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[b [i [center This orphange is funded by The Human Care Foundation]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Season One - The Manor of Many Mysteries]]]]

[center [b [i [+red [size30 "The orphanage holds many secrets inside its walls as well as its inhabitants"]]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center The Orphan Role Play Theme]]]]

[center [b [i [ The Orphan Role Play Theme Song]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center The Setting]]]]

[b [i [+purple [center [size20 An orphanage for children who has lost their parents, It is a huge mansion that is in a small town called Alyan, Pocono Mountains. There is a beautiful garden in back of the mansion, There are plenty of rooms. So please feel free to come in.]]]]]

[b [i [+purple [center [size20 This orphanage holds many secrets and history within its walls. For years many have come and gone, this place holds a dark secret and so does the inhabitants...This is not your normal orphanage, this orphanage is a special one.]]]]]

[b [i [+purple [center [size20 It had been a few years after the previous owner mysteriously left and The Alyan Massacre was a thing of the past...Old residents still reside in the magical manor, still protecting its history while awaiting new residents. These newcomers are about to have their lives changed, either for the worst or better.]]]]]

[b [i [+purple [center [size20 Prepare yourself for an epic journey because this isn't and won't be your normal and usual orphan roleplay. This will have heroes pitted against villains, death and despair, hope and happiness, ancient beings among humans, conspiracies unraveled and questions asked, trusts and bonds made, betrayals and bonds broken, romance and jealously, lies and honesty, this is...]]]]]

[b [i [center [size30 The Orphan Role Play]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Character Creation/Characters]]]]

You can be

o human
o Vampire
o Elf
o cat
o etc...

[center [b [size30 Skeleton]]]

[b [size20 Username:]]
[b [size20 Name:]]
[b [size20 Age:]]
[b [size20 Race:]]
[b [size20 Bio:]]
[b [size20 Powers:]]

[center [b [size30 The Orphans]]]

Username: Bellyache-
Name: Jay Hunter
Age: 16
Race: Celestial
Bio: A child born to Scorpio, looking for brother. Is usually hurting herself due to her mysterious and dark past-
Powers: Shadow manipulation and shadow transformation

Username: Bellyache-
Name: Jayfeather Hunter
Age: 19
Race: Celestial
Bio: A child born between the god and goddess Virgo and Scorpio but was left because he couldn't know about them and his heritage. Currently looking for sister but acts like a dad to most children he meets
Powers: Plant manipulation and growth and healing

Username: Bellyache-
Name: Asphyx Aopeca
Age: 14
Race: Magical Hooman
Bio: A girl without parents, has ptsd for the people who murdered her parents in front of her
Powers: Energy manipulation; Can make shields, weapons, ect with energy.

Username: Doburesu
Name: Jeremiah Rygo
Age: 20
Race: Human
Bio: By the age of 15 Jeremiah had successfully killed 27 werewolves, 162 vampires, 83 orcs, 39 elementals, 16 celestial beings, 392 goblins, 26 fea, 6 chimera, 2 leviathan, 5 demons, 3 dragons, and an angel. Being the son of two highly renown hunters from a land in which humans weren’t so kind to other living beings Jeremiah was a master hunter by the age of 10 and as his parents would say “nothing is beneath a Hunter, you either live at the top or you die on the bottom”. Despite all of that Jeremiah never liked the life he was born into and after what would be known as the “West-Creak Genocide”, a contract that ended in the entire killing of a village of vampires, Jeremiah would abandon his duties and be disowned by his parents at the age of 17. He would then search for a better meaning in life.
Powers: Although not a power he would end up being cursed at the age of 13 by the angel he killed. This curse would cause the souls of every creature and being he had hunted to torment him in his dreams every time he slept. That being said he hasn’t slept since that day and no longer has a need to. This has heightened his senses and made him very sensitive to his surroundings. -“The blood upon thy hands shall never let thee rest, that much is certain. Just as I shalt always be there when thou shalt rest... so too shall they.”

