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Yeah.. I know.. This is something I am just going to do to pass time off and on.. But it's going to be Katie's story..not mine..


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Finally, I got away from the office and walked back up to the common room where others were sprawled out in chairs and whispering and laughing. For a moment, I did stop and watch a few of them. Stopped to envy how simple things seemed for them. I knew it must have seemed weird to have the 'shy' and 'quiet' girl watching them and so before something was said, I quickly turned away and walked over to a table that was on the other side of the common room and stared down at the wood before me. For a little while, my thoughts seemed to be spinning and running all through my head. It seemed almost as if I were going mad or something.

I would have continued to just stare at the wood. I would have continued to try and look for answers to my problems, though I knew that I wouldn't get any. But all of my thoughts were broken by the sound of a book falling opened on the table, causing me to look up and my head to tilt. For there before me was the bushy haired girl who was always with Harry and Ron. As I looked at Hermione, I couldn't help but wonder why she had chosen to sit there as she clearly didn't like me nor trust me. It was very curious and had me on edge now.

"May I ask why you chose to sit here? I mean.. There are plenty of other places and I know that you don't much like me.. Or rather it's not a matter of liking me, but that you don't trust me.. So it can't be because you want to make friends... There's something that you want to say.." I said quietly, eyes going to the girl as I sat up straighter and my hands went to my lap. And once I had spoken my words, I sat there silently and waited to see what Miss Granger would have to say. Something told me that this really couldn't be good, but what choice did I have?

Hermione seemed to freeze as she heard my words. It was clear that she was nervous and had not expected to be read so easily. She was silent a few moments before she opened her mouth, closed it and debated for another few moments on what exactly she would be saying. Had things not been so tense and the situation not been what it was, I might have actually found her struggle a bit on the amusing side as she was very bright and usually knew just about everything.

"Lets put it like this.. I have been doing a lot of reading and I have been watching you. There's just something off, odd even when it comes to you. You may have Harry and Ron fooled, but they don't notice when you seem to miss classes or when you seem more tired and drained... And they obviously don't know who your father is.. If they did, they wouldn't trust you." Hermione said in a hushed voice, those big brown eyes of her's looking at me, a spark in them. "Before you say anything, know this.. I won't be saying anything about it, but if you hurt Harry or even Ron, then I will." She muttered before I could speak.

Now it was my turn to be frozen. I had guessed that she knew about my father, but I had not guessed that she knew about my little 'condition.' And so I was silent as I tried to best thing this one through. A sigh finally slipped past my lips and I nodded to her.

"Well played... Know this... I don't intend to hurt Harry..or Ron. So you haven't anything to worry about. And as to not telling him.. I do appreciate it. I will when the time is right..." I said quietly, staring back at her as she stared at me.

She had been about to say something more, but stopped just as her mouth opened because Harry and Ron by now had come over to where the two of us were sitting. The boys could feel the tension and looked back and forth between the two of us.

"What has been going on?" Harry asked, eyes more on Hermione than on me.

Hermione looked at me and then shrugged. "Just thought the two of us could do some of our homework together. Is that so wrong?" She asked, seeming to get all huffy as she looked at the boys.

I bit on my lip and looked down, putting my books into my bag. I offered Ron and Harry both light smiles. "She's right... She was helping me with something I didn't get... But now I do... And it is getting late... So I'll see the three of you in class." And just like that, I left them and went up to the girls' dormitory and went to bed..
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"So, are you going to tell me the truth and why you have been pulling away from everyone and everything? I have noticed that even your work in classes have been slipping, and that isn't you Katherine." Lupin said quietly, turning to look at me, concern now obvious in his eyes as he stared at me.

I love him as if he were my real uncle... And over the years...he has been so much more than that to me.. He's tried to be like a father and to help me not feel so different than all the others. To let me know...that the past and things done don't define me... That the person I grow to be does... He has given up so much for me... Gotten me out of so much trouble... But can I really tell him the real reason things have been going as they have? Can I let him know that I plan on helping dad? I thought, playing with my fingers as I was thinking if I should tell the man before me the truth or not.

