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As the female spoke before him, he could feel a small drop of sweat water begin to trickle down his neck as she asked for his help to find his Pokemon. "Um...well, I guess I could help. I think I should if she is lost. Alright, let's go then." He spoke motioning him to follow him. "Let's go." He said, his hat shadowing his eyes as he looked around, Pika on his shoulder paying attention on all sides looking for ChuChu. "Where would be a good guess on where she would be?"
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Yellow bat her dark honey colored orbs. She let her eyes trail up to the man with a small frown, taking note of the more 'negative' aura emanating from him.

"Don't worry! You'll find it!" Yellow said, trying to be rather optimistic. The blonde woman soon let her eyes slide shut after the offer of traveling with him.

Yellow soon became silent for a moment before she smiled just the slightest, "Umm, sure!" She finally said with a small grin.

"I just may have to ask chuchu and the others!" She concluded with a small little tiny chuckle. "I enjoy letting my pokemon decide where we go, you see?" She said as she glanced around. Her blonde bangs blew in the slight breeze that which has been offered.

"The only problem right now is that I don't know where Chuchu went!" Yellow said, her pokemon known as 'chuchu' is a pikachu, as well. Though, it tends to wonder off to pick flowers for her whole entire group or pick berries. It depends on the situation in all honesty!

"Umm, may you help me look for my pikachu, Chuchu?" she asked, a small tiny smile forming on her face.

I'm sorry, but this may be the last post I will send for a while. I may be on through my phone, though. I'm going to the beach tonight in about four hours or so. I'll respond when I get back though!
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He looked at her holding the Pokedex, noticing her astonishment. As he, again to him, handed him the Pokedex back. He slowly put it away. "Your wondering about the number 151 aren't you? It's only a myth, but I'm still searching for it no matter what people say." He spoke with his hat covering his eyes by a shadow. He stood up and looked at him. "I know it is a bit of a sudden thing, but I am always looking for other travelers to come along and see this rare Pokemon. If you want to join you are welcome." He said as he turned around towards the direction he was facing before.
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Yellow smiled slightly while looking at the water. Though her eyes were drawn to the left, the being beside her when she took note that he has reeled his rod in. It soon made a small frown form on her face,

"Nothing nibbling, huh? Nothing for me, either." She said, though a smile replaced the frown once being given consent to look at the pokedex.

Yellow soon glanced through the pokedex. She skimmed through it and it made her eyes widen just the slightest in quite astonishment. A small whistle escaped from her,

"Wow! You do have quite a bit!" She said with a chuckle. Though she blinked once taking note of #151 not being filled. It made her curious as of to which pokemon her was exactly missing. Though Yellow didn't press on it, therefore; she handed the pokedex back with a smile on her face once more.

"Thank you for letting me look!" She said with a grin on her face.
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Red stared straight at the water just waiting for Pokémon to catch and grab. He waited and he wasn't really the best at waiting. He decided to pull the bobber out and put the rod away since nothing was biting. He looked up at the Blonde trainer as he, to Red that is, asked to see his Pokedex. He picked it up from the ground and handed it to him. "Here, take a look."

The Pokedex was pretty much near full. He had been traveling for a very long time and had seen so many Pokémon. He helped Pika on his shoulder again. "Don't get a heart attack from it. A lot of people do it seems."
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Yellow nodded her head, though her eyes widened slightly once the mentioning of her rod. "Oh, yes!" Yellow exclaimed as she soon gently picked it up once more. She glanced back over to the male once hearing his apology, "Oh, no! Don't be sorry!" She said with a small grin on her face. Once Yellow has seen the ravenous haired boy pull out a pokedex, it caused her eyes to widen slightly.

"Oh cool! A pokedex!" She said, she honestly doesn't have one. In fact, she has just befriended pokemon and they willingly became her partners. That's how she has been given her other pokemon. Yellow doon took note of him deciding to sit down, staying for the mean time. It has caused Yellow to gain a small tiny smile on her face,

"Since you have one, may I see it maybe?" She asked, she would love to see how much Red has filled his pokedex.
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He nodded towards the trainer. "And nice to meet you as well. Glad to see your rod is still intact." He said noting the rod. Pika had calmed down after a small bit. Red looked at the water noticing the Pokemon inside the water. "I can see you were looking to catch more Pokemon? Sorry to have disturbed you on that." He said as he pulled out his Pokedex to see if any water type Pokemon were needed to have data filled. He sat down and pulled out his own rod and began fishing himself, still holding the Pokedex.
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Yellow gave a small little frown, gently patting and dusting the male off in an attempt to get the dirt off of him, as well.