Username: Princess_Rakka
name: Odette sapien
Race: frog person like her older brother abe [Abraham deceased]
bio: odette is abes sister and was found with him in the abandond lab under that hospital but the founder wanst able to awaken her till now.when she hits water she changes

Username: SparoShadows
Name: Fang
Age: 20
Race: Werewolf/Fallen Angel
Bio: Fang is the son of his mother a Fallen Angel and his father a Werewolf. Their union was forbidden and the angels came and killed his family. He just managed to survive with is life. Sense then he has lived at the Orphanage making many friends and doing his best to find out more about himself and protect his friends. He has a hatred for Angels but keeps it in check. His ears are sensitive to the sound of crying.

Username: Lilshiro-
Name: Kaname hagane.
Age: 17
Race: Vampire
Bio: Kaname lost her parents when she was just a 3years old. Ever since then she has been alone and became known for stealing food and pets o.o.

Username: MistakenIdentity
Name: Discord Akoras
Age: 17
Race: Demon
Bio: Discord's parents disappeared shortly after his birth. He was put under the care of a Giant White Spider. However, when found by humans, he was taken from the spider, and put into the orphanage. He managed to sneak out and bring the spider to the orphanage. She currently resides in a cave near the building.

username: tobiisagoodboy
character name: Ryu
creature: shapeshifter
gender: male
age: 17
bio: Ryu doesn't know where he came from. He was found when he was ten wondering around the forest with no previous memories, but just basic concepts, like how to walk and talk. He is a little strange, but that's a given not remembering his past. He grew up in different foster homes, but was recently transferred to this orphanage.

Username: EternalSnow
Name: Nova
Race: Shape Shifter/ Demon
Bio: Nova had came to the orphanage when she was 7 years old she . Her nother had left her there when her father tried to take her life. Not truly talking to the care takers noting else was known about her.

Username: Megane-kun
Name: Cole Johnson
Age: 13
Race: Human
Bio: Cole has always been a bit of a cold person. Literally, his body temperature has always been around 60 degrees. Many people try to figure out what's wrong with him, especially since his blue hair doesn't help, but he tries to hide the fact that he can manipulate water/ice. Once his parents divorced, they blamed him for their fighting and he was sent to the orphanage, only to discover he isn't the only different person around here.

Name: Echo Nyx
Age: 17
Race: Human
Bio: Echo's parents were killed in a battle when she was younger, and found the orphanage on her own. She opted to go to this orphanage, rather than one of the others that were closer. She is able to communicate with dragons in their own tongue, and is decent with both a short sword, and a bow and arrow. She however, hates using violence, and prefers to use her wit to get her out of situations.

Username: Erosxvalentine
Name: Eric
age: unknown -supposibly 16
Race: Cannibalistic vampire
Bio: found walking alone in the streets alone whistling a familiar tune, of which he only knows, while smiling and revealing his razor sharp teeth. When asked of his parents he answers with a smile " they left me"

Name: Yumiko Nelson
Age: 10
Race: Elemental
Bio: After losing her parents in an accident Yumiko and her twin brother Zander were tossed around from foster home to Foster Home until they were finally dumped at the Orphanage since nobody would take them. Yumiko has the power over fire and has a psychic link with her brother that allows them to communicate no matter the distance apart.

Username: Dragoncita
Name: Caim Aeraos
Age: Looks- 17
Actual- 138
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon Shapeshifter
Bio: Caim was hatched as full dragon. However, he has the ability to shift into any dragon breed he chooses and having a human form. Caim is mostly wild. However, he was caught and forced to come to the orphanage. He wasn't too keen on it, and hates being in a building with no room to stretch his wings. He's grown irritable, snapping at others, his wild side being seen nearly the whole time. However, deep down, he can be extremely gentle to those he grows to care for.
Other: He is often seen with a small dragon known as a firelizard which he had named Zepher

name: XiaXia Naoxi
Race:' Mermaid' She has arms and legs like a human but fins on her arms legs and even a crest on her back. webbed fingers, gills, such and such.
bio: She was swimming around in fresh water during a summer vacation when a fisherman's hook caught her by her earfin. Her parents and her siblings would not risk losing another and just left her there. When the fisherman found out she was a mermaid, he gained publicity and put her up on display. She did escape eventually but when found by cops, she bit them and ran off. She ended up in the orphanage.

