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"Other side? Like other side of town or a realm?" He asked her gently
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 31d 8h 11m 45s
"Do you want me to move them all, i'm sure that there is room in my home on the other side" Nova said grasping his hands back.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 31d 8h 25m 49s
Azalas gently grabbed Novas hands. "Jeremiah told me a dangerous threat is coming to kill everyone here in this town. Even the entire world I think." He told her. "I don't want the children to be caught in this mess when we have to face him."
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 31d 8h 47m 54s
Nova had came down stairs after a while stretching as she looked around a bit. "What is going on in here " she asked a little confused by it . " is everything alright in here" Nova's tails bound to one another as a fluffy mass behind her before disappearing.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 31d 10h 1m 24s
She was in her room and was grabbing any hidden weapon she could find and heard Azalas' voice, knowing that some shot was about to go down.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 31d 12h 40m 54s
Azalas heard weird noises coming from the kitchen. He was just in there earlier but didn't notice anything. He walked back in there and nearly fell on the ground. "What in the?!" He asked out loud.

He slowly moved towards the two children and started to pick up the trash. "I'm not here to hurt anyone...But where did you kids come from?" He asked gently but stern.

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan Entrance]]]]


Remos and his followers entered the town as people looked at the group from the sidewalk and businesses. He sometimes stared back at them and waved which added to the creepiness factor.

Police officers soon drove up to stop him in his tracks and they did just that. They got out of their vehicles. "What's your business being dressed like that? It ain't halloween. Also why you got all these people following you? This some sort of promotional event or something?"

"You can say that..." He took one step foward and the cops aimed their guns at him.

"Not another step!"

Remos chuckled. He walked towards the cops and smirked beneath his mask.

The cops fired at him but all they saw was their bullets disappear into his cloak.

Remos walked past them as their eyes turned black and they put their guns to their heads and blew their brains out. Two followera from his group grabbed their guns and continued to follow him.

People who watched screamed in horror and they ran away which Remos let happen. He could spare a few souls. It wouldn't hurt.

He soon entered a neighborhood not too far from the entrance. "Go my disciples. Convert them all. Bring them to me. If they try to fight. Paint their walls red with their blood."

His followers nodded in unison and all ran towards different houses in small groups as they broke in them. Screams could be heard from multiple locations. Some from pain, and some from being dragged away.

Remos looked up at the evening sky as it started to snow. He chuckled and then started to laugh maniacally.

[h3 [b [i [center The Organization HQ]]]]

"You...I told you!" Maria scolded Delou.

Delou sighed. "A parent is a parent Maria. They are our kids and it hurts me to see them suffer through this alone. I wish Azalas was there but he's actually apparently on a date with some girl. Forgot her name. Don't worry. I made sure she forgot our encounter."

Maria rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Yeah guys we got bigger problems than family feud...Remos just went all Jonestown on us." Henry said.

"What?!" Delou asked.

"Yeah the crazy fucker just took over a bus full of people and made them his slaves. Now they're kidnapping people from their homes. I assume to amass more followers. He's preparing for something big and we have to stop him. We have to make ourselves known. Forget the Galaxy Cube. There won't be existence at all if Remos destroys that universe. The Child of Light is in it and we don't know who they are. If Remos kills it...His seal breaks and he becomes whole. Remnants of him like this one are bad enough...A whole Remos? Not even the gods can save their own creations from him...And he is one of those fucking gods." Henry said.

"What do we do then?" Maria asked.

"All we can do right now is hope for the best." Henry said watching the monitor wall.

Outside of the HQ was a desolate and destroyed city. The skies were grey and buildings were destroyed or taken over by nature. Machines meant for security flew around and ones also roamed the grounds. Killing whoever had a pulse.

In the far east was a massive cave. Inside was a stone tomb with dark purple energy seeping out of the crevices of the heavy lid. A mural of The Child of Light was painted on a giant wall behind the tomb. The Child of Light had a mark on their shoulder. The Mark of The Undying.

