Mixing Business with Pleasure

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Kai, Victoria and triplets- Tyler, Tamara and Tristan

____ is the owner of a prosperous business owner . He has a reputation of being a firm employer; not tolerating any foolishness from his employees. He wants perfection out of his employees and his business.

Due to his high expectations, everyone wonders why he chooses to keep Victoria around. She's always late to work at least once a week, and so clumsy at work to the point she's causing some kind of disaster. While any other person would have been fired long ago, ____ continues to tolerate her. No one understands why.

That's where we begin...

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- Anime pictures please
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- Try and post at least 200 chars, that's not so hard to do. I understand writers block that's why I said such a small number
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- If scenes get mature we can take it somewhere else or ts
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Not at all surprised that he had moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, Cassy looked up at her husband with a small smile. After all these years it seemed he could see through her and knew that she was toying with him. "I could ask the same of you" she said feeling his hand on her side. Placing one hand on his chest, she leaned up and kissed him again. "Maybe neither of us are really wanting to go to bed" she said quietly. This time she moved her hand up and down his chest, letting her fingers slide against his shirt. It seemed they both were stubborn and didn't want to admit it.
  Cassy / Poison_Ivy / 82d 21h 1m 5s
Naturally, he was still attracted to her. Not just physically, but mentally. Kissing her back, Kurt looked over to her, watching as she moved over to the bed. Somehow he had the feeling she was toying with him and he wasn't about to object. Following after her, he stepped up beside her and wrapped his arms around her. "Why do I have the feeling you don't really want to go to bed?" he asked, looking into her eyes with a small smile. His hand ran along her side.
  Kurt / Hoshizora / 127d 21h 36m 0s
It felt nice to know that she could still get to him after all this time. That he still desired her after a few years and kids. Smiling a bit, she uncrossed her legs and leaned forward, giving him a kiss. "I suppose you're right about being tired. I guess we better get into bed and go to sleep" she told him, standing up. Walking past him, Cassy walked over to the bed and pulled back the covers. She wanted to toy with him, and see if he was going to take the bait.
  Cassy / Poison_Ivy / 197d 6h 38m 22s
Kurt would admit that he did enjoy the scene of her sitting in front of her vanity. He couldn't really say why. Perhaps because it had something strangely intimate to it. The question did make him smile as well as seeing her cross her legs. "Well, isn't that more a question I should be directing at you?" he replied, wondering if this was the time for games, though she clearly seemed to be making it one, "After all, you are the one that is tired." Still, he did find himself slowly moving towards her until he stood before her, wondering what she would say to that. He honestly wasn't sure.
  Kurt / Hoshizora / 306d 16h 57m 30s
Up in the room, Cassy took off her jewelry and changed out of her clothes into a pair of black pajama shorts and a tank top. Going over to her vanity she brushed her hair a bit. Seeing Kurt come in through the mirror she smiled a bit. "So tell me, was there something else you planned on doing tonight?" She knew he wanted sex, but she wanted him to admit it. It made things more fun that way. Turning around in her vanity she crossed one leg over the other, waiting for him to tell her what he wanted. "Otherwise, we can just go to bed" she said with a slight shrug.
  Cassy / Poison_Ivy / 339d 16h 17m 41s
Kurt chuckled softly at what she said. "I would hope it tastes good. Otherwise, something went severely wrong," he pointed out, "I hope you didn't marry me solely for my cooking abilities, but yes, imagine you are poor Victoria, always having to cook." He was amazed that she hadn't thrown the towel in yet, but then again, it was pointless trying to teach Kai to cook. He may know sweets, but cooking was not his strength. Still, he smiled when she said it was good and kissed his cheek.

After dinner he helped with the cleaning and putting everything away. "I'm glad you liked it," he replied and kissed her back. He wasn't too tired, but she clearly was. "You are tired," he pointed out before nodding, "Coming." Turning off the TV, he followed her up the stairs to their bedroom to get ready for bed.
  Kurt / Hoshizora / 360d 26m 39s
Watching Kurt get up, Cassy looked over the couch and watched as he got dinner out of the oven. Pausing the movie she watched as he grabbed the plates and served it up. "Hopefully it tastes as great as it smells" she said getting off to the couch and walking over to the kitchen. "Thank God I married a man who can cook" she teased a bit, taking her plate. It was her favorite, no doubt he made it special for her. "Looks good" she said before eating a biteful of it. Nodding her head she looked at him. "Definitely tastes good" she said, kissing his cheek.

