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Satan, a name that was given by her half drunk angry uncle at the hospital when he found his sister, her mother slipped into a coma. Satan is a fourteen year old girl, blonde, short and baby faced. Because of her uncle Colt's job, they move around a lot. Whatever is his job anyway. Ironically, at one point she was shifted off to a catholic school, being the only closest school around at the current location.

She often goes by the name 'Anne' but when students start discovering that her name is 'Satan' is when she has to deal with bullying. She is once more placed into a school temporarily. One boy is actually a half demon, and he's convinced that maybe she is Satan in disguise. So, he begins to follow her around. What they both don't realize is that Anne's uncle is a hunter.

We start when she is introduced as the new student in October. They will grow up with each other through high school. It's meant to be funny, maybe with a hint of romance and definitely violence at one point. Let's stick to their age maturity, until they do reach at a certain age, unless we don't go that far.


1. Post frequently. Within three days. Really getting tired of people taking twenty days to post just once, or ditching.

2. Over 300 words for every post. Literate also.

3. Anime pictures for this one! It has been about forever since I ever used an anime pic. That said, stay away from overrated pictures if you can! Don't be offended if I ask for it to be changed. I'm pretty good at editing pictures, so just ask if needed.

4. No god modding. No instant romance.

5. Be creative, make your character the bad guy sometimes. I'll do the same. Add more characters-I might.

6. Don't give up easily! If you have writers block, tell me. I can help.


Name: Satan Summers

Age: 14

Bio: Anne doesn't exactly have a clue about anything related to her family. Her uncle Colt was apparently the only family member left to take care of her. Her mother still is in the hospital in a coma. She's been travelling with her uncle ever since she could remember. Ever since she was young she's pushed around, until she grabbed the guts to stand up for herself and prove exactly what it means to have her name. She's a confident girl, with a bit of an attitude problem.

Favorite food: Dragon fruit. Mango

Any fears: Gum.

Extra: A small scar at her shoulder blades from when she was younger.


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"The question is, why can you." Lohi said. She looked down into the convertible and saw that her son had curled up, staring off into the distance. "It's hard to stay mad at him. Well I suppose it wasn't his fault anyway." She sighed. She held back her laughter when Sylrin appeared and pulled her hair out of it's pony tail, fluffing it a bit. "Need a ride? Or is someone coming to get you...? You can come to our house for a little if you want." She said. Over all, she came off as a pretty nice lady. Albeit odd and looking rather young to be having a child Bjartr's age.

The voluptuous green haired woman hopped, literally jumping the door of her car, and plopped down into the driver's seat. As she waited for Anne's response, she thought about calling her husband. or perhaps paying him a surprise visit. Just to see what Beetle was up to. She was a bit miffed since he hadn't come home but they had plans for later on this week so he better damn well show up or else.
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So it was that creep...and now she felt frustrated by it but what could a girl like her do anything about it. The waiting was putting herself to sleep. Her head would sway to the side and then move back straight again. She doubly blinked and decided that this might be better than going to class. There was no work to be done waiting for someone's mommy to pick them up. It made her start to think about her own. Chances are that she was never going to wake up or ever show up. Not that she could miss what she never had.

Finally, he released her. She breathed and just shook her head and got up. She stretched out her arms and debated what she was going to do now. Go back to class? Go home into the empty hotel? Her head turned when she heard another voice come into their grounds. His mother... Well he sure had an odd looking family...green hair. Then they spoke something odd, she cocked her head in confusion.

She was about to turn around since she was done here but then she heard that awful name. Anne didn't know how to behave around anyone's parent and so she decided to just act herself. "Yea. Not what people expect Satan to look like huh?" She dryly joked. Then she heard her mention that therapist. That was one way to call him, vile creature he was but it surprised her to hear that the five year old told his mom about her.

For some reason, she decided to follow until the car-mainly because she had nothing better to do and it would pass the time. Then she heard that whisper. Her eyes widened. Sylrin came swooping right on Anne's head again. Anne winced and pointed at it "You mean this annoying shit? Yea. Glad I'm not the only one seeing it." But that just made it more weirder. Demon? She tried to pull it off her head again but as usual, it was stubborn. "How come no one else can see it?" She muttered.
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Technically Bjartr was five...in demon years. But of course he couldn't say anything less he risk getting caught. He stood against the wall beside Anne and watched as the woman called his mother. The conversation was short and to the point but he could hear his mother on the other line. The big woman hung up the phone and turned to the kids. "Bjartr, your mother will be here in a few minutes. In the mean time, why don't you tell me why y'all were out of school."

