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[center "Goddammit, Olive! Where the fuck are my keys?" Spittle shooting from gritted teeth and clenched jaw, a burly man threw his arm into the wall, crushing the dry wall under his fist. Shards of plaster stuck to his knuckles, blood forming around them and dripping down his thick, stubby fingers.
"I can't let you drive like this!" A raspy, desperate voice shouted. "You're gunna kill yourself!"
"If you don't hand them over, I'm gunna fuckin' kill-" Mid-sentence, the man suddenly stopped and hunched over, hands on knees. Before he could say another word his throat begun to scratch violently, causing him to let out rough coughs and his face to turn a deep red. Blue, purple veins lined his neck and face, bulging through his sweaty, coarse skin. Reaching a hand up to his throat, he tried to scream for help, but instead of yells, only gasping and heaving filled the heavy air.

His eyes bulged from their sockets and as he parted his lips, crimson red spilled over his chin, down his throat and trickled on the cherry wood floors. Reaching out and stumbling over towards Olive, his face was set in a horrified stare. He tried to grip her shoulders, stomach then legs before he finally smacked the floor, face first.

Terrified and stuck, Olive stared at the wall in front of her. Why am I not calling for help? Why am I not trying to do something? Anything? Her thoughts clouded her mind, trying not to focus at the nightmare underneath her until she could think. [i But all that blood..]

After a minute of silence, Olive turned her head down to see Daren staring straight up at her. His eyes bloodshot and unresponsive. Crimson was still trickling over his lips, and dripping to the floor.. [i Drip.. Drip.. Drip..] Chunks of esophagus stuck to his face, tongue and hair as if his own throat tore itself apart and rejected it. From the fall, his nose was jammed into his face, upturned and swollen like a purple golf ball.]
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[center The sounds of cheering and laughter filled the humid air. People were dancing, off beat, to some electronic music, striking up conversations with new people, drinking poorly made martinis and eating chocolate covered strawberries till they were stuffed. The ship rocked slightly back and forth, crashing over foamy waves and stirring the water around. Celisia stood at the ship's edge, leaning over the railing and emptying the contents of her stomach into the murky blue water. She reached up a hand and wiped the spittle from her lips before returning her gaze on the beautiful pink and orange sky. The sun shimmered through hazy clouds, casting a beautiful glow on her pale skin. If only she didn't get sea sick so fast, she might've actually enjoy the gorgeous breeze and watercolor sky.]

[center Tearing her amber eyes from the view, she returned to her room and plopped on the pillow topped mattress. [b Maybe I should take a nap and pray my stomach settles..] She thought, leaning over to her side, feeling her stomach turning uncomfortably. [b Why the hell did I get on this ship anyway? I hate the ocean..] Frustrated, she shook her head and pulled the covers over her slim figure. After about thirty minutes, she slipped into a light dream state.]

[center [i Waves slapped the sides of the ship roughly. People were scattered around, gripping onto columns, nailed in tables and scrambling towards their rooms in hopes to shield themselves from the unforgiving sea. Screams filled the air as people were ripped from the deck and swept into the ocean. Hands beat against doors in hope to get freed from the pounding ocean. [b Bang! Bang! Bang!!!]]]

[center Celisia jumped up from her slumber, confused and soggy. Feeling soft, warm sand in between her toes she glances down and sees her clothes torn and soaked. [b What the fuck?] She put her hands on her head, glancing around her surroundings, trying to make out where the hell she was. [b" Hello?!"] She screamed, her voice rasp and dry. A few minutes passed before she heard murmurs up the beach a ways. Her feet started walking, taking her towards small voices in the distance.]

[center Her walk didn't last long before she saw a couple of people in the distance. [b "HEY! Over here!"] She jumped and waved her arms around, before jogging towards them. Her legs were sore and one of her wrists were slightly swollen, but she fought through it as she raced towards them. She probably looked like a fucking crazy person at this point, but did it really matter?]

