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Hiriki had always wanted a brother, but he never thought his wish would come true~

Four years after his father left, Hiriki's mother has remarried. It was a spur of the moment idea, having fallen in love on a business trip. When she brings the man home, Hiriki is less than pleased, but is more than shocked to find out that, not only has his mother brought home a man he doesn't know, but she's also brought his son along to live with them.
And he's not exactly the brother Hiriki had dreamed of: Instead of being cute and polite, ___ is anything but cute and speaks his mind whenever he feels like it. In other words, Hiriki and ___ don't exactly get along; they're polar opposites and can't seem to agree on anything.

Except for one thing.

One day after his mother and new step-father had gone off on their honeymoon, leaving the two boys alone, Hiriki comes home to the beautiful sound of classical music. He has to do a double take, unsure of where it's coming from. When he treks further into the house, he finds ____ sitting at the baby grand piano in the sitting room, playing away. Hiriki is taken aback, not sure what to make of this; the young man he'd thought was rude, arrogant, and frivolous, is playing a song that makes Hiriki feel like crying; a song from the heart.

Now, Hiriki is stuck between the two personalities that seem to make up ____: the calm, tender side of him, and the loud, arrogant side. And he doesn't know which side is the true ____, either.
But, the worst part is, he's finding himself being drawn to both sides of him.
Things couldn't possibly get any worse.

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