Username: PsychoticRat
Name: Rocko
Age: 14
Race: Goblin
Bio: Yep. Orphan. Just like the rest of 'em. Do I care? Eh... Probably not as much as I should. They had it comin'! Besides, it's not like they gave a crap about me anyway. When you're as stupid as they were, you get a lot comin' yer way! That's why I learned to never let both sides know you're selling to them! Stupid...stupid, stupid....Aw, who am I kiddin' I wanna go home!

Username: Atomxhive
Name: Atom
Age: said to be 13
Species: android
bio: atom's Creator was unknown, pronounced dead, and he been wandering the earth trying to find a purpose. He knows not of his capabilities or of his own body. He once witness a so called "family " and felt a feeling he had never felt and soon found out about the orphanage and hope to have a family of his own

Username: InsaneMercenary
Name: Jakob 'The Hydra'
Age: Unknown
Race: Hydra
Bio: Being the last of you kind can have an impact on a young Hydra, a beast of massive proportions who is nearly impossible to kill, but Jakob took it... Strangely. Like most Hydra, he kept to himself, living in an expanse of caves with his treasures and traps, but soon the day of hunting Hydra drew to an end, as most humans believed them all to be dead. Only one remained. He slowly grew weary of his home and his treasures, they meant nothing to him anymore. He learned the ability to take on Human form, and ventured out. What he saw was much different than the world of his age, yet so very similar. War still raged, but it was Human against Human now. Sure, they fought each other in his time, but they also banded together to kill the beasts of old. Now, it was just ridiculous squabble. When Jakob found his way to the orphanage, he figured he would fit right in. The last of your kind counts as an orphan, after all. He rarely changes into his true self, he never found the need, and his human form still provides him with many benefits of his true self, the poison blood, miasma breath, and hard skin are some of them. He doesn't look entirely human, though. If you look closely, you'll see his skin is still scales, his tongue forked, his teeth sharp, and his voice will sometimes elongate the 's's when he speaks. He doesn't really hate anyone, as he doesn't not know them. Nobody thus far has tried to harm him yet. Yet...

Username: Akiho
Name: Obsidian
Age: 22
Race: Succubus demon
Bio: Gentle, graceful, enticing to any man or woman. Obsidian has over the years cultivated an elegance about her that could hypnotize any sensible being into following her into her very own trap. Unlike humans, Obsidian wasn't really born. She was manifested in the lower depths of the underworld, though since she wasn't born into some blood line, her ranking in society was pretty much that of a gopher. Other succubi taught taught Obsidian how to do what she is meant to do as a succubus, which would be rather awkward for any human, needless to say. Although, she isn't human. In fact, her expression lack any emotion unless she is putting on a show. Having followed every order she was told, Obsidian felt as though she were some slave, though she didn't mind. In fact, she found herself admiring a rather deadly demon. She decided to follow him wherever he may go and follow every order he commands, as well as attacking a certain orphanage...

Username: TheDollMaster
Name: FCD {Female Child Doll}
Age: 21 years
Race: Living Doll
Bio: Has no memory of the past other than being wrapped up and shipped to the Orphanage.

[b [center [i [h3 Returning Characters]]]]

Username: AmyUmino
Name: Amy Winchester
Age: 16
Race: mutant
Bio: Has lived in the orphanage since she was 3 years old and is Azalas' sister
Powers: hair changes color according to her mood

Name: Yuri Zaraki
Race: Neko
Bio: Yuri was abandoned here at the orphanage when she was just a baby. The reason for this was both of her parents were human.She was born part cat, they thought she was a freak and didn't want her.She has been here all her life and has many friends. A few include her really good and close friends Fang and Azalas. Yuri is a very sensitive, kind,caring,and fun girl. She enjoys goofing around with her friends and eating food.

Username: SparoShadows
Name: Fang
Age: 20
Race: Werewolf/Fallen Angel
Bio: Fang is the son of his mother a Fallen Angel and his father a Werewolf. Their union was forbidden and the angels came and killed his family. He just managed to survive with is life. Sense then he has lived at the Orphanage making many friends and doing his best to find out more about himself and protect his friends. He has a hatred for Angels but keeps it in check. His ears are sensitive to the sound of crying.

