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[google-font][raleway [center [b [u This orphanage is funded by The Human Care Foundation.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Season Three- The Werewolf and The Cat.]]

[google-font][raleway [center Two new people have arrived at the mysterious mansion in the woods but one was fresh blood and the other was a normal looking cat who appeared to be a neko later on. Azalas and his friends give them shelter but soon an evil presence follows behind and threatens the whole orphanage.]]

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[google-font][raleway [center An orphanage for children who has lost their parents, It is a huge mansion that is in a small town called Alyan, Pocono Mountains. There is a beautiful garden in back of the mansion, There are plenty of rooms. So please feel free to come in.]]

[google-font][raleway [center This orphanage holds many secrets and history within its walls. For years many have come and gone, this place holds a dark secret and so does the inhabitants...This is not your normal orphanage, this orphanage is a special one.]]

[google-font][raleway [center It had been a few years after the previous owner mysteriously left and The Alyan Massacre was a thing of the past...Old residents still reside in the magical manor, still protecting its history while awaiting new residents. These newcomers are about to have their lives changed, either for the worst or better.]]

[google-font][raleway [center Prepare yourself for an epic journey because this isn't and won't be your normal and usual orphan roleplay. This will have heroes pitted against villains, death and despair, hope and happiness, ancient beings among humans, conspiracies unraveled and questions asked, trusts and bonds made, betrayals and bonds broken, romance and jealously, lies and honesty, this is...]]

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Username:]] -Mirror-]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Chimera]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] Over 500]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Perfect chimera]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Chimera is an escaped experiment. Chimeras don’t exist naturally and Chimera is the only perfect one of his kind. While still in the lab about a year after his creation, he learned what was being done to other humans and what was going to be done to them to create more of him so before the scientists could do anything to go forward with their plans, he used his power to escape. Now, Chimera helps others out by being a man-for-hire while also keeping tabs on the labs that continue to create chimeras. However, it seems the chimeras are reproducing naturally and the labs are controlling them through sonic transmitter towers and drones. Chimera’s home city became overrun with chimeras and it was Tank’s idea to leave. After a little research, Tank found a secluded place with a few others that would be perfect to stay at which brings them to the orphanage.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Shifting - Can shift into anything he has a genetic code for. He can even shift into a black amorphous blob either with or without a face or limb. He can make parts of his body change and he can combine genetics.

Gene Absorption - This is passive. Whenever Chimera encounters a new gene, his body will automatically absorb it, giving him new abilities and a new form. With having the majority of genetic codes, finding new ones is getting harder. Chimera always knows when he gains a new code.

Element Manipulation - To an extent, Chimera can manipulate the elements. This comes from the artificially created codes as well as from codes he has collected. The elements he commonly uses are fire, air, water, electricity, light, and earth. Each element has its own limitations which limits their use as attacks. Chimera mainly uses them for survival, everyday living, defense, and escape.
Other Info: Tank, a chimera of a couple bird species, dragon and human, usually stays in the background and manages Chimera and any business he picks up. Tank has been Chimera’s friend since he found him getting beaten nearly half to death and wasn’t fighting back.]]

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Username:]] V1rg081tch]]

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Name:]] Akito Valentine]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Age:]] 3]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Race:]] Werewolf Breeder]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Pansexual. Antisocial. Werewolf who shifts on the new moon. Was born into a rare form of werewolves that allows him to breed with anything. Sold into slavery when he was a baby and was adopted by Azalas when he was 3 and brought to the orphanage.]]