Slowly, I shook my head. "No... I'm not going to tell you. You have done so much for me over the years... And you have also taught me to do what I think is right and to do what I believe in... Now I can't let what I believe in hurt you, Uncle Remus.. This is something that I have to do on my own...." I said quietly, not looking up at him at all now.

A sigh escaped his lips as he now sat in the chair before me, eyes never leaving me. "Katie...how many times do I have to tell you? You aren't alone...you are family and I want to do whatever I can to help you... But I cannot help you unless I know what is going on." He said gently.

Once more I shook my head and slowly looked up at him, eyes finally meeting his. "Trust me...this isn't something that I can...or that I want to tell anyone. If I do...it..it can really get you and those I talk to into trouble.. Please..." I whimpered out.

Before the man could say anything more, I set my cup of tea down and bolted from his office. I hated that I was keeping him in the dark, but I couldn't let him get into trouble because of me. I couldn't let anything else happen to him. And if I could help it, I was going to help my father and keep my "uncle" out of it. It was truly something I felt I had to do on my own.
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"And just where are you going? Most the others are in the Great Hall. Why all alone, Katherine?" Snape asked me as he stepped forward,a snide smirk over his lips and a spark in his eyes. He really didn't like me because of the things that my father and the others had done to him back in their youth.

Slowly I stepped back, biting on my lip. I should have really thought a walk through, but needing to think and not wanting to be near anyone had clouded my judgement. I couldn't help backing up into a wall as the man was soon before me.

"Well? Have you got an answer for me?" The man asked in a growl as he was soon before me, making me look up at him.

"She was coming to see me, Severus. I had invited Katherine for tea in my office" Came Lupin's voice from the shadows behind Snape.

A small smile came to my lips as Lupin walked forward and gently put his hand on my shoulder. He then nodded to Snape, leading me from him.

"You really do need to be more careful. I can't always be around to save you." He muttered when we were out of Snape's earshot.

"I know...and I am sorry, Uncle Remus.. I just wasn't thinking...or more like needed time away from everyone so that I could." I said quietly and hanged my head as we were soon in his office and he was getting us both tea.
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I sat by the window with a scroll of parchment and looked up at the moon. It was actually a sliver of a moon and for a moment, I thought of the muggle movie Alice in Wonderland and the Chesire Cat's smile. Lightly I shook my head and began slowly writing down the passwords of the next few weeks. In a sense, I knew that I probably shouldn't be doing it, but I couldn't help it. The man was my father and he had been wrongly accused. I knew that Lupin didn't believe him innocent, but having just as many classes as Hermione and secret lessons with Dumbledore and Lupin later at night, I too had a time turner and had gone back to watch what he had been accused of. So I knew.

When I had done with the list, I bit into my lip and then yipped as I heard a meow. Slowly I looked over and there was Hermione's ginger cat, Crookshanks. A small smile traced my lips as the cat and I had become friends. "Do you think that you can take this out to the willow for me?" I asked softly, petting the cat softly.

I knew that he had understood and had agreed when he nodded and nudged my hand lightly. So I stood slowly and let the cat out of the portrait and began to wander myself. Most the halls were empty as it was, so I knew it would be awhile until I ran into anyone. As it stood, I really did need time to myself to think. Needed to try and work it out in my mind why I couldn't give Harry and the others little hints. And then I remembered my promise.

And that is why you don't make promises like that, Katie... Because they bind you and you can't let anyone know... It is so hard... I want to tell Harry the truth so badly...About me...and about everything... I thought and bit into my lip, freezing as I saw a black cloak in the corner, watching me.
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Daddy...what were you thinking in escaping? Everyone thinks that you were the one to turn Lily and James in.. Of course I know that isn't true.. Especially since I have gotten your letters and met with you a few times past hours... But who is going to believe me? And how will we get Harry or anyone else to believe you? I thought as I stared down at the homework that was sprawled over the table.

