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[google-font][raleway [center [b [u This orphanage is funded by The Human Care Foundation.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Season Three- The Werewolf and The Cat.]]

[google-font][raleway [center Two new people have arrived at the mysterious mansion in the woods but one was fresh blood and the other was a normal looking cat who appeared to be a neko later on. Azalas and his friends give them shelter but soon an evil presence follows behind and threatens the whole orphanage.]]

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[google-font][raleway [center An orphanage for children who has lost their parents, It is a huge mansion that is in a small town called Alyan, Pocono Mountains. There is a beautiful garden in back of the mansion, There are plenty of rooms. So please feel free to come in.]]

[google-font][raleway [center This orphanage holds many secrets and history within its walls. For years many have come and gone, this place holds a dark secret and so does the inhabitants...This is not your normal orphanage, this orphanage is a special one.]]

[google-font][raleway [center It had been a few years after the previous owner mysteriously left and The Alyan Massacre was a thing of the past...Old residents still reside in the magical manor, still protecting its history while awaiting new residents. These newcomers are about to have their lives changed, either for the worst or better.]]

[google-font][raleway [center Prepare yourself for an epic journey because this isn't and won't be your normal and usual orphan roleplay. This will have heroes pitted against villains, death and despair, hope and happiness, ancient beings among humans, conspiracies unraveled and questions asked, trusts and bonds made, betrayals and bonds broken, romance and jealously, lies and honesty, this is...]]

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Username:]] -Mirror-]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Chimera]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] Over 500]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Perfect chimera]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Chimera is an escaped experiment. Chimeras don’t exist naturally and Chimera is the only perfect one of his kind. While still in the lab about a year after his creation, he learned what was being done to other humans and what was going to be done to them to create more of him so before the scientists could do anything to go forward with their plans, he used his power to escape. Now, Chimera helps others out by being a man-for-hire while also keeping tabs on the labs that continue to create chimeras. However, it seems the chimeras are reproducing naturally and the labs are controlling them through sonic transmitter towers and drones. Chimera’s home city became overrun with chimeras and it was Tank’s idea to leave. After a little research, Tank found a secluded place with a few others that would be perfect to stay at which brings them to the orphanage.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Shifting - Can shift into anything he has a genetic code for. He can even shift into a black amorphous blob either with or without a face or limb. He can make parts of his body change and he can combine genetics.

Gene Absorption - This is passive. Whenever Chimera encounters a new gene, his body will automatically absorb it, giving him new abilities and a new form. With having the majority of genetic codes, finding new ones is getting harder. Chimera always knows when he gains a new code.

Element Manipulation - To an extent, Chimera can manipulate the elements. This comes from the artificially created codes as well as from codes he has collected. The elements he commonly uses are fire, air, water, electricity, light, and earth. Each element has its own limitations which limits their use as attacks. Chimera mainly uses them for survival, everyday living, defense, and escape.
Other Info: Tank, a chimera of a couple bird species, dragon and human, usually stays in the background and manages Chimera and any business he picks up. Tank has been Chimera’s friend since he found him getting beaten nearly half to death and wasn’t fighting back.]]

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Username:]] V1rg081tch]]

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Name:]] Akito Valentine]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Age:]] 3]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Race:]] Werewolf Breeder]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Pansexual. Antisocial. Werewolf who shifts on the new moon. Was born into a rare form of werewolves that allows him to breed with anything. Sold into slavery when he was a baby and was adopted by Azalas when he was 3 and brought to the orphanage.]]

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Powers:]] Shifting during new moons]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Username:]] V1rg081tch]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Name:]] Samantha Walker]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Age:]] 10]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Unknown]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Dropped at the Orphanage when she was 5 with no identification and no memory of her past.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Healing]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Username:]] V1rg081tch]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Lana Marie]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 15]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Druid Baby Factory]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Grew up in the orphanage with no memory of any family. Is 15 weeks pregnant with a son. Father Unknown]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Speaks with Animals, Speaks with Trees, Gets pregnant easily if anything living touches her with the wish for offspring.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] Dragoncita]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Doesn't remember his true name]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] Appears to be in his late teens, to early 20's
Actual age is unknown for the time being]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Unknown]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] He hardly remembers anything. One moment he was in a great battle, trying his damnedest to stay alive, next he was somewhere else. Now severally injured, but still struggling to stay alive, he makes his way across this new world.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Recovering his abilities]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Other Info:]] Usually seen with his preferred weapon of choice; a glaive
Always seen with a strange mask covering his bottom half of his face and jaw]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Username:]] hextheblackcat]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Leon & Noel Loopholes]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 17]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Human]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] A pair of twin who accidentally leap through time and space! They ended up in a world not like their own at the age of seven after a near death experience triggered an ability they didn’t even know they had possessed.

