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She looked at the man with wide eyes "that's impossible, my parents died in a car wreck",she says then immediately thought to call Azalas but her cell phone was back at the orphanage
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 36d 13h 16m 53s
The hostess's smile vanished as Azalas stood up for the child, but she handed the girl over nonetheless her thin arm now bruising from being held so tight. [#ffbf36 "My apologies sir I will leave her with you then."] the hostess sneered before turning on her heel and clomping away. The girl flinched away from Azalas when he stood to face the man who had been chasing her and smiled lightly at Nova when the woman offered her food and she nodded quickly ducking under the table and sitting on the bench beside the woman a chill running up her spine as she watched the woman's mate attempt to get her client to back off, and she clung to the woman's arm when her client was kicked out and the woman's mate came back. The girl stayed quiet listening to the two talk then when the food came the girl unclung herself from the woman and began digging into the food using her hands and feasting as though she was a toddler now just learning how to eat solids and not a ten year old girl.
Once she was done the girl once again clung to Nova as though her life depended on it and the two started leading her out to a car, but the girl flinched when she saw her client hadn't yet given up his fight. Listening to the two men talk the girl frowned when she heard Azalas assume the man was her father no the man was not her father her own father had sold her away when she was 3 to live a life of pain and misery being treated as nothing more than the Local Pedos Anonymous 'pillow' all because her mother had died saving her from a man trying to kidnap her.
Azalas's warning caused the man to back off but he glared over at the girl. [b [#FF0000 "You can't hide forever [i sweetheart] I'll make sure your handler hears about this."]] he hissed before scurrying off back to the town's red-light district to find another girl to abuse. Once the man was gone the girl sighed and shakily let go of Nova then curtsied lightly the paper thin dress she was in barely puffing out enough. [#d865d6 "Th-thank you for y-your help and th-the meal I owe you my life."] she stuttered wrapping her arms around her bare shoulders as a cool breeze blew past and her form then shifted to that of a girl with short matted brown hair and brown eyes, her true form as some would call it, as it was the form she tended to default too, and she looked around her down the ally's wondering which way she should go having been too engorged with her food to hear the part about taking her back to the orphanage.
  ~{Spawn}~ / V1rg081tch / 36d 20h 50m 0s
"Do you not Remember me Amy?" He asked her sadly. "It's me...Delou, your father." He told her gently.
  Proctor Delou / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 36d 21h 14m 11s
[h3 [center Caim]]
Caim slowly circled downwards once again. Back legs followed by front met the ground underneath him. The dragon had finally had the scent of the other dragon down, following it further off, and out of what he called his own territory. He paused, head turning back and forth, forked tongue flicking out to test the air.
[#b22222 [b ~Hm, seems the other dragon has left...good...I would...~]].
The young draconic shapeshifter never finished his thought at the sudden sound of wings followed by a screech. He felt claws try to dig into his tough scales, swinging his head around. Jaws met the joint of a wing, jerking hard. The shape was sent tumbling off of him, rolling over to reveal another dragon.
Caim released a snarl, puffing his form. His wings flared outwards, instantly giving him the illusion of being much bigger than he truly was. The other dragon snarled back, baring its own fangs, which were stained by old blood.
[#b22222 [b "You need to leave...NOW."]]
His voice was seemingly deeper, commanding. Icy frost billowed from his nostrils, a deep growl coming from deep in his chest.
[h3 [center ???]]
The little reptilian creature moved further away from the mess of the contents of the box that once held it. Bits of eggshell and the amniotic fluid were the only things left, followed by a slimy trail.
Hungry, it was hungry, they needed food, but there were so many others that were much larger and scarier than them. It barely made a sound as it slipped in and out under chairs and other sneaky places it could get into without being noticed.
A small head peaked out around a cupboard corner, but was promptly brought back by an angry meep by the second head. The left looked towards the right, giving an unhappy chirrup, but eventually, the right head must've made a decision, which in turn made the strange creature make a mad dash across the kitchen floor.
Ah, there was the scent. Course, it wasn't the most tasty of scents, but food was food when you had just hatched and were starving. The reptilian creature snuck around, then with the power of two heads, they pushed the garbage bin over with a loud thud, spilling the contents out for them to root through.
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 36d 21h 29m 31s
She jumped and almost fell into the snow as she looked at the man behind her as she shook the snow from her hair, tilting her head slightly, not remembering who he was.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 36d 21h 38m 27s
Azalas nodded.

