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Alyssa O'conner, a gameing nerd, spends all her time with a pair of head phones in and her PSP on. She has absolutly 0% interest in anyone or anything. Especially guys. She's had a few of her friend ask her out but she always turns them down, half because she knows that it will never work, and half because...she wants to know if anyone cares enough, to fight for her. She knows its trivial, and she knows its sorta manipulative and selfish but she doesnt want a guy who will give up, roll over, and just forget about her. for once in her life, Alyssa wants someone to care. And when a new bad boy enrolls in the school and takes an interest in her, she shrugs him off like the others. But this one doesnt give up. And, she doesnt like it half as much as she thought she would.

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Alyssa nodded and smiled happily "My mom dislikes me and my dad always wanted to see the world" she said softly and nodded to him "They decided to travel"
  Alyssa O'conner / torinchan / 10y 50d 7h 9m 1s
"do you mind me asking why?" as he walked towards the door
  Drake / ryuunexros / 10y 50d 7h 19m 53s
Alyssa paused at the question and nodded slowly and bit her lip casually tilting her head to the side. She smiled and shrugged.
  Alyssa O'conner / torinchan / 10y 50d 7h 24m 41s
"your parents dont live with you?" he asked her as he put his bag on his shoulder
  Drake / ryuunexros / 10y 50d 9h 32m 37s
She smiled 'I can do whatever i want how are they gunna stop me? call my parents? good luck getting to them in russia" she said with a laugh.
  Alyssa O'conner / torinchan / 10y 50d 9h 34m 53s
"you can do that?" as he stood up and got his stuff together
  Drake / ryuunexros / 10y 50d 9h 35m 54s
Alyssa stood as the bell rang for the students to return to class. She sighed and shrugged her shoulders "I think i'll head home now"
  Alyssa O'conner / torinchan / 10y 50d 9h 37m 2s
"sure ill do that ." as he took a drink of his pop
  Drake / ryuunexros / 10y 50d 9h 44m 7s
She smiled and laughed slightly "well tell me when you do that would be awsome"
  Alyssa O'conner / torinchan / 10y 50d 9h 47m 3s
"hey they have the technoogy to make the card games into something like video games" he told her " but i have yet to find them."
  Drake / ryuunexros / 10y 50d 10h 22m 43s
:well winning isnt everything right?" she said with a smile "Maybe if i ever get bored of video games i'll have you teach me but till then i'll stick with graphics" she said with a smile
  Alyssa O'conner / torinchan / 10y 50d 10h 25m 3s
"its ok" as hey flipped the cards up in the air with one hand and caught them with the other "something to pass time never can really win tornaments though
  Drake / ryuunexros / 10y 50d 10h 55m 52s
Alyssa looked at the cards interestedly. "Never really played card games yu gi oh! for a littlw while but thats about it" she said with an interested glance. "Is it fun?"
  Alyssa O'conner / torinchan / 10y 50d 10h 59m 54s
"yea this is as new as i got ," as he put it away "i play more card games than video games " as he pulled out a deck of cards and flipped them between his hands
  Drake / ryuunexros / 10y 50d 11h 1m 5s
Alyssa looked at his DSi with a small smile. "Well havent seen one of these in a bit, i tend to avoid nintendo products." she said with a small smile streaching in her seat calmly.
  Alyssa O'conner / torinchan / 10y 50d 11h 5m 49s

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