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Powers:]] Shifting during new moons]]

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Username:]] V1rg081tch]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Name:]] Samantha Walker]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Age:]] 10]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Unknown]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Dropped at the Orphanage when she was 5 with no identification and no memory of her past.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Healing]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Username:]] V1rg081tch]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Lana Marie]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 15]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Druid Baby Factory]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Grew up in the orphanage with no memory of any family. Is 15 weeks pregnant with a son. Father Unknown]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Speaks with Animals, Speaks with Trees, Gets pregnant easily if anything living touches her with the wish for offspring.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] Dragoncita]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Doesn't remember his true name]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] Appears to be in his late teens, to early 20's
Actual age is unknown for the time being]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Unknown]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] He hardly remembers anything. One moment he was in a great battle, trying his damnedest to stay alive, next he was somewhere else. Now severally injured, but still struggling to stay alive, he makes his way across this new world.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Recovering his abilities]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Other Info:]] Usually seen with his preferred weapon of choice; a glaive
Always seen with a strange mask covering his bottom half of his face and jaw]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Username:]] hextheblackcat]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Leon & Noel Loopholes]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 17]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Human]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] A pair of twin who accidentally leap through time and space! They ended up in a world not like their own at the age of seven after a near death experience triggered an ability they didn’t even know they had possessed.

It happened in the blink of an eye. One moment they were drowning in the middle of the sea during a raging storm and the next appearing in a river. They were found unconscious while floating down stream with the gentle current.

When they came to they were surrounded by foreigners and placed into the foster care system and then later this orphanage.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Space-Time manipulation]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Username:]] AlitaBonita]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Name:]] Paeton Blackmore]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Age:]] 16]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Race:]] Elf]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Bio:]] Most of what Paeton could remember from her murky past expands only six years. What she once knew and experienced had suddenly disappeared in a blink of an eye. One day, the orphanage staff found the young girl simply roaming the grounds of the orphanage looking as if she’d lost something. For six years, Paeton had remained at the orphanage, trying to remember who she was before the loss of her memory. To find the answers that could fill in the void surrounding her past. She tends to keep mostly to herself. She becomes extremely timid when around others she may not know. Especially when strangers cross into her territory. Once she gets used to her surroundings, her heart opens to all that will except it.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Powers:]] Electrokinesis the psychic power to control and/or manipulate electrical currents, and generate electricity with one’s mind. Paeton can produce a painful electric jolt into anyone she touches. At first, she could only project it through her palms. Now, Paeton is able to radiate it all over her body. She can also use her power to create a defensive electrical shield around her whole body for added protection.]]

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Username:]] DarkMythic]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Name:]] Juniper Vane]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Age:]] 16]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Race:]] Werewolf]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Powers:]] She can shift into a werewolf, super strength and speed. She is stronger than others of her kind due to being born of alpha blood.]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Bio:]] Juniper was friends with Tyler Beech from a young age even though she was told to stay away from the future alpha of the Greenstone pack. She didn't listen because she never understood what made him so dangerous as she had never seen what he was truly like.

One day Juniper's brother Jaden found out that the two were friends and he dragged her away from the other boy to protect her. That's when she got her first dose of Tyler's insanity. He attacked and fought with her brother but lost, when he realised he wasn't strong enough to fight the future alpha of the Silvermoon pack he swore that when he was alpha he would come back to take what was his. A few weeks later the word got out that Greenstone's alpha was dead.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] Doburesu]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Jeremiah Rygo]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 20]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Human]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] By the age of 15 Jeremiah had successfully killed 27 werewolves, 162 vampires, 83 orcs, 39 elementals, 16 celestial beings, 392 goblins, 26 fea, 6 chimera, 2 leviathan, 5 demons, 3 dragons, and an angel. Being the son of two highly renown hunters from a land in which humans weren’t so kind to other living beings Jeremiah was a master hunter by the age of 10 and as his parents would say “nothing is beneath a Hunter, you either live at the top or you die on the bottom”. Despite all of that Jeremiah never liked the life he was born into and after what would be known as the “West-Creak Genocide”, a contract that ended in the entire killing of a village of vampires, Jeremiah would abandon his duties and be disowned by his parents at the age of 17. He would then search for a better meaning in life.]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Although not a power he would end up being cursed at the age of 13 by the angel he killed. This curse would cause the souls of every creature and being he had hunted to torment him in his dreams every time he slept. That being said he hasn’t slept since that day and no longer has a need to. This has heightened his senses and made him very sensitive to his surroundings. -“The blood upon thy hands shall never let thee rest, that much is certain. Just as I shalt always be there when thou shalt rest... so too shall they.”]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] EternalSnow]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Nova]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 21]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Shape Shifter/ Demon]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Nova had came to the orphanage when she was 17 years old she . Her nother had left her there when her father tried to take her life. Not truly talking to the care takers noting else was known about her.]]