A quote that glowed golden above the mural read out in an ancient language of the Architects of Life.

[b [center [i The Child of Light is given this mark, so they may never die...For if they meet death and truly do, Remos will awaken.]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Alyan Neighborhood]]]]

Soon the entire neighborhood was filled with people with black eyes and emotionless expressions. Remos stood in the middle as they made a circle around him.

"Our first mission is to take over the local military facility deep in the forest. This is one of the few towns that has a military presence with nuclear missles." He chuckled evilly.

They all nodded in unison.

They all followed the next destination.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 31d 18h 47m 15s
[h3 [center Caim]]
Eventually, the other dragon took off with a final, defiant screech. Caim glared after the other beast, lips still curled back, showing his fangs. His tail was lashing back and forth, now the air coming off of him releasing immense cold. His large wings flared outwards, jumping upwards into the skies.
From a distance, he followed the other dragon, making sure it was leaving his territory. Thankfully, the other did finally leave the grounds behind, once again leaving Caim at peace with his territory around the orphanage. He threw his head back, releasing a jet of ice and snow. The warning lingered in the air for several moments, then completely disappeared.
Yellow eyes suddenly shifted to the side, settling on the mountains nearby. He had only flown there a few times, enjoying the peace and serenity, but a sudden change reached him through the air. Something was not right; danger, threats. The large sail along his back was completely flared upwards, a low rumble coming from him.
Caim moved in one, swift movement. He whipped around in the air, wings pumping, picking up speed. He needed to return, there was safety back home; cave, darkness, safe.
[h3 [center ???]]
Time passed, and as such, now 2 small children currently sat on the kitchen floor, right in the middle of the rubbish that had been knocked out of the bin.
The little girl looked towards the little boy next to her. She noticed he was currently holding what appeared to be a half-eaten sandwich. A frown crossed her features, moving onto her knees, beginning to reach a small hand towards part of the sandwich.
However, he noticed, a small growl escaping the boy. The little girl paused, having heard the growl. Her blue eyes started to shine, clearly on the edge of tears, but she bit them back. Her tail curled up between her legs, instead moving to look elsewhere in the garbage which they had tipped over and onto the kitchen floor when they had still been in their true form.
  Caim Aeraos / Dragoncita / 31d 19h 50m 25s
Azalas shook his head. "Sadly not any I can think of. The castle would be a great place but of course, we got issues down there as well. Maybe I can make a deal with this asshole. He seem like the kind to take deals?" He asked Jeremiah.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 31d 21h 31m 50s
He stood silently for a moment pondering places the kids could stay. He had many places scattered about that were left behind by the Judges, but they were all rather derelict and the nearest one to there was way too far for a quick relocation. Thinking about it this guy knew who he was so he might know all of the locations he used to occupy. In fact, with how easily this masked man manages to appear without warning having the kids away from them seemed even more dangerous than having them close. It would be easier to place them somewhere hard to reach and defend them rather than to try hiding them away. Still there are many secrets around this place that Jeremiah himself doesn’t know about so maybe there was somewhere around for them to take the kids that was impossible to reach. [+maroon “Do you have any nearby locations that no one knows about? The only other option I see is putting them somewhere with only one entrance and putting ourselves between them and our enemies.”]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 32d 3h 44m 16s
Kat frowned when he found the bite on Sky's shoulder and carefully worked around it hating to hurt others. At the girl's question Kat froze and looked back towards his door before letting his thoughts out hoping the girl could pick them up. [i [#0014cf 'To be honest... no this place has darkness surrounding it at all times not to mention we're going to be closed if we can't come up with $4000 by the end of the month. The caretakers are a sister and brother duo and though they try one is an airhead while the other is always working. Then there's the children I recommend staying away from Willow she's an odd one been here forever though she's only 6, Aki is a sweet boy and a werewolf so you might get along well with him. Then we've had an influx of newcomers so I can't tell you much about them, but I've always been a bit of a loner so I'm probably not the best judge of character.']] he thought before going back to grooming keeping an ear out for any possible danger since he could sense the cub's skittishness.
  ~{Spawn}~ / V1rg081tch / 32d 5h 51m 41s
The soft purring and grooming helped to keep her calm. She didn't mean to be but she was so very skittish. Her ears did twitch as she could hear others around the house and her head rested on her paws, a soft whine slipping from her as the dried blood on her shoulder had been licked over. She had been bitten by a hunter's dog before she had come here..but Sky didn't even remember where she had come from. All she remembered was escaping something that she had caused and running. [b [i 'Is everyone...around here...nice...?']] She asked, golden gaze looking up at the other panther slowly and then over at the two girls still on the bed
  Orphan~ / SheDevil / 32d 6h 9m 16s
Azalas felt cold. It was the same figure that he nearly crashed into on the way to the diner. Why did he have it out for the residents of the orphanage ot Alyan?

