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[h3 [center Caim & ???]]
Caim was growling low under his breath. He had been getting ready to pry the boy's jaws apart from his tail, then Jeremiah stepped forward. It was most likely for the best that he had removed the boy. Caim would've most definitely got rough, and probably would've simply either whip his tail hard until the child let go, or beat the child against the wall till finally releasing his tail.
The draconic shapeshifter only gave a snort at Azalas, using a scaled, clawed hand to wipe away the venom from his arm, [#b22222 "How the hell would I know. You know I prefer my cave and solitude away from this building, or any building in general."]
His eyes shifted back to the 2 children, continuing to growl softly under his breath, [#b22222 "Though this is deeply concerning...normally newly hatched chicks of any dragon or draconic beast aren't able to take human form so soon. It is usually several years before they learn..."]
Caim's eyes narrowed, pupils thin slits in the bright yellow.

[hr ]

The boy made an attempt to claw at Jeremiah, his own small tail lashing in a very agitated manner. Though as he was set down, his tail was instantly grabbed by the small girl, who lightly tugged, making an unhappy chirrup almost.
The child would've turned around to confront his sister, yes they were indeed siblings, but the strong hand upon his head currently kept him in place. The only thing he could really do was growl at the man, eyes glaring.
However, one could not exactly blame the pair for how they were acting. The had just hatched several hours ago, and something clicked, which in turn had them take to human form. There had been no guiding parent figure for them to set their eyes upon when they had just broke the shell of their egg.

The small girl crawled a bit, then pushing up onto her feet. She walked to the side of the boy, grabbing his hand in her tiny fist. Soft eyes looked up towards the tall man who kept her brother in place.
In a tiny voice, the small girl spoke, [#6495ed "F...ffff...f-food?"]
It seemed she was just starting to speak, but seemed it would only be a matter of time before perfect sentences would follow.
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 145d 48m 31s
Azalas nodded. "Yeah do that." He told Nova. "That way they are out of harms way and we can fight him off...I hope we can...If anything does happen just remember Nova..." He looked at her and held her hands. "I love you...We totally got this but I just wanted to tell you that in case this goes south." He smiled at her.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 145d 7h 58m 53s
Realm" she said as she looked at him raising an eye brow "Where did you think I go when ever i needed some quiet time" she said as she had looked at him as she had.
  EternalSnow / 145d 9h 25m 54s
Jeremiah followed Azalas into the kitchen, watching as things unfolded. The two children were new. He took notice to the box that now laid on the floor and what contents had spilled out. He remembered seeing the box when he had entered the kitchen earlier but two children couldn’t possibly fit inside right? Then again things have happened that are harder to believe. Thankfully Nova had shown up and Azalas took care of letting her know what had been going on so they could try to figure out some sort of plan for all of this, but the children had obviously been at odds with their presence.

The boy had attacked but thankfully Cain had quickly made his way to intervene. Jeremiah sighed slightly before lowering his hand from his gun and crossing his arms, a frown now taking the place of his normal look.

[b [i Calm... down... they’re only children... they need... time to learn.] ]

He made his way over to Caim and the boy, stretching his fingers a little. [+maroon “Let’s see bout this”], he said as he placed one hand on top of the boy’s and and another placed carefully onto his bottom jaw. He slowly unhinged the kid’s teeth from Caim’s tail before placing his on the ground next to girl. They obviously were together, siblings possibly, but hopefully it would calm her down to have him closer. He made sure to keep his hand pressed firmly down on the boy’s head as to keep him in place. As Caim said he was obviously draconic, it was a task altogether to keep him from moving away. [+maroon “Calm down now, no need t’fight us. We ain’t gonna hurt either of ya but you can’t be attackin us out of the blue. How about I make y’all somethin to eat instead?”] His eyes thinned, locked onto the boy with hints of caution and intense purpose.

[b [i Good boy... don’t let your nature... guide your hands... they’re only children and need to learn peace... so teach them.] ]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 145d 9h 47m 41s
"Good to know..." Azalas told Caim. "Where in the world did they come from do you know?"
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 145d 10h 23m 59s
[h3 [center Caim & ???]]
Caim's wings continued to pump against his body, speed increasing. His form shifted slightly mid-flight, a sleeker and swifter dragon form.
It wasn't long before his now swift, bladed wings brought him to his cave on the outskirts in the forest around the orphanage. Caim was just getting ready to enter his cave when he stopped. His forked tongue flicked out, testing the air. His yellow eyes glowed, pupils narrowed into thin slits. The scent coming from the orphanage...a hydra.
Now, Caim was usually keeping to himself, but at the scent of another draconic beast, his wild instincts instantly felt challenged. Then what will all the other dark activity happening, it didn't put him at ease.
Once again, wings snapped open, now taking him towards the orphanage.