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[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Returning Characters;]]]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] Vossler]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Azalas Valentine]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 21]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Human]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Azalas's parents were killed by an unknown hitman and he was soon found by his careraker who sent him to an orphanage where he bounced between many of them befkre stopping at the Alyan Orphanage at 17 years old. This was a few years ago. He has made many friends and enemies over the course of him staying here and has the power to bend darkness at his will]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] AmyUmino]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Amy Winchester]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 16]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] mutant]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Has lived in the orphanage since she was 3 years old and is Azalas' sister]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] hair changes color according to her mood]]

[google-font][raleway [right [b [u [size10 Thread edited by my Baby Girl.]]]]]


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Roleplay Responses

[h3 [center Path of the Blood Wisps]]
The blood red wisps did indeed seem, unnatural compared to what would be considered a 'normal' wisp, but then what was normal? The red balls of flames swirled about, remaining in their places, as they had illuminated a make-shift path through the trees.
The red wisps that had remained where their master had left them, were currently all congregating around the body. They were, however, disturbed at the sudden appearance of what appeared to be a young girl. The way the wisps jittered about, seemingly phasing out of existence, to only reappear a few feet from their original place, it seemed they were rather excited.
Though, as she finished whatever it was she did, the female had paused to kick the unconscious male. Now, talk about kicking an already 'lame horse'. She most likely had her reasons, reasons which none currently knew, least among the wisps. The dark shadow, however, most likely had an idea. But the shadow had taken its leave for the time being, leaving its 'eyes' behind.
The blood red wisps that had watched seemingly flared brighter. One suddenly flickered over to several twigs. It neared, then purposefully sparked, creating a shimmer of unnatural red flames. Other wisps soon gathered around the fire the one had created. There was almost a haunting chuckle among the fiery orbs, as if enjoying the fire which they created, slowly eating away the vegetation nearby.
They were suddenly stopped at the sound of heavy, thudding steps.
[h3 [center Malik]]
[#483d8b [b "You would do well...little 'wisps', to listen to your master's orders."]]
A metallic glint pierced through the trees. Though that glint seemingly disappeared, though it had been seen for just a moment. Now, a tall male stood before the blood red wisps, using a foot to snuff out the red fire instantly. He curled his lips back, baring fangs that belonged to no human.
Almost instantly at his presence, the 'blood' wisps dispersed, taking their leave, instead now watching from a short distance. The male gave a soft snort, his own eyes a cold, crimson red. That red gaze watched the red wisps for several moments before turning to face the miniature crater that had been created by a great force.
The male's head turned, noting a very familiar face, one which he had actually felt relaxed around; the druid Lana. It was she who kept the forest thriving, the one who brought in prey for him to hunt. Oh, he never hunted for sport, it was only to feed himself, as such, keeping a balance within the forests. Besides, it was best to keep such a creature like a druid, or any forest guardian for that matter, appeased to the fullest. For it was usually them that brought life, and with that life, meant food, for both prey and predators.
In return, he could very well be considered a guardian to the young druid. Keeping watch whenever she rested, observing from usually a distance. Though, he would allow her to approach him, for it was only Lana, who could stroke those metallic claws without fear, rest upon the giant beast's back without worry of any danger, for he was the worst thing there.