It happened in the blink of an eye. One moment they were drowning in the middle of the sea during a raging storm and the next appearing in a river. They were found unconscious while floating down stream with the gentle current.

When they came to they were surrounded by foreigners and placed into the foster care system and then later this orphanage.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Space-Time manipulation]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Username:]] AlitaBonita]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Name:]] Paeton Blackmore]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Age:]] 16]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Race:]] Elf]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Bio:]] Most of what Paeton could remember from her murky past expands only six years. What she once knew and experienced had suddenly disappeared in a blink of an eye. One day, the orphanage staff found the young girl simply roaming the grounds of the orphanage looking as if she’d lost something. For six years, Paeton had remained at the orphanage, trying to remember who she was before the loss of her memory. To find the answers that could fill in the void surrounding her past. She tends to keep mostly to herself. She becomes extremely timid when around others she may not know. Especially when strangers cross into her territory. Once she gets used to her surroundings, her heart opens to all that will except it.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Powers:]] Electrokinesis the psychic power to control and/or manipulate electrical currents, and generate electricity with one’s mind. Paeton can produce a painful electric jolt into anyone she touches. At first, she could only project it through her palms. Now, Paeton is able to radiate it all over her body. She can also use her power to create a defensive electrical shield around her whole body for added protection.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Username:]] DarkMythic]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Name:]] Juniper Vane]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Age:]] 16]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Race:]] Werewolf]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Powers:]] She can shift into a werewolf, super strength and speed. She is stronger than others of her kind due to being born of alpha blood.]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u
Bio:]] Juniper was friends with Tyler Beech from a young age even though she was told to stay away from the future alpha of the Greenstone pack. She didn't listen because she never understood what made him so dangerous as she had never seen what he was truly like.

One day Juniper's brother Jaden found out that the two were friends and he dragged her away from the other boy to protect her. That's when she got her first dose of Tyler's insanity. He attacked and fought with her brother but lost, when he realised he wasn't strong enough to fight the future alpha of the Silvermoon pack he swore that when he was alpha he would come back to take what was his. A few weeks later the word got out that Greenstone's alpha was dead.]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] Doburesu]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Jeremiah Rygo]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 20]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Human]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] By the age of 15 Jeremiah had successfully killed 27 werewolves, 162 vampires, 83 orcs, 39 elementals, 16 celestial beings, 392 goblins, 26 fea, 6 chimera, 2 leviathan, 5 demons, 3 dragons, and an angel. Being the son of two highly renown hunters from a land in which humans weren’t so kind to other living beings Jeremiah was a master hunter by the age of 10 and as his parents would say “nothing is beneath a Hunter, you either live at the top or you die on the bottom”. Despite all of that Jeremiah never liked the life he was born into and after what would be known as the “West-Creak Genocide”, a contract that ended in the entire killing of a village of vampires, Jeremiah would abandon his duties and be disowned by his parents at the age of 17. He would then search for a better meaning in life.]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] Although not a power he would end up being cursed at the age of 13 by the angel he killed. This curse would cause the souls of every creature and being he had hunted to torment him in his dreams every time he slept. That being said he hasn’t slept since that day and no longer has a need to. This has heightened his senses and made him very sensitive to his surroundings. -“The blood upon thy hands shall never let thee rest, that much is certain. Just as I shalt always be there when thou shalt rest... so too shall they.”]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] EternalSnow]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Nova]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 21]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Shape Shifter/ Demon]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Nova had came to the orphanage when she was 17 years old she . Her nother had left her there when her father tried to take her life. Not truly talking to the care takers noting else was known about her.]]