Username: Vossler
Name: Azalas Valentine
Age: 21
Race: Human
Bio: Azalas's parents were killed by an unknown hitman and he was soon found by his careraker who sent him to an orphanage where he bounced between many of them befkre stopping at the Alyan Orphanage at 17 years old. This was a few years ago. He has made many friends and enemies over the course of him staying here and has the power to bend darkness at his will

The Rules

  • No cybering, take that to email
  • A little bit of violence is alright, but not too extreme
  • No godmodding whatsoever, we had a guy on the old Orphan Rp who did that alot
  • No killing another persons character without their permission
  • Romance is allowed, just no love at first sight
  • You can have multiple characters, around 3-4
  • Enjoy!

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Jeremiah headed to his room after things had calmed down, sitting on his bed and throwing his bag onto the floor. Since he hadn’t gotten the chance to up until now he’d simply place his around the room and make sure everything was in order, starting with the black case. It was rather large, but not so big hat it couldn’t fit in the bag with his other belongings. He’d place that on the far side of the room up against a wall, a place where it would stay until truly needed.
  Jeremiah / Doburesu / 5d 12h 13m 41s
She ended up walking to the woods and was climbing trees, something she did when she needed to close her mind then picked some of the fruit that was high up in the tree, humming to herself.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 5d 15h 51m 35s
Azalas heard Aki and opened the door while holding the baby in his free arm. He smiled at Aki. "That time huh?" He asked. He gently pet him and let him run loose while he sat on the porch.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 6d 4h 2m 42s
It twas the night of the New moon and as the dark moon rose Aki began to twitch on the couch his form shifting and bones cracking until his form had shifted into that of a small wolf pup and his eyes blinked open and he yawned getting up and stretching before hopping down from the couch leaving his bandage behind, but even in his wolf form one could see the place where he had been wounded. Heading to the door Aki whined and scratched at it hoping to be let out so he could wander as he usually did on his nights of shifting.
  Akito / V1rg081tch / 6d 4h 16m 44s
Jeremiah stood without making a sound for a moment before shaking his head and giving Amy a smile. [+maroon “Yeah, I’m all good. Just a tad bit confused”], he said with another shake of his head. Something seemed off, even when he looked down at his hands he realized that he hadn’t even drawn his weapons. Willow, Narmino, Peter? So much was happening that he didn’t even know how to really react.

[+maroon Kill them [b now]! Anyone who sides who those devils will die!]

Jeremiah looked around the room quickly, his eyes blinking rapidly. [+maroon “What? who just-“], he said with a new look of confusion in his eyes. [+maroon “I must be hearing things.”]
  Jeremiah / Doburesu / 7d 5h 30m 45s
She looked at Azalas "I'm fine",she rasped as she looked at Jeremiah "you good?'she asks him as she coughed some, wiping her mouth off
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 7d 6h 19m 37s
Azalas nearly freaked out when he saw Willow fall from his arms and run into the dining area where ths chaos was transpiring. He ran after her and saw her get Frankies attention before rushing to the living room and going upstairs to her room where he chased after her. Azalas tried to get the boy but he was too fast. He checked in with Amy and Jeremiah and quickly ran upstairs to help Willow but all he heard was two voices. Willows and another voice which wasn't Frankies. He even heard what sounded like a baby. Azalas was about to open the door but he heard it opening. He went back downstairs and noticed Willow with another kid and a baby. "What the f-" he stopped not wanting to cuss in front of her and the other child. "Where...Where's the spawn of satan?" Azalas asked jokingly but still confused and creeped out. He was used to weird shit happening all the time when he was 14 living here. Lots of weird shit happened here back then. He gently took the baby and comforted him with a confused look. He noticed Akito was still asleep and was shocked he could sleep through all that chaos. "Well okay then...Glad you're safe Willow...And uh. good to meet you Narmino...And little baby Peter. Yeah...I'm gonna go sit out on the porch now and rock this baby to sleep and think about my life." He said walking outside very confused.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 7d 7h 12m 11s
Frankie didn't like all the mocking and the shadows around him grew bigger and he raised his hand causing the shadows to turn into solid forms, mostly those of tendrils and he began shooting them at Jeremiah and Amy until he felt a hand on his arm and he looked down to see Willow look at him before running off and the boy's need for the girl kicked in and his shadow's immediately vanished as he turned and chased the girl up to her room.