[#483d8b [b "Damn't...prey is gonna be scarce for awhile..."]]
He knew very well that with Lana most likely being upset, the forest of course would sense this. Which meant prey would be more likely to hide, or fight back...not that a fight ever bothered him.
The male's eyes flitted towards the unconscious body. A sudden chill ran down his spine, something which didn't happen very often. The scent, just the presence, there was something that made even him uneasy. A low rumble came from deep in his chest, lips twitching slightly, fangs poking through. Part of him knew that scent, a scent which even he had learned to be wary of and around.
Instead, he slunk around, keeping a wide berth between him and the fallen figure in the gash of the earth. The male instead followed Lana's lead, though it fit his figure a bit more.
With little to no effort, he easily hoisted two trees onto one shoulder, then did the same onto the other shoulder, making a total of four trees. He then proceeded to follow Lana's footsteps. Anywhere was better than being near that chilling presence.
Jeremiah smiled at the commotion that had begun to take place. It seemed everyone was alright, save for Nova, so he wouldn’t have to wonder about that anymore. A few new people he hadn’t had the chance to meet before were also there. New arrivals maybe? Aki was still as soft hearted as ever and stuck close to Azalas and one of the people he hadn’t had the chance to meet had begun asking him questions. Oddly enough she seemed familiar yet felt as if they had never actually met. Had she been here the entire time and they just never ran into one another? He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and was about to motion to Amy that they should hurry, but that’s when the girl he confronted earlier responded vulgarly to him before he felt an oddly strong pressure on his chest.

He hadn’t taken the time to survey everyone, but of course she wasn’t human. Who here was? It was too late to figure it out now, he had to act fast. She was much stronger than she looked and he wasn’t ready to catch himself. [i Damnit what is this shit? I can’t even move fast enough to recover! I need to protect my head!] He tried to move his hands to keep up with his thoughts however he was moving to fast and before he knew it the back of his head collided directly with the ground.
Before he could even move a heavy pressure slammed down onto his right arm, crushing it completely flat onto the ground. He opened his eyes quickly to see that everything around him had turned to nothing but pure darkness and realized where exactly he was. He cried out in pain when the shock caught up to him, his eyes rolling back as he almost passed out from the pain before a deep voice echoed through his ears. “Don’t fall asleep on me yet, we can’t have you leaving now can we? I’ve let that wench do as she pleases long enough! Now you feel pain”, the voice spoke growing louder as the pain in his arm numbed. When Jeremiah turned to see who was speaking he realized he was face to face with the maw of a massive black dragon, one of its hands being what had crushed his arm and kept him pinned down.

“Such pathetic creatures, although you manage to stay feisty to the very end. Always crying out in your last moments as if you’ve never had enough. Well, let me hear those cries again”, it’s voice thundered out as it’s jaw opened up and a fire built up in its throat. The flame grew brighter and brighter until burning a glowing white, the heat alone burning the skin from the side of Jeremiah’s faces. He could feel his clothes burning on his skin and the blood in his body heating up until it felt like he was burning from the inside.

“That is enough, great dragon. This is not the plan I had for him”, a female voiced called out.

The dragon turned to see that familiar angelic woman standing a couple feet away. As always wearing pure white with wings of the same color folded behind her. This time she had a young girl in her arms as if keeping her from getting away. “You will not delay my vengeance any longer. I do what I please to cause this boy pain”, the dragon growled out. The woman sighed and looked to the dragon with a look of both understanding and disgust, something so foreign Jeremiah couldn’t even understand it. “Do not get me wrong, we have stalled on his punishment for long enough. The time for mind games is over, however there is one last thing we can do to cause him pain without doing physical harm. You simply need to hold him there and leave the rest to me.”

