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She was ignorant to everything about him.

Repetitive shots echoed in August's living room. There was some assumption in her to see August the one hurt. She ran into his house but instead it was the man she thought that wouldn't hurt a fly with the gun in his hand, with a cold look in eyes as he shot one more bullet into the bleeding body on the ground. She panicked, asking why.

“Because it's that simple”

The oblivious innocent girlfriend of his finally was aware that he wasn't the perfect man she thought. She was the one that wasn't aware of what a bad man he was. But despite that he kills without a bat of an eyelash, he still is sweet and kind to her. When he said she could go to the cops and he wouldn't do a thing to her, or when he said she could leave and he'll make sure that she still stayed save-it only made it harder for her to leave him. August is a criminal and a ruthless one at that, but gives everything to the people he loves.

Explanation: The female is oblivious to who her boyfriend really is. They met three years ago and he seemed like a perfect match because he was charming, funny around her. One day she decided to surprise him by coming over his house. The door was open and she walked in hearing gun shots. That's where it starts. The rest...well we can figure it out!

What I'm looking for

1. Need female character. She's innocent in a way that she's never done crime personally but I don't want her to be a weak character ex. cries all the time, clumsy, dependent constantly, is okay with everything.

2. Must be literate plus post reasonably. Minimum is 300 words. I post within a rage of 400 words to 2000 words. Not characters.

3. Post frequently. I no longer can withstand people taking twenty days to post. I prefer a post within 3 days or lest. Over 10 makes me frustrated if I don't know what's up. Don't join if you have a lot going on or have too many rps or don't plan on sticking to this rp.

4. Picture! I prefer real with good quality but if needed, I can switch to anime. Don't be offended if I ask for you to change! If you don't like my picture, just ask for me to change it as well. No scene or Gothic pics though. I'm pretty good at editing pics if needed.

5. Mature but stick to ES rules, okay? No god modding like crazy either.

6. Another thing. Don't bother worrying about making your character look good. Add drama, ideas, tension etc.

7. Do not ditch me. I will not forgive ditchers.

8. Let's have as much fun as possible, okay? :D Last thing: Put 'It's complicated' in the pm.


Name: August Frey

Age: 23

Bio: August was born in a family of wealth, it's a secret where they get there wealth from. On the outside he always appeared charming, and it's not that difficult to get along with him. He's clever, cunning and knows his ways with weapons, although his grades in high school suggest he's an idiot. He's mother and twin brother died when he was fourteen, changing who he was. He's constantly involved with his father's 'job' and enjoys it. Despite that he's caused many trouble, including others family, he still has a soft spot for his own people and doesn't allow them to see the dark side of him.

Any siblings or pets?: An older brother named Sean, who is excluding himself part of the family. Twin brother that died. He has a black cat named Satan.

What's his favorite food?: Almonds,and anything that is meat

Favorite place to be: Concerts

Who or what he hates the most?: His older brother. He also has a fear of blenders.

Name: Ally Jones

Age: 19

Bio: Ally grew up to a pretty normal family when she was a baby, however, just after her brother was born, her parents started to fight, they split up, she and her brother live with her dad and their puppy while her mum found someone else, they still get on well enough, they don’t see her often, spending a week with her and her new boyfriend every now and then, Ally has become like a mother figure to her brother and therefore he’s who she looks up to.

Any siblings or pets?: A younger brother called Aiden and a Rottweiler puppy called Glacier

What's her favourite food?: Pizza

Favourite place: A little clearing in the middle of the woods, there’s a water fall with a cave behind it and a little lake, no one else knows about it other than her she goes there when she’s upset or wants to be alone

Who or what she hates/fears the most?: She fears hospitals the most, she always associates them with death so whenever she has to go to a hospital she panics and has to be calmed by the only person she trusts enough – her boyfriend.

Extra: She has a tattoo on her shoulder blade that says ‘Take these broke wings and learn to fly’ with three little birds, she has her earlobes pierced twice on either side, she also has scaffolding on her left ear.


Picture link:


Age: Above 18


Any siblings or pets?:

What's her favorite food?:

Favorite place:

Who or what she hates/fears the most?:

Extra: Is there anything else you want to add?