After dinner she helped washed dishes and made sure the leftovers were put away. "Thanks for dinner, it was delicious" she said kissing him softly. Yawning a bit she looked at the time. It was around the time she would be putting the kids to bed and getting ready herself. She honestly didn't feel like watching the rest of the movie. "I don't know about you, but I think I'm getting tired." Yawning again she walked out of the kitchen and headed towards the stairs to go to bed. "You coming?"
  Cassy / Poison_Ivy / 1y 22d 5h 6s
Kurt wasn't all too picky when it came to movies. He was fine with nearly everything. So he was okay with the comedy. He wasn't too good with actor names so he usually forgot who was in what. When she snuggled against him he smiled softly and wrapped his arm around her.
The movie was good and he chuckle a bit about it. When Cassy mentioned the dinner, he remembered that he was cooking. "I guess I should go and check," he told her and got up to check, "It looks good. I think it's pretty much done." He began to grab plates.
  Kurt / Hoshizora / 1y 35d 20h 57m 55s
Cassy smiled as he messaged her calf. It felt nice when he did that. Looking at him as he moved over to sit next to her, Cassy nodded when he told her to pick the movie. "Alright then" she said, logging into Netflix. Scrolling through the movie selection on Netflix she picked a comedy movie with Jennifer Aniston in it. Sitting back, she leaned against Kurt as she watched the movie. It was a habit for her to do that when they watched movies together. The movie was funny and she got a few laughs. After a while she looked up at Kurt. "How's dinner coming along?" she asked, smelling the food from the living room. It definitely smelled good, even if she wasn't sure what he had cooked. "It smells so good."
  Cassy / Poison_Ivy / 1y 66d 14h 8m 21s
As Kurt worked on her calf, he looked to her, listening. "What do you mean quick pace? I thought we took it pretty slow," he mused, maybe slightly teasing himself. He too didn't want to be a professional dancer, but that had never been his dream anyway.
He shrugged when she said that you got used to it. He supposed that was true, but he was never really home to begin with. When she offered him the remote, he smiled and for a moment longer massaged her calf before moving to sit next to her, so he could see the screen. "Sounds good. You can choose the movie," he told her, not taking the remote from her.
  Kurt / Hoshizora / 1y 77d 22h 42m 3s
When Kurt placed a hand on her calf Cassy smiled a bit. "I wouldn't mind going dancing again when my parents take the kids again. Although maybe not at such a quick pace" she teased a little as she sat up. There was no way she would ever want to be a professional dancer after that lesson.
Brushing some of her hair out of her face, she laid her head back. The house was quiet without the kids around, but she was use to it by now. "Yeah it is, you get use to it after a while" she said, knowing what it was like since she often sat in the silence when the kids weren't home. It was still unclear to her what she would do once Grayson started school as Kurt didn't want her working.
Grabbing the tv remote she looked at him. "Do you want to watch a movie on Netflix while dinner is cooking?" she asked offering him the remote.
  Cassy / Poison_Ivy / 1y 103d 6h 44m 37s
Kurt nodded. He couldn't understand the part about her feet and legs hurting. Dancing was pretty demanding and he was starting to develop some respect for the professional dancers that this on a regular basis. Leaning forward, he moved his hands to her calves a bit.
He smiled when she said she had fun. "Well, I'm glad you had fun. Maybe we can do it again some day," he replied, "I thought it was enjoyable too. Different from what we normally did, so that was good."
Just sitting there for a moment, it really struck him how quiet everything was. " It really is quiet around here without them," he said with a shake of his head, but he supposed he shouldn't be surprised that he noticed it now.
  Kurt / Hoshizora / 1y 104d 23h 39m 22s
When Kurt reminded her that his name wasn't Kai, she smiled a bit. It was no secret that Kai wasn't the best cook around. He could bake a beautiful and delicious cake, but cooking was something different for him. She was so glad that Kurt was actually able to cook. It made things easier around the house for her at times.

Cassy sat there and watched Kurt cook dinner until he put it in the oven and walked over to the couch with her. "Yeah. It's all the dancing. My legs just weren't use to all of it" she said rubbing her legs and thighs some more. Now that she was off her feet a bit they didn't hurt so much. When he asked if she had had fun Cassy nodded. Although it was the last thing she had expected from him, she definitely had fun. "Of course I did. It was something new, and very active" she said smiling at him. "What did you think?"
  Cassy / Poison_Ivy / 1y 115d 6h 54m 25s
The house was definitely quiet and Kurt couldn't stop himself from turning on the radio quietly so it wasn't completely silent. "I'll be fine. My name isn't Kai," he waved off her offer and began making dinner as he watched her go into the living room to rest.
It wasn't too hard what he was planning and after a while he pushed the food into the oven to bake. Walking over to her, Kurt sat down beside her. "Your feet hurting?" he asked as he watched her rub her feet and legs, "Food should be done in about twenty minutes so just wait a moment longer. So you had a good time?" That was the most important part after all.
  Kurt / Hoshizora / 1y 122d 1h 18m 10s
It was definitely weird to come home to no kids. The house was too quirt, but Cassy knew they were probably having a blast with her parents, no doubt getting spoiled. Looking at Kurt as he said he would be cooking dinner, Cassy was surprised. Kurt rarely did any of the cooking since he usually got home late. "Alright, just let me know if you need help" she said as she walked into the living room. Sitting on the couch she sighed a bit. Her legs hurt a bit from all the dancing they had done at the studio. Although, despite the pain, she had fun.
Rubbing her legs and thighs a bit, she laid back and relaxed. Looking back at the kitchen she could see Kurt cooking but couldn't really see what he was cooking. It was heartwarming to see him putting in so much effort to romance her. She genuinely was impressed by the man she had married.
  Cassy / Poison_Ivy / 1y 161d 9h 38m 48s

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