They finished their meal and all left to get in his car but the guy was standing there drunk as a skunk. He smirked and pointed at the three. "You there! You think you guys can take her away from me? Especially you snow white." He looked at Nova. He stepped toward her but Azalas got in front of her.

"Just go home man, I don't want any trouble, my girlfriend and I are just trying to get home...Also we don't think your daughter is safe with you for right now so go on home and get some rest." Azalas said. He was ready to clock this guy.

The man stepped up to his face, the booze emanating from his breath. "You think you're tough? You think you're her knight in shining armor? You're nobody. That girl you love so much will leave you like that." He snapped his fingers and spit at Azalas' shoes. "All women do in the end."

Azalas chuckled and looked down and bit his lower lip. "Actually, I'm doing half and half. Protecting her from you, but most importantly protecting you from her. Let's just say when she smells fear and blood from assholes like you...She'll fuck you up. What you did to me back there? I oughta screw you up but I'm not because I just want to get home. We all had a tiring week, I just wanted to go on one date with my girlfriend and here you are fucking it up. Now get out of her face, my face, and your daughters face before I have Nova rip yours off." Azalas said. He was clearly pissed off.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 36d 23h 32m 1s
I think she should come with us for now and then notify the police . " Nova said as she had smiled happily then looked to the girl beside her ' ,besides if they guys comes and starts making a mess of things I get to have a bit of fun.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 36d 23h 48m 20s
Azalas nodded. He sat down and winced a bit. "Asshole." He mentioned the crazy guy. He moved close to Nova and their food finally came after a while.

He took a bite from his food and smiled a bit. "Hey...Nova, should we take her back to the orphanage?...Or notify the police about her crazy father?" He asked her.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 37d 11m 54s
Nova had looked at the little girl as she gently patted her head tilting her head "everything will be ok now" she said as she looked at the girl. "Do you want to eat with us" she said as she had looked at the little girl and asked the waitress to get her the same things she was going to eat "I will pay for her meal" Nova said as she let out a little sigh as she looked at Azalas "Are you alright"
  Nova / EternalSnow / 37d 15m 22s
Delou watched Amy from a safe distance within the forest. He sighed sadly and wanted to speak to her but Maria was right. They could not jeopardize their mission for the sake of their children.

He held a device in his hand that would be able to erase the memory of their encounter. He thought about what he was doing and sighed.

Delou walked over to where Amy was and tapped on her shoulder.

"You look so grown." He said to her.
  Proctor Delou / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 37d 40m 10s
She ended up walking back out to the woods and was hanging out in one of her favorite spots to hang out in, playing with the freshly fallen snow and was humming to herself as she listened to her surroundings the best she could.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 37d 1h 37m 30s
[b [i You’ve gone... soft... forgotten... your promise...] ]

Jeremiah peeked inside Amy’s room to find that she was gone. He paused for a moment, thinking to himself that at least she was up and about, before making his way to his own room. He grabbed a few rolls of bullets and his tools from his bag and began making his regular bullets into dragonslayer ammo, a trick he had learned from his father.

[b [i Don’t... ignore me... you’ve been doing that... for so long... our promise... your promise... that you made... to me... you must... remember... speak... to me...] ]

The voice had always been faint, like a soft whisper in the back of his mind. He had been ignoring for the most part been when it had been instructing him earlier he realized that it was more than just secondary thoughts. So would talking to it directly really be that odd? He couldn’t even remember the voice or hear it up until recently, so why not try?

[+maroon “Tell me, how do I talk to ya? You can’t just be my thoughts”], he asked to only be met with silence. [+maroon “Who are you? What are you? What promise did I make?”] After a short pause the voice quietly responded.

[b [i Sleep... and think... of me... remember me the way... you used to] ]

Jeremiah’s eyes widened and he hesitated for a moment. Something about what the voice had said just seemed... right. He couldn’t understand, but he’d do as it said. He placed the bullets he had finished down and laid on the bed, closing his eyes and slowly falling asleep.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 37d 2h 8m 28s
Azalas looked at the scene unfold as he waited for their meal. He let go of Novas hand and watched the girl hide away and then be dragged out towards them.

He stared at Nova confused, was this really her sister? He knew better than that. Nova would've mentioned that to him.