[center Celisia reached the strangers and gave them a confused and frightened look. [b "What in the hell is going on?"] She calmly asked, hoping one of the strangers knew something.]
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[center [size11 The scent of freshly brewed Colombian coffee slithered and slipped it's way upstairs, under the small crack between the door and the floor and into Diera's cute button nose. Slowly cracking one forest green eye open, she immediately went to shield her eyes from the afternoon light creeping through the blinds. She gently rubbed the sleep away, sat up and stretched her aching back. The night before, Diera packed all of her belongings in a small moving truck, so she had to sleep on the hardwood floor of her mother's house. Luckily, there were plenty of comforters to soften the floor, but her back was still sore from tossing and turning all night.]]

[center [size11 Picking herself off of the floor, she slipped on a pair of black sweatpants, a white v-neck and her worn out, Vans slip-ons. She brushed her hair out quickly with her fingers before leaving the small room and heading downstairs to be greeted with a hot cup of coffee and a gentle smile from her mother. [i "Good morning, sweetheart."] Her mother had a cheerful tone in her voice as she handed Diera a steeping cup of black coffee. The petite brunette took a small sip before giving her mom a thankful smile. She had lived with her mom for a couple of months in between her finding a new apartment to live. Her previous roommate had kicked her out for ridiculous reasons and sadly, she couldn't do anything about it because she wasn't on the lease. So, her mom was nice enough to let her stay in the spare bedroom for a little while until she found another place to live.]]

[center [size11 [i "You know if this doesn't work out, you'll always have a place to come home to, right?"] Her mom assured her. Diera felt her heart melt and she embraced her mom in a tight hug, being careful to not spill any coffee. [#c390f9 "Thank you so much, mom. These past couple of months, you have been amazing. I'm sure this new roommate won't completely fuck me this time though. She seemed sweet and pretty shy. I don't think she has a mean bone in her body. Anyway, I'm going to start heading over there. I'm actually running behind. As usual."] Diera let out a small laugh before kissing her mom's cheek, downing the rest of the coffee and grabbing her side-bag. [i "I love you, honey. You be safe."] Her mother called after her as Diera dashed out the door, ready to get on the road.]]

[center [size11 After about 45 minutes, Diera pulled up in front of the apartment complex and hopped out of the truck. She saw her new roommate open the door and step out. [#c390f9 "Oh hey! Sorry I'm a tad late. Let's get this started!"] The brunette pinned back her hair with some bobby pins and followed Leah around to the back of the truck. After opening the back, Diera started to grab at her mattress and turned to smile at Leah. [#c390f9 "I guess we can get started on the bigger stuff to get it out of the way. Luckily, I don't have a lot of personal things, so that makes this a lot easier."] She giggled and winked at the girl before tugging the mattress closer to her.]]

[center [size11 Diera leaned over, hands on her knees and let out a small sigh of relief. Everything was safely moved into her new room and it only took about 30 minutes to do it. The heaviest part of it was her dresser and that's only because it's solid wood. [#c390f9 "I don't know how we carried that damn thing in here.."] She pointed over to it and shook her head. [#c390f9 "Thank you so much for helping me move in. I definitively couldn't have done that myself."] Diera held out her fist for a fist bump.]]

[center [size11 Grabbing at her shirt, the brunette slipped it off over her head and started digging in a near by bin for a clean shirt. [#c390f9 "So, new roommate, we should do something together. We still have a lot to learn about each other."] Diera stopped for a second to glance at Leah, hoping to see a positive reaction to the offer. She figured they could make some lunch or go out in the town for a bit. She was new to this particular area, so it would be nice to meet some people and get a run over on the party scene. Just thinking about a nice, cold beer made Diera lick her dusty pink, pale lips. Usually on the weekends, she liked to go to pub crawls or to other events going on in the area. Basically, anything to get out of the house and meeting new people. She was exceptionally desperate for some fun because she recently broke up with her girlfriend. She found out that Allie was sleeping with a couple of different people. It's always 'fantastic' hearing about your spouse's infidelity from people you don't even know.]]