Jeremiah slowly turned to the woman, the blood flowing from his arm and the burnt skin on his face tearing as he forced himself to face her. That’s when he noticed the girl she was holding and his eyes focused on her. “Eva? Go on, I got this. You don’t need to be here”, he said as the woman began to chuckle. “She does not need to be here? How naive can you be? She is only here because of you to begin with. You are nothing but a villain after all. Just look at how you got here? Even people you have never met can see it in you”, she said as she pulled a blade from her robes. The sword was glowing white as if made from light itself and the woman turned it to face the young girl which caused Jeremiah to cry out, “what are you doing? Don’t point that thing at my sister!” Eva looked at her brother and shook her head slowly. “Don’t look at this. This means nothin to you after all. Just turn away and it’ll all be fine.” The woman sighed and looked at the young girl, tears running down her cheeks. “Your sister seems to be the only one who believes in your good heart. We all see the truth though. Just as the girl said you are a traitor and a villain, so just like all villains you shall be punished. Your sister will just be a means to that end.”

The woman dug the sword deep into the girls chest, blood rushing out from the wound. Jeremiah refused to turn away as he struggled to break free from the large hand holding him down. He could see it all, the pain in her face as she tried to hold it all in before she screamed. He could see her struggling to break free, struggling to escape death again after being cursed to die so soon. He could see it all. [b HE COULD SEE IT ALL!]

[b [i Doesn’t it make your blood boil? Doesn’t it make it you angry? Doesn’t it make you hate these people? I see it all, I see you struggle trying to deny your nature and your calling. I’ve seen it since the very beginning. So now that you’ve seen it again, now that you’ve seen the life leave your sisters eyes again as she cries out in pain and suffering... will you take my hand again? It won’t cost much, just your peace of mind. However you will gain what you once lost. The ability to make sure this never happens in your presence again. All you need to do is take my hand...] ]

Almost seemingly out of the darkness itself a hand reached out to Jeremiah. Completely black, as if it were the shadows incarnate. It sat... calmly... inviting him to accept its offer. Did no one else present hear it? He turned away and tried to reach his sister again, struggling one last time before giving in. He grabbed the hand before him and without warning flashes of memories he couldn’t remember filled his mind. Things he had forgotten on purpose, and yet now it was too late. It all filled him quickly and before her could even refuse it was all done.

“...Remember this”, his voice startled the woman as she looked up from the girl to see Jeremiah standing close enough to touch her. The dragon that was holding him down lay behind him motionless as if put to sleep. “Focus on me, nothing else. Don’t question it, don’t wonder why, don’t wonder how, don’t even speak. Your words mean nothing here anymore”, he said as his destroyed arm simply feel from it’s socket. The flesh that was barely holding it together tearing and the blood spraying onto the ground. Jeremiah himself didn’t even bother to react at all. “My family is not a toy for your wretched games. So do what you are meant to do and pray. Pray that I never fall asleep again, false angel. Because when I do... you will never... escape... my wrath!”
Jeremiah got up quickly, rubbing his head as he let out a groan. He wasn’t even out for five seconds, the dust didn’t even have enough time to settle back onto the ground. He sighed and stood back up, fixing his hat on his head before placing his hands into his pockets. “Well ain't that a shame. I’d suggest y’all take care of her before she does somethin like that t’the wrong person... well, we’ve stood around long enough”, he said as he turned his eyes to Amy and nodded. “Let’s move, we’ve wasted enough time as it is all ready. Someone could be hurt.” He made his way quickly into the trees and moved in the direction of the floating red lights he had see earlier.

He felt, lighter, somehow. He couldn’t tell what it was and he could barely even remember what had just happened after he was knocked out. [i The downfalls of being human I guess]. It was as if he had just fallen and gotten back up. Even still he knew something was up and the more he thought about it the angrier he was becoming. So much so that the moment he was out of sight of the others he instinctively began to scowl. It was as if something more important than the entire world had been lost. Was he just imagining things?

