Bleach: A New Generation

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500 years after Aizen is defeated a new genaration of soul reapers have taken over the Gotei 13. There are a few captains that havent changed but the head captain stepped down and left the job to Jushiro Ukitake as the new Head Captain. Toshiro is still captain of Squad 10 but had matured . Rukia was given the spot of Squad 6 captain after Byakuya left as it was handed down the family to her. Nemu took over research and development after Mayuri was killed. Everyone else left the Gotei other than Renji who is still only a Lieutenant to squad 6. It had been peaceful for 500 years before there is news that someone resurected Gin Ichimaru who started to make his own army of Arrancars seeming as the H�gyoku was never destroyed by Urahara. Gin is now using the Hogyuku to create his new Espada which he plans to destroy the Gotei with. The Gotei have finally allowed Vizards to be in their ranks now Ukitake is Head Capatain. But what will happen will Gin and his new Espada destroy the Gotei or will the Gotei defeat the new and more powerful Espada


Division 1

Head Captain Jushiro Ukitake - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 2

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Divison 3

Captain Jester - Taken
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 4

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 5

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 6

Captain Rukia Kuchiki - Open
Vice-Captain Renji Abarai - Open

Division 7

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 8

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 9

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 10

Captain Toushirou Hitsugaya - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 11

Captain Yachiru Kushjishi - Open
Vice-Captain Ikkaku Madarame - Open

Division 12

Captain Nemu Kurotsuchi- Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 13

Captain Tsurukame - Taken
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 14

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open


Gin Ichimaru �Open
Espada 0 - Open
Espada 1 - Open
Espada 2 - Open
Espada 3 - Open
Espada 4 - Open
Espada 5 - Open
Espada 6 - Open
Espada 7 - Open
Espada 8 - Open
Espada 9 - Open


Shinji Hirako - Open
Rose Otoribashi - Open
Mashiro Kuna � Open
Love Aikawa - Open
Hiyori Sarugaki - Open
Lisa Yadamaru - Open
Hachigen Ushida - Open
Kensei Muguruma - Open


First Name:

Family Name:



Physical Appearance:

Clothing and Accessories:


Talents and Abilities:

Weapons and Paraphernalia:

Personal life:

#1 - Romance? Fuck it, don't care.
#2 - Violence is ok
#3 - Cussing is encouraged
#5 - Please be semi lit..I understand writers block but don't make a habit of 1-liners
#6 - Anime pics only
#7 - Ask to join
#9 - Enjoy and have fun
#10 - Don't do this: so and so - Join, me - sure, so and so - never shows up again...If you do I will send a horde of angry locusts to your house because people joining then never coming back is annoying as hell
#11 - Violators of these rules will be asked to leave
#12 - Post on your request "Honest Eyes" at the top of your request to show you read all the rules

And before people say anything, I am Ai-Chan and did not steal this roleplay from them.


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