He trailed off into thought. Just bringing it up was difficult enough, it was as if none of it made sense. A demon who displayed god tier abilities? Strength is one thing but slowing down time was completely on a different level. That’s along the lines of omnipotent abilities and if that was the case then was this a demon at all or a god? He couldn’t jump the gun just yet though. For now he’d just work off of what he knew to be certain until more was revealed. [+maroon “I’m gonna head on back to the orphanage and see if I can find Azalas there, if not I’ll just have t’wait on him. I can’t very well leave the kids there without protection. One more thing though, whoever it was wore a gold lookin dear skull on his head. I know better than to tell a dragon to be careful, but watch your back. If him and the dragon from earlier were connected you’d have t’worry about two powerful enemies at once. Take care”], he said before making his way back to the orphanage.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 43d 6h 10m 46s
"W..what h'ppen",she says, it coming out as a garbled mess again then closed her eyes, her chest heaving and it seemed like she was struggling for or fighting to catch her breath.

She opened her eyes and tried to say something again, her vision blurring and doubling, a loud ringing in her ears, making her clumsily cover her ears with her trembling and sweaty hands.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 43d 11h 37m 40s
[h3 [center Caim]]
The dragon had begun moving around, nose to the ground, forked tongue flicking out now and then, testing the air. He would remember these scents, keep them in the back of his mind for future references. Though the dark energy that was left behind was enough for him.
His wings were folded against his sides, but the spine-like sail along his back was fully flared. The beast suddenly moved his head, hearing the voice now directed towards him. Caim lowered his head, letting himself become eye-level with Jeremiah.
[#b22222 [b "That dark, evil energy? Dark times ahead...death and destruction will be plentiful in the near future."]]
The dragon shifted a bit, claws glinting slightly, [#b22222 [b "As for the owner, I am unsure. First, I had caught the scent of another dragon skulking about, something I'm not too keen on, and began a border patrol. Then that dark presence suddenly became overwhelming, so I came to investigate."]]
[#b22222 [b "And now I have found you,"]] the dragon seemingly released an annoyed hiss, pupils remaining narrowed.
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 43d 21h 20m 28s
He walked out the entrance of the church, the black case now gone but the hilt hanging from a strap on his belt. He sighed and shook his head a bit before realizing that Caim had been outside.

[b [i Interesting... was he drawn here by that... thing... from earlier? Their presence was... immense... a completely different... scale.] ]

[+maroon “Hey, Caim was it? I don’t know if you felt that too but we might have a problem”], Jeremiah said with an distant look in his eyes. [+maroon “I’d like t’chat more, but I have a message for Azalas that needs quick deliverin. You wouldn’t happen t’know where the man is would ya?”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 44d 1h 59m 56s
She tried to say something but it came out as an indistinguishable mess, her tongue and lips not wanting to work right then looked at her surroundings, noticing they changed and squinted her burning and watery eyes, her heart pounding in her ears.

She tried to stand but fell against a tree and coughed into her hand as she stumbled to the front door, falling against it then fell inside, hitting soft grass once again.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 44d 2h 26m 35s
Deep in the woods whispers could be heard all around Amy.

[b "Amy..."]

The whispers echoed throughout the forest as wild animals scattered away from the whispers. The air around the forest thickened and the trees stood motionless.

Remos could barely be seen in the far distance. The only thing visible was his mask. He appeared right by Amy as he matched her pace and walked alongside her with hi arms behind his back and his hands clasped together. He stared at her ominously and smirked beneath the mask. He was unseen by her but his voice could be heard. He repeated the same words he told Jeremiah.

"I am the bringer of darkness. I am the monster that hides under your bed, the monster that children called the boogeyman...The beast that lurks in the woods and snatches young campers...I am every negative thought you have ever had in your pitiful existence...I am every bad misdeed you have brought into this world..." Remos laughed with an ominous tone as he looked ahead and walked with Amy through the endless forest.

"The world is cruel my dear child, I should know, I helped create your pitiful existence. By the time we are done with our little walk, you will be outside your old home...You will see your family, your little brother Azalas, your mom, and your dad, they are but figments though and reality will soon set in that you only have each other...You and your brother. Once you enter your old home you will be outside of the orphanage like nothing ever happened. If you want to be spared the death that is coming to you, you will kill your brother, If you kill him I will leave this world and keep it intact. Only one sacrifice has to be made. Kill him and I shall appear and reap his soul...And spare everyone else."

Remos continued on with her and stopped. He turned to Amy and clapped his hands signifying the walk was over with as the scenery changed.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 44d 2h 34m 45s
She jolted awake, the items crashing down and the windows cracking then started to fo onto a coughing fit then went onto the woods, noticing somebody standing alone in the middle of it "hey do you need any-",she started to say but the person turned around and blew a green powder into her face.

She yelped as the figure darted away, causing the birds to screech and fly off [b 'the hell was that, that shit burns my eyes and my throat like hell'],she thought as she fell to the ground, not remembering how she got out there or where she even was.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 44d 5h 5m 2s
Azalas nodded and gently took her hand in his and walked with her around the lake. "Yeah...It sure is beautiful with the snow and the polar night too. It also brings out your eyes and your hair, you are mesmerizing Nova." He smiled and continued to walk with her.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 44d 5h 23m 46s
She had gotten out the car as she had smiled softly as she had looked at him with a few gently smile on her face looked at the lake "it has really been a while sense we came out here " she said as she looked at him as she closed her eyes a bit as they walked.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 44d 5h 31m 41s

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