[center [pic]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Returning Characters;]]]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] Vossler]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Azalas Valentine]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 21]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] Human]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Azalas's parents were killed by an unknown hitman and he was soon found by his careraker who sent him to an orphanage where he bounced between many of them befkre stopping at the Alyan Orphanage at 17 years old. This was a few years ago. He has made many friends and enemies over the course of him staying here and has the power to bend darkness at his will]]

[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Username:]] AmyUmino]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Name:]] Amy Winchester]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Age:]] 16]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Race:]] mutant]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Bio:]] Has lived in the orphanage since she was 3 years old and is Azalas' sister]]
[google-font][raleway [center [b [u Powers:]] hair changes color according to her mood]]

[google-font][raleway [right [b [u [size10 Thread edited by my Baby Girl.]]]]]


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  Juniper Vane / -PrettyValentine- / 2d 7h 48m 14s
Jeremiah looked over at the man as he moved away, clearly in some sort of panic after regaining consciousness. He could feel the girls jump from the man’s startlingly quick actions, especially with injuries like that, but maybe this guy was just more durable than other people. [i At least I’ll be gettin a few questions out of this one now], he thought to himself before spotting the wisps.

In the faint gleam the wisps let off he could see the sheen of a blade edge, but his attention was quickly occupied by the two little girls who were already on the defensive. Magic maybe, he couldn’t tell if they weren’t human yet so he’d leave it alone for now. Still, he didn’t want them to get involved in any fighting. He stood up slowly as the man took his weapon in hand, using it more as a cane than something to attack with. “Calm yourself buddy, no one needs t’go jumpin the gun now”, he said as he positioned himself between him and the girls. “You’re not in fighting condition, so why don’t we talk. A few words never hurt anybody.”
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 5d 21h 16m 15s
Paeton slowly rose to her feet, knocking dirt off the front of her blue jeans. She silently eyeballed the other three casually playing with one another. She simply rolled her eyes before gently grabbing the black kitten from behind. It was as if the new girl had completely forgotten that she had bumped into her. She hadn't even offered to help her up! Let alone apologize for the whole incident. "Hey new girl, watch where your going next time." she huffed, snuggling Holly into her small arms before heading back inside the mansion.
  Paeton Blackmore / AlitaBonita / 7d 23h 22m 6s
As soon as juniper's eyes landed on the little boy she knew he was a wolf. She tried to smile and play the game with holly and the boy but everytime aki got near she was hit by his wolf scent and found herself flinching each time as images of events she had been through only hours before flashed through her mind. She tried her best to to keep playing and smiled but it was forced and shakey as she chased the two of them around forgetting about the bag she left on the ground which was slightly open with cigarette packets slipping out.
  MythicMallow / 9d 21h 36m 18s
She was settled upon her feet and let out a soft whine of a mew in protest. Admittedly, the kitten had liked being held and pet. Something that happened to keep her calm. Not that she 'voiced' it fully. But her protest fell on deaf ears and her attention was once more on those around her.

It was Juniper rushing the way she had and knocking into both Azalas and Paeton that had her hop back. She was a tiny thing and didn't want to be squished. And again she sat, watching now Aki who seemed like he was wanting to play.

Being in her kitten form and letting herself slip into that frame of mind, Holly too began to paw at Juniper and chase Aki back and forth. Slowly she was forgetting about the others on the steps. Or she seemed to be for the time being, which she was thankful for as there were too many.
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 15d 11h 55m 45s
She spit out the sip of her soda she was taken when the orphanage was referred to as a brothel and stifled her laughter behind her hand as she looked at Azalas, closing her eyes some.

"I..I dont think I've ever heard this place referred to as a brothel before",she says as she took another sip of her drink then hears the noise, almost drawing her gun at the noise, jumping some as she scanned the area, not realizing the temperature dropped.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 17d 18h 1m 26s
Azalas nodded at Chimera That sounded dangerous and he made a mental note for later. "Also drone bases? Sounds very Fallen Earth to me. Great, Fallen Earth Society and these people. Fallen Earth is a cult like organzation that operates inside the Pocono Mountains. They have labs and such as well." He finished and smirked at the sound of Chimeras stomach. "Yeah. We just finished.making fish with vegetables. Go inside and make yourself a helping."

He looked over at Paeton who stood near him and Aki but nearly fell over when Juniper ran off and bummed into them. He heard the commotion between her and Jeremiah and tried to stop her but it was too late but luckily.he caught himself.

