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Name: Alex
username: RainbowSceneBoy
Age: 16
Info: He hates being alone due to something that happend to him when he was little. He's had a pretty hard life with him being gay and his parents not loving him. He was abused when little. He hates scary stuff, clowns, and storms.
Personality: Shy, Nice, Outgoing, blushes alot.
Seme or uke: Uke

Seme or uke:

Yaoi= BOY on BOY!
Seme= One on top/'attacker'
Uke=One on bottom/'receiver'

Name: Jerard Dalie
Age: 17
Info: Not really much to tell, Jerard grew up in a rich family, though he was spoiled he is still nice to everyone.
Personality: Outgoing, Athletic, Kind, Friendly, Warm hearted, he has a tough guy persona but is really nice under it all.
Uke or Seme: Seme

Name: Misaki Yukiru
Username: XxHainexX
Age: 16
Info: Misaki comes from a very rich family and his parents are always away for business meetings and social events.He doesn't mind being left alone because of his parents' jobs,since it is there job they should do it even if it means not spending time with family.
Personality: Sweet,kind,caring,gentle,innocent and may have a very hot temper.
Seme or Uke: Uke

Name: Vance Alexandre
username: BrilliantDisaster
Age: 17
Info: Vance came from a middle class family, he was the middle child and was usually blamed for everything. His child life was average compared to many though he was unusually smart. His brilliance came with his reading and experiments to prove what he read. You'd never catch him without a new book each day.
Personality: Reletivly shy, harmful if provoked over friends, uncaring most of the time, blank.
Seme or uke: Seme

Name:Huntir Veehla

Info:Comes from a very large foster family and cares about his foster siblings, sometimes. Has been home schooled since he got his boy scout leader arrested for molesting his friend.Is very involved with the community, he is always busy doing something.

Personality:out going but not very talkative.Tries not to be emotional but when he is he brakes things.Recently felt that he might sort of be gay, still experimenting. a good listener but has a sleep walking problem.Like so spend long periods of time on the internet hacking.

Seme or uke:uke

Info: Haru is a carefree kid. Everyone mistakes him as a child even though he is sixteen. He manage to keep his naive and innocent personility even though he has a dark past
Personality: Shy, Naive, funny
Seme or Uke: Uke

Name: Kaii
Username: NickTasogare
Age: 16
Info: A musician, having taught himself to play piano and to read and write music. His life's passion is to play piano and to sign.
Personality: Very quiet when in a new surrounding, or when surrounded by new people. when he becomes comfortable, he's a very funny and out going person.
Seme or Uke: Versatile, but leans towards Uke.

Info: He's very shy and quiet always trying to stay out of peoples way. He beleives hes not worthy for love and hopes maybe one day someone will like him. He's never had a realy kiss before because he's only had one person like him and it was a girl. And he's gay.
Personality: Kind and sweet but too hard on himself.
Seme or uke: Uke. When if teased will take action and be a seme, if alone. So a little of both?

Name: Kanji Hakura.
Username: Frik.
Age: 18
Sexuality: Pansexual.
Likes: Cats, sweet things, sour things, kendo, books, swimming, bothering people.
Dislikes: Dogs, spicy foods, shy people.
Biography: A childish boy with a good background, his parents cared for him and he didn't care for them. He left home at a young age and never looked back, caring only for himself. He doesn't care much for friendships and uses the people he knows. He teases shy and younger people for his own amusment and has never fallen inlove or wanted too.

Name:Sky light
Personality:sweet, nice, shy, kind.
Seme or uke:uke

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=goshikkumun would stand up and walk away from the lake twirling his tail around in a circle he let out a soft yawn and then stared at the ground as he walked back to the forest and just fellen asleep out there in the middle of no where+
  Goshikkumun / venp / 10y 85d 11h 12m 34s
Haru looked up at him and nodded. "Alright..." He said and let go. "Lead the way, sir!" He told him with a salute and he grinned.
  Haru / DannyBow / 10y 85d 11h 26m 47s
Jerard hugged him back and smiled."No I am not mad at you."He said softly."We could go for a walk."he said lightly.

  Jerard Dalie / Druecilla / 10y 85d 11h 30m 9s
yeah the good one
do you still want that spot?

Haru pouted and hugged him. "well you're the first person that talked to me on here....I was sad if you were mad at me." He told him. "Well I dont know what to do..." He said
  Haru / DannyBow / 10y 85d 11h 37m 23s

Jerard thought."Hmmm anything."he said smiling at him."Come one cheer up I didn't mean for you to think you did something wrong."he said quietly.
  Jerard Dalie / Druecilla / 10y 85d 11h 38m 59s
oh and I kept your spot closed but I forgot who you were

"Its okay..." Haru mumbled biting his lip. He looked up at him. "What do you want to do now?" He asked tilting his head. He always got bored very easily.
  Haru / DannyBow / 10y 85d 11h 42m 6s
Jerard smiled softly and bit his lip as he felt his arm being punched lightly."I am sorry."he said sheepishly. "I didn't mean to worry you."he said looking at Haru.
  Jerard Dalie / Druecilla / 10y 85d 11h 46m 8s
Haru blushed and looked down. "Nu uh!" He mumbled. He looked at him and punched his shoulder lightly. "Thats not fair!!! I thought something happened..." He told him pouting.
  Haru / DannyBow / 10y 85d 11h 47m 16s
Jerard looked at Haru and giggled."You fell for it."He said playfully.
  Jerard Dalie / Druecilla / 10y 85d 11h 49m 18s
Haru looked at Jerard leaving and quickly followed him. "Whats wrong, Jerard?" he asked. "Did I say something?" He asked looking at him.
  Haru / DannyBow / 10y 85d 11h 50m 18s
Jerard pouted and turned away and began to walk out of the water his feelings slightly hurt. Bitting his bottom lip he went back to his cabing changing quickly he fell on his bed.
  Jerard Dalie / Druecilla / 10y 85d 11h 52m 18s

"You know what look!" Haru said looking at the water. He saw Jerard's reflection and looked away. "Im not falling for it!" He told him covering his eyes.
  Haru / DannyBow / 10y 85d 12h 5m 50s
"But...but..."He pouted more and looked adorable."What trick?"he asked innocently.

  Jerard Dalie / Druecilla / 10y 85d 12h 11m 53s
hey drue
---> http://www.eliteskills.com/nrp/r.php?r=2200this is the kingdom rp if ya want to join again

Haru looked back at him and blushed. "Im not following for that trick, mister!" He told him and looked away. He crossed his arms. They were standing in water about chest height.
  Haru / DannyBow / 10y 85d 12h 15m 11s
"Awh." Jerard pouted cutely and looked down at the water and then looked back up at him.
  Jerard Dalie / Druecilla / 10y 85d 12h 18m 20s

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