The smaller boy was silent for a while, trying to get his story straight. He mentioned the bathroom scene with Blackwell, that damned horndog. He sighed shakily before yawning, now feeling tired from being so stressed. Again, he wouldn't dare close his eyes for a nap so he just widened them as though he just realized something important. While they waited, the two of them were offered a snack which Bjartr politely declined. He hadn't noticed how tightly he had been holding on to his companion until he had relaxed a bit more. "S-Sorry..." He said. He let go of her and stared at his shoes for a while. He had scuffed them up a bit. "Mum's gonna be so-"

"Bjartr Eldgos Lucita." A stern voice said. His mother had appeared finally, with normal hands of course and her green hair tied back into a messy pony tail. She dressed plainly in a large shirt, obviously belonging to her husband and some short shorts. One her feet were a pair of flip flops. "Explain yourself." She said. Bjartr stared up at her for a while before talking hurriedly in a different language, something sounding somewhat similar to Russian. Lohi stared blankly before looking over at Satan. She asked a question and her son nodded.

"Get in the car then. We'll talk to your father when he gets home...if he comes home tonight." She sighed. She then turned to Anne. "Well...You must be infamous Satan." She chuckled, unable to keep a straight face when she said it. "Bjartr has told me about you. I know about that...'Blackwell' fellow. Vile creature." She hissed. Her hair almost seemed to struggle against her ribbon but she calmed. "And you can see the little demons?" She whispered the last part as she led Satan out to the car.
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It was a struggle to drag him and she kept on pulling anyway. She didn't know what happened buts he had plenty of some unsettling experiences of seeing people in shock and knew that something definitely was up. The way she lived her life she had to grow up fast and survive when Colt was just not there. "Come on...stop fighting me!" She groaned and kept dragging and could tell he was shaking and then she started to mutter and yell. She frowned and felt awful that maybe something really fucked up happened and it probably had to do with that creep. And then he ran and she was dragged this time. "Whoa-slow down."

Her head cocked to the side when he start speaking like a insane little kid. What kind of parents did he have? Forget that, what in the world made him act like a kindergartner. "Take a deep breath and breath... Whatever happened, you won't get in trouble and stop being such a baby," She added. She really didn't know how to comfort a person. For the life of her she couldn't. Colt wasn't all that warm and fuzzy inside and all she was ever told was to suck it up and move on.

A voice followed and she turned her own head and stared at the woman. Anne just doubly blinked and felt uneasy about the whole thing. She treated him like he was five and he acted like he was five. "His friend wants to leave... I've got better things to do." She tugged on her hand and realized how strong his hold was on her. It was painfully strong. She tried to pull away but end up just walking out with him to go call his mother. This was cruel. This wasn't a comfortable situation for her. Whatever happened, it wasn't like she could make it any better and she didn't know how to handle people when they were emotional, emotional scared her. Well...she did want to go find out what happened and would start integrating that suspicious man first. There really wasn't much fear in her fourteen year old brain, except for climbing down and chewing gum.

"Bjartr, let go..." She tugged and she frowned feeling how strong that grip was. This was going to bruise... While they were walking she swore she saw that man again and she swore he was following for a moment. So, being the bold person she was, she started cussing, "Hey you! You fucker in the blue sweater vest, did you fucking do something because my dad will fuck you up if you did any shit!" The people around just looked at her like she was crazy. She was definitely going to get suspended. The woman stared at her wide eyed, "Let's move...and don't say such things or I'll call your parents too."

"Good luck with that..." She muttered to herself. The woman lead the way inside to the phone and was going to make a phone call to Bjartr's mother. "Can't believe you're calling your mother," She sighed and still felt that death grip. She was mostly jealous he could.

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I'm using.my phone atm so its gonna be a bit short.))

As he was dragged out of the classroom, he squirmed a bit before hissing and squirming some more. He didn't like being dragged this way, not to mention, he bumped his head on his way out. He scrambled up to his feet and sighed, nearly whimpering as he held on to Anne some more. He honestly couldn't protect himself. Anne could even feel how much he was shaking.

