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Jeremiah laugher a bit at Azalas’ words. [+maroon “I’ve been through a whole lot worse than this. If anything, today has been rather normal”], he said with a smile. Even still he slid his knife back into the holster and placed the free hand on Azalas’ shoulder. [+maroon “Let’s do all we can t’protect this family of yours. You accepted me in without battin an eye and today I’ll return that favor, even if it means I have to be absorbed by darkness to do so.”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 99d 14h 20m 54s
"I don't even know who this person is..." Azalas told Nova. He was serious, this being or whatever they were...He had never met them or even heard of them until today. "I don't like their aura though. It's almost like they are the manifestation of darkness themselves..." That thought disturbed him.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 99d 15h 31m 37s
She walked over to Azalas and Nova "the spells I put should hold up for at least a few hours",she says as she looked at them and smiled slightly then sniffed the air slightly, smelling an earthy smell.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 99d 15h 51m 10s
Nova had sighed as she looked at him and back to the door "We've been through worse" she said as she had looked at him as she held on to his hand and softly tilted her had a bit. "So what you do to piss this one off" she said in a half joking manner recalling past events.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 99d 15h 54m 0s
He hugged her gently. "Thank you Nova." He turned to the entrance when he heard Remos' voice. "Okay...I guess this is it." He said. He grabbed hee hans gently and held it betwee his as he intertwined his fingers with hers. "Sorry for y'alls first day being a really crappy one." Azalas told the newcomers including Jeremiah.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 99d 15h 58m 33s
Nova had finished getting all of the children out of the orphanage as she was closing the portal she turned around heading to the from behind Azalas "Their all out " she said calmly "
  Nova / EternalSnow / 99d 16h 2m 6s
She heard a voice coming from the trees and seen a glowing multi colored mushroom and kneeled in front of it a d was mumbling as she closed her eyes.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 119d 16h 26m 39s
The little panther stayed curled up by the girl's side and the baby's. All the smells and the sounds around were more than a little overwhelming. If she had the choice , Sky would have chosen to run and hide again. She would have chosen to get as far away from all of this as she could. But she didn't want to leave the girl and infant..She didn't want to leave Kat either or any of the others. Her curiosity was too great and so she continued to nuzzle and softly purr as she was listening to the shouts and words coming up from below. Gods she hoped that not all this would end in ruin.
  Orphan~ / SheDevil / 119d 22h 40m 10s
[i [b Did you hear that... it’s him again... it’s time for things to get started.] ]

Jeremiah rushed back into the building before yelling so everyone could hear him. [+maroon “Things are gettin started now everyone! Get ready if y”all ain’t already!”] he called out to everyone before going back out.

Gun drawn and knife held tightly in his other hand he stood ready to attack at any moment. The hilt still hung from his belt tightly, waving back and forth in the cool wind. [+maroon “We’ll do all that we can without showin too much. If things get too out of sorts then I’ll use my sword. Bear with me love, I won’t abandon this family.”]

[i [b And you can count on me to stand by your side through it all. Together you can all prevail. Beat your enemy, and stay safe for me.] ]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 120d 3h 48m 33s
Dead soldiers were everywhere in the decently sized military base hidden in the forest of Alyan. Blood was everywhere as well as body parts strewn about.

Remos and his followers searched around the base and entered the command/control room where massive screens and buttons were everywhere. He smirked and walked towards the control panel and noticed the two key locks and two big red buttons underneath transparent bulletproof lids. "Dammit!" He growled and sighed. "Search the bodies for two keys."

His followers nodded in unison and ran around the base in search for the silo keys.

Soon they returned with two identical keys that were removed from two dead high ranking officials. A major and a colonel. They handed Remos the keys and he smirked beneath his mask.

"I don't want to use them yet but I want half of you to stay here and hold down the base. Kill anyone that steps foot on here. I'm going to pay the orphanage a visit." Remos said. He handed the keys to two followers. "When the time is right I'll contact you all. Turn the keys in the locks and the locks to the red buttons should unlock. Press them...And watch as the mountain and the whole state of Pennsylvania turn to ash." He left the base and headed towards the orphanage.

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan Orphanage]]]]

Remos arrived at the entrance to the outside. He entered the gated area and walked down the long path until the town of Alyan could barely be seen. All that could be seen was the thick forest surrounding the property.

The big mansion finally came into view. He and the other half of his followers stopped.

"I hope you can hear me! I have arrived...Just like I said I would. Come out so we can settle this." Remos said.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 124d 15h 10m 13s
She walked back into the pitch black woods, now wearing glasses to hide her eye then hear Caim and another voice she sidnt recognize as she continued to walk, putting her thick jacket on
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 124d 15h 56m 54s
[h3 [center Caim]]
The draconic shapeshifter snorted, smoke rising from his nostrils. Seems his words fell upon deaf ears. So, it seemed he was on his own, he expected it, and was used to such circumstances.
Caim turned, the only sound was the 'clicking' of his claws and he exited the house. Once in the open, his size once again began to grow, taking to one of many dragon forms. The beast's wings flared outwards, rocking his haunches a bit, then launching himself into the air.
[#b22222 ~Typical, only worry about 'protect' and 'defend'~] the beast thought to himself [#b22222 ~Never think about the consequences, or the possibilities of what may happen. Well then, they have chosen their fate, just as I have chosen mine~].
As he reached further into the woods, he began to circle downwards. Caim landed, moving swiftly towards his cave. He would make sure his hoard was alright. There were things in there he held quite dear, not just the treasures that he had collected, but items that held memories for him.
As he entered inside, his head moved back and forth, forked tongue flicking out to test the air. Safe, everything was untouched, just as he left it. Caim gave a satisfied rumble, moving deeper into the darkness. He soon came to curl up in the middle of a larger cavern. The floor was littered with gems, shiny rocks, and other trinkets. Though his tail came to wrap tightly around a certain object. It was hard to tell what it was, as his tail currently hid it from all view.
Slowly, his eyes began to close, sleep creeping in on him.
[h3 [center ???]]
The left head of the baby hydra gave a happy chirrup as they were lifted, the right remaining with an annoyed grimace, hissing softly. Without so much as a second thought, the left head instantly dove into a sandwich that was on one of two plates. As for the right, seemed it was a bit more suspicious. It moved, sniffing at the food, then lightly running its tongue across it. Eventually though, it too also began devouring the meal provided for them.
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 125d 1h 30m 21s
He watched silently as everyone spoke and made their moves. This was all rather unsettling and of course everyone would have their own reactions, but it wasn’t until Azalas had finished speaking that a slight smile had pierced his normal face. [+maroon “That’s what I like t’hear. Steel that resolve of yours and let’s make sure this ends the right way”], he made his way to the door and looked out into the darkness. [+maroon “I’ll keep my eyes on our surroundings. Y’all make sure them kids are in a safe place. Call on me if you need me.”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 125d 4h 15m 10s
He smiled sadly at her. "Thank you...I love you..." He told her hugging her back. "He kissed her cheek softly and held her hands in his. He stood up and stared into her eyes. "Let's show the enemy who's boss around here." He smiled at her.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 125d 17h 22m 43s
Nova had wrapped the sleeping child in her tail as she cupped Azalas cheeks softly "I know things will get better " she said softly as she soon send the little I e in with a egisp before giving him a hug. "But I also know things aren't going to be so easy with what's to come but I can promise the kids will be safe and sound
  Nova / EternalSnow / 126d 1h 4m 30s

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