[center [size11 Searching through her clothes, Diera found an old band tee and she quickly put it on. [#c390f9 "I was thinking we could possibly make some grub here or if you want, we can go out, get some drinks and food. I'd prefer the latter, but whatever you're most comfortable with doing."] She leaned back on some bins and brushed some strands of hair out of her face. She wasn't sure what Leah thought of her yet, but she just hoped they could get along well enough to live together and maybe be semi-friends.]]
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[center [size11 The night was young and the rising moon was peeking through the heavy clouds in the velvet blue sky. The dipped sun seemed to spit out rays of pink, purple and red in the west where land and sky caressed each other. A small gust of wind seemed never ending in that moment, as it twirled strands of chocolate brown hair and left chill bumps on porcelain-like skin. A young woman stood on her apartment balcony, leaning over on the railing and propping a foot up on the bottom rail. She had a casual demeanor and a simple look to her at first glance. Looking closely, her eyes were a dark forest green with hazel lining surrounding the pupil. Her lips were plump and had a sweet, light pink shade to them. Her pallid skin was covered with freckles, due to the Irish blood pumping through her veins, and her hair was dyed a dark brown to hide the fact that she had resilient red hair underneath.]]

[center [size11 This simple girl was named Dae Lin Cléirigh. She was a young professor at the University of Huit where she taught Advance Lit. to freshman and sophomores. When she was first hired at UH, students and even other teachers didn't take her and her teachings seriously. Which she supposed that was because she was only 24 and already teaching an advance course. However, after her first year there, students learned to love her and had the upmost respect for her. The teachers still didn't care too much for her though. Jealousy is a bitch.]]

[center [size11 Dae reached up and brushed a strand of hair from her face. Thoughts of next week's schedule was running through her head as she tried to decide on a what books to assign her classes. She let out a long sigh before tearing her eyes from the dimly lit up sky and heading back inside her apartment, leaving the balcony door ajar to let the breeze in. Her apartment was filled with books, paper work and an older kitty named Casper. He was a beautiful gray Siamese that was about 6 years old. His whiskers were long, his little nose was black and his fur was like running your hands through the fluffiest clouds of silk.]]

[center [size11 Casper sat on the edge of the couch, chest out and purring for attention. Dae walked over to him, crouched over and started petting his head gently. [i "Hey, buddy. I just needed some fresh air for a second before heading off to bed. Are you ready to curl up with me, handsome?"] Dae's voice was full and rounded, but very feminine and pleasant to the ear. The cat stood on his back legs, stretched out to be picked up and let out a gentle, [b "Meow."] She grabbed his torso before tossing him over her shoulder and heading down the hall to her bedroom.]]

[center [size11 Her bedroom only contained a large dresser, with clothes strewn across it, a lamp and her king sized bed. The covers that she picked out were a silky grey and her comforter was black with white stripes on it. They didn't match, but she just liked the combination of silky and fluffy because it kept her in a warm embrace all night long. Plus, Casper preferred fluffy blankets opposed to just cloth or quilt.]]

[center [size11 Placing Casper on the bed, she crawled in with him and pulled the string for the lamp next to her, turning it off.
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[center [size11 Name: Olive Watson]]

[center [size11 Age: Twenty-three]]

[hr ]


[center [size11 Name: Casper Holden]]

[center [size11 Age: Twenty-six]]
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[center [b [size18 Flashback]]]

[center [size11 [b "Honey, you okay?"] A woman's voice was heard among the crowd of chattering people, closely compacted together. The man just nodded his head, beads of sweat collected on his forehead. Biting her lip, the brunette grabbed a rag and gently patted her husband's head. [b "Just relax, we're going to get there safely. Don't worry, Mark."] Her voice was assuring and calming to the ear, which made him relax a bit. His hands released the chair which he was gripping onto tightly. Once again, he nodded his head and then turned to face her. His eyes scanned her porcelain like skin and her plump, cherry stained lips. Reaching over, he pressed his lips against hers for a brief second before the seats jerked back and forth. [i "Siren?"] His voice was full of concern.]]

