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Azalas smirked. He caught the vial his sister threw towards him and he looked at it. "Thanks." He said to Amy and threw the vial at Remos. Azalas then shot the vial with energy spell.

It happened to fast for Remos. The toxic concoction, Nova shapeshifting, Jeremiah and Amy teaming up. He looked around him but couldn't see a thing. The teargas causing hia vision to go blurry. "Dammit! I will not be bested by humans!" He said.

Azalas got next to Nova and drew out an energy blade from the air. His own form of shapeshifting. Not to be mistaken with the classic version such as Novas. Azalas' version of shapeshifting literally shapes the air around him and turns it into weapons. He and Nova quickly appeared at his backside and waited for Amy and Jeremiah to get in place.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 77d 12h 5m 25s
Jeremiah chuckled a bit as he turned his attention toward the others. [b [+maroon “Alright, as soon as this begins we’re in it to the end. No mistakes right? I’ll do all I can’t to preserve this place you’ve allowed me to call home.”] ] He reaches into his cloak with his free hand and pulled out his gun. It was darker in color than it was before, black most seeping from the cylinder. [i [+maroon Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you. We’ll be finishing this together.] ]

[b [+maroon “Amy, I’ll stick by your side and watch your back. You focus on attacking and I’ll focus on your defense.] ]
  Jeremiah / Doburesu / 77d 12h 26m 45s
"And are you sure you will be able to live your self " she said as she listenwd to Azalas taking out what looked like a flower blowing on it it expanded and became a sea pf petals "If you going to use that go for it your all set " said jumping up before her heel landed in the back of a hell hound. "And as you im to he so come at me " she said as her eyes was glowing a warm violet color as she reached out taking up a blade her self.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 77d 15h 22m 29s
She grabbed into her pocket and pulled it a bottle, handing it to Azalas 'I always keep some on me in emergencies just like this", she says as she smiled, Midnight covering half of her face then growled some.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 78d 11h 20m 0s
Remos tried to block Novas attacks but he failed in doing so. His mask cracked more as half of it broke off revealing nothing but a shadowy figure behind the cloak. Only his eyes were visible. They weren't red or demonic looking. Just normal looking eyes. He growled under his breath as he picked up.the broken half. "Impressive. Incredibly annoying but still impressive. Glad you could finally join the fight dear girl." He took off the other half of his mask. "But don't think you people will be seeing who I really am under this mask. That will be for another time...If you all live that is."

"You talk too much." Azalas said. He used a special power of his that allowed him to instantly teleport to a desired position. Much like a blinking/flashstep spell. He caught Remos off guard and slashed at his torso causing blood to spew out.

"Impossible!" Remos yelled out trying to grab at Azalas but he quickly got out of the way.

"Jeremiah. I think that mask fuels his power. I'm not sure but he seems to be nervous." Azalas told him and looked at Amy. "Got any of that giftpollen on you? If so I need you to modify it into a type of teargas/smoke grenade."

He then looked at Nova who was fighting with Remos. "Nova. Can you do us a spell that makes us immune to tear gas? If you have it that is." He asked her. He then looked back at Jeremiah. "Once he's distracted we go all in. Jeremiah and Amy will target his front. Nova and I will target his back. We don't stop until that smoke has dissipated. If anything it should be enough to do some serious damage."
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 78d 11h 36m 3s
Nova had opened a void appearing out of the side of Remose kicking him in his face "And You will have to learn it the hard way" she said as her tails were fanned out and highly annoyed she had made her self get distanced form him watching the whisp of a man "Maybe I will teach you some manners while i'm at it"
  Nova / EternalSnow / 78d 13h 47m 7s
She felt Midnight take over again then growled as she felt bloodlust then looked over at Remus and Jeremiah, sensing Jeremiah wasnt a threat then sniffed the air.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 78d 13h 43m 1s
Jeremiah stood up strait and moved his arm around a bit, the injury would heal quickly so it wasn’t too much of a problem. He was relieved that Azalas had joined him though. This would make things easier with them working together, that and he remembered Amy was nearby somewhere although now she was doing an above average job of staying out of the fray. He wouldn’t want her to be in harms way, but if all else fails they may need her.

[+maroon “I’m thankful... for the help... I’ll follow your... lead for now... let’s do what we can... to settle this...”] Staying this way was always risky and he could fight without the it, but he needed all of his power for this fight. For now he’d hold back on going all out and instead focus on single strikes.
  Jeremiah / Doburesu / 79d 22h 47m 31s
Remos laughed. "I'm impressed. You are better than the last one! Your power is immense. You should be using it for a greater purpose! It's a shame you never landed a hit on me though! It's rare that anyone can." He chuckled but stopped when a diagonal crack formed across his mask. "Impossible..." He said growling. Jeremiah may have not wounded him but he was able to strike his mask. It didn't break thankfully, his identity was still a secret.