"Out out out." He muttered. He saw the angel again and started shouting it. "OUT OUTOUTOUTOUT!!!" Heshoved her out the door and started to run once they were outside. Once they were at a safe distance, he stopped and seemed paler than usual. "Mummy is going to be so mad. And Papa so disappointed..." He whispered. But it wouldn't have been good of he stayed either.

"Bjartr?" A female's voice said. He turned around a rather pleasantly plump woman dressed in a floral print dress stood over him. "It is you! Shouldn't you be in school, young man?" she tisked.The lad was silent for a while and in. Told the woman that something was wrong. "Well come.in then. And your friend. I'll have to call your mother."

Bjartr simply nodded and walked in, still holding Anne's hand in a death grip. There was no way in hell he was letting go.
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Bjartr wasn’t the only one that felt the need to rip miss angel of Martians head off. She had boobs!-sort of. “At least I have a fucking brain bitch,” Anne poked her middle finger for her and faked her own sweet innocent smile and then looked away. Anne was just being her regular cussing short tempered self. The teacher nearly had caught Anne’s display of ‘fuck you’ but thought maybe she was wrong so didn’t bother with it. Anne stayed still in her seat, preventing herself from just taking in that she had to sit beside this booby Martian freak. Okay, she was being childish but-so what?

Bjartr left and she was thinking to herself what a lucky bastard he was to leave the class. If she was him, she wouldn’t dare to come back. Then all the sudden a scream rang into everyone’s ears. It pierced right through her ear drum. She covered her ears and found herself holding her breath till it was over. Fuck that hurt! She put her hands out and saw that her ear bled a little from the high pitched sound.

Everyone in the classroom was panicking and had their vision thrown off for a short time. Everyone was far too busy panicking and worrying about the ringing in their ears to notice Bjartr coming into the room and hiding under her desk. Anne didn’t notice herself. The students were talking among each other about what was that and pondering whether they had a demon in their school, but the teacher assured them that a demon could come in a ‘catholic’ school. That was a bunch of baloney-both of it. She’s heard it before once when she was younger with her uncle and then another time when she was waiting for him at a place. He said it was ‘evil dying’ or something like that.

“We are not discussing about this in my class. Everyone get back in your seats. Unless head office tells me otherwise, we are continuing today’s lesson,” The teacher stated, grabbing a marker to write on the whiteboard again. Anne tried to slide her feet forward into the desk and felt something belonging her movement. She slides her chair back and then saw Bjartr’s back right under her desk. She slid herself forward, laying on her stomach on the table and then poking her head out to look at him.
“What are you doing under my table?” She whispered quickly. He looked spooked. Actually, beyond spook. Did something happen?
“Saint Anne, what are you doing?” The teacher asked.
“Nothing.” She snuck back into her chair.
“Is that Bjartr under your table?” She dropped her marker.
“No. Why? Are you seeing things?” Anne fibbed and then saw the whole entire class staring under her table. No one was paying attention to the class anyway. They were mostly focused on what that sound was and all practically praying that whatever it was it wasn’t going to come and get them.
“What’s wrong Ambaiel? Is she okay? Can someone take her to the nurse?” The teacher asked. The door suddenly knocked, the teacher didn’t hesitate to get it. There stood a man that looked like he just woke up from a painful encounter. He was also holding his ears as well. Then Satan realized he looked familiar, the guy with the red eyes. He was whispering something into the teacher’s ear. Anne also noticed a girl growing stiff that sat near the front of the class and looking the other way. Anne stood up and stared at the man and for only a second she was able to glare at him. She had a bad feeling about that man.

“Bjartr, Mr. Blackwell, our school therapist wants to speak to you,” The teacher mentioned. Anne had such a bad feeling about this man. “Actually, he’s ditching class with me. Hasta la vista fuckers,” Anne blurt out and grabbed Bjartr’s hand and literality dragged him towards the exit of the classroom.
“How dare you swear in school and don’t you dare step out of this classroom unless you are going straight to the office,” The teacher narrowed her eyes at her. A trip to the office sounded better than being in class.

“Alright office it is, but I’m taking him with me,” Anne shrugged, reaching the door way now. The man stood right near the door. Anne locked eyes with him some more, suspiciously glaring at him. Her gut told her there was something off about that man. Well, that wasn’t important right now, she wanted to escape this classroom and figure out why in the hell was he hiding under her table like a six year old scared of the monster under his bed. She eventually got of the classroom and into the hallway and whispered, “So...um...” She didn’t know how to be nice.