[center [size11 Siren looked around at the compacted Plane, people freaking out and buckling their seat belts. A loud voice on the intercom explained that the plane was hitting some turbulence and that everyone should return to their seats. On the big screen in front of the couple was a sign that told them to buckle their seat belts. They both did what they were told and looked at each other. [b "Mark, don't worry. The news did say there was going to be some rain. We're going to be-"] Her voice was cut off by a loud screeching noise. Quickly, she peeked out the window and noticed one of the wings flew off the plane. [b "Holy Shit!"] She yelled, gripping her husband's hand tightly. He didn't even turn his head to look at her, he was traumatized.]]

[center [size11 The plane shook something fierce, getting passenger's to yelp each time the plane jerked back and forth. The man on the intercom this time sounded frightened and told everyone that the plane was going down. Shrieks of horror filled the room. Tears fell down Siren's face as she kissed her husband's cheek one last time. [b "I love you, Mark."] Was the last thing heard before the plane crashed into the ground. Bits and pieces of metal flying through the air, hitting people and killing them instantly. One of those unlucky people happened to be Siren. Her husband turned his head slowly and tears poured down his face when he saw the horror in front of him. A long piece of metal pierced her eye going straight through her head, blood pouring out of the pipe and draining onto the floor. After that, everything went black.]]

[center [b [size18 Taken]]]

[center [size11 Jumping out of bed, Siren screamed and touched her face, checking for something. Her roommate sat up quickly and turned on the light. [i "Siren, It was just another dream."] The blonde said, patting Siren on the back gently. Siren grabbed her friend's hand and squeezed it tightly. [b "I'm okay, go back to bed."] She replied before letting go of Veronica's hand and slipping into her own comfy bed. Veronica shook her head lightly and rubbed her eyes. [i "I'm going outside for a smoke.."] She said and departed the room.]]

[center [size11 The brunette rolled over in bed, a beam of light casting over her eye from the blinds. Reaching up with a hand, she ran her fingers through her messy, chocolate brown hair before sitting up and stretching. Outreaching her arms, she let out a loud yawn and looked over at the empty bed next to her. [b 'Veronica must have never went back to sleep..'] The female thought to herself. Getting up, her legs almost gave up on her since they were both asleep. She felt the pin and needle sensation in her legs before she shook them out and walked over to her dresser. Siren quickly slipped on a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, a black tank top and a see through, black kimono that hung down to her upper thigh. On her feet she had a pair of beige Toms that finished the outfit all together. In the mirror, Siren looked at her messy hair and rolled her eyes. Quickly, she put it up in a messy bun before doing her make up. It was just a simple cat eye look with mascara, eye liner, light blush, and clear lip gloss.]]

[center [size11 Once done getting ready, the brunette exited the room, entering the beautiful outside world of heaven. Flowers were always in full bloom, the air was filled with the sweet scent of fresh cut grass and the sky was clear of clouds. A smile played on the female's lips as she decided on going for a walk on the outskirts of heaven. Everything was greener and fuller near the border between heaven and hell. Trees were taller and the fruit was richer and sweeter than any other fruit on the land.]]

[center [size11 Walking down a small pathway, Siren grabbed a pear from a tree and bit into it. The flavor burst on her tongue making her close her emerald eyes and savor the taste with each bite. When she was finished, she tossed the core in the tree line and continued on her way down the path. Squirrels danced in the trees and birds chirped back and forth with each other playfully. Everything and everybody was happy. Then another sound entered Siren's ears. It was a loud ringing sound that echoed. Biting her lip, she didn't know what to think about it. In the three months she had been up here, she never heard that ring before. [b 'Must be some kind of alarm..'] She thought to herself. [b 'I better return..']]]

[center [size11 Returning back to the center of the land, Siren couldn't believe her eyes. People were running back and forth, yelling and screaming for their lives. Her friend, Veronica, stopped Siren and started talking some nonsense about a demon. [b "Slow down, Veronica. What is going on?"] Veronica whispered something in Siren's ear and dashed off.]]