He let Aki down and watched as he played with Juniper. He smiled at her but flinched when he heard a loud noise.from.upstairs. He was about to go out but was stopped by a girl arriving at the orphanage. "A brothel?...No. This is an orphanage." He told her gently.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 17d 19h 5m 25s
[size12 Chimera scratched his head when asked about the transmitters.] [b “The sonic transmitters are towers that emit a sound that carry commands that pure animalistic chimeras must obey. There’s millions of chimers out there in the world naturally breeding and the labs that created me found a way to control them before they allowed the release of a small group of a couple hundred. The ones that hold human DNA like Tank and I are immune to the commands thankfully. Unfortunately, if the labs wanted to, they could send every chimera in the country and even the world to congregate into one area and cause one massive attack.”]

[size12 Tank took that moment to return, landing with a heavy thump and then standing up to tower over everyone.] [+red “The drone bases are the bigger problem though. The drones emit the same sound commands and lure the chimeras around like a pack of monsterous mutts. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the transmitter though. While the labs are after Chimera, he isn’t easy to keep track of. He won’t be found here for quite some time.”]

[size12 It was then the sound of a growling stomach, if one could call it that as it sounded more like the rumble of an earthquake, could be heard. Chimera made a surprised face as he placed a hand over his stomach. Another growl and he grinned goofilly, clearly having made things rather awkward.] [b “Well then. Guess I need to eat something. Best I do eat though. Me hungry is a bad idea. Just point me towards the kitchen and Tank will make sure I don’t everything in it. I think there's been a couple times I literally ate everything including the kitchen sink.”] [size12 He chuckled.]

[size12 Tank facewinged after hearing Chimera’s stomach.] [+red “The bottomless pit returns.”] [size12 He mumbles, his neck feather fluffing up knowing he has his hands full since feeding Chimera is like trying to feed a black hole.]
  Chimera / -Mirror- / 17d 20h 3m 17s
Aki finally managed to calm himself enough to return to reality and he held the man, now father tightly whimpering, but then a scent filled his nose and he turned to see two girls and a kitten on the floor and his head tilted in curiosity, then the scent hit him again and he sniffed the air before crawling out of Azalas's arms and walked over to one of the girls {Juniper} sniffing her she had a smell of wolf on her and Aki couldn't stop himself from nuzzling against her before nipping at her hands and running a few feet away before running back, nuzzling, nipping, and running it was a sign he wanted to play something he hadn't shown in a long time. Aki continued the pattern each time getting more and more excited and if he had been in wolf form his tail would be going wild.

Lana sat in the darkness and though her eyes could not take in any light she felt the room move a sign of her god the one who had rescued her, but now struck absolute fear into her. Lana could feel vines wrapping around her legs and body and it took everything she had not to scream then he spoke and her blood drew cold. [#69ad00 "Lana I am extremely disappointed in you, just last week on the announcement of your pregnancy you swore you would not let it stop your protection yet here you sit after ten of my children were brutally murdered by some creature. Tell me why I shouldn't rip this fetus out of you."] he asked and Lana could feel the vines moving under her clothes and tears came to her eyes. [#01970c "My lord please I'm sorry but I couldn't forsee this something... the creature isn't from this realm and it's protected by something I'm sorry please spare me and my child. I-I'll do anything please don't hurt him."] she sobbed as she felt the vines tighten around her legs and up her body until one thrust itself into her mouth causing her to flinch.
[#69ad00 "I don't believe you I gave you the power to see everything, but I will give you once chance to make this up."] he hissed and the vine in her mouth left after secreting some kind of liquid. [#69ad00 "Bring me the son of Azalas by midnight and you may keep your offspring otherwise it will be killed and it's father banished from my forest."] he said then Lana felt the vines pick her up and toss her out of the room and she coughed shivering her legs now imprinted with the vine's marking and she forced herself to her feet and shakily walked down the stairs and back out of the house where she stopped and looked at the boy she was to deliver, he was trying to gain the attention of someone new, but the girl knew his future would not be a pleasant one not with her God's interest in him, but she could do nothing to help the child if she wished to keep her own. Lana remembered the promise she made to Malik and turned into the woods to gather some prey before heading to trap it around the man's cave. Malik was the father of Lana's unborn, but as far as she knew he was unaware of the girl's power to create offspring with a single touch as his child was her first and as they had never laid together it would seem impossible for her to be pregnant.
Once Lana got 100 meters from the cave with a few wild boar she bloomed some food and fogged their minds so they could not detect the danger before trapping them inside with a dome of vines then she sat herself just inside the vines and waited all the while curling herself up into a ball and falling into a trance like state so she wouldn't see Malik hunt but could keep her powers in tact and the prey dumb.

