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The waiter nodded and left to make the food but first get the drinks.

Azalas sighed sadly. "I hope so...After this we'll go back home. I need to check in with Jeremiah and them anyway. I don't like what I've been feeling, especially that crazy person that nearly caused us to crash earlier." He grabbed her hand gently. "If anything is going bad I'll protect all of you...Especially you. I know you can hold your own but if I lost you I would go insane." He said to her.

The waitwr brought the drinks over and went to give the chefs the meal orders.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 37d 11h 24m 30s
She tilted her head and smiled "The norther light special" she said with a smile it was a wild game meal that was served seasonaly from time to time. she was giggling a bit as she looked at them and smiled "the one with cloud berries " she said happily "and to drink a sprite" she looked to Azalas tilting her head "You think amy will be alright."
  Nova / EternalSnow / 37d 12h 53m 35s
"It's been forever." He told her. He was worried about the people at the orphanage but knew Jeremiah and Amy had it under control as well as Katashi. Azalas needed some time away. He wanted to at least be on a date with Nova which they were both doing right now.

"What would you like Sir? A waiter asked Azalas. "Just chicken fried steak, sweet potato fries, and brussel sprouts. Mountain Dew please." Azalas said.

The waiter nodded. "And for you ma'm?" He asked Nova.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 37d 23h 30m 13s
Nova was smiling as they made it in side and took their seats "How long has it been sense we have been in here" she said as she looked at him tilting her head. "I would think they this is going to held on.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 37d 23h 44m 19s
Henry stood side by side in an unknown facility with his other colleagues as they had their arms behind their backs. They were all watching what was an entire wall of monitors...Monitors of peoples daily lives, different universes but the same world; Earth. These people were simply known as The Organization; an isolated race of humans on an isolated planet in an isolated universe who were given the task to overlook humanity by the gods themselves but they soon defected and are now acting on their own. They still do their job somewhat but with ill intentions; They are trying to find the device that created existence. They want it for themselves, but they are also watching Remos' every move, watching his multiple remnants of himself in each universe as he makes his move.

Delou looked at Henry and sighed. "I thought he was sealed away on this planet we inhabit...Why is he in the X-Verse?"

Henry sighed. "I'm not sure, I was sure The Child of Light sealed him away many years ago on here...But I guess some of him escaped."

Maria, who was right beside Delou chimed in. "This is bad, we all know what he is capable of."

The other leaders nodded in agreement.

Delou sighed and stepped away from the monitor wall and sat down at the conference table. "We need to intervene."

"No absolutely not. Amy and Azalas think we are dead! If they see us they'll have questions, questions we both cannot answer!" Maria said.

"Then what Maria?! We just sit by and let Remos destroy everything we have worked hard to keep?" Delou asked.

"To be fair we aren't so good ourselves Delou. We are trying to steal our creators device that made everything in the first place. What were you planning on using that for anyway?" Henry asked.

Delou gave an angry smirk and wagged his finger and Henry. "Don't give me that bullshit Henry, you know you want the Galaxy Cube just as much as the rest of us. Imagine having your own universe, your own megaverse! Imagine creating your own humans yourself. We wouldn't use it for evil, we would be able to restore Wa back to it's original glory! Back before Remos fucked it all up! Before we had to put the first humans on this planet inside a giant simulation. I'm not sure if you've seen it but Wa is completely fucked up right now! Monsters roam every corner down there and deadly machines have awoken thanks to a messed up security facility deep in the north."

"The Terraformer Delou! How many times do I have to mention that?!" Henry replied.

"The Terraforming facility is at the far east, which by the way is overrun by deadly monsters too! Not to mention we have to activate
the Alpha, Omega, Gamma, and Beta facilities...And we also have to activate the killswitch at Security Sector X in the far north to disable the security machines. We may be The Organization but we are not fucking immortal!" Delou said.

Henry sighed and nodded. "Well I guess the Galaxy Cube is our next best option right?"

Delou nodded. "Even that won't be an easy task."

[h3 [b [I [center The Frontyard of The Orphanage]]]]


Christopher Sangrum entered the front yard of the orphanage and whistled. "Sure is cold tonight...I wanted to check if everybody was okay." He said to everyone who was outside. He was the owner of the Human Care Foundation that funded the orphanage but was also the same one who needed to be paid the 4000 dollars that was owed to the foundation. "I hope I wasn't too hard on you guys for the money issue. I also see a bunch of new faces here so that's always nice. Remember, tell the headmaster he has one year. I would hate to have to foreclose this wonderful place...And I heard about the incident that happened here and just wanted to let you all know that the local military fort is preparing for another attack just in case."

He turned around to leave and got in his car and drove off.
  Proctor Henry / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 38d 5h 40m 28s
[b [i He’s here... hurry... and talk... tell him... so we can... move...] ]

Jeremiah blinked a few times, his eyes turning to the cub for a moment before closing slowly.

[b [i Still so... weak... if you wish... to keep... the child... in the dark... then use... my... power... I will guide... you... so do... as... I say... and don’t... lose... control...] ]

His eyes opened slowly as he pressed the tips of his fingers on the hilt hanging from his side. The moment he touched it his hand was enveloped by what seemed like a black cloth but it stopped just before his wrist, reverberating as if trying to reach further up his arm. He made sure to do his best to keep it out of sight, but he had to relearn all of this at some point. This would have to be a lesson. If he could hold it back this time then things would simply be smoother in the future.

[b [i Close your eyes an keep them out of sight... don’t let them see what’s inside... the dark shades of my perfection come at a difficult price... breath... slowly... step by step... moment... by... moment... now visualize the person you wish to speak to... come up the words... and speak... but don’t open your mouth... no words will come out if you do... just speak to their mind... the only way to do so... with my... power...] ]

His eyes opened slightly, black orbs with two red dots taking the place of his pupils. They farted over to Katashi before closing again. Then with a deep breath he began to speak.

