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"Let them tease...Who cares, we love eachother and that's what matters. You're my universe and I'm your galaxy." He smiled softly at her and hugged her. "We should probably get home...Or did you want to go have lunch at a diner?" He asked her.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 40d 5h 38s
"I can hear them now just trying to tease away" she said as she giggled smiling as she had held on to him as she had snuggled against him a bit I'm more than happy share a room though" she said as she had looked at him as she had looked at him from the corner of her eye.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 40d 7h 24m 34s
[h3 [center Caim]]
[#b22222 [b "Mm...typical. A creature that is all bark, and no bite. No matter, all things have a weakness."]]
Without so much as looking back, or even offering Jeremiah a ride back to the manor, Caim once again took off into the sky above. He wasn't too worried, certain that the other would find their way back home with little, to no hinderance.
The dragon's wings thrust back and forth, once again pushing him through the dark sky. Caim's main concern at the time, was making sure the borders of what he considered [i 'his'] territory to be free of any intruders. There was still that possible other 'dragon' that had been mentioned, as well as the scent lingering on the air.
[#b22222 [b ~Hmph, it would unfortunate if I were forced to bring out one of my more powerful forms~]] a random thought.
He was a draconic shapeshifter after all, but there were even a few forms that long ago when still by his mother's side, had been forbidden to use unless absolutely necessary. As such, Caim had never used them, so it was anyone's guess as to what would happen should the young dragon be forced into such a predicament.
[h3 [center ???]]
Something moved, the large box beginning to shake a bit. At the time, there had been no one inside. The cozy warmth of the inside had seeped into the box. The rock and plant material in the box seemed to soak in the warmth, perhaps with also a touch of unknown magic, creating a perfect environment inside.
The contents began to shake, the giant box suddenly rocking fully off onto the floor. The box continued to violently shake, before suddenly falling onto its side, the flaps suddenly exploding open. A wet, sloppy form slid out, strange red vines and unknown black stones covered in the fluid spread on the floor.
Slowly from the sopping form, a small head slid to the side. Following that head, another one came from the opposite side. The small, serpentine creature gave a gurgled chirp, followed by small coughing, getting the fluid out of its lungs.
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 41d 20h 3m 57s
She ended up passing out again, laying on her stomach and was snoring slightly, her chest hurt and her eyes burned from the powder but she didnt feel like moving since the nausea was getting worse by the minute.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 41d 23h 29m 12s
He sighed, rubbing his eyes for a moment as Amy took the medicine. At least that might help, but the question was how much. She’s need a real doctor if things were excepted to get better and yet so much had happened he hadn’t even gotten the chance to go out and survey the surrounding cities or towns. Are there even any nearby doctors?

[b [i Aren’t you... forgetting... something... blood child?] ]

Jeremiah’s eyes widened a flashed with a quick glint it crimson before he pushed himself up off of the wall. [+maroon “Try t’rest as much as ya can. I have a bit a business to take care of, at least until your brother gets back”], he said before exiting the room. He had been in such a rush he didn’t even think to inform Katashi about what had happened. He’s been here longer than him so he might know at least something about it. He made his way down the stairs, passing by Aki along the way with a sigh of relief knowing that he was safe, before heading over to the Katashi and speaking just low enough for him to hear. [+maroon “We need t’talk. Do what you can t’help them first and foremost, but we might be in a helluva lot a trouble. Come to me as soon as you can.”]

He moved over to the door and looked out at the cat on the porch and at closer inspection noticed this wasn’t a regular kitten. [+maroon “A panther cub, eh?”] He walked outside onto the porch and sat down on the steps, looking out into the darkness. He’d leave the door open just in case but he’d wait here for the time being. He couldn’t help but be on edge of what was to come. [+maroon “You wouldn’t happen to be able t’talk would ya? It wouldn’t be the first time somethin like that has happened to me... this here is an orphanage. I couldn’t tell myself when I got here, but everyone is kind although things can get rather hectic.”] He pauses for a moment and sighed, watching as the stars glowed across the darkened sky. [+maroon “Well I sure hope you ain’t just a normal cub or I’m gonna sound pretty dumb sayin this, but you’re always welcome here. It may not seem like it, but we all want what’s best for each other... or at least most of us”], he said with a chuckle making sure to keep Willow in mind. [+maroon “We’re all in this together. That’s what it means to be family.”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 41d 23h 31m 27s
[b [i 'I..I didn't mean to startle you, ma'am...just..just if I...I was going to come up here I didn"t want to be alone..']] Sky found herself thinking as she had accidentally brushed the legs of the girl who had the child in her arms. Aside from thar, the kitten didn't "speak". A soft mew fid slip from her at the man who had set the milk down in the bowl. It had been her way to tell him thank you and she sniffed it. Not bad..and she was more hungry than she wanted to even admit and so she did lap some of the milk, golden eyes watching the second man who had come up when the first had left to...was it to take care of someone? The second seemed kinder and more gentle..more like a parent? But she shook her head and sat, watching the girl and baby taken in, not having moved when those eyes came back to her. She was still so very uncertain and skittish of those within. And that being the case...cold as she was, the panther cub curled up on the porch, tail wrapped around her and ears pressed to her head.
  Orphan~ / SheDevil / 42d 1h 36m 12s
[center [h3 Willow and Narmino]]
After dinner Willow and Narmino began heading back up to their room, but Willow spotted Peter crying on the couch and frowned she had given him to Azalas to care for and he just left him alone? The girl groaned and let go of Narmino's hand and walked over collecting the infant before returning to Narmino who hissed lightly but walked up the stairs and back to his and Willow's room before placing his hand on the wall and closing his eyes whispering a few things until the room expanded popping out a crib, changing table, and closet for the baby and Willow watched in awe until he was done then she walked into the bathroom and began running Peter a bath while Narmino began creating some food for the reborn boy out of his tree's sap. Once the boy was clean, dressed, and fed Willow put the boy in a baby rocker then dressed into her nightgown and crawled into bed finally letting out all the hell from the day hit her as she cried softly curling into Narmino's arms once he joined her. The two fell asleep soon after and spent the night taking care of Peter and trying to still get enough sleep for presumably 6 year olds.