He shook his head and pushed it to the back of his mind, focusing on the matter at hand. Something was in this forest that either needed help or need to be judged. He’d deal with that before sulking over his own thoughts. Oddly enough though, he felt like he was moving faster than he normally does. It was almost like he was gliding across the forest like a shadow. At least it would help him keep up with those red floating lights.
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 12h 39m 55s
Paeton looked briefly between Amy and the young man before resting her eyes upon his face. She casually studied the sharp lines of his face, beginning at the sharp points of his strong jaw line and ending up at his rather large, deep set eyes. He wore a green baseball cap, a white button up shirt, and a dark pair of jeans. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except for the small blade attached to the waist of his jeans. Had she seen him around the orphanage before? He didn’t look familiar at least. Although, Paeton couldn’t remember to save her life. Heck, he could have been a long lost cousin for all she knew. Paeton could only remember being found outside the large mansion by the orphanage staff six years ago. Everything else in her life beyond that point was blur. The only lasting memories she held were of the orphanage and the very few residents that she considered a friend.

Paeton immediately flushed once again when she realized she was still gawking at the young man awkwardly. She closed her eyes, too a deep breath, and refocused her attention on his dark eyes. “Have we met before? I’m not for sure. I don’t have the best memory when it comes to remembering faces, however, you do seem familiar though.” Paeton tightened her arms around Holly, holding her closer to her chest. The small kitten purred in delight at the gesture. She smiled slightly, gently rubbed the spot between the kitten’s ears. “Sure. Proper introductions can wait until later. Anywho, you guys still be careful...we don’t want to have another incident like with you-know-who from the recent past..”
  Paeton Blackmore / AlitaBonita / 14h 46m 9s
Juniper still in a sleep state shaking her head with a laugh "why would i talk to you?" she demanded coldly "you betrayed me" she hissed shoving jeremiah to the ground using her alpha power "i hate you Elias! You're a fucking manwhore!"
  HermitsKitty / 1d 22h 29m 30s
A squeak slipped the kitten when she had very nearly been stepped on. Of course it had been her own fault, but still she didn't appreciate it. And again she moved closer, bright eyes on the girl. Only when the question had been asked did she give a nod. Kitten was her go to when scared and as it happened, Holly was more than terrified by the ordeal at hand.

Being picked up, she let out the softest of mews and gently nuzzled against Paeton. Her ears still twitched and her eyes roamed the area. Again their were the loud shouting to come and the child's crying which served to shake her up again. Loud an a lot of people did no good for her.
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 2d 7h 46m 51s
She looked at the bird creature then at everybody else as she heard another noise, her eyes going bright green then back to normal, sniffing the air some.

"Something smells like decay",she says as she looked at Jeremiah and Azalas as she holstered her pistol on her side.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 3d 20h 46m 24s
Azalas saw the commotion with Juniper and Jeremiah and sighed. It was then wben Akito started to act up and fall on the floor he acted quick and picked up back up and tried to calm him down. "It's okay Aki don't worry. Everybody is on edge right now son...I'm here don't worry." He told Akito petting his hair and snuggling him close to his chest. He noticed the red wisps pass by. "What in the world?" He asked himself. He looked at Jeremiah and Amy and sighed

He noticed a bird like figure on top of the roof of the mansion. "Um..Excuse me...You up there...Is that yours?" He asked pointing to to the blob bouncing everywhere. It was a rather amusing. He chuckled a bit while still comforting Akito.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 4d 10h 56m 52s
[size30 [#FF0000 {ARGGGGG FUCK IT!!!!}]]
Aki was sucking his thumb as he walked with Sammy his tears already dry then when he saw Azalas he toddled up to the man and lifted his free arm up wanting the man to pick him up and then rested his head against the man's shoulder when he did still sucking his thumb as he looked around at all the people walking around then jumped when a loud bang happened and he whimpered softly looking out at the forest. Aki clung tightly to Azalas and hid his face in the man's neck until he heard shouting and he turned wide-eyed to see a girl running out of the house before running into a dark-skinned male and crying out that she hated him and this caused the poor boy's PTSD to trigger and he screamed and pushed himself out of Azalas's arms and landed on the ground which resulted in him starting to cry very loudly and annoyingly to anyone who couldn't deal with kids. {Think the crys you think of when you think of babies on a plane}

After dropping off Aki Sammy smiled lightly and nodded at Azalas's question about the nightmare before she headed back in and back up to the laundry room her mind full of all the chores she had to get done that she didn't really notice anything around her.