Aura and Ella were woken by the voice of a dark-skinned male who then placed the two on a shirt and though they were tired they stayed awake feeling as though they were in safe hands, but they jumped when the man beside them moved, he was hurt and the two girls suddenly started whimpering not knowing if he was a soldier come to finish the job. The girls clung to the dark man when he pulled them close and Ella created a fireball in her hand while Aura created a shield of ice and they watched the creature in fear wondering if they would have to fight.

A young looking female skipped through the forest holding a demented looking bunny plush when she suddenly came upon a house. Curious the girl walked around until she saw people and a large cowboy looking male {Azalas} caught her eye and she smiled before walking up to him and pulling on his shirt. [#486eff "Hey Mister why do you have a house in the middle of the forest? Is it a brothel?"] she asked as she took in a breath to see if she could pinpoint the number of people around and if there were any food sources she could feed from.
  ~Orphan~ / V1rg081tch / 20d 17h 38m 53s
[h3 [center Beginning Pieces of the Fractured Mind]]
[center [i "You, your brothers and sisters, you were all created for one purpose; To bring an end to the abominations. It is your sacred duty child, to end, or at least hold back the plague that was brought upon our world by my foolish brother. From this day forward, you will go forth and fight the chaos."]]
He was kneeling on the side of a long, blue carpet that led down the middle of what appeared to be a grand throne room of some kind. On either side of him, were also others like him, as well as on the opposite side of the walkway. Each one was knelt down, weapons laid down, awaiting for someone or something to pass by.
Soft footsteps, the appearance of a young maiden clad in pure white seemingly floated down the path. As she passed, slowly the lines stood. He felt someone nudge his side, to only see a male...why did this male seem so familiar...
He followed the rest, coming to stand on his feet. No one looked towards the maiden as she soon came to the throne, turning around to face the rows. Though he wasn't looking at her, he could sense the emotions, just the air in the large room was enough to convey what she was feeling, and an omen of something foreboding.
[i "My have been summoned...a mass of abominations have gathered, and you are needed to destroy the beasts before they are able to release their master."]
Worry, a mother's fear of losing her children, their was a slight tremble in the woman's voice, [i "You will be joined by my sister's forces, a force of holy dragons. With them, you will face the hordes, and bring an end to them."]
The young maiden seemed on the verge of tears. She turned her head, stretching a hand towards the grand doors that led out of the throne, [i "Go with my blessing careful and come back to me..."]
[hr ]
What was this feeling? Something...brushing against his head? It was...comforting...had his Goddess returned?
Slowly, the male's eyelids fluttered open. Everything was blurred, once again pain tearing through his entire body. The form above him, was unfamiliar. It looked like neither his Goddess, or the one who's name and face evaded him.
His vision began to clear, if at a sluggish pace. Though soon, unknown features began to present themselves before him. He was looking upwards towards the face of a stranger, a dark-toned male. His entire body screamed at him as he suddenly jerked away, rolling off to the side, only to reopen wounds that had once stopped bleeding.
Weapon! Where was his weapon? The young male had stumbled away, once again beginning to leak from wounds, dripping to the forest floor. A harsh cough sounded, crimson liquid falling through parts of the strange mask which he wore. The pain was flooding his entire body, vision starting to grow blurry again. Weakly he lifted a hand, instinct being his only guide right then, as he had little to no memories of before.
A soft rustle, a glimmer among the leaves. Once again, the blood red wisps had seemingly appeared all around, floating around whatever was struggling through the leaf litter upon the forest floor. A sharp edge attached to a long handle, a ribbon with unknown symbols wrapped around it. The red wisps continued to follow the slowly inching weapon, before it finally found its way to its owner. Once in the hand of the owner, the wisps instantly backed away, back into the foliage, but glowing ever so slightly.
Each movement sent his body in shock. Each movement, a gasp rasped through the mask as he struggled to stand, using the now revealed glaive as a support, leaning against it, having dug one of the sharpened ends into the earth. His head hung low, too much energy having been expended just to stand, and then that strange feat to call his weapon to his side.
[i Drip, drip, drip]...that bright red blood fell, soaking into the forest floor. He was in no condition to fight, he more so seemed on the verge of passing out again. Yet he somehow still managed to cling to conscious, refusing to fall...
[h3 [center Malik]]
