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Syo could do nothing but choke on the cookie Natsuki shoved in his mouth. In fact, it took all of his will power to not pass out right then and there. He prayed to god that Natsuki wouldn’t try to give his cooking to anyone else. All of Starish knew of his terrible cooking skills, Natsuki himself excluded. Syo had tried to talk Natsuki out of cooking and baking, but it didn’t seem to have worked.

Syo coughed, trying to dislodge the cookie from his throat and failing miserably. “Natsuki, perhaps you should stick to violin playing.” He coughed again. “Tell you what, I’ll make you some cookies while you do it. In fact,” he said as he reached out to take the basket of cookies, “I’ll pass these out to the other along the way.”
  Syo Kurusu / DementedHatter / 5y 212d 21m 30s
Natsuki smiled happily. "But why would you want me off you Syo-Kun?" He was like a big child. "Yes I baked some cookies!" He smiled holding one out to Syo.

"This one is for you." He said trying to hand the cookie to the other. The dog cookie had a hat on it. The other cookies he had all looked different. If there were closely observed one would see that there was one that was for each member of Starish plus Nanami. Each cookie had something to make it 'match' a Starish member. Example was that Syo's had a hat.

"Here you go~" Natsuki said placing the cookie in the others mouth with a smile. "How is it?" He asked with an innocent smile. He really didn't realize that his cookies were revolting.
  Natsuki Shinomiya / SoulDreamer / 5y 214d 12h 10m 24s
Tokiya stretched and rubbed at his eyes. It was only midday and yet he was so tired... Perhaps it was due to him staring at his computer for several hours while he checked various forums. It was looking like Starish was well liked throughout the music community, which was good. It would make their jobs that much easier. It wasn’t going to be long before people started to dislike them, though. He knew this already from his own adventures as an idol. But it may be a while still before they came up against any competition. His eyes still hurt. Maybe if he went outside for a bit?

Tokiya stood, deciding a venture onto the grounds of the academy was most likely a good idea, and stretched again. There was a tree out front that he particularly liked to sit under, as it provided shade no matter what time of day. However, once he made it outside, Tokiya found his usual spot had been taken. By his roommate, no less.

“Ittoki... what are you doing here?”
  Tokiya Ichinose / DementedHatter / 5y 216d 23m 57s
Otoya walked around trying to find Nanami. He basically had been smitten with her since he saw her. She was talented and genuinely modest. The only problem was that he wasn't the only one vying for her attention there were many other guys trying to get her attention too. And get this they were all in the same idol group.

He was bored. Not only could he not find Nanami he couldn't find his roommate either. Tokiya was easy to talk to... Probably because he didn't say anything back. He just sort of listened with a mildly annoyed look.

"Where is everyone!" He said to himself exasperated. Then he walked outside and sat under a tree. He played through things that had happened to him in the last couple years through his head. Alot had changed that was for sure.
  Ittoki Otoya / SoulDreamer / 5y 218d 10h 59m 19s

Ren watched his roommate from the doorframe. Sometimes, just watching him play was... well, it could be considered beautiful. It was even better when Masato didn’t know he was being observed. That was when you actually saw his emotions playing on his face, the passion he puts into his music. Well, as much as the stoic musician could get. The music stopped and Ren continued his vigil beside the door to see if it would start again. It was when Masato stood that Ren decided to speak.

“Your piano playing just gets more and more beautiful with each passing day~ I’m sure the ladies love it as well.” A sly smirk was all that accompanied his words as Ren flopped on his bed in a rather ungraceful manner. And yet, Ren still managed to make himself look exceptionally rumpled, which some women found rather appealing. He still couldn’t figure out Nanami, and what it was that she liked. He mulled over the thought, turning his dilemma over and over in his head.
  Ren Jinguji / DementedHatter / 5y 219d 21h 29m 58s

The sounds coming from the piano sounded flawless. Masato moved his fingers on the piano with ease. The sheet music on the piano was from Nanami. He had to write lyrics for it still but even without lyrics and just being played he thought it sounded wonderful. He stood up from the piano then walked over to his bed sitting on the edge of it.

His room looked like two polar opposites. He had a serious Japanese look while Ren's side of the room looked to belong to a frivolous person. It was funny to think that in the past they did get along. They even played in the water once after escaping a boring party.

Though they were as different as winter and summer so it made sense that they drifted apart and started to argue. Though they did that less no doubt thanks to Nanami creating Starish.
  Masato Hijirirawa / SoulDreamer / 5y 227d 9h 12m 49s
Syo had been happily working on a song that Nanami had written for him. She had given him the music, and now he was doing his best to write the lyrics. It wasn’t working too well, and before long, Syo found his head hurting and his stomach growling. As if on cue, he heard the shouting of his roommate calling his name. Syo sighed. It seemed as though it was time to take a break on working on the song. He was just about to call out to Natsuki when a large weight pressed itself against his back, nearly sending him sliding out of the chair.

“Wah! Natsuki, what are you doing? Get off me!” Syo flailed a bit, attempting to wiggle out of Natsuki’s grasp. It wasn’t really working. And then, he smelled the cookies. They smelled good, looked all right, but Syo knew what they would taste like. “Na-Natsuki? You didn’t bake anything... Did you?” Syo began wiggle a bit harder. He refused to eat Natsuki’s cooking again. He had already told Natsuki that he would cook. So why was he baking? Syo sighed again, resigned to knowing that he wasn’t strong enough to shove Natsuki off of him.
  Syo Kurusu / DementedHatter / 5y 227d 9h 24m 25s
Natsuki was sleeping with his back against a tree. He was smiling and seemed to be dreaming of his dog Elizabeth. Nanami looked so much like Elizabeth which always made Natsuki happy. Suddenly he woke up, "I am hungry." He told himself. Then he stood up and went to a kitchen. He rounded up all the ingredients then got a blender. "Okay let's see... Flour, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, fish..." He listed off ingredients happily as he threw them into the blender.

One he had mixed it all the put it into the over to bake. He smiled to himself. They really had come a long way, him and the Starish members. When the oven beeped he took them out with a smile. He ate one, "yummy." He said. They were shaped in the design of a dog. "Kawaii!" He said.

Syo-Kun would like his cookies. "Syo-Kun~" he called running to different rooms to find him. "I made cookies." Then he spotted the small cute male he was looking for. "Syo-Kun! There you are!" He said then pounced on him.
  Natsuki Shinomiya / SoulDreamer / 5y 227d 10h 15m 29s
Oh, no that's completely fine XD
  DementedHatter / 5y 227d 11h 33m 43s
Yeah I will start.
Just so you know my pictures might change occasionally throughout the roleplay xD
  SoulDreamer / 5y 227d 11h 59m 57s
Would you care to start? I have to hunt down pictures and run into town for a bit.
  DementedHatter / 5y 227d 12h 1m 1s
Sounds good to me.
  SoulDreamer / 5y 227d 12h 2m 23s
Uhh, probably XD

How about Natsuki/Syo first, Ren/Masa second, and ending with Tokiya/Otoya third?

And yes, pictures. All of the adorable pictures.
  DementedHatter / 5y 227d 12h 4m 0s
Sounds good x3

Now I need to find three amazing pictures.

Then we can start and stuff...should we have a posting order?
  SoulDreamer / 5y 227d 12h 9m 14s
Complete sense. And yes, we can do that. She can be a "NPC" and we can both conrtol her as needed X3
  DementedHatter / 5y 227d 12h 11m 11s

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