{I may or may not be slightly obsessed with frozen 2 at the moment... shut up}
Two small girls stumbled through the forest very thin, hungry, and tired and finally when they couldn't move any more they sat down in a small clearing and the red-haired one made a small fire before cuddling up in the lap of her older sister. The two girls were fae princesses who were on the run from evil creatures that had killed their parents the elder was named Aura the younger Ella and their bodies fell into darkness just as something big fell out of the sky on top of them well at least it's cloak did hiding them from the world around them.
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 3d 17h 49m 48s
[b “Are we there yet?”] [size12 This coming from a black, amorphous blob with light brown oversized eyes, an oversized mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and a lizard’s tongue and arms like that of a frogs forelegs. The voice was male.]

[+red “No, we’re not there yet.”] [size12 This coming from what appears to be a humanoid male bird like being that the blob was riding on as he was flying.]

[b “Are we there yet?”]

[+red “No.”]

[b “Are we there yet?”]

[+red “I said no.”] [size12 The bird-man was clearly starting to get annoyed, his tone getting tight with irritation.]

[b “Are we there yet?”]

[size12 And that did it. Without any warning, the bird-man growled his frustration and then suddenly did a barrel roll. The blob on his back, having been taken by total surprise having been flipped upside down, started falling. If anyone looked up, all they would see is a black gelatinous blob about the size of a beach ball falling. Before he hit the ground, he solidified himself into something like rubber and when he did hit the ground, he bounced.]

[b “Ow, my face. Ow, my butt. Ow, my face. Ow, my butt cheek. Ow, my face. Ow, my other butt cheek.”] [size12 With every bounce was an ‘ow this’ or ‘ow that’. Of course, it was coming from someone that never took anything seriously. He could be getting eaten and he’d be cracking some lame joke about it. Of course, he’d rip his way out of whatever that ate him with ease. Of course, he’d crack a joke about being covered in who knows what.]

[size12 Meanwhile, Tank, the bird-man, flew around till he landed on top of a nearby building. It seemed like a castle or something. He perched at the edge of the roof and looked down to watch Chimera bounce around like a ball.] [+red “That idiot.”] [size12 He mumbled as he facepalmed. Er, facewinged. He heaved a sigh as he continued to watch Chimera bouncing around. At this point, Chimera was just having fun. Tank never could figure him out. Of course, he is only a fraction of Chimera’s age and had learned little about his friend in all the years they have known each other.]

[size12 Even though Tank stays in the background, he can still fight. He is part dragon after all and he has quite the fire ball to spit. But his main abilities are his senses. He can see and hear things for miles. He can see heat signatures and focus on single sounds. He’s got the nimbleness of his bird genes but all the fire power and sensory power of a dragon combined with the intelligence of a human. Tank was able to spot there was a problem going on before he tossed blob boy off his back. However, it won’t take Chimera long to notice it since his senses are way sharper.]

[size12 Or maybe not.]

[size12 Chimera has now turned himself egg-shaped and is now ricocheting every which way, laughing like the idiot he is.] [+red “Oh, for fucks sake.”] [size12 Tank said as he facewinged, this time with both wings and sinking down into feathers. At this point, he wonders why he’s even Chimera’s friend and then he remembers that this very tomfoolery is the exact reason why.]
  Chimera / -Mirror- / 4d 16h 22m 18s
Jeremiah looked towards Amy smiled slightly, oddly relaxed for the situation they were in. “Yes ma’am, I’ll take point so st-“, he paused suddenly as a small glimpse of what looked like a red light flickered through the trees and foliage. He couldn’t hear anything but he was sure he had saw something small and red. As quickly as it came it was gone, but it was a lead none the less.