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[h3 Ally]

She leaned into him more, letting her arms drape around his neck as she kissed him back, the phone ringing cut through the moment and she snapped out of it quickly, looking up at August she nodded. [+red "see you in a minute"] she smiled before kissing his cheek and walking to get Aiden. She led the smaller boy to the car before August had even made it to his phone and shut the door softly behind her. She knew better than to argue with August or try and stay in the room... she was nosy and wanted to know what was happening, but she wouldn't piss him off. That wouldn't do anyone any good.

She was calm and perfectly happy with the whole situation, though she was nervous... not for her safety, but for the off chance August got caught, she didn't know what she would do with herself if he got done. she just had to hope he would continue to be careful.

The drive to McDonald's was deadly quiet as Ally rested in the front passenger seat and Aiden distracted himself with his DS and another game of Pokemon. When they arrived, Ally helped her little brother out before she walked in with August, standing in the line she looked over at the smaller boy.
[+red "What would you like?"] she asked him curiously as she eyed him.
[+blue "Happy meal!"] he grinned happily and she nodded slowly, rolling her eyes, she wasn't entirely sure McDonald's for breakfast was the best idea, but she wasn't going to be the bad guy, Aiden could have what he wanted... their dad had just died recently.

When it was their turn, Ally order or own food as well as Aiden's before moving out the way so August could order what he wanted, Aiden ran off to get a table for them and Ally gently locked her fingers with August's shyly.
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A promiscuous smile gathered on his lips at her touch and words. It may start just as a tease, a joke but it if it leads to it in the physical world, so be it. “Careful, I might hold you down to those words,” He said in a hushed voice. His eyes would flicker over to Aiden for a second remembering that the young boy was around. He had doubts that Aiden would pick up or understand any conversation between them.

He soon head up stairs to change into grey elbow length shirt and a pair of navy blue jeans, and didn’t bother to take too much effort into it. Ally was soon back at his presence, making another small smile crack at the edge of his lips. “Shower. I want to see all of you. No hiding in water.” It made him curious if she would take this seriously. His mind would slip away for these moments, which was calming. No worry about what she knew and what she might know in the future. What was she thinking right now? Did what happened make not that much of an impact? At least not as a big impact as he thought it would. Ally seemed better than she was before, which made him believe that maybe she was stronger than he thought she was.

Her lips felt nice on his skin, but he knew that this wouldn’t be the best time to step it up. It was morning, and Aiden was fully awake. But, he leaned in and caressed her cheek and kissed her lips passionately.He leaned into her, backing her up near against a wall. And then, his phone rang. He swore mentally to himself. He parted from her, instantly grabbing his phone and looked at Ally, “Meet me at the car. I need to pick up this call.” He put the phone to his ear and picked up the call.

“How urgent is it?” He asked.
“Nilo is a week overdue in his payment.”
“And why are you calling me for such a little matter?”
“We would like to know what should we do. Kill him? Kidnap his kid.”
“No. Kidnapping will just catch attention... Put his wife into an ‘accident’ but something she’ll survive. It’ll send a message. Next time he doesn’t pay up, tell him it’ll cost a person he cares for life.” August hung up after he finished the sentence. Sometimes, he wished he could just step away from all of this bullshit, but other times he felt like he needed it. As if it was a rage reliever August then reached for the door to head downstairs and into the car, to drive all of them to McDonalds.
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She smiled and nodded as she leaned into his touch and then quickly turned so she was facing him, her chest pressed to his as she let her fingertips rest on his chest too. "Hmm... we should" she purred as she looked up at him, she wasn't sure if he was being serious or not... but she hoped he was, a shower with the man she was dating and loved would be nice and she knew they could easily distract Aiden by sitting him with the Xbox if they wanted time alone. He was like most young boys, Xbox made him happy and could distract him for days on end without paying attention to anything around him.

She let August go before she looked over at Aiden and smiled, kissing the top of his head before following August up to get her own clothes, walking into the bedroom where her bags still sat side by side, packed and closed. She knelt down in front of them and began to search through until she found what she had been looking for. Standing again she dried herself before letting the towel drop down, pooling around her feet as she slipped on her underwear and then tights before she slipped on a cream summer dress and turned her attention to her hair and makeup as she looked in the mirror and began to sort it out.