He knew this region of the forest pretty well. Having wandered here by accident at first, but then realizing it was where Lana would often retreat to, for her own reasons. As such, they had passed the original house, the orphanage, an area Malik avoided if and when possible. It was better that way, he was content to simply be a mere shadow within the depths of the forest, the ruthless shadow of darkness and chaos that kept watch.
There were times where he would seemingly disappear for long periods of time, but it was for the best. He was still an abomination after all, a chaotic beast that lived on destruction and death. There were times he caved in to that feral nature, a nature he tried to keep locked away. Where he went, only Malik truly knew, for it was always so sudden when the beast would disappear from the forests.
Every time he returned though, the beast was welcomed by the druid Lana. Such a young, innocent creature, unaware of his true, feral nature. Though, her kindness had made something click in his mind, something which very few abominations could understand. Even Malik was unsure of what exactly it was, but the urge to 'protect' had implanted itself in his mind. To guard and defend the one who welcomed him, despite what he was.
The male came to a halt at the edge of the clearing where the great treehouse stood in place. Once again, there was something about the area that left him wary. His red eyes shifted, having come just as one of the Nymphs took hold of Lana's hair, jerking her head back. That deep, menacing rumble seemingly once again from deep in his chest.
Granted, the display was tame compared to 'abomination standards'. There was just something that didn't sit well with him, perhaps it was that sudden protective urge over the young female he felt. For an abomination, trying to understand these new feelings were downright confusing when you were used to only a few choice ones, mainly; destructive fury and hatred.
He noticed Lana's body trembling, tears streaming from her eyes. The anger she once held clearly dissipated into fear. Malik noticed it, having seen such fear, living on it. That more feral part of his mind beginning to surface, growing, he needed to contain it, keep it from showing itself.
Malik forced himself to look away from the scene. He needed to block it from his vision, keep it from implanting itself firmly in his mind. Yet the scent of fear was still there, no matter how hard he tried to ignore it. He heard the soft sound of footsteps, hearing Lana's voice.
The male was silent, keeping his eyes elsewhere. He wanted to look at her, to try and reassure her, but he couldn't think of anything to say, nor did he dare in fear of his feral nature taking full hold. It already was slightly triggered earlier by that figure from earlier in the other part of the forest.
[#483d8b [b "Don't worry about it,"]] his voice was a barely audible mumble, [#483d8b [b "I'll find something, though not gonna stop ya."]]
Malik then proceeded to place the trees where he was told, then take off into the depths of the forest.
[hr ]
A dark cave in a seemingly barren rock cliff with little to no plant life...such a dejected and ugly place, perfect for a creature like himself...
He walked into the massive opening, eyes swiftly adjusting to the darkness. Malik released a sigh, running a hand through his hair. Without any realization, his body began to grow, becoming larger, changing shape. His true form hidden within the depths of the cave he had come to call home for the time being. There wasn't even a glow from red eyes that had once been his. No, there was nothing but darkness, and an overwhelming sense of dread to any that dared venture too close to the beast's lair.
Malik had settled down, trying to calm his mind, but it kept going back to that boy. Something told him to beware the male, to fear him, but why should he fear such a weak looking individual? His feral nature was urging him to have finished the other off right there and then, but yet he didn't.
Would he regret that decision later on? Only time would tell...
  :-Gods/Goddess Children-: / Dragoncita / 20d 18h 49m 18s
He moved quickly through the trees, making sure to head in the direction of the sound everyone had heard. Things were seeming rather calm thinking of how nothing had really happened since the loud crash. Surely whatever it was couldn’t be too dangerous, or rather, it wouldn’t sit quietly for so long without making a fuss. From his experience with all sorts of creatures most of them tend to be rowdy when appearing in such a fashion. He’d dealt with unknown creatures that have had crash entrances like that, but that was around specific areas and required a lot of preparation to even summon them. Maybe someone managed to pull it off while he was asleep after the fight with Remos, but the was highly unlikely. It would take way to much time.

His mind grinded to a halt when he noticed a large number of trees had been destroyed ahead of him, yet the torn trunks were all that remained. [i Someone took them? Maybe they were just completely destroyed. No, there would be splintered wood scattered all over the area.] He surveyed the area, sticking to the shadows to make sure no one was hiding in the trees. When he was sure it was all clear he mad his way to the center of the damage where he found... a person?