I knew that I should be trying to focus on the potions and devination, but I just couldn't. No matter how hard I tried, my mind would go back to my father. Would go to the rumors that had been told. And also go back to the fact that he had escaped and that the dementors really wanted him back.

A sigh escaped my lips as I began to slowly fill in the chart that we had been given and then looked over to Harry's and Ron's a small smirk coming to my lips. "Sooner or later she will realize that you were making everything up... And so this time... you might actually want to try.. At least a little. Here..." I said quietly and showed them what I had gotten and when they looked up at me, they blinked.

"It's simple really.. At least when you've an open mind and don't typically spend a lot of time around others..." I whispered and bit on my lip, looking down.

"Katie...why does it looks like some of what you put down could actually happen?" Hermione now asked, a brow raised. It seemed that even now she still didn't fully trust me. But she was the one in the group that knew what I was and who my father was... So I guess I couldn't blame her for the way that she didn't trust me.

"Because apparently to the crazy one I have the "gift" as she puts it. I dunno.. I just don't want it to seem way too far fetched, you know?" I said softly and then looked up as I saw my owl coming through the window. "If you will excuse me for a moment?" I asked as I slowly stood and walked over to her, taking the letter and petting her. I didn't even bother to open it and just put it in my bag to read later and soon walked back to where the other three sat.

Harry and Ron hadn't said much, but it seemed that the two were getting the chart at least and starting to get the potions too as we went over it. But somehow, I couldn't help but to think that they were a little bit nervous at having Hermione and I around the other. Especially with some of the questions that the other girl tended to ask of me. But somehow I manged to get away with half-truths.

By the time dinner came, I wasn't very hungry and so walked with the others as far as the Great Hall and then left them, going back to the common room. I had to see what exactly my father had written this time. I hoped that he hadn't given me a task that could very well get me, Lupin, or him in trouble. But as I got back to the common room and read the letter, that was too much to hope for. He needed the passwords as they were always changing.
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"Okay, will you tell us now why she had wanted to talk to you alone?" Ron asked as he, Harry, and Hermione now walked back towards the Gryffindore common room. It had been bothering him since that morning and now that the girl wasn't with them, he wanted for Harry to tell them. Besides, Harry hardly ever kept anything from him or from Hermione.

A sigh escaped Harry's lips as he walked with them and then he nodded slowly. "Alright...alright.. I'll tell you. Katie wanted to tell me that she liked me.. Not just because I'm famous and have this scar, but because of the person that I am. She has liked me since our first year, but has been too shy to say anything about it... And so I admitted to her that I liked her too... So in a sense, now she and I are dating." He said with a shrug as he turned now to see what Hermione and Ron's reactions would be to his words.

Ron and Hermione stopped as they heard Harry's words. They had been expecting to maybe hear the first part about the girl having a crush on Harry, but they didn't expect the second part where he would have admitted that he liked her too. For that had been something he had not told them.

Hermione was the first to unfreeze and she even looked a little nervous. That was never a good sign. "Harry...are you sure that dating her would be a good idea? I mean... you only know the bits and pieces that you have seen in classes.. You haven't really spent enough time with her to know the "real" her." The girl said slowly, knowing more about Katie than the boys did.

Harry's brow raised when Hermione had spoken, as did Ron's. From her tone and words, it was obvious to them that the girl was hiding something from them. And now they really wanted to know what it was.

"Hermione, just what does that mean?" Ron was the one to ask her.

"Do either of you know who her father is? Or have either of you noticed when she happens to miss class?" The girl tried, wanting them to guess. She didn't really want to tell them, but since they were being so, ignorant, it looked like she would have no choice.

"Hey, what are you guys talking about?" I asked as I slowly walked up behind them, my head canted to one side. Hearing me had made them jump.