“Are you okay?” She raised a brow, “If you don’t want to talk...then that’s fine.” She didn’t really know what to say because she still didn’t know what happened. She nibbled on her bottom lip, “Want to head off the office or ditch school for good.” Then she recalled seeing that girl in their class growing stiff, “Is it just me or does that men give you bad vibes? I don’t know he’s a little creepy but, let’s not talk about that.”
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Amabiel smiled brightly wen the male turned to talk to her but huffed when Satan chipped in. "At least I have boobs." She whispered back. She snickered and a dark aura seemed to fill the room that only she, Anne, and Bjartr would notice. Still, she took on that innocent facade. Bjartr had tried to calm himself by breathing but it wasn't working to well as he felt the need to rip Amabiel's head off.

He raised his hand and waited for the teacher to call on him. Once called upon, he requested permission to go to the bathroom. He was denied, making him growl silently until he gripped the desk and nearly cracked it in half but all it did was splinter. The students started to mutter amongst each other. "I really Have to go. He snarled. The teacher seemed a bit surprised and nodded, allowing Bjartr to dart out of the room.

Once the demon child was in the bathroom, he really did have to use it so he did his business in one of the stalls. Just as he opened the stall door again, the pale, red eyed man from before shoved his way in with the student and locked it. "What the hell!" He tried to get out but the male pinned Bjartr to the wall.

"How adorable. You really are pretty cute for demon--I just may not be able to control myself." He sighed sensually into the child's ear, making him stiffen. Bjartr knew this one too...he hated this guy sooo much. Sachiel was the angel of Venus...meaning Beautiful, which also meant that he was some horny perverted man lusting after everything he laid his eyes on.

"Let me go Sachiel! Or I'll scream!" Bjartr warned. The man just laughed and pressed against him.

"Go ahead and scream all you want." The angel smiled and leaned in but not before Bjartr screamed like he said he would. It was loud and high pitched, enough to crack glass. The teacher had dropped her book to cover her ears and Amabiel seemed to slam her head into the desk while other students screamed. Sachiel dropped Bjartr, making him stop and allowing him to escape. Bjartr ran back to the classroom and hid under Anne's desk.
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It attached to Bjartr, Anne hoped that it would stick to being around him or now. Then Sylrin small claws nearly dug into her shoulder while pushing through her hair. Hair playing was her soft spot for her, so instead of annoying her this time, she was pulled into a comfortable sleepy daze. She nearly missed the glaring and narrowing eyes that were going on, but she did notice it. It wasn’t understandable but nothing was these days so she just accepted it.

If it wasn’t for Bjartr she wouldn’t have moved from her spot because she was purely comfortable where she was standing and the hair playing. She then shook her head while he let him lead the way, trying to shrug off Sylrin but it stayed as if it wasn’t noticing her wanting it to bug off. Eventually they came across near the hallway. They finally entered the class, the teacher looking displeased that they weren’t as early as the rest of their classmates. She managed to breathe when the damn pest left her shoulder. Anne was about to head off to her seat until the teach mentioned about this girl. The moment she giggled and smiled, Anne had a feeling she wouldn’t like this girl. Then the mention of-angel. Yea, definitely not going to like her. Anne was definitely being immature, picking and choosing and assuming what a person was but that’s the way she was taught.

Her arm folded and then saw Bjartr staring at her, really staring at her. Maybe it was because of her big bust. That’s where most of the guys were staring. It somewhat annoyed her. Anne shrugged it off, and head toward to her seat, sat herself down in the seat she had last class, zipping open her backpack. At the corner of her eye she saw Amabiel drop a pencil and whisper something to him. Now, Anne was staring. None of my business. She told herself, and pulled out a notebook, and led pencil out until she heard the girl names after ‘angel of mars’ sit right beside her. Why!? Why! Why! She thought to herself. There. Again. Ama giggled. A horned guy at the right, angel girl at the left. She really didn’t realize how that sounded. Bjartr’s horns weren’t really visible-really hard to make out unless you actually looked for it but now she could see them slightly poking out.