[center [size11 [i "He's here.."]]]

[center [b [size18 Present]]]

[center [size11 Siren's eyes fluttered open, her head felt like someone had whacked it with a hammer a few times and cracked it open. Reaching her hand up, she rubbed the back of her head which was sore and throbbed. Something must have hit her pretty hard to knock her out like that. The last thing she remembered was Veronica dashing off and the noises of screaming getting louder until she felt something bash the back of her head and then it all went blank. She thought about her best friend. What happened to her? Did she get caught? Siren prayed that there wasn't much damage done to the population in heaven and that her best friend managed to survive.]]

[center [size11 Looking around, the brunette saw that one of her ankles were chained to the floor and that she wasn't alone. A man sat in the corner, watching her every move. His eyes were dark holes, pitch black and looked soulless. His hair was short, dark brown and his skin was sun kissed tan. The expression on his face scared Siren. He had a menacing smile on his thin lips and his eyebrows furrowed down in an angry look. Her eyes scanned her surroundings. She was in a dark room that was lighted by red bulbs in the floor. She tried to make out if there was an exit to the room, but the lighting made it hard for her. However, she could see the man clearly as he stood up and approached her. With each step he took, there was a loud [i thump] and the sounds of chains rolling from behind him.]]

[center [size11 Siren tilted her head and look at his feet. He had a chain wrapped around one of his ankles too. A sense of relief filled Siren, but was quickly stripped away when she heard his voice fill the room. [i "You're never getting out. You're all mine now."] Siren quickly stood up, her head still throbbing, and she backed up as far as she could. She groped along a wall, never removing her eyes from the stalker. When she reached a corner, she slid down and brought her knees to her chest. Tears filled her eyes and she sobbed. Though the sound of his stomping feet stopped when the chain came to it's end. He couldn't move any further. [i "God dammit."] He growled, trying to remove the chain holding him captive. His hand fumbled with the chains around his ankles for awhile, until he gave up and retreated back to his corner. [i “Lucky little bitch.”]]

[center [size11 Lifting her head up, slightly, Siren watched the man turn back around and sit down, frustrated and cursing loudly. Grabbing at the walls, she pulled herself back up and peered around the dark room. She saw two shadows in the small room. One of the man and another she couldn't quite make out. Siren shuffled her feet across the feet towards the other shadow, hoping it wasn't another mental case. Once she reached the body laying on the cold, hard floor, she bent down. Her hand reached out towards the body and lightly shook it. She could see in the dark red light that this figure had long, blonde hair tossed to the side in knots. Leaning over the body, Siren studied the person's face. Her jaw dropped when she saw it was her bestfriend, Veronica. [b "Veronica!! Wake up!"] She hollered, shaking her with more force this time. Siren bit her lip, tears filling the corner of her eyes, hoping to see any sign of life from Veronica.]]

[center [size11 In the middle of shaking the body, Siren felt movement underneath her hands. [i "Siren?"] Veronica's voice was airy and had a rasp to it. Siren quickly pulled her friend up and into her arms, hugging her tightly. [b "Oh my God.. I thought I lost you forever."] She felt her bestfriend's arms snake around her body and hold her tightly. The warmth of Veronica's body comforted her and made her feel safe, even though they were in a small room with a creepy guy. She felt his eyes staring both of them with an intense and menacing glare. Siren let go of her friend and stood up, helping her up as well. Grabbing her hand, she lead her to the other side of the room, in a corner, to make sure that the man couldn't reach either of them. She heard his thick, heavy breathing from across the room which made Siren fairly uncomfortable.]]