She stretched and looked over at August through the mirror as she bit on her lower lip, watching him change, distracting herself from what she needed to do as she ran a hand through her hair and smiled a little to herself, playing with a lock of hair before she gave up and walked over to him, her fingers traced over his chest and she looked up at him shyly.
"Shower or bath together?" she purred, her tone low as she leaned up to kiss his neck gently and smiled again.

He was a killer....

But he was her killer...

She trusted him, as stupid as people my thing it.

She knew he could have killed her the second she found out what he did... but he didn't, she was still alive, and that gave her some hope that maybe he was nice to her and Aiden and would be like that unless one of them told other people about what he did. It almost felt like he was her angel with a shot gun. But that was just her opinion... she knew if anyone found out they'd think her insane, but she didn't care.
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He wouldn’t know what it was like for her right now. He didn’t know how to be that sympatric either and so he felt pretty useless if the topic of what had happened popped around. He had to just hope that she would get over it and not let it affect her like it usually affected others. Ally didn’t seem to catch on why he was watching the news for the moment and he didn’t think she would be dumb enough to ask. She was better off turning her head the other way even if she did notice anything off.

August looked back at her and waited for her to give a reply but it seemed that this was going to be his own choice. When Ally leaned into kiss his cheek, he carefully and quickly turned his head so that she would be kissing his lips instead. He smiled, “Take your time in there.” August’s eyes peeped down on Aiden who was staring back at him at the moment. He wondered, if Aiden knew that his father was dead. How could a person explain that to a kid? “Aiden, would you rather go out and eat or stay here?”

“How about McDonalds? Happy meal?” He needed to figure out how he could bribe a kid to get going outside.
“I want to eat here.” He frowned.
“I’ll buy you cookies,” August added.
“Awesome, you’re a cool little man,” August smiled, ruffling his hair a little. His eyes swept over to Ally when she had came out of the shower, wrapped in her towel. He could imagine what was under there. He smiled and got up, “we’re going out. All Aiden’s decision.” Aiden looked back at him as if he caught on to his bribe. He probably didn’t. He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her for a moment, “Go get changed,” and then whispered in her ear as a tease, “Maybe we can take a shower together sometime.” It was just a tease but if she took it seriously, he would be onboard with that.

“I’m going to get dressed, and I’ll meet you in the car,” He said, while heading upstairs himself to change his clothes. It didn’t take him long to change, and then head downstairs, and saw Aiden still sitting around and watching TV. He managed to get Aiden’s attention, and get him to get in the car with him, while they waited for Ally. Hopefully this day went smoothly.
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The female looked up as August walked in and nodded with a small smile. "Much... thanks..." she replied before she passed over the remote so he could change the channel, looking up at the TV as Aiden held onto her a little. She blinked at the news and frowned some, though she had no idea August had anything to do with what was going on, she assumed it was something else, but didn't bother questioning it. She decided after seeing what August did... that would be her best plan of action, just let things happen and now question why.

"I'm happy either way, would you prefer to eat here or go out?" she asked as she tilted her head to the side curiously, wondering which he would prefer as she moved to rise to her feet, letting Aiden sit on the couch as she stretched.
"I think I might have a shower... why don't you two decide while I do that?" she offered as she ruffled Aiden's hair and kissed Augusts cheek. She had no issue with leaving Aiden in the older males hold, she knew he was safe, even if August had killed before, she trusted him with her and her brothers lives... after all he had looked after her and protected her.

Walking out of the room she headed up into the bathroom, stripping slowly and turning on the shower so the hot water would warm up as she locked the bathroom door and stepping in, smiling as the warm water soothed her muscles and relaxed, the water droplets slipped down her body as she lathered herself up with soap and shampoo.


Ally made sure to take her time with her shower, but finally it was time to get out, silently she walked back out of the water and wrapped a towel around herself, walking down stairs to find the boys she smiled.
"So... what's the decision?" she asked curiously, her head tilted to the side.
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August waited carefully for her to fall asleep before he left his own house, taking the keys, the car and of course had a gun with him. There wasn’t a time when he couldn’t be too careful. The moment he stepped outside of the house he felt the chilly air, darkened clouds and covered moon trying to emit some light past the clouds. He drove to a bad part of town, walking casually down and went up an old building to the fifth floor and knocked on the door while a couple of smokers at the stairs were watching him. They were mare teenagers, just curiously watching him and he had a speculation that they would be talking to him soon and demanding why a pretty rich white boy was here to start some trouble. He had that talk plenty, never ended well for them.

