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And as I wandered up the stairs of the castle, I couldn't help but wonder... What manner of beast could be waiting up there for me? For I had quested long and hard, made journeys through the thickest of jungles, the wildest of snow storms, the coldest of deserts, the hottest of taigas. This journey could have but one possible closing event-- A meeting with the most diabolical, the most terrifyingly powerful enemy I have faced in my travels. And as I threw open the door leading to the final room in that god forsaken castle, I found myself face to face with not one-- but two enemies. Each emitting an aura that made my very soul quiver. But with one look upon my face, they knew. They knew that this was all a bunch of meaningless shit to waste your time! FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! :D

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Peace and serenity.

That’s exactly how I felt; tranquil. A lazy smile plastered upon my facial features as I heard the constant sound soft gentle whoosh. It’s almost as if the sound were trying to rock me away with it’s soft and gentle lullaby. I slowly sank further into my reclined chair, a soft and gentle breeze caressed my cheek as I let out a completely relaxed sigh. My eyelids were shut, as I spread my lips apart to partake in a yawn, a tangy taste reached my taste buds. Of course, I didn’t mind this as I heard childrens laughter.

I spread my leg out just the slightest further out. Then I immediately retract it, whoops, went out of the shade which I’m under. Again. The burning sensation quickly left my right foot as I burrowed it into the sifting flooring. The further my appendages went into the flooring, the more content I became.

As I now took my hearing off the content and benevolent cheers around me, I could hear a constant panting sound. No doubt it was that dog which always follows its master, I needn’t bother opening my eyes after hearing the name which I heard,


Yes, that’s the name. The chocolate labrador which always has the softest fur. But, of course, it wouldn’t be as soft as it would be due to the environment the canine is in. I didn’t even realize the small chuckle which escaped from my lips as I turned on my side. Sadly , the chair isn’t as comfortable as it was formerly. So I flipped back onto my back, a small sigh escaping me once more in slight disappointment.

That’s when I felt my muscles relax once more, a smile formed on my facial features before I slowly slid my eyes open due to the nearly hypnotizing sound. Once opening my eyes up, I had to shut my eyes tightly once more. No one could have been ready for that amount of saturation to hit their cornea.

My lips pursed into a thin line before I opened my eyes once more, just far more slowly than I did initially. Soon I shifted my weight, and stood up. Around me, now that I have made the choice to open my eyes, it looks like a desert environment. My eyes soon squinted just the slightest; then... a small grin formed across my facial features.

I soon made strides across the desert terrain, the longer the poor soles of my feet were in the baked sand due to the sun showing no mercy to the tiny specs which were colonized together, the quicker my movements became. I soon made myself to a slower pace after feeling sanctuary. The feeling of a cool liquid reaching the crevices of the soles of my feet. I soon slowly started walking to the water, it’s constant whoosh pulling me further in with every crash it makes due to the constant build ups.

A small smile formed on my face even though my body temperature is having a mild war with itself. The upper half shrieking as if it were an inferno while the lower half being cool and relaxed. The cool soon started to win as I sank into the waters depths. I soon started to slowly relax once more and sprawl out on my back into the water.

The oceans grasp soon lulling back and forth as if it were rocking a new born child. I couldn’t help it when my eyes slid shut as I soon felt myself fall into oblivion.

Pfff, it was for school and it had to be something which has happened within your life. And so, I practically wrote this. It had to be 500-700 words and I plan on entering it in a contest!
  Bubbles / XxBubblesxX / 6y 241d 1h 14m 38s
No, me gusta hablar español porque es muy bueno!
  Adventure! / XxAhrixX / 6y 286d 4h 10m 36s
I think you should stop learning Spanish. English is where it's at =u=
  zuraga / 6y 288d 3h 12m 15s
I like video games. xD
  Adventure! / XxAhrixX / 6y 288d 3h 14m 3s
You... what? xD
  zuraga / 6y 288d 3h 27m 3s
Me gusta videojuegos
  Adventure! / XxAhrixX / 6y 288d 3h 37m 31s
  zuraga / 6y 288d 5h 55m 9s
  Adventure! / XxAhrixX / 6y 288d 6h 19m 8s
Nighty night honeybun xD
  zuraga / 6y 288d 23h 34m 16s
makes midol nonexistent/consumes ouo

But I'm going to sleep. xD cramps are hurting too muchfbdhdjsja night nun
  XxAhrixX / 6y 288d 23h 40m 34s
It's medicine that helps relieve a lot of menstrual symptoms, most importantly, it eases cramps.
  zuraga / 6y 288d 23h 41m 52s
.... The fuck is Midol?
  XxAhrixX / 6y 288d 23h 45m 33s
gives a bottle of Midol ono
  zuraga / 6y 288d 23h 48m 53s
Yea. .-. Soooo, dies on her bed
  XxAhrixX / 6y 288d 23h 54m 7s
Oh, is it that time already? oxo
  zuraga / 6y 288d 23h 55m 24s

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