[center [size11 ]]
[center [size11 Still working on..]]
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[center [size12 It was a bright, sunny morning. Beams of sunlight danced into rooms through cracked curtains and the sounds of birds chirping filled the morning air. One female laid in bed, sprawled out on her stomach with her face in a pillow. She snored lightly, drool seeping from her opened mouth and dripping onto the pillow beneath her. A small, slither of orange light casted over her eye and flickered back and forth. Reaching a hand up, the female shielded the light from her eye and rolled over to get out of range from the morning light. She slowly sat up, stretching her arms and letting out a loud yawn. Her dark, chocolate brown hair fell down her back, as she sat up, like a streaming waterfall, tickling her bare skin. Running her fingers through her thick, wavy hair, she tried to untangle strands that got caught with others, trying form knots. She released her hair and pulled the covers off her bare body, before standing up on her two feet and walking over to a long mirror on the back of her bedroom door. Her deep, sea green eyes scanned her naked body. She looked from her rosey cheeks down to her perky breasts then further down to her well-defined hip bones. She stopped and pinched at her stomach lightly, barely grabbing anything. Though, she still seemed dissatisfied. She bit her bottom lip, lightly before carrying on, taking in all of herself in the mirror. She looked at the small gap between her thighs all the way down her pink painted toe nails.]]
[center [size12 She tore her eyes from her reflection and entered the bathroom that was connected to her room. Opening the glass shower door, she entered the small area and closed the door behind her. Her hand grabbed the shower faucet and turned the handle all the way to the left, water bursting from the shower head onto her body. The water was cold and sent shivers down her spine, but quickly got warmer and warmer until steam radiated off of the water released. She washed her body with a lavender scented body wash, shampooed and conditioned her hair with an all-natural coconut oil shampoo, and finally washed and exfoliated her face with an oatmeal face scrub. After she rinsed everything off, she stood underneath the shower head, feeling the water hit her skin. She drew in a deep breath, catching scents of sweet lavender, coconut and oatmeal all mixed together, which was a nice mixture, surprisingly.]]
[center [size12 When the brunette finished soaking in the hot water, she turned off the faucet and stepped out, grabbing a towel. She dried off quickly, then put the towel around her hair to keep it from dripping on the tile floor. The bathroom was filled with steam which fogged up every mirror and left condensation on the counters and material items.]]
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тнιѕ ιѕ α ωσяℓ∂ σƒ ∂яєαмѕ αη∂ яєνєяιє...

¢αяσυѕєℓ тαкєи αgєℓєѕѕ

ƒємαℓє єχтяσνєят

...ωнєяє ι ƒєℓт тнє ѕтαяѕ єχρℓσ∂є αяσυη∂ мє.

| Ⓢⓣⓐⓣⓤⓢ | : ^_^ ι'м нαρρу!

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"тιиу вσχ тιм!"

яєνєяιє тαкєи αgєℓєѕѕ

ƒємαℓє єχтяσνєят

"му ℓιттℓє вιѕ¢υιт!"

❤ му fяιєи∂, נαѕ. ❤

| Ⓢⓣⓐⓣⓤⓢ | : яυραυℓ'ѕ ∂яαg яα¢є؟ ι тнιик ѕσ!

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[center [size11 It was five-thirty in the morning and a young brunette’s emerald, green eyes were open. Her eye lids hung tiredly as if sandbags were weighing them down. She was never able to get much sleep these days. The female's body was still and laying on the cold hard floor. The thin sheet that covered her body engulfed her whole and wrapped around her thin figure. She was laying on her back, eyes staring into the decaying ceiling. Finally, when the female couldn't stand the silence anymore, she ripped the sheet off of her and struggled to get up off of the uncomfortable stone floor. Slowly, she pulled herself up on her feet and rubbed her eyes with her hands. A small yawn escaped and passed her cherry stained lips. It was too early to be up.]]