"I was a god once. I made some terrible choices which got me in this situation but it's in my nature! I was in a group of gods with each purpose and a nickname. I was dubbed The Harbinger of Darkness, or The Bringer of Darkness. My purpose was to give darkness life. My counterpart was called The Beacon of Light, whom I despised very much. I was an outcast and shunned. So I did what I was best at...KILL" Remos said laughing. He readied his blade once more until he saw Azalas run out to Jereimiah. "Fool! Have I not already taught you your lesson?!" He asked him.

Azalas.looked at Remos. "You're about to learn yours." He said to him.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 83d 4h 28m 24s
She watched as the fight took place and backed up to give them some room, climbing up into a tree for safety then closed her eyes, trying to tune everything out
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 83d 9h 17m 6s
[b [+maroon “We’ll see... prepare yourself.”] ] Red glowing orbs locked onto Remos, the only thing that remains where his face once was. He slowly moved forward as if making sure to take no missteps. Once close enough he moved with one swift motion, lifting his sword above his head to strike. His swing was perfect yet Remos avoided it with ease. [i [+maroon My form is as good as ever... I just need to move faster, hit harder, dig deeper.] ]

Jeremiah launched into a flurry of strikes, attempting to pressure Remos but he still dodged all of his blows. Remos threw and occasional counter at him but they only ever manger to graze. At least he wasn’t so rusty at dodging. [i [+maroon I need to move faster...] ] His swings were more accurate, his dodged more fluid. He still couldn’t land any hits yet his attacks were quicker than before. [i [+maroon This still isn’t enough... I need to move faster!] ] His speed grew further, Remos now fluctuating between dodges and blocks. This was good, but none of his attacks were hitting home. How much more could he push himself in this state? This obviously wasn’t enough so what else could he do?

[b [+maroon More... I need... more... power...] ]

A nightmarish high pitched scream echoed through the area as he raised his sword. The speed of the downswing was tremendous and as Remos raised his sword to meet Jeremiah’s the sound of screeching metal tore through the sky. Remos deflected and counter, causing his sword to slam into the ground and giving Jeremiah the smallest opening to evade. Jeremiah lifted his sword from the ground with a strong upswing, launching himself into the air, but Remos jumped back avoiding it completely. He stalled in the air for a moment, the tip of his blade blade honed in on Remos before launching himself toward him. Their blades slammed together, locked in place for a moment before a strong push from Remos’ sword sent him reeling back.

Jeremiah stopped for a moment, beginning to breath again. It was now that he noticed the warm feeling on his left arm. At a glance he could see the thick black liquid dripping from a cut on his arm. He must not have dodged that attack as well as he thought he did. He couldn’t feel it so it wasn’t that bad of a hit, but being hit in general was a troubling thing. Still as far as he knew he didn’t manage to land a single blow, either that or Remos hid it well. He’d have to go even further if he planned okay defeating him, either that or he’d need help. Still, his job for now was to hold him off until there was a plan... at least he might manage to do that for some time.
  Jeremiah / Doburesu / 83d 9h 18m 59s
[h3 [center Little Hydra]]
The small hydra had finished their meal, when a sudden commotion happened. Both heads jerked up, pupils narrowing into thin slits. Forked tongues flicked in and out, testing the air constantly. Tiny griffs flared outwards, covering earholes as both heads were looking around.
The timid head seemed to whimper, lowering her head close to the ground. As for the other head, lips were curled back, drips of 'drool' (venom) dribbled downwards. Something was wrong; death, darkness, danger.
Fight or flight, being their size and age, flight was the best option. Tiny claws scrambled quickly off the table, jumping down onto a chair, then swiftly running for the nearest place to hide.
The small creature managed to squeeze into a cupboard within the kitchen. They pulled their tail close, tucking it between their legs. The timid head's side was shaking uncontrollably, whimpering now and then, quite clearly frightened. The other head was growling, glaring towards the crack of the door which led into their makeshift hiding place. Least the cupboard was big enough to old them, save for a few pans laying about.
Now only a fool would dare to check the cupboard, lest they be met with venomous breath and fangs, and rending claws. They may be just a chick, but that didn't mean they were completely helpless.
  Dragoncita / 86d 54m 12s
She listened to Remos as she looked over his shoulder and seen a red balloon floating behind him then looked at Remos "you didnt bring a balloon with you? Did you?",she asks Remos as she coughed some, tracing a scar on her hand.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 87d 11h 46m 50s
Remos just stood there and listened to Jeremiah. His cloak swaying in the thick wind. "I'm not afraid of any being. Maybe the white haired girl but other than others? Not so much. I can sense immense power from you which is better than what the previous person had. Once I rid this world of every living thing I can finally be free. Free to do what I do best; blanket existence with darkness and despair." He held his sword as well which still had blood dripping from Azalas. "If you are Jereimiah Rygo than show me. Show me that you can at least wound me. The famed hunter." Remos raised his arms up, he began to chuckle evilly. "Or is this the end for you and your new friends?"
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 87d 11h 59m 56s
"It could be Pennywise the dancing clown",she says as she shrugged then heard an odd noise, turning her head to see what it was then looked back at Nova, Azalas and Jeremiah shrugging slightly.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 88d 5h 28m 40s

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