"N..nothing" All three stammered as they looked at me. They had not seen me since class and so I really had taken them by surprise in being there then.

A sigh escaped my lips as I looked at Hermione and she looked at me. "Trust me... you'll know when the time comes.. But for now.. It's best to not push anything. Besides, there is the trip to Hogsmeade coming up. So..you know.. Something everyone should be looking forward too." I said slowly, knowing that Harry hadn't gotten a signature, but I also knew that somehow he would be able to go as well.

"Oh..Harry, did you still need help with your potions and devination?" I asked slowly, giving him a small smile.

He nodded to me and smiled. "Yeah, that would be great, thanks." He said and then looked to Ron and Hermione who were now both looking at us.

I blushed a deep red and slowly looked down. "It's okay.. I don't bite.. And I noticed that Ron...you need help too.. And you do at least with devination, Hermione.. Would the two of you like to join us?" I asked softly, slowly looking up now and giving them a small smile.

The two blinked and then looked at Harry who shrugged. They then nodded and walked with Harry and I towards the library.
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For a moment, I let Harry and the others go in front of me, my eyes meeting Lupin's a bright blush had come to my cheeks as he gave me a questioning look. Slowly I shook my head and then slipped into the room past him. I knew that later he would want to know, and I would tell him. But for now, I didn't want to say anything about it.

Slowly I walked over to the desk where I sat and put my books down, taking my wand out and setting it down as well. A small smile came to my lips as I looked over to where Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat.

"Harry, come on. You've got to tell me, what did the two of you talk about?" Ron whispered just as Professor Lupin had gone to the front of the room and was now asking us what we thought to be in the wardrobe.

"I'll tell you later." Harry muttered, a slight pink to his cheeks as he was trying not to pay attention to Ron, but to the lesson that was being taught.

By now, Professor Lupin had called Neville forward and was asking what he was afraid of. And many of us couldn't help laughing as he had said it was Professor Snape and Professor Lupin admitted that the potions master did indeed have that affect on people. And then he asked Neville to picture something else, more like just his grandmother's clothing and before any of us really had a chance to understand, Lupin stepped back and opened the wardrobe, Professor Snape coming out. Lupin then told Neville to wave his wand and to mutter the spell that we had been practicing and then a moment later, "Snape" was wearing old lady's clothing and the whole class was in an uproar.

"Well done, Neville! Now everyone get in a line to face the boggart." Lupin said and then started the music, letting each student take a turn in "facing" their fears.

Nearly everyone had gone and the class did seem to be going well, but then it came down to being me, Harry, Hermione, and just a few others left. Lupin seemed to be watching more intensely now that was Harry's turn, and it was as the boggart was taking shape did he get in front of Harry and it soon became a full moon. Before many really noticed what it had been, he did the spell himself and sent the "airless balloon" back into the wardrobe and decided that the lesson had reached its end.

My eyes once more caught Lupin's as he looked over to where Harry, Ron, Hermione and I now stood. Slowly I shook my head and looked down. I knew he knew what mine would become and knew that he wouldn't want for it to come to life in class either.

"Well done everyone!" Lupin said as he pulled his gaze away from the four of us and then walked to the front of the room to give us our next reading assignment and to explain when he had had us face the boggart in the first place.

By the time he was explaining the lesson we had had, I wasn't listening anymore. I couldn't really. Quickly, I took my book and bags and ran from the room, not caring that the others were watching after me.
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When class had ended up, I was one of the first out of the room, but it turned out I had forgotten my books. I had been about to turn back and got get them, but that was when I bumped into someone. A blush came to my cheeks as I ended up landing on my butt and looking up at who I had run into.

"H-Harry?" I whispered and then slowly got back to my feet as I looked at him.

"You forgot these in the classroom, and I thought that I would return them to you. Are you alright? Professor Snape seemed rather mad today...I mean more mad then usual." He said as he handed my books back to me, giving me a light smile.