He looked back towards Amy and quickly stated his plans. “Stick close t’me and watch my back. We’ll be movin fast so don’t fall behind. Let’s g-“, he stopped as he was interrupted again. He turned his head to see someone he hadn’t met before, but judging by no one else’s concern she must have met the others. Her words stung his ears, a familiar scent, and a familiar demeanor. Does she know who he was in the past? Had she heard of him? Of course not, she wouldn’t have been so bold as to approach if that were the case.

[i Calm down, assess the situation. No one is panicking so there’s no need for me to do so. I’m not the same person I was so I just need to defuse the situation.]

He turned his whole body to face her and smiled, his head leaning to the side. “Now I don’t know what’s goin on, but I think you might have me confused with someone else. We can talk on it later when I get back. How’s that sound?”
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 8d 11h 7m 46s
Paeton merely nodded in response to Azalas’ comforting words. She was glad to see everyone safe and sound as they all gathered around the back porch. “I’m glad to see everyone is okay. Does anyone know what happened? What was that loud noise?” Paeton took a step forward nearly stepping on the small black and white kitten in front of her. She flinched, jumping back slightly in surprise. The bright eyed kitten merely took a step closer to her obviously shaken by the whole ordeal.

“Holiday? Is that you?” She asked, bending down to pick up the small kitten. She gently snuggled the small animal between her arms, lightly rubbing the tips of her ears. “Everything is going to be all right, I promise. Just stay close to me and Azalas. This isn’t our first me. Guys be careful. If you two aren’t back in fifteen minutes, I swear I’m coming in after you with my electric shocks blazing!”
  Paeton Blackmore / AlitaBonita / 8d 12h 44m 58s
Juniper sat up in bed, sweat was pouring down her back, her was sticking to the back of her neck. Still asleep but appearing to be awake she whispered to herself "i need to run" with that the werewolf girl threw off the bed sheets casually wearing only her bra and shorts she began to run. When she got outside she began running towards the forest where she would be able to shift she colided with someone much taller than herself. To anyone else it would have looked to be jeremiah but to her sleeping eyes it was Elias Rosi. The man who betrayed her. As soon as her eyes looked at the male she began to freak out "i hate you!" she screamed at him "you evil peice of shit!"
  Ophiotaurus / 9d 6h 14m 9s
There were more people who came out. One being the girl she met earlier and the a new girl with a little boy who was handed off to Azalas. So it looked like there were definitely more people around than she originally thought. Slowly she shook her head to clear it and to better pay attention.

[b [i 'But there is a chance?']] The kitten thought and moved closer to the girl she had met earlier. It was just easier since Azalas had his hands full quite literally and the other two would be going to check on things.

[b [i 'Is fires like those normal?']] It was the smell and just the glowing at the entrance of the woods that she raised a paw to motion to. All of it still had her nerves on edge.
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 9d 13h 31m 53s
She nods as she put the cigarette out and went to Grabs her pistol "I swear if it's another troll pack",she mumbled as she walked downstairs then looked at Jeremiah "you ready?",she asks raspily as she smiled, putting some gun magazines with UV and silver nitrate bullets in her belt.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 9d 16h 46m 57s

Azalas looked at Jereimiah and nodded. He saw Sammy bring him Akito and he smiled at him. "Did he have another nightmare?" Azalas asked her. He comforted Aki and pet his hair gently.

He looked at Holiday who was in her cat form. "Don't worry. Whatever it is hasn't came here...But whatever it is we should get inside. Jereimiah and Amy? Can you two investigate? I don't want to leave Aki." Azalas asked them.

He saw Paeton and smiled gently. "Everything's okay."
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 9d 16h 52m 29s

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