[center [h3 Subject 902 and Sekai]]
902 spent the night on the top of the stairs that lead to the castle slowly working her way down waiting for the demons to notice her and eat her, but Sekai was careful not to go near the girl and curled up in his bed though his dreams were causing him to wake every few hours wanting him to go to the girl and his father had seemingly locked himself in his lab for the night so it was simply a matter of willpower for him to resist her pheromones.

[h3 [center Katashi]]
Kat spent the night as usual just painting and streaming though when morning hit he suddenly felt the presence of others and frowned before getting up, turning off his stream and heading downstairs noticing a girl holding a newborn with a panther cub around her ankles and then out of the corner of his eye saw Jeremiah dealing with Amy not seeming to have noticed the new girl's blindness as her eyes seemed to be pure white, but hey after what happened with Aki he wasn't expecting much to come out of the ex-hunter. Kat carefully walked up to the girl and the cub and lightly touched the girl's arm making sure to be in a position to catch the baby if she got to startled. [#0014cf “Hello there I am Katashi but most people just call me Kat, do you have a name?”] he asked his voice gentle as he kept his eyes on the 3 creatures though his parental instincts were kicking in as he smelt the panther cub's fear and he desperately wanted to shift, but as he seemed to be the only adult that wasn't busy he had to take care of the humans first, though he did reach over to the wall to turn on the fireplace so the cub could at least warm herself up if she wanted.

[center [h3 Sammy and Saraphina]]
Sammy jumped lightly hearing a man walk up behind her and talk to her but she was to scared to speak as the man had a very rough voice, when he invited her in telling her to sit on the couch or something before closing the door and apparently going to care for another she just stood there her world still black and her body cold as she held the now sleeping infant in her arms tight, not wanting to let the child go as it somehow made her feel safe. Sammy felt a brush of fur against her ankles and figured one of the pets of the house had come over, but she continued not to move until she jumped when her arm was slightly touched, but she was careful not to drop the baby as she turned her face to where the gentle voice was coming from introducing himself and asking for her name. [#9134ff “I...I...I don't remember...”] she said starting to hold the newborn closer which caused her to stir and begin fussing before once again smelling the milk on the other girl and began crying for food. As if by instinct the moment the baby in her arms began crying she freed her breast closest to the baby's head and the tiny one immediately latched onto it in her half wakened stage and began suckling out the milk that, though wasn't truly intended for her was still food.

[center [h3 Katashi]]
The boy was kind of shocked at the girl's forwardness to feed the baby especially when she looked no older than 13 and he moved slightly closer to block the view not knowing how the others in the room would react to one child breastfeeding another. [#0014cf “Well I'm sure we'll figure it out, do you at least remember your daughter's name?”] he asked placing a hand on the girls back and leading her towards the fireplace when he noticed Jeremiah come over with some cow's milk for the cub. [#9134ff “I don't... she was... Saraphina her name is Saraphina.”] The girl said and Kat frowned with the way she had stuttered, but didn't really want to take away the baby she seemed to have bonded with especially seeing the milk that wasn't quite making it's way into the baby's mouth meant the girl had most likely lost a child recently so if feeding this random newborn helped her he wasn't going to take that away not when in his own condition he didn't know how long he would keep his own child. Kat helped the girl sit on the couch and sat down beside her glancing over at the small panther to see if it had made any movement before grabbing a fire pick and poking a bit at the fire to keep it from going out.