Willow hadn't answered Azalas as her small form was shaking, but when she looked towards the kitchen and saw the growing shadows she screamed and kicked off from Azalas landing on her back on the ground, but she then quickly got up and rushed back into the kitchen and placed a shaky hand on the boy's arm before his shadows could make impact and when the boy's eyes turned to her she immediately saw the anger change to lust and she prayed Narmino was awake as she made a bolt up to her room slightly relieved when she heard the boy give chase. Willow made it to her room and tried to close the door, but the boy got in and closed it behind himself adding a shadow over it to stop anyone from getting in and Willow backed up to the bed and fell onto it not risking the chance to glance at Narmino's closet to see if it was open because even if he wasn't awake she still had been able to save the others even for a little bit. Willow stared up as the boy pinned her to the bed his shadows leaking out his back in tentacles like Slender and she bit her lip as he began his assault on her tiny frame managing to keep tears out of her eyes as she kept her eyes locked with his, but just before he came Willow heard a whirring noise and smiled as she heard the boy scream in pain as a large wooden stake ripped through his chest covering her in blood. Willow closed her eyes to try and avoid getting blood in them and waited until the boy was no longer on top of her to open them seeing Narmino instead standing over her looking terrifying, but she quickly jumped into his skeleton arms and he held her tight. [#00bb27 "I knew you would save me."] she whimpered as she finally let her tears out sobbing into the wooden Skelly not noticing that 1. The tree was absorbing the boy's blood and powers or 2. That the boy now lay reborn in his clothes as a human newborn.
Willow cried for a good 10 minutes before she finally noticed the cries of another and she looked down at the clothes sniffling before carefully moving the hoodie yelping when she saw a tiny baby, but then her anger grew and she went to grab the knife she used for carving wood when a human looking hand stopped her and she turned gasping. [#00bb27 "Narmino... You're... you're turning human!"] she exclaimed and the now human looking tree boy smiled. [#5e2b00 "That I am seems I've taken in the boy's powers."] Narmino laughed lightly and Willow hugged him again but then turned to the baby. [#5e2b00 "He's harmless now, he can't hurt you again."] Narmino said taking Willow's hand and Willow frowned at the fact that the boy wasn't dead and she raised the knife to end it only to drop it, not truly able to kill another being especially one she read as human. Willow scooped up the baby and sat back down on her bed looking between it and Narmino who's transformation was now complete and he now sat beside her humming a small tune as he held a human finger out for the baby who cooed and grabbed it and Willow was shocked to realize the baby now looked like the perfect child between her and Narmino's new form. [#00bb27 "Why? Why did you..."] [#5e2b00 "Because everyone deserves a second chance. A chance to be saved."] Narmino said and Willow whimpered but Narmino pulled her in for a hug and begun humming lightly.
A few more minutes passed and both Willow and Narmino stood and put on some clothes the newborn now sleeping on her bed. Once they were dressed Willow scooped up the baby and put him back on his clothes then scooped everything up and headed downstairs to the others before handing the baby off to Azalas. [#00bb27 "His name is Peter now, and this is my mate Narmino."] she said before walking back to the kitchen where she fixed Narmino up a plate of food and nuked hers in the microwave, then the two sat down to eat holding hands the entire time.
Narmino's human form.
  The Shadow / V1rg081tch / 7d 7h 33m 31s
Jeremiah choked for a moment, coughing a few times at the boy’s words. [+maroon “Hahah, ha... ha-“]