Anne scooted a little closer and whispered, “I don’t know if I’m seeing things but I think you’re horns are growing.” She sounded crazy. She backed up and then slouched into her chair. She didn’t know why but she felt like she was sitting in a cross fire. Anne paid did her best to pay attention to class but this was seriously bugging her.

“Hey, Angel of Maritains,” She leaned into her left, “What did you say to piss him off?” Her eyes flickered to Sylrin who was still in the room who was scratching at the windows to get away. Now Anne felt bad for the little thing. Anne sighed and got up from her seat and stepped by the window, opening it. Sylrin flew right out.

“Anne, what are you doing?” The teacher suddenly asked.
“The flying de-“ She began and cut herself off.
“The flying what...?”

“Nothing. It’s just hot,” She shook her head, and took her seat. Male eyes would still flicker back to look over at the busty girl beside her. It was bothering her but she locked her lips. The guy at the front turned to look at Ama-or at her chest, "Hey, what do you about having lunch with me?"
"Her boobs or her?" Anne suddenly blurt out, and then gave a sharp smile, "Sorry. I'll keep quiet."
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Bjartr wasn't trying to be loud, it was just the amount of juice coming from the peach. He shrugged it off though and got up, clutching his satchel like it was going to decide his fate. He licked the rest of the peach juice from his face and used his handkerchief to wipe the saliva.

As soon as the two of them stepped foot outside the door, Sylrin came falling down and landed roughly on Bjartr's shoulder, though he kept his balance. For a few moments, while they were in the blind spot, Bjartr tickled the creature under it's chin, making it trill before it hopped onto Anne's shoulder. The small demon made itself comfortable in on her shoulder and continued to play with her hair by slipping it's wing between the strands.

Bjartr smiled at the little baby-ish creature before he followed Satan's eyes to the sweaty male. His eyes narrowed and he growled in his throat. The male seemed to have noticed because as he passed, he growled right back. Bjartr stopped and stared hard at the man. As he did, he suddenly felt sick. "Come on." He muttered, grabbing Satan's hand and pulling her along.

This feeling of being sick would increase because as he stepped into the room, he was met with the most beautiful pair of pale eyes. He stayed in the doorway, hesitating to walk in but the teacher grabbed his hand and yanked him in, making him growl again. Sylrin had flown away to sit in the window. "Class, meet Amabiel." Bjartr's eyes widened slightly.

Amabiel was gorgeous. She was tall and curvy with broad hips and a large chest size for someone her age. She giggled and smiled, showing off a set of pearly whites. "Hello. My name is Amabiel...named after the Angel of Mars." She said. Bjartr stared at her in neither admiration nor hatred. Though he said nothing, when she came to take her set, she pretended to drop her pencil by his desk and whispered to him; "I never thought I'd find vermin here. Imagine my shock when my delicate nose was attacked by the stench of filth."

The girl stood and giggled as if nothing happened then took her seat beside Satan. Bjartr could feel his horns grow a bit in anger.
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The sight of people waving right back to him made her want to keep distance from him. She wasn’t a people person and she didn’t like being around people that was. Although, if she kept on keeping distance from everyone she was bound to end up like Colt. They arrived and she just took a seat. Since this was a catholic school she shouldn’t be surprised that there was prayer. If there was one thing more than she disliked than a people person, it was religious nuts. People like them were the reason she was pushed around a lot. She’d always remind them that Satan, Lucifer was in fact an angel. If they accused her of being Satan, she would be more angelic then they were. It normally worked.

So he does have horns! She decided but that didn’t explain the little monster. “So you really can see it.” Or maybe Bjartr was also a figment of her imagination. Highly unlikely. “Why do you have horns?” She whispered, raising a brow, “Or is that too personal to ask?” She started to assume that Sylrin was what that flying thingy was called. It didn’t take to well that it appeals to small children but her appearance was far too childlike then she’d like to admit. If she had it her way she would have dark hair and blue eyed and tall.

“It thinks I’m a kid? So, do you have any idea how to get rid of it?” She frowned, and realized it made sense that he would know if he liked the supernatural stuff. It was interesting but all just fiction. “Oh. I know some supernatural stuff too; my uncle is a real nut with those stuff.” He smiled a real nice smile. Automatically, she shifted her head away. Through the corner of her eyes she saw him eat a peach. Because it was fairly silent, she could hear his munching loud as day. Some eyes would flicker onto him and then off. “Quit chewing so loud...” She whispered to him.