"Snape... He's always been like that to me.. You're not the only one that he hates Harry based on who their father is... And you're right.. he did seem more mad then usual." I said softly and then smiled a little, taking my books back and slowly walking with him.

"Lupin's lesson will be fun... And it will definitely get our minds off of potions." I said quietly, trying to think of something to talk about with him.

"What are we doing in Professor Lupin's class?" He asked, canting his head to one side as I had mentioned it.

"Sorry... I can't tell you that... And Harry, did you mean what you said this morning?" I whispered, biting on my lip and blushing a dark red.

After I had spoken, Harry stopped and took my hand, making me stop as well. He slowly looked into my eyes and nodded. "Yes, I wouldn't have said it if I had not meant it, Katie." He said quietly and then smiled a little, beginning to walk with me, but not letting my hand go.

My cheeks were a bright red. "And...you know I meant what I said... So...does this mean.....?" But I couldn't finish my words because Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle saw us and now were blocking our way.

"Well, well Potter, looks like you have yourself a girlfriend. Don't see what you do in her? She's like a mouse and probably won't even last long." Draco said, giving me a wicked smirk.

I bit my lip and flinched back, trying to control my fear and temper. I knew that if I lost control of either one, things could be bad. And I didn't want that. My hand squeezed Harry's and in doing so, it calmed me to where I knew I wouldn't do anything stupid.

"Leave her alone Malfoy. What has she done to you? It's me that you hate anyway." Harry muttered, his anger showing in his voice.

"Harry..don't... Malfoy isn't worth it. You know how he is." I said quietly, squeezing Harry's hand and pulling him back slowly.

It was as Harry had been about to take out his wand did Professor Lupin open the door to the classroom and look between the two boys. "I do trust that there was no trouble?" He asked and then when neither boy answered, a sigh escaped the man's lips as he then let all of us into the room.
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Lupin sighed as he looked down at me. Being my godfather, and my guardian, the man hated when I got like this. Hated to see me so sad and crying. But then he was so gentle in heart that he hated to see nearly anyone sad or hurt, and that was something that I loved dearly about the man. For a though he was the reason I was a werewolf and had been since I was about three, I could never see him as the monster that he thought himself to be.

Slowly, after a few more minutes, I pulled back from him and looked up at him. I knew my eyes were red from the tears that I shed, but even so I still gave him a small smile. I wanted him to know that I didn't blame him for the circumstances being as they were and that I was actually thankful to him for everything. I knew that he knew that was what the smile was meant to tell him as he returned my smile with one of his own.

"Get to potions before Severus has a fit. You know he will blame me for your missing his class and an 'important' lesson." He said and reached out, gently brushing my hair back.

I couldn't help a soft laugh and nodded to his words. "I know...and we really don't need for him to be blaming you.. He's already trying to get your fired as it is..." I whispered, sadly and then gave him a quick hug before I ran out of the room and off towards the dungeons, just barely making it to potions in time.

Snape didn't look pleased when I had just gotten to his lesson in time. In fact, the man was much colder to me as he snapped at me to take my seat and then began to shoot questions, nearly all questions at me about potions for werewolves. I knew what he was up to. He was trying to get the others to guess what both Professor Lupin and I were, but I would not give him the satisfaction of it and answered each question thrown my way rather easily.

Katie, why does Mr.Grumpy seem in an even worse mood than is usual for him? Riley asked in the note that she had passed to me.

I honestly don't know why.. I know he's still mad that Lupin got Defense the Dark Arts and that Sirius is on the loose...but I don't know what is causing this. I wrote back and froze when I saw Snape make his way over to where both Riley and I sat, snatching the note and then giving us a glare.

"Twenty points will be taken from Gryffindore, thanks to Miss Stone and Miss Katie." He hissed out, his eyes showing that he so would have loved to tell everyone what my last name was.