He trailed off into silence as he watched Frankie’s sudden transformation. He placed the cup down slowly as Amy spoke to the boy and walked over to the two of them, his face more serious than it had recently been. [+maroon “Insults aside I suggest you calm your actions. Words like that don’t mean nothin to me, but if you’re be tryin to threaten someone I have no problem addin you to my collection”], Jeremiah said as his mood could gradually be seen getting worse. If he didn’t know before he most certainly knew now what this child was, if they could even be classified as a child at this point. [+maroon “If you plan on stayin here, I suggest you learn to listen to those in charge.”]
  Jeremiah / Doburesu / 7d 8h 21m 27s
"Your lucky I've never raised my hand at a kid before you little fucking brat",she growled out as Midnight screamed in her mind, letting out a guttural growl, trying to fight him off.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 7d 11h 7m 23s
Azalas seriously thought about breaking the boys neck right there but he held back. Instead he got grabbed his hand that held Willows ankle and firmly removed it from her ankle. He then walked away from the scene with her because for two reasons: to protect her and stop himself from killing a child. He overheard the conversation and sighed. "Willow...Please tell me what happened. I'll always listen."
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 7d 11h 10m 54s
Frankie glared at Amy when she spoke out his hand now firmly grasping Willow's ankle as he tried to get her away from what he still assumed was her butler. [#768c00 "Shut up you filthy wench I know what year it is."] he growled then turned to Azalas when he spoke. [#768c00 "Pfft Family your the help, the help isn't family you know how many bastard brothers I had the pleasure to kill? Help ain't family your just pests."] he hissed yanking harder on Willow's leg causing her to yelp in pain as she clung to Azalas her arms so tight around his neck it was a wonder the man had a chance to breath. When Jeremiah came back Frankie growled, {Goddess forgive me for I a pasty annoying white girl am about to sin} [#768c00 You Fucking N*g*o learn your place get your dirty black hide back to the shed before you get a whipping!"] Frankie yelled at the man his eyes turning black as shadows began creeping up around him.
  The Shadow / V1rg081tch / 7d 11h 15m 59s
He stood and took a deep breath, an attempt to clear his mind. Now relaxed and steady he took the time to think about what had transpired. He didn’t think Willow would be in that much danger out here and yet when she returned her face obviously showed otherwise. Even her mannerisms had become rather soft compared to what he had grown accustomed to. What really disturbed him though was the boy.

As soon as the boy had entered he doors he could smell it, albeit faintly. His sense of smell was one of the first things he was trained to hone and vampires was the first thing he was conditioned to get the smell of. Some were good at hiding and making things subtle while others were bold and cared not for masking themselves; same goes for werewolves and other creatures who shared the look of the average human. Certain conditions could make it extremely difficult or mask the smell completely, but the smell on one’s breath or even a location was something that could give a person away if not quickly taken care of. The boy had the faint smell, but it was very feint, almost as if he wasn’t really a vampire. Almost as if he wasn’t a vampire but had been near one recently.

[+maroon [i What am I thinkin? It doesn’t matter. All in all I have no reason, nor do I want to act unless given proper reason to do so. That’s why I came here, to escape all that] ], he thought to himself before turning to check on 902 once more before leaving the room. He made his way back down the stairs to where everyone else was eating and smiled at the sight of Azalas comforting Willow. The look on Amy’s face alone could give away that she wasn’t happy about what had happened. Jeremiah simply grabbed a cup of water at sat leaned against the wall, giving everyone a wave to let them know he was present.
  Jeremiah / Doburesu / 7d 12h 9m 18s
Azalas glared at the kids remarks to him and Jeremiah. He gently scooped up Willow in his arms and comforted her. "Listen, I don't know where you come from but you don't get to act like that here. We are a family, most of us may not be blood but sometimes kid water can be thicker than blood in this scenario. We support eachother and fight for one another." Azalas said to Frankie. When Jeremiah left to chdck on 902 he sighed. There was so much shit going on that it felt like he was 14 years old again living in the orphanage when bad shit always happened.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 7d 13h 47m 46s
"If you havent figured it out kid, the year is 2019, not 1819",she says to Frankie as she walked over to Willow "tou alright kid?',she asks as she smiled at her then looked at Azalas
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 7d 16h 7m 19s

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