[i [+maroon We’ve got a problem... Someone... approached me... while I was away... warned me... threatened us... your family... our family... this place... threatened us all... I don’t... want to cause panic... amongst the children... so I’ll speak like this for... the time... being...] ]

He grinded his teeth, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead as he struggled to keep his focus. This was harder than he expected it to be. Still it had to be done for the sake of anyone who didn’t need to hear any of this.

[i [+maroon The man... gave no name... but specifically knew... Azalas and Amy... described... Nova... in detail... knew me... and my past... summons hellhounds... allied with dragons... his presence alone... made time feel... as if it stood still... strong enough... to catch Caim’s... attention... he said that he would... kill everyone... destroy not just us... but everything in general... we have to stop him... but also protect the kids... warn Azalas and Nova... prepare... for what’s to come... but the children... come first... they must be safe... before anything happens...] ]

His heart began to beat rapidly, his breathing picking up pace slightly. He removed his fingers from the hilt and the black cloth almost seemed to evaporate from his skin. With his eyes now normal, but carrying faint traces of fear within them, and his heart rate now slowing down he wiped the sweat from his brow and took another deep breath. [+maroon “I’ll let you handle things here, you seem better suited for this situation.”] He gave the cub a smile and a little wave. [+maroon “Be safe you two. I’ll be checking up on Amy again if you need me”], he said before making his way back to her room to see how she was doing.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 38d 6h 19m 4s
She woke up to the smell of something burning and frantically looked around as she sat up, her heart beating out of her chest then sniffed the air slightly.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 38d 7h 38m 38s
[b [i 'I..I use this form as an escape. I'm sorry that you can't be anything.']] The cub thought as she had been listening to the man's words. They weren't strange but they definitely weren't what she would expect. To even be 'talking' to someone this long was new for her. Scary even because of her general shyness and struggle to be around others.

[b [i "If...if too cold or something happens I will...just..just right now watching..']]

[i 'This place...was it an accident that I came here?'] The panther cub thought, noticing another panther nearby. And it gave her comfort to know she wasn't the only one who could shift like she could. Just to let him know that she understood, the cub let out a soft mew sound and wiggled her ears.
  Orphan~ / SheDevil / 38d 8h 6s
"Oh the Karoke one?" He asked her? He stood up and smiled and helped her up and walked her to their car and both got in. He felt uneasy for a bit before staring the car and driving off towards Hope Diner, a favorite in Alyan due to the karoke stage they had and usually small concerts were held there too.

He was driving along the road and quickly stopped when he saw what looked like Remos in the middle of the street. He pointed at them before dissapearing.

"Did you see that?" He asked.her. Maybe it was his imagination. He shook it off abd continued on towards the diner.

Once they arrived they both got out and went inside and sat at a booth seat with a window close to the stage
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 38d 11h 23m 48s
She stumbled back to her room and collapsed on the bed, falling asleep again, her body shaking
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 38d 12h 38m 40s
Nova had hid her face behind her hair for a moment before she had nodded looking up at him as she had smiled softly "yeah we can go to that one in town we both like you know the one with the stage in it" she said as she was smiling softly as she looked up to Azalas.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 38d 17h 12m 20s
Katashi frowned when Jeremiah came up to him and asked him to talk as though it was an order and the boy hissed when the man walked away his want to protect the cub growing, but he held himself back and just listened to the man talk to himself though he seemed to be answering someone so he wondered if the cub had some form of telepathy. Turning his attention back to the girls beside him he noticed she was starting to fall asleep and he smiled lightly and noticed the baby had finished feeding and had also fallen asleep, so carefully the boy stood and scooped the girl's into his arms after fixing the girl's dress and headed up to his room and tucked them into his rarely used bed he would talk to Azalas about getting them a room later.
Once the girl's were fully asleep Kat shifted into his panther form and headed downstairs to Jeremiah and the cub sitting off to the side to wait for Jeremiah to finish his talk with the cub so they could 'talk', though he did purr lightly so the cub would know she wasn't the only shifter who could take panther form.
  Him / V1rg081tch / 40d 1h 18m 24s
She woke up then groaned as she turned on her side, falling off the bed then grunted when she hit the floor, getting up and stumbled her way to the bathroom
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 40d 1h 33m 13s
At her words Jeremiah chuckled a bit. He relaxed himself ever so slightly and pulled a bullet from his pocket, rolling it back and forth on his knuckles. He had to relax more, if he stayed this tense then he might make a mistake when something eventually did happen. [+maroon “I hear ya, if I could be anythin other than what I am now I’d gladly take the choice. No need t,be shy though. As long as you’re here I’ll watch over ya.”]

[b [i Don’t... be so... quick... to make promises... you aren’t sure of... that’s... how you... fall...] ]

He shrugged it off and smiled a bit. Something about hearing hat voice gave him closure. Knowing that his actions were going against his natural instincts was calming in a way. [+maroon “If you prefer t’be outside then I won’t fight ya about it, but some events have happened around here lately. If the peace does manage t’escape us I’d like for you t’get inside so long as it’s safer.”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 40d 1h 51m 53s
The man from early that had given her the milk was back soon and on the porch. Her ears twitched as she listened to his words and slowly golden orbs fell on him. Could it hurt to at least answer one question? [b [i 'Not a normal cub...I can shift between this form and a human form...though....for now wanna stay like this.']] Sky was purposely letting him hear him and slowly looked to the sky and the stars above. The tension radiating from the man was strong and made her shiver. [b [i 'What has been happening here...?']] And again her head returned to her paws as she curled up tighter, still scared to go inside.
  Orphan~ / SheDevil / 40d 5h 6m 27s

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