“What’cha doin here? You don’t belong here,” One kid said, getting up with his pants down low. August gave a slow smile and waited for the door to open. Derek opened the door and stared back at him, “Oh no not you...”

“Missed you too.” August wanted to be quick about this. “How thin are these building walls?”
“Because I’d rather have not to kill anymore witnesses than I should.” Saying something like this would definitely get him beat up but August was a cocky asshole that just had no fear in him that anyone in the world could get to him. No one could. He was unstoppable. He could screw over with anyone he wanted. The boys at the stairs were getting up.

“What did you say?”
“You wannabe street gangsters might want to leave before the cops will come and ask you questions in the morning.” As soon as August said that Derek became stiff and nearly leapt back inside thinking that August was ought to kill him.

“Not you... That is unless a certain person arrives at the courthouse tomorrow. Remember Derek? Our little deal? I just wanted to come here to remind you personally in case you forgot that I could kill your little sister that is doing so well in school if you don’t. It’s been a week, and that certain person should have end up dead by now but she was seen walking in plain sight around the streets. Why isn’t she dead?” August raised a brow, fit his hands into his pockets. The teens that were there earlier, instantly left when they thought someone was going to be killed.
“I couldn’t catch her alone.”

“Then kill her in public before I kill Dana,” August whispered, Dana being Derek’s little sister. Derek stared back at him and grabbed a gun from behind him, pointing it at August, “Stay away from my little sister.” August gave a smug smile, staring back at Derek until he lowered his gun. If Derek did shoot, he’d have more than a dead sister to worry about. August left soon after that, making it home and into his bedroom to see Ally still asleep. She probably thought she knew him now but she was far from learning the exact kind of person he was. She would, and he half expected her to runaway.

Waking up, he felt the bed missing a person and started to assume that she was downstairs since he could hear faints sounds from the TV until the volume decreased so low that he was debating whether they turned it off. Sleeping a bit longer wouldn’t kill anyone and so he did, until an hour has passed before he remembered he needed to check the news. It didn’t take him long to use the washroom and head downstairs to see the two. He was pretty sure Aiden was convinced that Ally was his mother.

“Al, how are you feeling?” He asked, leaning in and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing the remote, “I need to check something quick.” He realized that Aiden was watching TV but there should have been a long repeat if that woman he wanted dead was dead. As soon as he changed to the news channel, it shows a picture of a light haired brunette.

“Chana Montgomery’s body was found laying out into the street. Police confirmed it was a drive by but strangely, Chana was also a witness to a murder and was to intend to court to confirm it was John Collin, suspected to be in ties with a crime organ-“ And it went on. The edges of August’s lips broke into a smile, shortly before he checked the channel quickly for Aiden. August could have cared less if John was send to prison for murder, but he did care if the murder of Ally’s father stood out in the news. Since this news was more interesting, less people would look into it. He doubted Ally would be able to tell what he did. He set the remote down and looked back at Ally.

“Are you and Aiden go hungry? We can eat here or we can go out and eat breakfast,” He was hoping she’d say eat out because the best thing he could do for breakfast was eggs and cereal.
  August Frey / Ravenity / 6y 125d 15m 39s
"No thanks... Just sleep" she replied softly as she ruffled her hair gently and looked up at him through her lashes, not wanting anything but to just fall asleep and forget about the world for now.

As she relaxed back into the bed, she curled up a little and slowly began to fall asleep, after a short 'good night' to August and a swift kiss, she was out almost instantly. The days events having taken a toll on her somewhat fragile body. But the sleep was good, although it was riddled with nightmares she managed to stay asleep and not lash around or show any signs of what was consuming her at the moment.

The Next Morning

Ally woke with a grunt as she sat up slowly, rubbing her head and glancing around the room. She could hear the faint sounds of the TV on in the living room and knew Aiden was awake, the occasionally barks and whines alerted her to Glacier being awake too.

Kissing August's head she slipped from the bed and changed swiftly into one of his shirts and knee high socks before she padded down stairs, tying her messy hair up in a high pony tail so it would be out the way as she walked to her brother and dropped onto the couch beside him, pulling him into her lap she held him close.

Her eyes were puffy from all the crying, but she seemed in a happier mood than she had done the previous night.
They were free!