I looked down and bit into my lip, shivering. My eyes had taken on a golden glint as my anger was starting to rise.

"Katie...no..he's not worth it. You know Snape is like this." Riley whispered to me softly, taking my hand and giving it a squeeze, knowing what would happen if my temper flared more.

"Thanks...And yes... I know.." I whispered softly and gave the girl a small smile.
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I had gotten the wardrobe out like Professor Lupin wanted as he was going to have us work with the boggart. And slowly I began to wander the room a little, touching the binds of the books and then looked back to the door as I heard footsteps. I knew that it would be Lupin as I would know the sound of those steps anywhere. For I had been living with him since my father had been arrested and since Harry's mother and father had been killed.

"What were you talking to Harry about, Katherine?" The man asked as soon he was at the wardrobe, making sure that I had not let the boggart out. His eyes were mean as he looked at me, but a little worried that I might have said something that I knew Harry was not to know.

"I didn't really tell him anything... Riley was the one that told me that I shouldn't be so shy of him... All I did was tell him that I have had a crush on him since first year... And that it wasn't because he was famous, but because he is brave, loyal and a good person...And he kind of told me that though it didn't seem like he did notice me, that he did. He's actually liked me too." I whispered and blushed bright red when Remus looked to me.

"Did you say anything else?" He asked me slowly, studying me.

I bit on my lip and looked down. "You mean like I can turn into an animal and I'm a werewolf? Or the fact that Sirius Black happens to be my father? No... I wanted to tell him a couple of those things, but I couldn't because you found us... Professor...why can't I tell Harry the truth?" I whimpered out.

"Because those things are not something that are meant to be known. You know that Dumbledore could be in trouble for letting two werewolves in the school and not making you register for being able turn into an animal... And you also know he only knows what he has been told.." The man said gently and walked over, hugging me as he saw the tears start to fall.

"I'm sorry Katie..but you know that I can't let you tell him. It is best left to time and what will happen." The man said gently.

"I...I know.." I whimpered out, crying into his shoulder.
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I looked around the classroom and then walked over to the window and looked out. The sun was still coming up, which meant it was still early yet and others would still be getting up. A small, sad smile traced my lips as I saw birds and them flying freely through the trees close by, and it made me feel an ache in my chest. For as I watched the birds, my thoughts turned to my father and how he had been locked away for a crime that he had not committed and how the whole Wizarding World wanted him to be locked up again. How they thought that he was this cruel, malicious murder. And how he had never really had a chance to be free.

Slowly I shook my head and then looked over to Harry whom seemed to be watching me. My head canted slowly as I watched him and then I motioned to two of the desks, now walking over and taking a seat myself.

"What was it that you wanted to talk to me about? And why couldn't you tell me in the Great Hall near all the others?" He asked, his head canting to one side as he watched me.

"For one... I am not very comfortable around many people... It was hard for me to even come up to you and ask you to talk.. I probably wouldn't have had Riley not given me the push, literally..." I said softly and blushed as I had spoken my words.

"And secondly... I wanted...wanted to tell you that since first year I have liked you Harry.. You're not at all like the others. And I don't mean because of your scar or the tales that surround you.. I mean you are brave and loyal..and a good person.. I...I really do like you Harry...that's another reason I am so shy when it comes to you.." I said softly and then bit into my lip.

His eyes were on me and I could see a light blush come to his cheeks as I told him that I liked him and why I did. And then a small smile came to his lips and he leaned over and kissed me.

"I know you didn't think I noticed you...Didn't think that anyone did.. but I did. I could see that though you are very shy, you're a sweet girl...and I've actually kind of had a crush on you too." He said and I blushed a dark red, looking at him.

"And no, Katie.. I'm not joking..." He whispered, brushing a strand of hair back from my face.

"There's something else I want to tell you.." I whispered, but before I could say anything, the door opened and there stood Professor Lupin.

