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What are you eating?

God I wish I had more stuff to say. Damn limit.
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Oh okay.

Well how are you doing btw?

Are you okay?
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Damn where everybody at.

Also why the hell is realtime chat missing.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 51d 22h 43s
[h3 [center Caim]]
Sleep had overtaken him, to where he was oblivious for the time as the events transpired all around. Trickles of smoke rose from his nostrils, a low rumble coming from the beast.
Then yellow orbs for eyes suddenly shot open, pupils thin slits. The horned head rose from its place between his paws, forked tongue flicking in and out, testing the air. There it was again, that scent, an invading dragon, a challenger.
Instantly, his instincts were kicking into full gear. That other dragon; danger, threat. This was Caim's territory, and he wasn't about to let it fall to some outcast.
Claws clicked on hard stone, scales scraping. As he moved towards the outside of his cave, a deep growl came from him. His griff flared outwards, covering his sensitive earholes.
Once outside, gray scales glittered ever so slightly. Great wings spread on either side of him, flapping a bit. He gathered his legs underneath him, then leapt upwards into the sky. Several wingbeats, and the great dragon was airborne. Swift wings beat the air, quickly taking him to where the other dragon's scent waited.
  Dragoncita / 74d 1h 5m 44s
"God fucking dammit",Amy/Midnight growled out as she looked at Azalas, Nova and Jeremiah, breathing heavily and had blood on her face and her neck, blood also on her shirt and some on her pants.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 74d 7h 49m 18s
"Now!" Azalas yelled out attacking Remos from behind with Nova while Amy and Jeremiah attacked him from the front.

Remos was stabbed with blades from.his backside as hs grunted in pain. He still had power so he quickly recovered from it but he still couldn't see what was in front of him even though he was locking blades with someone up front. He growled angrily. If he didn't act fast then his plan wouldn't work. He whistled loudly. An ominous off-tune whistle.

After the group did their attacks the whole battle fell silent as a loud roar could be heard. The same dragon from before swept and sped through the dark skies like a bullet as it landed on the ground near the group.

"Missed me master?" The dragon spoke in a raspy deep booming voice. It snarled its fangs at the group.
  Remos - The Harbinger of Darkness / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 74d 11h 37m 3s
Jeremiah stepped forward a few steps before dashing ahead. He wouldn’t focus so much on attacking and more so on keeping him from putting his attention towards anyone else. He emptied the revolver of its ammunition, cleaning up whatever hellhounds he could see before dropping it to the ground and pulling another revolver that was exactly the same from his cloak. Once he was within range he slammed the flat of his sword against Remos’ blade and kept pressure, holding their weapons in place. Remos was indeed powerful and he couldn’t stay like that for long without risking all of his energy, but until someone else made a move he’d do his best to keep their weapons locked and hopefully keep Remos still.
  Jeremiah / Doburesu / 74d 12h 2m 37s
Nova flicked her wrist around looking at Azalas with a grin "Hey now i thought blades like that was my thing" she said as she looked at Remose and licked her lips "I'm going to enjoy making you crawl back to what ever whole you came from" she said as her eyes scanned for the other two.
  Nova / EternalSnow / 75d 17h 38m 59s
She growled as she waited for her brothers and sister to make their moves, Midnight covering the other half of her face as she smirked then let out a guttural growl "I'm going to eat your pancreas for dinner",Midnight growled out.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 77d 11h 44m 52s

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