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I slowly lifted up myself to my feet. I looked at the man, not knowing
he was a fugitive, then at the ground to pick up my overnight bag.
I walked to a small transportation stationed and waited for the shuttle
to arrive.

5 minutes later, I was onboard. The shuttle took me to my home,
as I was looking out the window, I saw military vehicles drive by.
But, at the time I didn't think of what was going on, I thought
probably a routine convoy.
  JcHusky200 / 7y 40d 15h 42m 49s
Lieutenant Grenn escorted me to the shuttle stations, "Alright, here we are, but I'm sending you in with a team," he said to me and a couple of soldiers came a long onto the ship.

We were soon off to the planet's surface. The wars have ravaged the lands so the only habitable places were the restoration zones, the only place the criminals could have gone. Down there there are several ruins and military bases they could hide in, it would take a good while to find him and who ever he's working with.

Grenn came up on the intercom as we flew down to the surface, "You might want to try to search the Czerka scavenging sites, they have had their hands in one to many dirty details in the last several years." I noted the site nearby and decided to land nearby.

We were flying low when anti-air cannons started firing upon our ship. We were forced a landing and crashed near a shield generator. Night fell before we regained consciousness, it seemed whoever shot us down didn't really care much to deal with us any more after that. So I gathered the two soldiers and we stood tight in a formation so we could watch our backs as we went into the now treacherous landscape full of predators imported to keep the animal population in check, but the predators ended up eating most of the herbivore population. Now dense forests and wild predators, on top of it all, a criminal on the loose guarded by an army of mercenaries hold up in a military base.
  Kori Sunrider 2 / Alum / 7y 40d 15h 50m 16s
*I was a native to Shiv, born to a poor family.
Even though, I was born on another planet,
I was able to speak pure english and get accepted
by the visitors. I was an husky, most of the population
was a species called LoboSkira. I arrived at the station
at about 4Pm, a smile came across my face as he looked
around. The trip was good, but food.. not so good. I looked around, but was slammed to the ground by
a man running away from the atthories .*
  JcHusky200 / 7y 40d 16h 7m 37s
The transport to the Citadel station was a long trip from planet Shiv. Now we are finally here, the core of the Hrogar section of the Federation. The ship docked and we got off onto the station. Some officers came to greet us.

"I'm Lieutenant Grenn, welcome Ms. Sunrider to the Telos Citadel station." he said to me as given to my authority as a special agent.

"Thank you, and what was the case about?" I asked him. I was here on business today. There was a criminal I am after, he was a Devaronian, they are humanoid beings with horns.

"I'm sad to say that you may have to wait a while," we began to walk through the station, "it seems he's escaped to the surface of the planet." I gave a frown, "Yes, the suspect has eluded us once again it seems."

"Then I need to take the first transport to the surface?" I asked in my deep voice, it showed how annoyed I was.
  Kori Sunrider 2 / Alum / 7y 41d 14h 44m 43s
  JcHusky200 / 7y 41d 15h 28m 10s
<<>I might as well, but should I still be female?<>>
  Belca Valamor 2 / Alum / 7y 41d 15h 29m 31s
I guess, who will start ?
  JcHusky200 / 7y 41d 15h 41m 8s
<<>hnn. Well then we must do so<>>
  Belca Valamor 2 / Alum / 7y 41d 15h 41m 58s
You see I just dont remember that
  JcHusky200 / 7y 41d 15h 44m 26s
<<>I liked the idea of the space wars, with the whole federations or republic or something<>>
  Belca Valamor 2 / Alum / 7y 41d 15h 45m 45s
Uhhh I guess
  JcHusky200 / 7y 41d 15h 50m 44s
<<>I was thinking we could do like we had before, just a little less on the prejudice side.<>>
  Belca Valamor 2 / Alum / 7y 41d 15h 51m 45s
*Not really
  JcHusky200 / 7y 41d 15h 56m 23s
<<>Does it have to be so racist?<>>
  Belca Valamor 2 / Alum / 7y 41d 16h 12s
*Paradise. That is a word to wrongly describe about Jamestown,
Mississippi. Small towns of America seem peaceful and lovely,
but not in the eyes of the anthros that live there. They live along
side of the humans, whites are ok with blacks but both carry a
deep hatred to anthros. To anthros, there is no reason to hate,
but the reason for the humans was unspoken off. The anthros
live in small ranshacked house, barely fit to live in, no indoor
bathtub, nor toilet. But some humans have taken them into their
homes in silence. Anthros were in the same school as humans,
but there is more hell in there than the town. If a human gets
caught doing something bad, and they have clear evidence, they
blame it on the anthro. The day was hot and humid, the anthros
couldn't stand it in their homes, and take the risk of going outside,
only to be injured by humans. One family of huskies knock on the
door of their neighbors, using a secret code. They wore ragged
clothing but no shoes. The youngest of Three, JC, age 16
walked in first and spotted his long-time best friend, Steven.*
  JcHusky200 / 7y 41d 16h 7m 30s

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