He stood up and saw the man walk in the diner. He looked like he had been drinking heavily as Azalas could smell the liqour all over him. "Yes. I'm her brother in law." Azalas said to the lady. This little girl is my girlfriends sister. I'm so sorry for the trouble." He told her.

He sat the little girl with them as the crazy man looked around for her. He growled under his breath and looked straight at Azalas. "You! What're you staring at you punk?" He asked angrily.

"The TV..." Azalas said.

The man got angry and thought Azalas was being a smart ass and stomped over yo him. He grabbed him by the throat not noticing Nova or the little girl and threw him into a modern jukebox. "You think you're hot shit ain't ya?"

Azalas grunted in pain as he stood up. Shards of glass from the jukebox jutting out from his arm and back as he winced in pain a bit.

"Okay sir, you need to leave. NOW." The manager said as they came out of the kitchen.

"I saw your face. Next time I'm gonna fucking kill you. Think you're tough shit." The man said to Azalas as he was being escorted out
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 37d 4h 41m 43s
Kat hissed slightly when the man decided to invade his mind with telepathy, but listened him out anyway rolling his eyes, he may be an airhead who paints to much but Kat knew he had to protect the family when it came time. When a dark ribbon began wrapping around Jeremiah's arm Kat growled a warning growl he didn't know what this man was capable of, but he hadn't seen anything good come from him yet so when the ribbons looked to be aiming for the cub Kat acted quickly and scooped the cup up by her scruff and ran inside and up to his room not noticing Christopher walking up to the house. Laying the cub on his bed Kat shifted back to his human form though one a bit younger as to hopefully not scare the cub or wake the other two as he climbed up next to her. [#0014cf "Sorry about that I hope I didn't hurt you I just don't trust that guy he's only been here a day and the house has gone to shit, and the way he acts as if he has power here irks me, I didn't want him hurting you."] Kat said before shifting back into his a panther cub himself and nudging her lightly with his nose purring softly.

[#FF0000 [b "GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT I KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! I KNOW ALL YOUR FORMS! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME!"]] a man yelled as he chased a girl down the street. The girl was running hard and fast weaving through people and making sudden turns to try and escape him when finally she dipped into a restaurant and hid in the closet where they kept the coats panting and wheezing trying to make herself be as quiet as possible as she listened to see if he'd pass. Thankfully she heard the man yelling as he ran past the place and she let herself sigh only to erupt into a coughing fit. Suddenly the closet opened and a voice could be heard. [#ffbf36 "I saw you run in here brat, please get out now before I call the police and have you arrested for theft and trespassing."] the hostess said and the girl paled her body shaking as she tried to quickly think of something then out of the corner of her eye she spotted a patron of the restaurant and shifted her form to look like her praying this would work. [#d865d6 "No please I'm sorry I didn't mean to come in here and I wasn't stealing I... I was running away from my drunken father my sister's on a date here please just let me speak to her then I'll go away."] the girl said as she got out of the closet with her hands raised before pointing over at Nova. The hostess glared at the girl and grabbed her arm roughly. [#ffbf36 "We'll see about that you little troublemaker, lets go talk with this 'sister'."] the hostess sneered before putting on her best 'fake smile and dragging the girl to where Nova and Azalas were and the girl was scared as her eyes darted out the windows for any sight of the man who had been chasing her. [#ffbf36 "I am sorry to bother you two, but this... [i child] claims to be the young lady's sister..."] the hostess said in her best hostess voice though the word child was said with poison and the promise of harm as though she was a bug and not a human looking girl. The girl looked at Nova with fear in her eyes and prayed she was a good person. [#d865d6 "Onee-chan I know you told me a hundred times not to bother you on dates, but father's on a rampage again."] she cried tears in her eyes and anyone looking at her would see only a street rat bruised and battered from how she was forced to make a living, though she prayed for some kindness. Suddenly the girl jumped hearing the restaurant door swing open and the man who had been chasing her storm in looking around like a bull in heat ready to tear apart the whole place apart. The girl looked again at Nova with pleading in her eyes that she was kind and would at least hide her.
  Him / V1rg081tch / 37d 5h 15m 20s
She got up and checked around the house for anything that could be burning, even going as far as checking out the attic and basement, grabbing a dust mask just in case
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 37d 11h 4m 39s

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