Aiden gently clung to her shirt as he crawled into her lap and rested his head on her shoulder, not understanding what had happened he looked scared, but one of his small hands was balled up on the shirt, while the other was around her neck, his head resting on her shoulder as she rocked him gently to try and comfort him.
"We're free.... it's ok" she cooed gently as she held him, turning down the volume on the TV so it wouldn't wake up August as she continued to comfort the small boy in her arms, wondering what today would bring.
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“She was still shocked. That made a lot of sense of why she was emotional. At least she didn’t feel bad for that bastard. Sure, some might feel bad for their family member no matter what but he always found that stupid. He inhaled a deep breath, and nodded to heading upstairs. He took her hand and then got up stairs, and he laid down grabbing the remote while at it. Then she began rambling. Mila...yea I really screwed up with that. He definitely cared about her. He’s known her since they were children and definitely loved her, but loved her as a sister.

“Don’t worry about Mila... She’ll get over it in a couple of days. I know she can be a bitch but try to get along with her. If it weren’t for her, I would have let you kill that man, and that can do some permanent mental damage to you. I’d rather have you two get along since I care about her just as much. And ally, enough rambling about nonsense, especially I shooting you. I’m a murder not a psychopath-at least I’m not diagnosed as one.” No, he wasn’t taking very well to her rambling on about the wanting to help him and the loving and saving stuff. It was more of a nuisance since he already knew that without her having to tell him. Safe he would be, but it bothered him that she didn’t care so much about what would come of her.

“ last thing before you should at least take a nap. If you want to help me, help yourself first by putting yourself first and making sure you’re alright. It’ll do no good to me if you help me with something and it screws up your life.” By nap he meant she needed to sleep so that he could go somewhere without her noticing. She was aware of who he was now but he highly doubted she needed to hear anything else that would tire her out. He shifted himself to lean in and kiss the nape of her neck and then hold her waist to pull her back into the bed to lie down.

“You’ll feel better when you wake up, I’m sure,” He said, “Or are you hungry?” If she was hungry, there was food downstairs but it meant he had to bluntly tell her that he had to go somewhere for the moment. Not the best time to be going anywhere but some things needed to be handled.
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Ally looked up at him a moment before she sighed gently and shook her head, she didn't want to sleep, she wasn't in the mood. "Can we just go to your room... watch a movie or something?" she asked as she tilted her head to the side. "I just ant to forget it all.... I mean, I'm glad he's dead and all, I guess it's just kind of a shock" she said softly, not wanting him to be angry at her or thinking she was regretting what had happened. She was just in shock over the whole thing, it had happened so fast and she was still angry at Mila for being rude to her.

She assumed August was angry at her about that, but didn't dare ask.

She then moved up the stairs, glad Aiden had taken himself to his room and occupied himself, not wanting to explain everything to her young brother. Walking into the room she moved to sit on the bed and looked up at August again, crossing her legs and resting her hands in her lap. "I'm sorry August... I know I fucked everything up for you and Mila... I was just angry... and in pain... I didn't mean to get you in trouble or her angry at you. I know sorry isn't enough, but I'll spend the rest of the time I have making it up to you. Hell... you can shoot me if you want, I know you probably don't want to be around me, but I Want to help. I want to help you. I don't care where that leaves me, I love you and I want you safe" she started before cutting herself off, knowing she was rambling too much and that he would probably be angry if she continued.
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The panic and emotions from her voice wasn’t a lie which made the lie sound so perfect. He was just hoping that she would be able to hold this lie and make it sound realistic in the future. Even if she so much told a different story to another person of the situation, it could sent her into a problematic situation. Of course he could still get great lawyers, or people that worked for his father to deal with the situation. Hardly did they fail but no one knew the outcome. He watched her throughout it.

“Believable, just remember the exact story and don’t change it,” He advised. Maybe he should be more sensitive in this situation but if Ally wanted a sensitive guy then she shouldn’t have dated him but she probably wouldn’t have known this side to him and would have never guessed just how detached he was from these situations.

The cops did arrive to the door. He watched, from the stairs at the whole scene. One cop caught a glimpse of him when they were leaving of course. He just gave a short smile. Why? Because he knew they couldn’t touch him. Ally didn’t look like she was dealing well and thought that maybe she would want to be alone for a bit, so left her be for the time being.