"Thanks Jeremiah." He told him. He felt uneasy. Was Jeremiah different? He seemed different. He shook it off and sighed softly. "We have to act soon. The kids come first, they can't stay here and I don't know where we can hide them." Azalas said a bit nervous about the whole situation.

[h3 [b [i [center The mountain road towards Alyan]]]]

A red transit bus coming from Harrisburg was driving up the zig zaggy road towards the decently sized mountain town of Alyan.

However, midway to the town Remos stood in the middle of a piece of straight road and the bus came to a dead stop.

The driver opened the doors as they hissed and Remos walked over to the entrance and stared at the driver. "Can I help you? You're kinda' blocking the road."

Remos just continued to stare at the driver and then at the bus full of people. He then looked back at the driver. "Actually I am here for all of you."

The driver chuckled. "Alrighty buddy. Be safe." He closed the doors. "Creep." He started to drive off but Remos was in an empty seat on the front left side of the bus.

"That's pretty rude. Because I dress like this I'm a creep?" Remos asked as the driver looked at the rearview mirror in terror.

"How did you get in here?!" The driver asked stopping the bus again. He got up and was face to face with Remos now.

"Trade secret." Remos said. He touched the drivers shoulder as the drivers eyes went grom normal to black.

The passengers tried to get up but they were all stuck to the chair.

Remos slowly walked by each row sliding his hands over each passenger as their eyes turned black and they sat still. He walked back towards the front and left the bus. "Come my disciples...[b We have much work to do.]"

The entire bus full of people left the bus in single file and stood in a line. Remos spread his arms out like a cross as an oninous scene unfolded; he walked towards Alyan on the mountain road as the line of possessed people followed behind him like a cult.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 32d 9h 7m 40s
She was sitting on the barstool drinking her peach tea as she read her Stephen King book then took a sip as she mumbled something quietly to herself.
  amyumino / 32d 11h 14m 46s
Jeremiah walked over to Azalas and stood next to him, just close enough to not have to raise his voice. [+maroon “I ran into someone while you were away. Apparently he’s got it in for ya because he stated plainly that he’d kill everyone here, children included, but made sure t’single out you and your sister. Called y’all out by name in particular and also gave a damn close description of Nova. Never gave a name but his only real defining trait was the mask he wore. A dear skull made of gold it looked like.”]

[b [i Don't forget... to explain his power...] ]

Jeremiah sighed before continuing. [+maroon “His powers were rather intense. Presence alone was pretty thick, like the air became solid. Felt like time had just stopped and it was hard to even move. If we take this threat seriously we have to act soon. He could attack at any moment”], he said as he shuffled a bullet around in his hand. If things were to go smoothly they would have to have everything ready.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 32d 16h 28m 13s
Nova was busy tucking her in as she had began getting her clothing and placed them in her little pocket void and replaced the cloths int he room to some that could fit the little girl
  Nova / EternalSnow / 32d 22h 21m 49s

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