The nuns passed by, looking at them and then at her. She gave a slow smile hoping they’d leave because she wasn’t going to pray. They didn’t. “Hi. I’m Satan and if you don’t walk away I will curse you and your family to hell.” They stared at her as if she was joking but then decided not take a chance and headed away. Sometimes her name came in handy. She end up watching him eat the damn peach-which made her hungry but then soon looked away. The bell rang and she breathed out in relief.

“I don’t know about you but religious spots make me feel suffocated,” She half muttered and got up on her feet. The faster she could get out of here the better. She didn’t hesitate to escape the cathedral and on the way out she noticed the little monster against the glass. She also noticed a male teacher also coming out of the cathedral. He was deathly pale, sweaty and for a second she saw deep red eyes. There was something not right about this place...
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Bjartr smiled and looked at the small being before looking away with a chuckle. When he passed a few people, he smiled and waved to them, only to receive joyful smiles back. He was known to be the sweetheart of the town to those who didn't know. He was taken a bit off guard when the girl pulled him by his arm and hauled ass to the school. Morning prayers would be beginning soon and he didn't need all that.

Once they set foot in the building, Bjartr took his seat in the very back row, propping his feet up against the back of a chair. He chewed on the plastic cross on the piece of yarn around his neck before folding his hands behind his head. He looked over at Satan and smiled. "Of course it's only fair that if you can see my horns then I can see those little monsters." He gestured to the lizard like creature that had landed on Anne's shoulder. It was just sitting outside the window now, watching them with a bit of a lonely expression. "Sylrin is extremely harmless and mostly appeals to small children. All he does is make messes. Nothing serious...just a few knocked over blocks or maybe drawings on the walls but he's more like a child's daemon." He explained. "I used to be homeschooled before this and developed an interest in the supernatural." He added an adorable, dimpled smile as well before looking ahead.

Look at them all up there. Don't they know he doesn't exist without us? We make him look like the 'good guy'...it is because of us that he receives the love of everyone...yet we get no credit. He sighed to himself before closing his eyes for a bit. When the mood finally struck him, he pulled out a peach and took a bite out of it. The younger nuns watched him get juice on his face and thought it was cut but then he turned away, not liking it when people watched him eat. He finished the peach and ended up just sucking on the pit.

The Church bells rang indicating the ending of Morning Prayer and allowing all te students to leave the cathedral.
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Anne’s temper was the lowest of low. No matter how much she tried to shrug it off, pull it off, it wouldn’t budge. It was sticking onto her like glue and she was growing frustrated. She hadn’t seen Bjartr walking right past her until he spoke out. She flashed her attention off the flying creature to him. She gave a puzzled look for a long second, seeing him grim, looking pretty dressed up. He took this path?

“Sylrin?” She recited, “Who?” What was he talking about? Her eyes flickered back onto the flying creature that was clawing into her shoulder; she winced and then noticed that it was looking at Bjartr, straight at him. This was just plane out weird. She moved in front of Bjartr and pointed at the graveling on her, that was making its way at the top of her head. She crinched because she still had a burse on her head from yesterday. She was surprised she didn’t have a concussion.

“Do you see it ?” She bluntly asked and realized that she must have looked like a crazy person. It was probably her imagination and instead of pointing at the flying creature, she was pointing at air. She heavily breathed in, dropped her finger.

“Never mind,” She shook her head, “I was heading home and part of the building landed on my head, so I’m not exactly sane.” You weren’t very sane before that either. She told herself. The damn creature started to tug on her hair, she bit on her lip to hold her annoyance and pain in. She didn’t want to look more of an idiot than she already did. She took a quick look at her watch and noticed that if she didn’t get moving now, she would be late.

“We’ve got to get going,” She stated, taking his wrist and moving down the road. Anne wasn’t exactly a shy person. She reached the end of the street and there was one turn to the left, and another at the right. “Um... Left or right?” She asked, expecting that he knew the way.
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Bjartr had sent a mercenary to look and see what kind of man Satan had been conversing with over that cellular device before he had picked up. When the daemon returned, he would have a picture and a description of the man's personality ready. He smiled at the thought of being a spy. He had always fantasized about that kind of thing when he was younger and often would barrel roll behind the couch and pretend to snap his father's neck then shout about how he was the greatest spy in the world. This was similar...except for now he was more like the boss and his house was the Head Quarters.