It wasn’t long before he got a call. A call from whom? His father and he sounded agitated from the second mess he created this month. He wouldn’t add that it was actually Mila, to protect her and because he would have done it if Mila hadn’t. His father would go on about how he could have called someone else to deal with it, rather than him. Then there were plenty of other things his dad was angry about. Of course he was. August’s father was actually more moral then him, which said a lot. He was yelling on the phone, loud enough that could be heard but not clear enough to know what he was saying. He eventually hung up, tossed the phone inside, angered by it.

Eventually he had came across Ally and headed down stairs with her. He didn’t say anything since he didn’t know exactly what to say and didn’t think saying something would help at this point. He knew that sometimes he could be cold and it wasn’t easy for him to try to be comforting but shutting up and trying to be there for someone, was something he could do. Although, it did confuse him.

Why was she so upset? They got rid of that bastard, so why was she so upset? Did she still care for her dad? How could she? Out of curiosity maybe he should ask after all. Mostly because he just couldn’t understand what she would be so upset about anymore. If a bastard that was doing a lot of damage on him was dead, he’d be celebrating.

“Ally... You want to talk about it?” He asked, stroking her hair, “We could both go sleep in my bedroom if you’d like.” Thankfully, he had three bedrooms in the house. Some girls loved to vent and talk about their problems and he heard that it was actually healthy.
  August Frey / Ravenity / 6y 143d 22h 15m 53s
Ally looked up at him for a moment before she nodded, waiting until Aiden had left the room before she pulled out her phone and sat back on the bed, biting her lip, she was already hoarse and choked up from crying so much so she knew she could make this believable.

She did as she was told, calling the right number before she waited for them to answer. "I-I need the p-police" she whimpered and shook some as she waited for them to put on the police.
"M-My father.... h-he killed himself.... I-I was at my boyfriends house with my brother.... we needed to get a change of clothes.... s-so I went back to get them.... w-when I got in he s-started to a-attack me..... when he realized what he was d-doing, he apologized and grabbed his gun before he went outside.... a-all I heard was a bang... I went outside... and he.... and he was dead" she sobbed, she then gave her fathers address before they hung up and she looked up at August, she knew she was convincing, the police believed her and that was all that mattered.

"How was that?" she whispered as she looked at him a moment and ran a hand through her hair, putting his phone in his hand and wiping her eyes before she slowly got to her feet, still shivering a little.

It wasn't long before the police arrived and she jumped, walking down the stairs to open the door, she looked like a mess, just like she should do in the situation the police thought she was in, they took of their hats and bowed their heads before she let them in, leading them into the living room and getting Aiden to leave she looked up at them curiously.

Then came the questions

After a good three hours, Ally was finally left alone, the police left and the brunette curled into herself on the couch. She had hoped she'd be left alone after the body was dealt with, she hadn't expected all these questions and everything else, she just wanted to forget it all. Rising to her feet again she walked into the kitchen, looking for something strong to drink as Aiden clung to her leg like a little kid. She had no idea where August had got to in the house, and she wasn't even sure she wanted to see him.... she didn't want to be reminded of it all. Giving up on looking she put Aiden to bed and went to look for August before she took him down stairs, closing the blinds and getting him onto the couch before she crawled up into his arms.
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He knew exactly what came over her and couldn’t even blame her at the slightest. He wouldn’t be upset even if she killed that bastard herself but murdering someone especially family would most definitely mess with someone’s mental health. Hell, he wasn’t exactly mentally healthy with the sorts of things he did but he might have not been mentally healthy to begin with. He would probably mess Ally up if he influenced her to do the sorts of things he’s done. He used to have a person that did these sorts of things with him, but she started to change her mind about everything and view it all different. Good for her, but he just couldn’t be that way even if he made a promise.

It was best to leave the body where it was because it was going to be a headache to make it travel and would probably make the ‘suicide’ less convincing. So, he went into Ally’s house and found a gun that was hiding in the drawer and grabbed it with the bottom of his shirt and then put it in her father’s hand, wiping her father’s finger prints all over it, in the right hand of course. Then he grabbed a couple of alcohol bottles that were empty. It already had that man’s finger prints over it, so he just laid it over the house. He also managed to get rid of the fingerprints on her father’s jacket, mostly just taking it off and soaking it in water, dumping the water in the sink and then tossing it in a park garbage. Now, there was a second part to this, and this part he couldn’t do. This part was something Ally had to do.