[center [size18 [b The beginning of the end]]]

[center [size11 Three months ago, the world fell apart. People started dropping like flies, filling the streets and buildings with the smell of death and decay. When it first started, Olive, the young brunette, was in a busy street on the way to work and trying to worm her way through a crowd. The busy life of the New York City just entangled everyone, minds lost in business and pleasure. That was until a loud scream filled the street. People's heads turned and searched for where the sound came from. Olive looked over at the person standing next to her and noticed he was gripping his throat tightly. He was choking and trying to take in deep breaths of air, his chest heaving. It was only a matter of seconds until crimson started pouring out his mouth, draining down his neck and dripping on the asphalt. Reaching over, Olive grabbed his shoulder and shook him. [b "Someone Help!!"] She screamed, spitting out the words. The male fell to his knees and keeled over on his back, a horrifying look set on his face. His eyes looked as if they were going to pop out their sockets. Then finally, his arms fell to his sides, lifelessly. ]]

[center [size11 Olive slowly backed away from the body, terrified. Lifting her head up, her eyes caught glimpse of a few others dropping to their knees and trying to reach for help. Though no one had the chance to react. By the time people started running away or pulling out their cellphones to call the police, their throats started ripping apart from the inside out. The sound of screams and cars wrecking into street signs or other vehicles filled the air until it all ceased. The world was silent, aside from wrecked cars settling and small fires crackling from engines. Only one person remained standing in the middle of corpses and that was Olive. A pretty, young female with beautiful porcelain like skin. Tears were pouring from her eyes, her hands shaking with fear. Reaching up, she grabbed her throat half expecting it to start tearing apart, but nothing happened. She stood in the cold, polluted, NYC air shocked and frightened.]]

[center [size11 That was three months ago and now, Olive was surviving on her own. Looting stores for food and avoiding the dead. Yes, the dead. They weren't just laying on the hard pavement anymore. Their bodies seemed to reanimate after a few days and one by one, they got up and stumbled about. Their movements had no purpose and no direction, but if they saw a live human they seemed to get angry. Almost as if they were jealous of the life still left in the being. They would chase that live being down until they caught it and sunk it's decaying, black teeth into it's flesh and ate away. If they somehow managed to escape that, after being bitten, you didn't have much time anyways. They virus would take over your brain and body until nothing was left but the urge to eat and eat human flesh.]]

[center [size18 [b Present]]]

[center [size11 After Olive slipped on some black cargo pants, she reached down and grabbed a bag full of food, water and a gun. In the waist line of her pants and in her left boot, she always carried a knife for extra protection. She tossed the bag on her shoulder and walked towards the nearest exit, peaking through a small crack in the door. Luckily, there weren't too many bodies wandering around. Maybe three or four of them out in the open and in the shadows of the early morning, she couldn't quite tell. Pulling the door open, it squeaked with age, bodies slowly turning towards the sound. ]]

[center [size11 ]]

[center [size11 ]]

[center [size11 ]]

[center [size11 ]]

[center [size11 ]]
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[center [pic]]

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[Open+Sans+Condensed [center [size16 Rapunzel watched the male as he stepped off to the side of her. [b "The Wolf?"] She questioned him, pulling herself up to her feet, astonished that he didn't help her up. Biting her lip, her eyes watched him as he walked around the tower. He was tall and rather handsome. Was he really there to rescue her? What about Mother? So many question were popping up in her head. This couldn't be real. Did she fall and bump her head on the floor? Rapunzel pinched at her arm and flinched at the pain. It surely was real. This handsome man was in her tower and claiming to be her rescuer.]]]

[Open+Sans+Condensed [center [size16 The blonde stood close behind and followed him throughout the tower. [b "Um.. I really think you should leave. Mother would not like this at all.. I'd get punished for sure!"] She begged The Wolf and grabbed his shoulder, feeling the warmth of his body on her hand. She had never touched another human other than Mother. Quickly, she pulled back and covered her face with her hands. Though a small crack in her hands, she watched him pull down curtains and other sheets, tying them together. Rapunzel removed her hands from her porcelain like face and stomped up to him, angrily. [b "How dare you?! I worked hard making these and you just rip them down like that."] Yanking them from his hands, Rapunzel held the curtains close to her bosom.]]]