Sighing, he waited patiently, curled up in the coils of his giant pet snake. He didn't want to be alone in a house. He wasn't technically alone since his mother was downstairs but he didn't like it when he was alone in a room. It made him nervous as though someone would suddenly barge in and carry him off somewhere and no one would be there to help him. He could only cause tragedies and infiltrate people's minds but he didn't really know self defense in the combat sense. The child read through a human romance novel, interested in how they...copulated since it was different the way Daemon Ed had taught him. He blushed a bit here and there but once he finished the book, he tossed it across the room amongst a pile of many other books and scrolls, scriptures, manuscripts, etc. Nothing was worse to him, than being bored, and bored he was.

A small hushing noise caught his attention and he was handed a photograph of Colt and a description of him. "Well he's quite rude..." He mumbled but otherwise rewarded the Daemon for the work. He prepared himself for rest and then curled up with his snake in his own bed for another sleepless night.


The next morning, he ended up quite upset with his father since the man didn't even bother coming home, leaving his wife worried and his child waiting. He quickly put on his red shirt, blue suit, and red bow tie on. Black...red...blue...the colors of The Devil. He smiled a bit and watched as the symbol of his Guardian Demon appeared on his earlobe. Those who worshipped God, had Guardian Angels, while others had Guardian Demons. He grabbed his bags and said good bye to his mother before starting the walk to school. On his way there, he noticed a blond girl struggling with something. When he looked closer he saw that it was Satan. A chuckle escaped his lips as he walked past her.

"Having a bit of trouble with Sylrin, hmm?" He said with a grin. The creature looked over at him but he just smiled, revealing the long dimples in his cheeks. He saw them too obviously, but it was if he didn't see them the same way she did.
  Bjartr / MistetDreamer / 6y 253d 2m 38s
Spinning of her head made her fall flat on the ground, only picking a little bit of Colt’s voice but nothing else. Only a bit of someone coming close before vanishing off into complete unconsciousness. Colt was on the verge of giving up until he heard some reply that sounded off, because the words ‘fuck,’ ‘son of a bitch’ or any other curse word wasn’t used anywhere. He was about to reply but the call was already ended. “Did she hit her head?” He muttered, and thought about the building falling and decided to head out. It could be related.

"So...Satan...” The odd voice echoed into her mind. It was disturbing her from her sleep, or at least she thought she was sleeping. The voice ended, and she swayed a little to the side but then straightened herself quickly. She pried her eyes open and gasped when she looked directly ahead to see she was high up. She peeked below and saw tall weeds grabbing...something...down-What the...? Honestly, she was tired of not making sense of anything.

How the hell did she end up here? She instantly took a deep breath and hugged the trunk of the tree and closed her eyes. Heights weren’t something she was so fond of. She was able to climb up, the problem was climbing down. “How the fuck am I going to get down?” She muttered to herself and just held on tight for now. What was that voice again? About her name doing justice? Well, that didn’t make any sense. Superiors? “What the fuck is going on!” She shouted, knowing that no one was going to hear her anyways because people were far too busy screaming around and escaping from the buildings wrath. She swore she was knocked out on the ground a second ago.

It seemed like she had no choice but to figure a way to get down herself. She swallowed deeply and bend down her foot to touch another trunk that she could barely reach since she was pretty short. Despite knowing that, she continued down, swallowing down every little bit of fear down and then that flying graveling moved right by here.

“Shoo!” She told it. It stared back at her. “Son of a bitch,” She spat as it started to move around her. She tried to get a glimpse of going down but it was bothering her. Because it was bother her-her foot slipped. The graveling clawed into her the back of her shirt while lifting her up. She yelped and realized that it was trying to keep her from falling. But it was having problems because it couldn’t lift all of her, and slowly started to go down to the ground.

Her feet touched the ground and she was able to breathe. She faced the black creature with wings like a bats, “Maybe you’re not so bad after all. Thanks.”
“Satan!” Colt called. She turned around to see him running toward her. “Please tell me you see it too,” She pointed to the graveling behind her.