[hr ]

The small boy had begun to eat what was left of said sandwich, the little girl having found some slightly rotten fruit to eat...
Hearing movement nearby, the heads of both children lifted upwards, staring towards the male whom had entered. Instinctively, the little girl dove behind the boy, cowering behind him. She began to whimper, tears starting to form at the corners of her blue eyes.
As for the boy, he was now standing, curling his lips back to show unnaturally sharp fangs. Despite such a small stature, it was clear he was ready to move should something or someone prove to be a threat.
The large man who approached, was a clear threat, or in the eyes of the children. The closer the man got, the louder the growl that came from the boy. He must've made too quick of a movement, or got too close, for the small boy suddenly lashed out, jaws wide.

A blur sped in front of Azalas, revealing a long, spiny tail, and an even louder growling. Caim had arrived, and he didn't seem the least bit happy about it.
The child that had tried to attack Azalas, currently was gripping the draconic shapeshifter's tail, drooling slightly. Caim's yellow eyes shifted towards Azalas and Nova, his own lips curling back.
[#b22222 "Never turn your back on [b any] dragon or draconic beast, even if they are just hatched."]
His gaze shifted to the boy who was still clamped on his tail. The small girl had begun to cry, little fists moving to rub at her eyes, tail curled tightly between her legs.
Caim moved the boy in front of him, eyes landing on said 'drool'. The draconic male's lips remained curled back, [#b22222 "Consider yourself lucky you weren't bit. That 'drool' isn't drool, but venom. Though still newly hatched, Gravalmes Hydra venom could likely leave you deathly ill for a week."]
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 145d 10h 36m 19s
"Other side? Like other side of town or a realm?" He asked her gently
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 145d 13h 7m 11s
"Do you want me to move them all, i'm sure that there is room in my home on the other side" Nova said grasping his hands back.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 145d 13h 21m 15s
Azalas gently grabbed Novas hands. "Jeremiah told me a dangerous threat is coming to kill everyone here in this town. Even the entire world I think." He told her. "I don't want the children to be caught in this mess when we have to face him."
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 145d 13h 43m 20s
Nova had came down stairs after a while stretching as she looked around a bit. "What is going on in here " she asked a little confused by it . " is everything alright in here" Nova's tails bound to one another as a fluffy mass behind her before disappearing.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 145d 14h 56m 50s
She was in her room and was grabbing any hidden weapon she could find and heard Azalas' voice, knowing that some shot was about to go down.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 145d 17h 36m 20s
Azalas heard weird noises coming from the kitchen. He was just in there earlier but didn't notice anything. He walked back in there and nearly fell on the ground. "What in the?!" He asked out loud.

He slowly moved towards the two children and started to pick up the trash. "I'm not here to hurt anyone...But where did you kids come from?" He asked gently but stern.

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan Entrance]]]]


Remos and his followers entered the town as people looked at the group from the sidewalk and businesses. He sometimes stared back at them and waved which added to the creepiness factor.

Police officers soon drove up to stop him in his tracks and they did just that. They got out of their vehicles. "What's your business being dressed like that? It ain't halloween. Also why you got all these people following you? This some sort of promotional event or something?"

"You can say that..." He took one step foward and the cops aimed their guns at him.

"Not another step!"

Remos chuckled. He walked towards the cops and smirked beneath his mask.

The cops fired at him but all they saw was their bullets disappear into his cloak.

Remos walked past them as their eyes turned black and they put their guns to their heads and blew their brains out. Two followera from his group grabbed their guns and continued to follow him.

People who watched screamed in horror and they ran away which Remos let happen. He could spare a few souls. It wouldn't hurt.

He soon entered a neighborhood not too far from the entrance. "Go my disciples. Convert them all. Bring them to me. If they try to fight. Paint their walls red with their blood."

His followers nodded in unison and all ran towards different houses in small groups as they broke in them. Screams could be heard from multiple locations. Some from pain, and some from being dragged away.

Remos looked up at the evening sky as it started to snow. He chuckled and then started to laugh maniacally.

[h3 [b [i [center The Organization HQ]]]]

"You...I told you!" Maria scolded Delou.

Delou sighed. "A parent is a parent Maria. They are our kids and it hurts me to see them suffer through this alone. I wish Azalas was there but he's actually apparently on a date with some girl. Forgot her name. Don't worry. I made sure she forgot our encounter."