“So this is the cause huh? Doesn’t look like he’s from around here either”, he said as he crouched next to him and looked him over. “Hm, never even seen nothin like this. How’d this guy even survive the crash? There’s a footprint on his coat too”, he looked around at the ground to find a pair of footprints leading into the trees. “Somebody has been here. Judging by the size and contour it was one male and one female... regardless, this boy needs some help and I’ll give em that at least.” He reached down to pick up the damaged man, but as he began to lift him he saw two young girls lying beneath him. “What the hell? Are y’all alright?” He laid the boy down and removed his own shirt, placing it on the ground. Once everything was prepared he pulled the two little ones up off of the bare ground and placed them on the shirt. “At least now you’ll stay sorta clean. I swear, it’s as if this place just pulls the lost in”, he said as he turned to the boy. “Never now if they’re lost though. Just have t’assume.”

Jeremiah pulled the boy to him and laid his head on his lap, keeping the two little ones close to his side and petting thief heads softly. He let out a sigh and looked around to make sure whoever was here earlier wasn’t quick to return so soon. “Damnit. Well ain’t this somethin. I never woulda thought I’d be out here lookin after people like this. I just thought I’d be free from the past and able to chose my own path”, he said as he looked at the girls and smiled slightly. Judging from the boy’s wounds he could tell he was in some kind of fight, but all he could do now was being him back and question him when he cane to. Still, it wasn’t all bad taking care of these children and helping the other members of the household. “It ain’t all bad. I have to admit, it’s nice to care for others after all this time. I guess I’ll just wait for Amy to make her way here and help me carry them back.”

[b [i You’re far too calm... Amelia got to you even though I tried to avoid that... however it doesn’t matter... don’t be complacent... do what you wish for now and get that happiness you desire... I’ll pick up the pieces if need be...] ]
  Jeremiah Rygo / Doburesu / 21d 17h 21m 15s
Paeton merely raised an eyebrow, glancing over to Azalas. "If you wish to go with the others into the forest to check out what's going on, I'll stay behind and keep an eye on the mansion and the others while your gone." Paeton dropped to one knee, gently settling Holly back on her feet. She gently patted the small kitten's head one last time before rising to her feet once more.

"It would be the right thing to do. I don't believe Amy and that young man will be able to handle the situation alone." she murmured lightly, placing a hand upon Azalas' shoulder. Before anything else could be said, Paeton felt something solid bump directly into her. She instantly toppled over, nearly smacking into Azalas and Akito on the way down. Paeton thankfully landed on to her hands and knees. She turned to find Juniper laying next to her, gently rubbing the back of her head. "Geez, you sure were in a hurry..."
  Paeton Blackmore / AlitaBonita / 22d 21h 22m 27s
Juniper slowly woke from her sleep like trance. She stood there for a good five minutes trying to process what had just happened. She gasped her eyes widening in shock as she realised that she hit the male wearing the hat but she was more so concerned with the information she let slip. "i'm stupid to think i could last a day here let alone a week" she muttered to herself. She then went inside and put a load of clothes in a bag before running down the stairs her hair flying around her, due to using her wolf speed. When got out side running towards the forest she smacked into paeton, knocking herself down with her.
  MirrorMallow / 25d 2h 4m 24s
The little cat nestled more into the arms of Paeton, purring softly and contently. Out of everyone for the moment, the girl did seem the most calm and collected. Or she did until blushing and her heart seeming to beat more rapidly with the male she had been talking to. But the kitten didn't make any notions and was TRYING to seem a mere cat for the time being. Much easier that way and helped her more or less to listen and to observe. So far..she gathered not many were human and there was something "odd" going on.

Bright eyes did however move to those who were going off into the forest and the two new men too. Well the one who flew off and had the accidental feathers. [b [i ' you all think..this is bad?']] She had enough of acting the kitten AND curiosity was getting the better of her.
  Holiday Wynters / SheDevil / 27d 17h 2m 36s
She watched everybody and sighed as she looked at Lana, nodding as she spoke "I'll try my damn hardest to kill whatever that [i thing] is, we cant afford anymore casualties",she responded as she looked back to the forest, grabbing her wand from a hidden part of her pants as she itched her nose "well if nobody us going to check it out...I guess I will",she mumbled to herself as she stretched slightly then began to walk towards the forest, the smell of death and decay getting stronger with each step she took.
  Amy Winchester (red hair) / amyumino / 27d 23h 41m 28s

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