[Open+Sans+Condensed [center [size16 [b "Now, Mr. Wolf. You are giving me a bad first impression of yourself."] Rapunzel scolded him before setting down her curtains on a table and walking back over to the tower's only window. She looked down at the green, luscious grass and wondered what if would be like to set foot on it. Turning her head back, the female glanced back at the Wolf and thought hard about this decision. [b "If I leave with you.. Would you take me to see the woods?"] She asked him, curiously. Grabbing her hair, she placed it behind her before walking towards him. She looked up into his light eyes with a bit of sorrow in hers. Was she really thinking about leaving all she knew?]]]

[Open+Sans+Condensed [center [size16 Reaching up, Rapunzel cupped the male's face in her hands and spoke, [b "Promise me. Right now. Promise you'll take me to explore."] She demanded his loyalty. If she was really going to leave her home, then she needed a sense of security and commitment. The blonde needed to know that he wasn't going to abandon and leave her.]]]

[Open+Sans+Condensed [center [size16 Looking down at the wooden floor, Rapunzel saw the light from the sun slowly sinking out the window. [b "Darkness is falling upon us.."] She whispered, letting go of his face and backing away from him. Mother said she would be back at the break of dawn, so Rapunzel knew that this decision had to be quick. [b "Alright. I'll go with you. But don't ruin my sheets."] She said before grabbing his hand and pulling him to the window. Pulling her golden locks, she threw them out the window and motioned him out. Once the Wolf was out and down on the ground, Rapunzel tied the bottom of her hair on a big, sturdy nail before lowering herself out the tower. Her face was read and flushed from the excitement and nervousness she felt.]]]

[Open+Sans+Condensed [center [size16 Right before she reached the ground completely, the female reached out a toe and touched a strand of grass. She pulled her leg back up, frightened. [b "Alright, Rapunzel. You can do this.."] She whispered quietly to herself. Then she tried once again. With just a toe first, she set it on the ground and then placed her whole foot down. The grass tickled at her bare feet which made her giggle and lose her grip. She fell to the floor, landing on her bottom and her hair tumbling after her. Below her, her hands gripped the grass and a big smile appeared on her lip. She stood up quickly and started dancing about the plain, doing cart wheels and spins. [b "This is wonderful!"] She exclaimed.]]]
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[center [size11 Her foot tapped against the metal floor making a constant, echoed clinking sound. It was the only thing that was keeping her from going insane. The others were taking such a long time and she was fed up. About to unbuckle her seat belt, a male entered the room and sat down. A small smile played on her lips. The brunette nodded her head towards him before going back to clicking her foot against the floor. Now she just had to wait for the other four to enter. ]]

[center [size11 The second person to enter was another male, brunette and tall. He was rather loud and rambunctious. Siren lifted her hand and gave him a small wave. [b "Hey, at least we have the chance to get out of here. I don't whether I'm a test subject. I'd rather be in space and discovering new things than be here."] She responded with a strict tone in her voice. She didn't really care for his attitude or his comment about them all dying. The brunette rolled her eyes lightly and looked over at the other male. [b "What about you, mister?"] She asked him with a little curiosity in her voice. She adjusted her legs and crossed one of them over the other. Though it wasn't the way a proper lady sat, it was more relaxed and laid back.]]

[center [size11 Siren lifted her head to see another female enter the room. [b "Finally another female."] Siren patted her legs, happily. She thought she was going to be surrounded by guys, which wouldn't be bad because she did get well with most men, but there just had to be another female she could talk to. Her chocolate brown eyes traced the female's beautiful red hair. She was kinda jealous at how well the female could pull off such a bright and vibrant color. Reaching a hand up to her own chocolate hair, she twisted a loose, curly strand and bit her lip. [b "It's a pleasure to meet you guys. I'm Siren."] She introduced herself to the small crowd of beings in front of her.]]

[center [size11 ]]
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If You were a beautiful sound and the echoes all around then I'd be your harmony.

This is a world of dreams and Reverie where I felt the stars explode around me.

Hope is a citrus constellation in the galaxy, scratched on the back of both my eyelids, that I've been dying to see.
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