Maria rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Yeah guys we got bigger problems than family feud...Remos just went all Jonestown on us." Henry said.

"What?!" Delou asked.

"Yeah the crazy fucker just took over a bus full of people and made them his slaves. Now they're kidnapping people from their homes. I assume to amass more followers. He's preparing for something big and we have to stop him. We have to make ourselves known. Forget the Galaxy Cube. There won't be existence at all if Remos destroys that universe. The Child of Light is in it and we don't know who they are. If Remos kills it...His seal breaks and he becomes whole. Remnants of him like this one are bad enough...A whole Remos? Not even the gods can save their own creations from him...And he is one of those fucking gods." Henry said.

"What do we do then?" Maria asked.

"All we can do right now is hope for the best." Henry said watching the monitor wall.

Outside of the HQ was a desolate and destroyed city. The skies were grey and buildings were destroyed or taken over by nature. Machines meant for security flew around and ones also roamed the grounds. Killing whoever had a pulse.

In the far east was a massive cave. Inside was a stone tomb with dark purple energy seeping out of the crevices of the heavy lid. A mural of The Child of Light was painted on a giant wall behind the tomb. The Child of Light had a mark on their shoulder. The Mark of The Undying.

A quote that glowed golden above the mural read out in an ancient language of the Architects of Life.

[b [center [i The Child of Light is given this mark, so they may never die...For if they meet death and truly do, Remos will awaken.]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan Neighborhood]]]]

Soon the entire neighborhood was filled with people with black eyes and emotionless expressions. Remos stood in the middle as they made a circle around him.

"Our first mission is to take over the local military facility deep in the forest. This is one of the few towns that has a military presence with nuclear missles." He chuckled evilly.

They all nodded in unison.

They all followed the next destination.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 145d 23h 42m 41s
[h3 [center Caim]]
Eventually, the other dragon took off with a final, defiant screech. Caim glared after the other beast, lips still curled back, showing his fangs. His tail was lashing back and forth, now the air coming off of him releasing immense cold. His large wings flared outwards, jumping upwards into the skies.
From a distance, he followed the other dragon, making sure it was leaving his territory. Thankfully, the other did finally leave the grounds behind, once again leaving Caim at peace with his territory around the orphanage. He threw his head back, releasing a jet of ice and snow. The warning lingered in the air for several moments, then completely disappeared.
Yellow eyes suddenly shifted to the side, settling on the mountains nearby. He had only flown there a few times, enjoying the peace and serenity, but a sudden change reached him through the air. Something was not right; danger, threats. The large sail along his back was completely flared upwards, a low rumble coming from him.
Caim moved in one, swift movement. He whipped around in the air, wings pumping, picking up speed. He needed to return, there was safety back home; cave, darkness, safe.
[h3 [center ???]]
Time passed, and as such, now 2 small children currently sat on the kitchen floor, right in the middle of the rubbish that had been knocked out of the bin.
The little girl looked towards the little boy next to her. She noticed he was currently holding what appeared to be a half-eaten sandwich. A frown crossed her features, moving onto her knees, beginning to reach a small hand towards part of the sandwich.
However, he noticed, a small growl escaping the boy. The little girl paused, having heard the growl. Her blue eyes started to shine, clearly on the edge of tears, but she bit them back. Her tail curled up between her legs, instead moving to look elsewhere in the garbage which they had tipped over and onto the kitchen floor when they had still been in their true form.
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 146d 45m 51s
Azalas shook his head. "Sadly not any I can think of. The castle would be a great place but of course, we got issues down there as well. Maybe I can make a deal with this asshole. He seem like the kind to take deals?" He asked Jeremiah.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 146d 2h 27m 16s
He stood silently for a moment pondering places the kids could stay. He had many places scattered about that were left behind by the Judges, but they were all rather derelict and the nearest one to there was way too far for a quick relocation. Thinking about it this guy knew who he was so he might know all of the locations he used to occupy. In fact, with how easily this masked man manages to appear without warning having the kids away from them seemed even more dangerous than having them close. It would be easier to place them somewhere hard to reach and defend them rather than to try hiding them away. Still there are many secrets around this place that Jeremiah himself doesn’t know about so maybe there was somewhere around for them to take the kids that was impossible to reach. [+maroon “Do you have any nearby locations that no one knows about? The only other option I see is putting them somewhere with only one entrance and putting ourselves between them and our enemies.”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 146d 8h 39m 42s

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