"Oh no, it's fine!" Yellow responded, a smile pushing at her lips, "I'm just glad to hear that you're doing fine!" She said rather genuinely. Her dark hued eyes trailed over to the mouse pokemon, then those particular eyes followed his general sight of vision to her doduo.

Yellow gave a small sigh as she shook her head, "Dodusk, that's not nice!" she scolded. Though the two headed bird pokemon stopped it's laughing and gave a small look as if saying No, but it was funny.

This has caused Yellow to gently press her pokeball on one of the heads of the pokemon. The blonde woman soon gave an apologetic look to the pikachu known as 'pika', "I'm very sorry about that." She said with a frown on her face.

Yellow soon then looked over at the hand. Not only did the smile come back on her face, but her dark colored honey like eyes seemed to 'smile' as well. Yellow soon gently took the hand and shook it, "It's very nice to meet you two! My name is Yellow de viridian Grove; though I'm just called yellow." She said as she gave a small little tiny smile towards the two.
  Nap time / XxYellowxX / 7y 42d 6h 16m 31s
The male trainer picked himself up out of the ground, Pika already on the ground waiting for him to get up. He wiped down his jacket and shirt. After that he looked over at the blond female. "Yea, I guess so. Sorry about that." He said. He knelled down to Pika and helped it up back on his shoulder.

Pika noticed the two headed creature slightly laughing. Out of the little red dots on it's cheeks came electricity. Red took note of it but still brushed it off. He then pulled off his hat and dusted it off. He placed it back on and looked at the trainer. Being optamisic, as he was, he believed that the trainer was a male instead of a female, but he didn't say he, atleast not yet anyways. He held out his hand for the trainer. "Again I'm sorry. My name is Red. Right here on my shoulder is Pika."
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The blonde allowed a yawn to escape from her lips. Her eyes seeming to slide shut as she rested against her doduo. Perhaps it was that the woman is a bit tired or even exhausted. Her eyes snapped open though, feeling her rod being tugged at which caused her reflexes to kick in and hold onto the rod as if her life has depended on it.

The girl stared out at the lake, clear puzzlement on her features. Though the look of confusion disappeared once she has heard a 'whoa'.

That's when Yellow let a look of worry cross over her face. The thin framed woman snapped her head over to the man whom which has tripped over her rod. All the while of that action happening, she sat up and off her doduo. This is when Yellow set her rather expensive rod down. She had a care over others well being rather than just a simple rod. Yellow quickly crawled over to help the male up, all the while as she asked, "Are you okay?!" In a rather worried way.

The doduo on the other hand had a slight look of amusement on his facial features. He found the whole entire act of the raven haired man falling over the rod quite humorous. though the word humorous is quite the understatement because there was a small chuckle escaping the two headed bird pokemon.
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A young boy walked on a dirt path. He wore red clothing and a cap with white in the front and red all around. He snapped on his black gloves and smerked. A yellow creature stood on his shoulder with him. This individuals name was Red. Even when it did sound like a weird name, it was a well name suited just for him. He had been on his journey for a long while now, trying to capture every Pokemon that ever existed. He enjoyed it though and sought it as a challenge for him to be the first to complete.

Red continued his walk on the dirt path them made a turn at a lake walking along side it. As he walked he looked at the lake seeing his reflexion in the water. He smerked and looked up at the yellow creature, his friend Pikachu, or as he calls it Pika. He looked at Pika and gave it a smile before walking into someones rod and fell over. "Whao!" He said and laid on the ground face first.
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A figure stood next to a doduo. A hat was placed upon her head to make her high ponytail hidden. The woman's name is 'Yellow de viridian Grove' -- though she's only called yellow in short. This woman appeared to look like a boy, though this isn't the actual case. A small sigh escaped from the woman's lips as she soon crouched down near a lake, her doduo's name is 'Dodusk'. Or at least, that's what the blonde calls this particular two headed creature!

Yellow soon let her eyes trail along the lake; her dark eyes seeming to search for something. She knows these types of streams, the ones where she can simply lay down and rest against her pokemon and wait for hours on end for a pokemon to just nibble on her bait on her rod. The only reason in all honesty why she wanted to fish so badly is because she has obtained a new rod! It's quite high tech and it goes deep down into the water, a 'super rod' as many call it.

The woman soon sat down, Dodusk sitting right behind her. The bangs upon Yellows head have gotten into her eyes as she tossed the rod, letting the baited hook slide down into the waters depths. All the while in the process, the woman took her hair out and rested against her pokemon. Just patiently waiting for something to bite at her new rod.

Yellows eyes hazed over, as if she has went to 'another world'. Since she has gone to her 'lala land', she didn't take notice of someone approaching her. Though, Dodusk did. Dodusk lifted his head to look at the approaching figure, a small look of caution upon both of their faces.
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