He got into his car, his mind racing until he arrived at this place. He parked in the car and went inside his house and saw the living room empty. They must have been upstairs. He wanted to give her time to let it all process but getting away with this was more important because if they didn’t get away, then the two people he cared about could be jailed because of this.

He climbed up those stairs, slowly and then knocked gently on the door just to get her to know that he was here. He then owned the door and saw Aiden, Glacier and her cuddling up. “Ally...” He cleared his voice, “I’m sorry but I need you to do something and it has to be now.” His eyes flickered to Aiden and felt a little regret. He really hoped the little kid wouldn’t take this whole ‘you’re father is dead’ bad. Maybe that was news for later.

“Aiden, hey bud, why don’t you go play on my Xbox downstairs in the living room? I need to speak to your sister for a bit,” August said it lightly. He waited for Aiden to get out of the room before sitting himself down on the bed and grabbing his phone and putting it in her hand.

“Call the cops. Tell them you were at your boyfriend’s house with your little brother for a bit. You needed to grab something from your house, and so you headed back alone. You went inside and your father did try to beat you. Then he apologized to you for hitting, felt so guilty that he grabbed the gun and went outside. You stayed inside and heard a gunshot. When you came out, you saw your father had shot himself. You freaked out so you came back here first and called here. You have to sound convincing Ally because if you don’t they might just even suspect you.” And he couldn’t have that. Surely if they found that he was her boyfriend that they'd suspect him. Which was a lot better than having it on her.

He knew that they would probably come over and ask her a load of overwhelming questions and he just hoped that she was strong enough to handle it. He would make up to her after, or he might just get mad for her showing up. That depended on his mood.
  Ravenity / 6y 161d 21h 29m 22s
Ally slide down the wall when she was released, coughing and desperate to get oxygen back into her lungs, shaking a little she looked up as August came over to her after Mila had stormed out, she looked away from him to the dead body of her father and bit on her lip some, still struggling for air as she let him take her hand, she didn't look at him though, her eyes averted to one side... she knew she'd messed up, but she had taken too much crap from Mila and her father... everyone snapped at one point, right?

She recoiled when he got angry at her, her breath uneven and panting as she tried to get herself away from him and the dead body, using her sleeve to wipe off a small speck of blood that had got on her when the man was shot. She blinked when he hugged her, slowly letting her arms wrap around him, her head buried into his shoulder, she felt like crying, but she kept herself strong, she could cry when she got to his.... Aiden would be worried about her. She nodded slowly and pulled herself weakly to her feet, using the wall for support as she made herself look a little less like she'd almost died, she could already feel bruises forming around her neck.
"I-I guess I'll see you when you get back" she whispered before she hung her head, using her arms to hug herself and she walked to the door.
"I'm sorry.. August.... I-I don't know what came over me" she said quietly as she glanced over her shoulder before she left, getting in the car and heading back to his.

She didn't make it in time however as tears began to slip down her cheeks, making her vision go blurry, she pulled to the side of the road, letting her head rest on the steering wheel as she sniffled and cried a little, she tried to keep herself as quiet as possible still, not wanting anyone to see her or hear her. It took a little while before she could drive again, but when she could she got home as fast as she could, parking up and walking into the house she walked straight up the stairs and into August's room, stripping off her clothes and grabbing one of his shirts which she slipped on before crawling into the bed, curling up right in the middle near the foot of the bed, the covers pulled all the way over her head as she sobbed silently into her hands.

Aiden came in slowly, looking confused as he walked over to her and climbed in with her, hugging her, Glacier curled up beside her and whimpered a little as he tried to nuzzle her. The three stayed like that as they all waited for August to return, as it got closer to the time she thought he'd be back, she began to get more and more nervous about what would happen... would he be angry? Would he kick her out? Would he break up with her? Yell at her? Or would he understand how she felt to make her do that... see that it was out of character and that she had been stressed out and pushed over the edge?

But then... if it was out of character, why had it felt so good? So empowering?