[center [h3 Aki]]
Aki left the wolves early in the morning just before he shifted back and was surprised to see snow and he shivered as his clothes weren't made for this weather, though he was grateful to have clothes on at all when shifting back thanks to Kat who had special pixie dust that he used on his own clothes. Aki headed back into the house and headed up to his room where he dressed into warmer clothes before crawling into his bed and sleeping for longer not wanting to deal with the world, plus his head still hurt.
  Multi-Character Post / V1rg081tch / 42d 1h 24m 52s
She slightly gagged as she turned on her side again, puking the contents of her stomach into the trashcan then looked at the medicine confused as she took it without question.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 42d 3h 22m 45s
[+maroon “Hey, calm down. No need t’push yourself”], he said as he stood up. [+maroon “I’m gonna go get you some medicine, there must be somethin somewhere for ya. Just stay out and I’ll be back.”] Hw walked out of the room and went back down the stairs, stopping when he noticed what looked like a black cat in the darkness of the outside in front of the door. If it weren’t for their eyes he probably wouldn’t have even noticed it. He rushed to the kitchen and searched around until he found some medicine for coughs and something for fevers just in case. He then grabbed a small bowl from one of the cabinets and filled it with milk before going back to the front door and kneeling down. [+maroon “Whenever you’re ready young one. I don’t know if you’re just a kitten or somethin more, but I’m sure there ain’t nothin wrong with bein kind.”]

He went back into the kitchen and grabbed the medicine and a glass of water before making his way back to Amy’s room. He walked inside and placed the medicine on the closest table or desk he could see before leaning against the wall next to her bed. [+maroon “I’m not gonna force ya t’take any a this, but it would make me feel a tad better if ya did. I came here t’help as much as I could so forgive me if I seem new to this. It’s not really what I’m best at.”] He couldn’t help but think about everything that had transpired. A new threat that showed signs of great power threatening them outright. There were so many people here to protect and although he had done escort contracts in the past or simple perimeter defense contract the last thing he was actually worrying about was the safety of others. This would prove rather difficult in the long run, but he’d run into that wall when he got there. [+maroon “You just rest up and I’ll be here if ya need anythin.”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 42d 3h 52m 52s
Remos watched the orphanage from a safe distance as his cloak swayed in the cold wind.

He was waiting for Azalas and Nova to arrive back here and he would make his appearance or at least toy with them.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 42d 6h 3m 13s
A little black panther kitten hid under a bush in the snow, golden orbs upon the strange..was it a house? She wasn't exactly sure what she could call it and the fact that in this form she only saw in shades of grey didn't make anything easier. Half frozen, but too scared to move and get any closer was the problem that Sky faced as she was extremely timid and happened to struggle with people..err..others. But the cold was getting too much for her and she could just make out two larger figures, one going inside and the other still on the porch with a tiny person in their arms. And soon, the little panther kitten scampered out from her hiding place and was on the porch in front of the door, ears wiggling and nose twitching. There was no telling if this was safe or not..
  Orphan~ / SheDevil / 42d 16m 45s
"Not much...Just dealt with a few things but they were.minor...Nothing as serious as last night though." Azalas said to Nova. "Hey...I was wondering if you wanted to share rooms or still use our seperate rooms?"
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 42d 7h 3m 35s
Amy feels boneless as she was lifted up by Jeremiah. She suddenly feels far grosser than before, her skin prickly and numb at the same time, slick with sweat. Her stomach doesn’t agree with the unsteady swaying that she has no control over.

She tried to say something then started to cough again, going into a bad coughing fit, it sounding like a wet and very chesty cough, her hair plastered to her face.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 42d 7h 11m 47s
It didn’t take long before Jeremiah had arrived back at the orphanage and yet somehow even more had managed to transpire. The first thing he noticed upon reaching the building was a girl carrying an infant? He hadn’t seen her yet and with all the things happening recently he carried small traces of skepticism, but he had to keep in mind why he was there to begin with. He walked to the door and opened it for the two with a smile. [+maroon “There ya go, no need t’be timid. Head inside and make yourself comf-“], he paused seeing Amy lying on the floor covered in something. He sighed and walked in first.

[+maroon “You can rest on the couch or go into an empty room. I’ll take care of this and get someone t’inform you on the place as soon as possible.”] He closed the door behind them before picking Amy up and carrying her up the stairs and down the hall to her room, placing her on her bed. He used his fingers to rub off a bit of the pollen covering her and sniffed it, instantly coughing a bit and rubbing it off on his pants. [+maroon “Shit”], he said before coughing more. [+maroon “God damn I hate this stuff!”] He had run in with weaponized gift pollen in the past. Needless to say it didn’t go very smoothly.

He brushed the rest of the excess pollen off of Amy and cleaned it up so no one else would have to deal with it. She wasn’t looking too good and after that fight it would no don’t take her time to recover. He placed his hand on her forehead to check for a fever, but he never was very good at that so he couldn’t tell. He let out a sigh and sat down on the bed next to her, [+maroon “I’m sorry I left in such a rush earlier, if I were here I could a helped sooner. If I’m speakin truth I’m not real good at this type a stuff, nor do I know if tryin could make things worse.”] He pulled a clean cloth from his jacket, which he’d normally use to clean his guns after use, and wiped the blood off of her face. This was a much better use for it.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 42d 7h 15m 48s
"And what about you what all has happened when I was gone" she said as she had looked at him tilting her head
  Nova / EternalSnow / 42d 7h 56m 10s

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