"Katherine, you are late for helping me set up the classroom. Oh, good morning, Harry." He said, and then raised a brow as he looked back to me, as if asking why I was with Harry.

"I...I have to go.." I whispered, grabbing my bag and walking from the room, going towards the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, a bright blush on my cheeks
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Harry looked up as I took a seat slowly across from him, Ron, and Hermione and my cheeks lit up as I looked down at the table. At the moment, I wished that I were anywhere but sitting at the table, but it was too late. If I did survive thing, I was going to kill Riley for making me come over to the table. She knew that I was shy around people, but it was even worse around the boy whom I had a crush on. I couldn't believe I had even listened to her. How could I have been so stupid?!

"Erm, Katie, are you okay?" Harry asked kindly as I was sitting there seeming nearly like a statue.

I blushed and looked up as I heard him speak. He actually knew who I was? "Umm..yeah.. I'm...I'm fine." I stammered out, slowly reaching to the pumpkin juice before me and because I was nervous, my hand was shaking and I ended up knocking the goblet over and spilling the juice in my lap and in his.

"I...I'm so sorry about that!" I yelped out, looking down instantly, taking out my wand and cleaning the mess that I had made, still very nervous.

"What's her problem?" I heard Ron whisper to Hermione, earning him a glare from the other girl.

"Perhaps she's just nervous, Ronald. Katie is one of the more shy girls in school and doesn't really talk to many people." Hermione shot back at the boy and then gave me a light smile.

I blushed and nodded slowly to her. "Thanks.." I said slowly and then looked over to Harry whom hadn't seemed to look away from me and I blushed even more.

"Erm.. can I talk to you? I mean...away from here?" I asked him slowly as I stood up and picked up my books and once more looked to him. My eyes were pretty much begging as I wanted to talk to him alone.

Slowly he nodded and looked to Ron and Hermione. "I'll be back later." He said and to my surprise picked up his own books and walked with me out of the Great Hall and into one of the empty classrooms.
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I stood behind the entrance to the Great Hall and looked over at him and the others. I knew that he had never really noticed me, but that was how it had always been. No one ever did notice me, and that was the way I wanted it. That and I had promised dad and Remus that I would stay unnoticed.. But now, I didn't want that to be the case. I wanted to at least try and talk to him. But how could I do that? I didn't know and it made me nervous.

"Katherine, why are you just standing here and watching them? You know that Harry and the others don't bite." My friend, Riley teased as she gave me a nudge and gently pushed me out of the shadows where I had been watching from.

I bit on my lip as I looked at the other girl and sighed. She just didn't get it. She was brave, beautiful and outgoing. I was none of those things really. And how I had been placed into Gryffindore was beyond me, but I had been placed in the house of the braves and now had to deal with it.

"I know...I know, okay. But I just can't help myself. He's him...famous and everything." I whispered softly and then looked down.

"But that doesn't matter. He's proven time and time again that he is just the same as the rest of us. That none of the fame or anything else goes to his head. If you don't go and talk to him, then I will make you." She said, hands going to her hips, which I knew happened to be a bad sign.

"Okay...I'll try and talk to him.. But I doubt it would do much good as he is always with Ron and Hermione as it is..." I muttered and then cringed under the glare that I was once more giving.

Riley was harmless for the most part, but you didn't want to be on her bad side, which I was lucky I wasn't. For she could be very manipulative and scary. I knew the things that she could do, but she had promised that no matter what happened she would be my friend and not do those things to me. And she had kept that promise since our first year. But now it was the third year and daddy had escaped from Azkaban and I had to be more careful than before. Not exactly fun, but I was used to it.

"Are you going? Or am I going to have to make you?" The girl asked again as she once more gave me a nudge.

"Fine...I'll go.." I muttered softly and then slowly walked out from where I had been hiding and walked over to the Gryffindore table and took a seat. I still hadn't even really thought about what I even wanted to say to Harry. But, I did know that there were a few things that I wanted to tell him.
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