  Ally Jones / msbeautifulnightmare / 6y 167d 12h 25m 40s
The situation was escalating and it ran pleasure and delight down his system of his need to bash a man’s hand. He enjoyed it. He enjoyed the sound of a snapped neck and the awful cry of pain-when it was inflicted on someone else. It was sick, wrong but he couldn’t help it if he wanted the permission to do this. Kill him. That’s all he ever needed to hear. A slow smirk made his lips, and he made a quick glance to Mila.

“Don’t.” She said, “August, don’t do this, don’t destroy yourself even more.” As if there was any more to destroy... The man had this coming, a bastard like him deserved to die and this wasn’t to fill his want, it was to get rid of another disease on the earth. He would have listened to his best friend because half of the time she was right but, Ally was also very right and this situation would further if that man lived-plus he wanted to.

The moment Ally was grabbed he was searching for his gun through his pocket but recalled a certain someone took it from him. He was about to snap his head toward his best friend and take it from her willingly or not, but then he saw in front of him Ally’s father falling flat on the ground with a bullet in the left temple the moment he even got near Ally with that knife. Mila walked towards him, eyes not even meeting his, tossing the gun on his hand.

“This nearly became the second time you broke the promise this month. Have your fucking gun... If you’re not going to change than fine, don’t ever fucking talk to me again and see how much that stupid bitch tempts you to kill for her,” She spat and stormed toward her own car while saying, “Make this look like a suicide yourself.” It was a good thing that the street was completely empty at this time of day, possibly anyone at home at this time since they’d all most likely be in school or work.

August swore under his breath, more furious then ever at this point. Oh yea, the man was dead, just not what he wanted but not in the way he wanted it to go-definitely not the way he wanted this to go. He inhaled a deep breath and took Ally’s hand, trying to meet her eyes, “I’m sorry you had to see that...someone dead again. But Ally.” His voice became a little dark and forceful.

“Don’t ever do that again. When I tell you to stay somewhere, you stay. I don’t like the feeling that comes along with almost losing someone important,” He warned, more for the sake he was scared that she was going to be grabbed like this again. “Go to my place... Okay? Stay there. I need to clean this mess.” Then he without a thought hugged her. God, he didn’t have his heart beat this fast out of fear since...well he couldn’t remember.
  August Frey / Ravenity / 6y 170d 3h 56m 24s
Ally smirked as the gun was put in front of her, the anger still raging through her veins as she bit her lip and watched Mila, her body shaking some with rage.
"Go home Mila" she snarled as she stepped closer to August, pulling the gun back to the couple as she raised her eyebrow.

For a moment she stood in silence at the question, looking from the female to the male and back again. She then shot a glance at her father stood looking bored.
"Kill him... I've done this before... played this game too many times, no matter who much you threaten him he'll always come back and get me and Aiden.... I don't care what he does to me, but I refuse to let him put my baby brother in danger... so kill the fucking bastard" she snarled, there was no emotion in her eyes and hate dripping from her every word.

She looked at August again as she stepped closer still, nuzzling into him a little... he was a killer... but in a way, so was her father. "He will never leave us alone if he's allowed to live" she said honestly as she bit her lower lip. Her father stood, looking somewhat bemused before he lunged at Ally, grabbing her right out of August's holding and pinning her to the wall by her throat. He pressed hard, making her cough and gasp for air as she fought desperately to get him off of her.

Her hands were clamped around his hand, pulling at it and trying to get him off as she began to pale slightly, she managed to kick him in the leg but he held his ground, tightening his grip on her as she let out a panting scream. Clawing at his hand in desperation, she looked at August out of the corner of her eyes, looking terrified. She coughed hard and cried out a little as he used his leg to hold her legs against the wall, digging his knee into a deep cut on her thigh making her scream in pain and claw harder, cutting up his hand but he didn't care.

Whimpering and shaking a little as she continued to gasp for even the smallest amount of air, she was starting to go light headed, the knife had dropped from her person and lay shining on the ground. Seeing it, the man stooped a little and grabbed it, holding it so the tip hovered over where her heart was.
"August!" she let out a panic filled scream.

ooc: It's perfect... hopefully this is ok too, it feels a little too dramatic, but I just kinda though if they got rid of the dad it could die down a little... and maybe this would spur August on that little but more? Let me know if you'd like it changed or if this gives you writers block or anything :D

  Ally Jones / msbeautifulnightmare / 6y 170d 4h 58m 58s

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