“See what?” He asked. She glanced behind her and saw nothing there. Of course... She was ready to going to go on a rant of everything that just happened but decided to lock her lips. It wouldn’t change his mind to send her to a therapist. Nothing ever did.
“Let’s just go home,” She sighed.
“Did you see what happened with the building?” He suddenly asked, “Maybe who did it?”
“Satan did it,” She sarcastically replied.
“You did?” His eyes widened.
“No! I meant the devil... Actually, what I meant is-How the fuck am I supposed to know!? It was rotting. That building was about to fall down eventually... I don’t think it was anyone’s fault,” She shrugged. She was obviously not getting what Colt meant. They started to head home, Colt noticed the bruise on her head and the claw holes at the back of her shirt. He asked questions about it and she only told him that she hit her head and stayed away from the area, not wanting to sound like a complete crazy person.

It grew dark outside and eventually it touched the time where she headed into bed. Yet, she couldn’t fall asleep. There was too much confusion piled up on her mind. Anne fell asleep four o’clock in the morning and woke up at seven thanks to Colt. She slept a little bit more before dragging her feet out the door and into the streets. She couldn’t use the same path as yesterday because of the incident yesterday. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going because she was so tired. After couple of minutes in, she finally noticed that graveling from yesterday was right beside her and following her. Why? It’s not there, Anne. It doesn’t exist. She told herself. But it was annoying. She stopped and looked at it.

“Stop. Stay. Stay!” She told it, “Don’t follow me.” She then continued but it continued to fallow her. She snapped, “Quit following you stupid thing!” People were suddenly looking at her shouting into air. The little demon kept flapping it’s wings until it landed on her shoulder. She tried to shake it off but it stayed.
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People were screaming and running left and right as they finally realized what was going on. Women and children were yanked out of the way of falling planks before they were hit. Only a handful made it as dozens of civilians were trapped inside the collapsing building. Dust clouds and embers began to float about as the furnace began to overheat. A small dot in the sky went unnoticed by the victims.

Bjartr watched the puny dots scurry and run about like little ants. Pitiable creatures all of them...most importantly though, where was Satan? He tilted his head and used his more than excellent vision to scan the ruins under the building. Aha...There she was. Trapped under a very large piece of wood. He descended from his arial perch and grabbed the female by her shirt along with her phone. He heard a male voice counting down and held the small device by his long fingernails as he put it up to his ear but before the man on the other line hung up, he distorted his voice to sound exactly like the female.
"C-Colt!?" It took him a moment to remember the name but managed. "A building just collapsed! I think those things had something to do with it! Hurry up and get the hell over here!" He shouted before crushing the phone in his hand and creating a small fire for which to melt it before throwing it into the furnace flames. He leaped back into the air before the explosion could even reach them.

With a small snicker he flew out of range and sat the unconscious child in a tall tree. He sat on the branch in front of her as his tail began to switch back and forth. His skin became pitch black and his eyes glowed red as his horns grew out a bit more. "So...Satan...I'm starting to think that your name does you just a bit too much justice. Well...I guess I shall watch over you until my superiors make their decision." Though she was unconscious, he made sure his voice echoed in her mind. It was only slightly different but still beyond unrecognizable.

Before she opened her eyes, he jumped onto the ground and seemed to sink slowly into the earth as tall weeds and thorns wrapped around him, assisting his descent into the Nether Realm. Once there, he looked around the abysmal darkness and followed a blood red path to a blue door. Opening it, he was taken to his basement in his own home which had apparently been turned into an office. His mother sat in a large red chair, working frantically on scrolls and such.

"Mummy! I'm baaaack! Is Father still gone?" He asked with a cheerful tone. His mother quickly turned in her chair and smiled at him. She was a pretty and obviously young woman with long green hair that fell in curls. Her eyes were bright green as well as her skin was deathly pale. Her arms were pale as well though they faded into green and then into black as scales and thorns protruded from her skin. Her hands were about five times as large as any normal female hands and nails bright green and sharp. Her legs were long and shapely, though and remained looking like human legs along with the rest of her body.

The young woman rose up from her chair and walked over to her son with a large grin on her face. "Did you enjoy the peach cobbler I made, Bjartie?" She giggled and hugged him, pressing his head against her ample bosom. The male snuggled into her and smiled with a nod. "That's good. You're father isn't home yet but I've heard some interesting news from him...I would like to meet your new classmate some time if you don't mind."

"Of course! Anything for you, Mummy!"

"Good boy. Now run along, Mummy has some work to take care of."
  Bjartr / MistetDreamer / 6y 258d 43m 5s

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